One On One

  • Kate Question #1

    Thank you for being here and willing to work with me. My intention is to raise my vibration to a higher level more constantly, and when it dips, know how to bring it back up, and consciously do it. I would like to create intentionally the life of my dreams (even if I'm not quite sure in certain areas of what I want exactly, other than lots of money, well-being, empowerment and freedom) and change a number of my limiting beliefs which put me in fear and anxiety....

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  • Kate Question #2

    LOA coaches say that it is all about repetition of words (affirmations) which work on the subconscious, and therefore changes beliefs. But is it that simple? Does the subconscious even exist? Is it that powerful? Can repetition of words change beliefs?

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  • Kate Question #3

    Do you, Theo, Abraham, and others all have different areas to work on with different people? Why would some be attracted to you, others to Theo, others to Abraham (I am attracted to all three since the fundamental message dovetails to: all is well, we are eternal etc).

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  • Kate Question #4

    Thank you for those answers. In effect - it makes sense that everything we want (or that I say I want), I want because I think I will feel good in the having of it. And in order to feel good I need to change ... I like that.

    And look at limiting beliefs to try and get a different (more positive and freeing) perspective.

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  • Kate Question #5

    When you talk about a higher perspective - what is a higher perspective? How do I get to a higher perspective? I see how Abe does it with people in the hot seat ... It seems like chewing around for a thought that brings a bit of relief, sometimes by stepping back and saying something as broad as "maybe this will work out" (this is just an example).

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  • Kate Question #6

    Negative emotion= limited perspective = fear.... so the work would be to find what the fear is and then soothe that fear?

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  • Kate Question #8

    In what ways (thoughts, words, actions) do we resist change? How does one become malleable and flexible to change (does it happen organically)? I don't think I'm very flexible, often looking to protect my comfort zone (fear - and therefore limiting beliefs, but comfort zone is, well... comfortable and that is good, right? Unless it becomes boring).

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  • Kate Question #9

    A broader question - how to know when, or how, to pass on the message of "LOA", the existence of inner being etc, or is it none of my business? I came into the discovery of Abraham initially thanks to a friend who told me that I could create my reality (I was so frustrated by a relationship, and was already interested in "energy"), but the few people I have either introduced Abraham to, or mentioned you to, are generally not interested - and that is fine - to each their own - but Abraham was introduced to me by someone and I'm grateful for that... it seems a pity to keep the info to myself but I don't want to talk about it generally since there seems to be little interest around me (and there is also the lack of desire to be seen as a bit nutty) - yet it could be helpful for others to hear about death, or emotions etc .....

    I know it is about attraction by the person and they will attract in one way or another, the information, if they desire it - but how do I know if sometimes that attraction would be me?

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  • Kate Question #10

    You say that ultimately all fear is a fear of death, and of course I have that (probably), but when I think about it, I believe that I'm more fearful of pain than death (which is why I'm grateful that "suicide" is an option we can consider occasionally). I'm more fearful of being homeless or broke or in physical pain or emotional pain (and that it be ongoing). And while I can see death from a higher perspective (thanks to your teachings), I have trouble seeing pain from a higher perspective (other than the lessons it can bring... and on that subject, I think "really? I could do without that").

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  • Kate Question #11

    You have told me that my vibration is made up of a mix of things (my own conscious or unconscious thoughts, my inner being, source etc)... and that everything in this moment is perfect and I don't necessarily know why the moment (or situation) exists - (the train ticket example) but it will all lead me to what I desire (and to make my dominant desire, the desire to feel good). So I'm thinking a higher perspective when I have a negative emotion could be that my inner being is much bigger and more powerful in its attraction than little ol' me, conscious me - and therefore to trust my inner being in what is going on and how my inner being is integrating and working with that to get me to where I desire. Is this any where near accurate? If it were, I could see how it would be easier to have more faith and less desire to control (so tiring sometimes ...).

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  • Kate Question #12

    I'm a bit sick (maybe a bit of flu) today and came home from work to rest (and here I am typing to you - lol). Illness is the physical manifestation of resistance. I'm not completely sure what I am resistant to right now. My health is usually excellent (and this is no big deal, just a bit annoying - on the other hand I'm so happy to be off work today and ready to play hooky tomorrow too - if necessary).

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  • Kate Question #14

    You ask for an example of negative emotion and limiting beliefs which I can look at to see the falseness of these last....

    Most of the recurring negative emotion of Fear is at (and around) work where I am in stock equity sales, talking with fund managers. I love part of my job (which reminds me a bit of Gary's poker - a mix of skill, intuition, and knowledge) - being exposed to stories, entrepreneurs and sometimes even being right.... but my irrational fears (limiting beliefs) are:

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  • Kate Question #15

    I checked in with my emotions consciously a couple of times today and felt ... neutral, when I checked in (which I'm good with). When aware that I'm feeling neutral I imagine it would be helpful to look for positive thoughts to boost my emotional state - it would seem like the perfect time to do that.

    Two events today: I can't find the key to my neighbor's mail box, which I have (somewhere). He had asked me to take care of his mail. I had to contact him just to let him know so he would understand when he gets back why I didn't do what he asked. The second incident, at work, having missed two days due to flu, I dragged myself in today and at one point, on something my boss said, I snapped at him slightly - hardly noticeable but I think he noticed - anyway, when meditating tonight I was pondering why my head was going to these two events which I was feeling shame over, rather than all the other good moments of the day.... Is it habit? Is it trying to find solutions? Why do these two incidences of negative emotion come into my mind (and give me negative emotion) more than all the neutral or even laughter moments of the day?

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  • Kate Question #16

    Where does mindfulness have a place in all this, if it does. I can see the use of staying in the moment which is perfect - really all is well. And I can see how going from one moment to the next like this would lighten things a lot - but there is no actual work on the beliefs which are not helpful and still there. Is mindfulness a bit like sleep in that it gives consciousness a rest. Could it be used as a tool to get everything we desire? Or is it a tool which would be useful alongside other tools, like changing beliefs?

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  • Kate Question #17

    I'm curious about all these people now who are writing books etc on the LOA (and good for them!) with instructions on "imagine yourself winning - feel the emotion - stay focused on the positive" and who it works for (they attract at least some of what they want it seems). But I feel that the part about beliefs and awareness of manifestation events etc is missing ... but maybe that doesn't matter? A bit like the Secret... and again - hooray to them all for making these laws more talked about, accessible etc. I'm just curious as to, to what extent does their work ..;work?

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  • Kate Question #18

    When I have been onto certain forums (LOA) or even listened to people in the hotseat so happy clappy alllll the time, sometimes I'm fine and it feels good, but honestly sometimes it grates on my nerves - and I know its envy on my part, and I would like to feel like them etc., but I seem to not get it quite as easily (the teachings, the work) - is it purely focus laziness on my part compared to stronger focus on theirs?

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  • Kate Question #19

    How can I increase my faith and belief in Source? I believe in you and your message - I believe you are source; I believe a lot of "funny things"; and I believe in the well being of the planet thanks to Source... Where my belief flounders is Source having everything ready for me to receive, aware of me, working on my behalf. How can I work on increasing this belief, how can I gradually (or quickly) come to a place of knowing this (at least a lot more than I do). Of course I have been influenced all my life by messages of "self-sufficiency; work; luck; intelligence; more work etc etc".

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  • Kate Question #20

    How can I boost my beliefs in my own worthiness, boost my self-confidence? Does it come through working on limiting beliefs? Affirmations? Good deeds? Just continuing to talk with you? Truly, your words have already helped immensely to give me a clearer more powerful view of myself (and others!). My primary desire now is to drive in to me my knowing of my worthiness, have a strong high level of self-confidence.

    What your words have also given me is the awareness that one person is not more/less intelligent, skilled, lucky etc but it is simply about our self confidence and beliefs - and therefore, comparing and judgment become pointless.... That feels good (It doesn't mean I won't go back there soon and quickly, but maybe not ...).

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  • Kate Question #21

    I want lots and lots of things - how do I even start to manifest them? Does it begin with belief, or is there other "stuff" I could be doing to bring it in ... and this is what I want for the moment - if I want something very different in 5 years time, I want to know I can create that easy peasy too.... How to go about any of this?

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  • Kate Question #22

    Are there energy healers? How does that work, if we create in our own reality? Is it that we believe? In which case, doesn't the energy "healing" already start off as biased? A woman I've discovered does group energy healing on money and a lot of people are giving positive feedback - I'm curious as to whether this is actually possible, even without strong belief (maybe its the desire which we express even without the belief)?

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  • Kate Question #23

    I've been meditating on and off for years now, and since I've been asking you questions it has been a daily practice (it was part of the deal with Gary, which I think is good, because often I'll be inconsistent). Does becoming more aware of our inner guidance happen automatically thanks to meditation, or is there something I would need to add during the meditation (such as asking my inner being for something like connection)? I'm curious about getting to more efficient practices or being ok enough with what I'm doing and is there a goal other than coming back to the present and quieting the mind as much as possible for a while?

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  • Kate Question #24

    It was pointed out to me that I am jealous (or envious - maybe not the same thing) and I have to say that I have noticed in the last week instances where that would be true. Of course while I don't like that aspect of me at all, more importantly I would like to see it diminish and I now know it is a question of faith and confidence and looking at situations happening for and not to me .... but wow - I have seen it (again and again) in the work place (and also frustration - my colleague, who is doing well and good for him, is stepping on my toes a bit and while I do want him to thrive, I don't want it at my expense), and then even with people who "get" the whole "going with the flow, leaning into life". I feel like I need to start working on myself, my views, and situations way upstream and I guess I'm in a hurry (to where? I mean, really it is not as if I'm going to get anywhere faster ... this is exactly where I'm supposed to be). All this comparing is not helpful and I'm not sure how to have it stop?

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  • Kate Question #25

    Work is still complicated too. I sit right next to my boss who plays video games on his phone 60% of the day. He has been bypassing me for this young colleague for the last few weeks, just sort of ignoring me to talk directly to him with ideas etc., which is something he didn't use to do. So, ok - not sure why that is happening but I can get on with my work.

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  • Kate Question #26

    Thank you for your wonderful answers. How do you pick up and tune into my vibration? Theo hears the voice, Abraham sees the energy light up (at least from what I understand) - how do you tune in to us? Ok, that was just an aside question of curiosity.

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  • Kate Question #27

    I appreciated your answers concerning my work. Most of my focus and time is spent there – all else is going well and you are right, I have much appreciation for many other aspects of my life which are blessings.

    What I read was that you see (or "trust", or "believe" although those may be my own human words) is that I might actually be in the right work place contrary to my feelings of insecurity and fear around it, which helps me to trust that maybe I am, and maybe I can work on improving my perspective and therefore the results. I know you are not trying to influence, but I really needed to read that because my insecurity makes me doubt enormously at times (and then occasionally I'll have a "yes" moment).

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  • Kate Question #28

    Hypnotism helped for Gary. Over the last week I've been getting into that (thanks to YouTube) for my own self confidence, work success, etc. There are so many things that I want to improve thanks to changing my thinking and I'm all over the place ….. I want to do hypnotism to connect with my higher self, I want to do a session to get rid of subconscious negative beliefs, and then one to relax, and one to increase self confidence – and of course, I'm all over the place and probably not much will work.

    Is there one subject I should start on and work on for a certain amount of time which will lead me to another subject - or is it all good despite being rather ADD …

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  • Kate Question #29

    I came to you initially for all sorts of reasons but a big one, as you are aware, was to boost my work success and abundance and really get good with the LOA and manifestation, and you said that I would find out the outcome (or reasons) would be very different and you are helping, but I am understanding that the work underlying all this is getting to a regular habit of seeing the good (and believing it) in everything, and knowing that I am loved and my path is unfolding even while I am somewhat unaware of it (in fact totally unaware). So my work would be to continuously find another perspective which makes me feel better….

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  • Kate Question #30

    I connect with you (as is obvious here), I've connected with Abe and with Theo… but I'm not really connecting with my inner being. And I'm lucky to have conversations with all of you, and when I meditate and think of you all, I feel the energy and love, but no communication - is it something I can work on or is it good as is?

    Sometimes I might dare ask a question and get a yes …. It is all yes.. and "we love you" and "all is well". And I'm thinking that just might be me saying that to me (and that is good too). Just curious (smile).

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  • Kate Question #31

    I appreciate you working with me on my vibration – this is a gift like I could not even imagine. What am I looking for? More understanding? More joy? More peace? More ease and flow? Or something else?

    I know this will all make sense to you.

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  • Kate Question #32

    Thank you for telling me you get what Im saying even when Im not saying it .... that helps a lot, to know that you understand what I'm trying to get at.

    I know there are still plenty of re-iteration questions I will be asking when I read and reread and start to understand more.

    I really appreciate the rate of questions, because it forces me to stay focused on what we are doing together here - and that you give me the time and energy to grow like this seems to me like I am more blessed than I can say (I would say lucky, but, well, that isn't the case is it :).

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  • Kate Question #33

    I think what is new to me is that the universe has my back, and is working on my behalf (and everyone else's), and that if something is not going right or pleasing to me, it is my perception (or my getting in the way of myself). For some reason, I thought that while source was loving, the universe was neutral and it was my job to manage that neutrality to make it less neutral...

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  • Kate Question #34

    Today, situations were a bit more complicated than yesterday but I didn't feel overly put out - I just needed to take things in stride and remind myself that I can't see the bigger picture on some situations (like not being able to find a return train for a trip I'm supposed to be taking next week on the same day my boyfriend arrives in town to see me). It will all work out - it always does in hindsight... and its life anyway - I get on a theoretical level that contrast is good since it brings clarity - but of course (well, for me anyway) there is a bit of a leap in getting to appreciation for the contrast.

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  • Kate Question #35

    France is in a bit of a financial and social mess (in my opinion and from what I read) and I get aggravated that the French resist change despite high unemployment etc ... of course it works out for some thanks to government intention. And I realize that I have fear of the state of the country and how it won't improve since governments keep backing down from making changes (at least short term) and how that could affect me (and others) financially, in terms of finding work etc.

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  • Kate Question #36

    Thank you for your answer about work; Yes, we all do it a bit differently, and there are people who appreciate me and others who don't and I think that is the same for most of the sales people on the desk. Although one of the guys seems to have clients who are a lot bigger and more generous in their trades, and that is ok too - I'm not competing with him. I really just want clients to be happy and interested and work with me.

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  • Kate Question #37

    One of my clients just had a baby boy and I'm super happy for him and his family. We have a strange relationship (which I really appreciate). He seems to like my work and feels comfortable with me. I really like him for different reasons, but the initial reason was "wow, he's attractive". I still think that, and of course it is helped by the fact that we get on. It is just the right level of intimacy... a bit of chit chat on personal stuff and then work.

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  • Kate Question #38

    You talked about the shoes and comfortable clothes. That same evening I put on a pair of sneakers and went for a walk - just to be able to stretch my toes, who were so happy! Why I wouldn't wear more comfortable clothes to work (sweat pants) made me think a bit - and I came up with two reasons (both based in fear - one fear somewhat rational, the other, irrational) why I don't go for sweatpants? (Although there might be a gray area between suites and tights etc and sweatpants).

    The more rational fear is that it wouldn't go down well at work with others, whether employers or clients and I could therefore end up risking losing my work which I continue to see as my source of food and comfort (so that seems like a rational fear to me).

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  • Kate Question #39

    I got frustrated with someone (or two) at work this Friday. I asked someone to do a bit of work for me (reserve this train ticket) and she said that while she didn't really want to do it, she would... and I got cross. The thing is, this has been building up for the last few weeks. I've noticed one or two people just not wanting/being willing to do certain jobs. They will and do and I don't ask that often, but I'm getting frustrated that I have to be overly nice and polite and walk on eggshells to get something out of them which is their job anyway. So I'm trying to see what the fear and limiting beliefs are here for me to have reacted crossly.

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  • Kate Question #40

    I took the subway last night, home, after a meeting, and people were mulling around, and I was going through the doors, and it just occurred to me: this is my universe - this is my moment - this is what I have created..these people, this experience - it was just one of those awareness moments.

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  • Kate Question #41

    How is it that there are big events amidst just regular day to day events? I'm thinking for example of someone who wins the lottery who hasn't really done much focusing and doesn't have super positive energy... someone who wins a leading role or a big contract after having had small or mediocre roles for years. For example, in sports, we see people progress. Often in work, we see people progress. With abundance, you (not I) probably see people progress with their vibration - what is happening with these spikes, since "luck" apparently doesn't exist?

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  • Kate Question #42

    Yesterday, I was walking home (in my neighborhood) when I saw, half a block away, this client I had previously mentioned to you, walking with his daughters toward me (going to the park I imagine). My reaction (he hadn't seen me, I'm hoping) was that after a split moment's hesitation, I turned up the street I was next to rather than crossing their path. Why? In part because I was afraid of not having much to say to him and coming off as overzealous, in part, because I didn't want to make him uncomfortable, or myself.

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  • Kate Question #43

    I create everything - so someone who is standing completely in the middle of the sidewalk (we have tiny sidewalks), completely unaware of people trying to get past (ie, me). I created that. If it is there and annoying me then 1) my vibration is off and 2) I'm looking at this from a lower perspective - maybe crossing over is more exercise, maybe I can send them love, maybe they are having a fun conversation and I can feel grateful about that?

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  • Kate Question #44

    Today I felt a lot of anxiety around work and I really didn't know what to do with it. At one point I went for a walk (that felt soothing), at one point I just started writing to remind myself that I created this... and that all is well and this is happening for me, not to me. Happening for me... The anxiety comes from ego, from seeing myself as an inadequate performer, and the stress of having to perform, and justify my performance to my bosses (which is probably upcoming). And I create this anxiety. I went for a walk, I wrote to remind myself that this is all for me, not to me... That I'm coming from this with a limited belief. That I'm bigger and more powerful than this. I can write that, but can I know it? Maybe I'm being too impatient....

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  • Kate Question #45

    Concerning limiting beliefs (fears) - with the person standing in the middle of the sidewalk incident the fears could be:

    I'm not as relaxed about life as I would like to be - judgmental and uptight (not as "pretty" or as "generous" as I would like to see myself as).

    I'll react and then get into a fight at least verbal - and then I'm afraid of losing control.

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  • Kate Question #46

    Limiting beliefs yesterday with anxiety:

    There aren't enough clients.

    My boss will make life difficult for me if I'm not bringing in enough money.

    I'm not as good as the others in this work and the only thing which helped me until now was my English, but I'm replaceable.

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  • Kate Question #47

    Most definitely a better day today: intentions being set left, right and centre (thank you Gary!)… I'm feeling better, calmer. and making more intentions; and more intentions - and being more aware - and experiencing some great moments. I have this connection with you - moments of joy ..... Roller coaster - but those moments of just joy and exhilaration - they beat everything. I could see how feeling like this most of the time would beat everything else (I know, not sustainable all the time).

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  • Kate Question #48

    I spoke with my mother today who told me that she wants to give a gift of some money to my sisters (and that would also mean to me - which are in fact the words she used). It is super kind and generous of her if she does it. My oldest sister (as you know), has had trouble holding on to jobs in NY, and has just found a new job, but NY is expensive etc. And my little sister, well, that is a whole other story (but she seems to be doing ok - smile).

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  • Kate Question #49

    I just spent 3 days with my boyfriend (who came to visit). It was lovely, fun and sometimes, frustrating !

    I have been used to living alone for 30 years, and he has also - so we are both mature adults (although sometimes we act like 5 year olds, squabbling). My frustration comes from his behavior - and his comes from mine - and at the end of the day, its funny and rather endearing, but I don't want it to get to the point where it is no longer that - just frustrating. And I'm thinking that I create this situation - we co-create this so either we get something out of the bickering or we don't know how to do it any other way... yet.

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  • Kate Question #50

    I'm wanting to refresh my apartment a bit so have started doing the work myself. I would like to pay professionals to do it, but it is too expensive. Its partly fun, but it would be even more fun to point at different colours and pieces of furniture and say " yes please, yes please"....

    On the other hand, I get to listen to Gary's round table while I plaster.

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  • Kate Question #51

    If I am focusing on abundance on the one hand, and go into work and make the best of it, and find pleasure and joy in it, and take money (income, commission etc) completely out of the equation (probably not fully doable but certainly easier if I'm on the right track here), and just try and have fun in the day with what I have to do, I would imagine my resistance to my financial abundance would lessen. If I were to say to myself "it probably won't come from here, but it won't come if I'm not feeling good", then just focusing on feeling good would make it easier for the universe to get it to me one way or another. In more simple terms - my "job" is not my source, it is an experiential event that teaches me to have fun and look at beliefs and go with the flow. And if I can take the "income aspect" out of it all (and "how well I'm doing compared with budget", the universe will help me (but at the same time, I do have to work on the beliefs as I can see how powerful they are still, even after having worked on them a bit).

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  • Kate Question #52

    You talk about inspired work (or action) and I thought, for some calls I make to clients, that it was inspired, but I'm in fact not sure if it's not just fear (and pushing myself to do it. I mean really, if I had the choice, I'd probably pick the phone up 3 times a week, not 15 times a day. How do I know the difference? It must be in the feeling, but I usually don't give myself much time to "check in" to my feelings - I just go with the thought of "ok, idea is here, go...."

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  • Kate Question #53

    I have 10 books on Finance, theory, etc. Of course I studied it all years ago, but some concepts I have forgotten, some I don't master, and part of me feels I should set myself the goal of 30 minutes a day (believe me, I've tried this one in the past, a bit like my 30 squats challenge), only to stop because I'm not inspired. Surely there must be times when we need to push through to get better at something and therefore get more confidence and pleasure in it?

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  • Kate Question #54

    Let see if we can sort out the work and life desires.

    I have a few different lifestyle dreams, some maybe more realistic and fulfilling than others (like not working at all and just being rich enough to do whatever I want whenever - at least I think I would like that) - and what I would love to have as a lifestyle today, could shift tomorrow of course but here is what I had today (written by hand).

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  • Kate Question #55

    Before opening your answer, I was cringing a bit at exposing myself in saying what I would dream of as work, lifestyle because it seemed so ... presumptuous (that worthy thing again ;) .... And when I read your answer, I felt glee. Like dancing and singing glee... of course, while I believe all you say, my mind can't wrap around getting from one place to another in an instant without the steps to get there, so thank you for leading me through the steps.... which I imagine, when understood by me, I could take on most any desire, and any new desire that comes up since new ones will always come up.

    So what first step could I take to move toward the work/life of my dreams that I am so close to, even if I don't realize (or believe) it? I came up with a few and am looking to your guidance on what would be some of the most efficient (I'll give you my input on what I think - and I guess that is the most important, since I'm the one going with inspiration and learning to lean in - ha ...).

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  • Kate Question #56

    Not really a question, but you were right about the fun of doing the DIY myself :) This weekend I plastered (that was fun) ... now I have to sand but it is satisfying knowing I'm taking action. I also did something new - I changed a light socket - it took a bit of getting it wrong, then sort of getting it right, and very few of the boys at work knew how to do it, but I sort of did it .... and I'm so proud of myself for these little things which are fun to do - the fun of life.... and then there is my balcony I'm looking forward to getting ready for spring, when my sweetie comes back next week.

    I'm always so excited to see Gary/your answers come back to me - it is a lot of info, and I go to your (when I say you, I mean you/Gary's) first book at night before going to sleep.

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  • Kate Question #57

    I think I'm starting to get this... Today I intended and generally had a fun, busy, easy day. I even appreciated the rain (for a while - lets not push it). I remembered to intend at certain moments, but also, there were moments when I slipped into negativity but what I was proud of was that I was quite quickly able to feel the dip, look at the thoughts and ratchet myself back to remind myself that all is good, that nothing is wrong, that I've got this....etc. I don't really remember, but one thing you said in a recent answer which helped me today was - I need to change if I want things to change - and take more risk (I'm misquoting) and relax and one of the big changes I'm aware I need to make is exactly that - let go of the negativity (fear) thanks to the trust that the more I do that, the more it will work out, no matter what it looks like in the moment. And I had a good day.

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  • Kate Question #58

    A more general question - Why do so many people (at least in my culture) not want to hear that there is no death? I don't mention that to people, and I'm thinking we are so focused on "reality" and "provable", but its just interesting to see people shut down at the possibility.

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  • Kate Question #59

    I loved your answer about France - and the historical vibration it is carrying - it soothes me so much, so much you give me soothes me - and I feel gratitude to myself and to you.

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  • Kate Question #60

    Monday morning rolls around... The more I shift beliefs and feel good the more chance I have of being led to where I want to be even when I didn't know I wanted to be there?

    I'm reading about balance and simplifying. I'm not really feeling I have much of either. But maybe I'm just complaining rather than appreciating. I come back to this idea that I "can't" say anything negative because that shows I haven't yet worked on the belief.

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  • Kate Question #61

    I got my hands so in the clay this weekend and I realized I was in over my head with my re-decorating. It was fun to start with it and then it was a lot of work (and exercise) so I ended up calling someone who had been recommended to me and he leaped over this evening (young and sprightly) and told me everyone should stick to their chosen profession (having seen the mess I made) and gave me a great quote (I thought) to fix it all up (while I'm on holiday in May), so I was happy, relieved and excited.

    My boyfriend told me I didn't haggle enough (I don't like to haggle, so I guess that is his thing) and my mum told me (earlier), to not haggle too much, that the guy is a pro and knows prices. So here I am stuck in the middle of two people giving me their opinions, and they might both be right - it doesn't matter - I'm happy. I love them both and they are looking out for me - and their advice is good but very different. Who do I listen to - the wise one, the haggler one, or myself and learn from the outcome?

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  • Kate Question #62

    People talk about loving sports because of the endorphins they get when they work out. I don't get the impression I get that (I think I might have had it once when I ran a bit of distance ) - Is it a question of quantity, or am I expecting more than what most people talk about because I've gone the drugs and alcohol path in the past and therefore my expectations are higher?

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  • Kate Question #63

    The Paris Marathon was yesterday and while I really haven't done any sport in the last 3 months (winter and all that) I was inspired to get back into some running again when I watched it (now I need to put the sports gear on and do it). I do also think it might help be another option of relaxing me in the evening after work. Does the body really need movement like this or desire it (I sit in a chair all day long and have gotten lazy). I've also thought about joining the new gym which is opening and looks big and cool - but a bit expensive.

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  • Kate Question #64

    I got in touch with two new (old) contacts at work today. Two people who have moved to other CIE's and seem to be open to our services from their feedback today (one of them, I had stopped working with his old CIE who wasn't interested in our services). I'm pleased with that - here they are ... new/old nice people who know me and who I've worked with and gotten pleasure from it . This is great .... bring 'em on ... loving it .... and they might become paying clients which would be a win!!! Thank you!

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  • Kate Question #65

    You say the feeling comes first, then the thought, then the emotion then the manifestation. What is a feeling? I've used the word interchangeably until now with emotion, but is " feeling" the use of the 5 (6) senses we humans have, and emotion, well, emotion engendered by the thought?

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  • Kate Question #66

    We got our commission generated today for the month of March and I was at the bottom of the list. The first reaction was "darn." Even my new young colleague did better than me. So, on the one hand not good, and didn't feel good, obviously. If it doesn't feel good it's cause I have a limiting belief.

    I'm not as good as the others.
    They have clients who pay more and are bigger.
    Everyone will be happy I'm at the bottom.

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  • Kate Question #67

    Thank you for your continuously helpful, enlightening and clear answers, without me saying much (or too much air - I can be long winded in my writing, to get to the point - I wonder what my dad is thinking - he the brilliant (and adored) writer ... I know ...

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  • Kate Question #68

    I was thinking as I was jogging today on how in effect things have changed quite a bit in what I'm looking for now compared with even two months ago when I jumped in with you and Gary. I got answers to "how to get what I want", but Im getting a lot more important things like the emotional bent, our value, the love, the importance of the thoughts, all of this to feel good.

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  • Kate Question #69

    Gary received 100 questions to answer this week and yet he chose one of mine. I trust him, you and the team, but I don't want anyone to think I'm taking up too much space... I think I might be worrying too much about what others think - but one thing you gave me which is enormous is that everything is perfect. And while my limiting belief is "what will people think", the positive aspects are " I get more from the discussion Gary has with his friends because he understands clearly now so he can dissect your answers which drive them home for me more. Another positive aspect is that listeners get to see what can be done in a one on one and they might take the leap to do this too and get as much as I do. Also, if they are listening, they were drawn to it, so it is the same vibration, correct (for the most part). And of course, my favorite - everything is perfect just as it is and source knows exactly what is going on, and it is all good.

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  • Kate Question #70

    I got a check from a client (now), today. The first one in about 4-5 years of prospecting. I had to smile (and appreciate and feel proud). Limiting beliefs still kick in though:

    "I'm going to fall back into fear that I can't reproduce that (see, I'm still thinking its all on me).

    I'm going to have to work harder with this client (limiting belief - why would that be the case, I can keep the same pace and just thank him and see what happens).

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  • Kate Question #71

    I listened to my affirmation tapes at lunch outside, went for a jog this evening in the spring Paris gardens - felt appreciation and that feels good and it's nice know the tools I can turn to which work for the moment.

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  • Kate Question #72

    I had the best time - totally relaxed and easy, with my boyfriend who came for 4 days. Time flies when he is here. I can go meditate for 15 minutes and he is good with that (even if he has zero interest in any kind of spiritual "stuff" for himself). He even improves the meals I make. I feel good with him.

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  • Kate Question #73

    Why do I have an English accent when I speak French? I have lived here since I was 10 - am bilingual, speak as much (maybe a bit less) French than English in a day, have a pretty good ear (except I hit more false notes when I sing now than when I was 20 or 30) - I even thought of taking speech lessons to get rid of the accent a few year back (a bit like thinking of getting a tattoo). Why are some much better with accents and other snot, even while they're proficient in the language. Is it a question of hearing?

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  • Kate Question #74

    You are correct on the whole Abraham seminars and one person getting picked because the answer will be helpful to everyone. They say that often, and I didn't take it into account with you and Gary, so thank you.

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  • Kate Question #75

    Can we talk a bit about the body and weight and fitness? Some people are naturally thin. Some eat a lot and don't gain an ounce, some cut back (and still gain)... Is it the foods, the beliefs. The individual body's metabolism? I'm curious because the subject has created a huge market, and a lot of people today are more conscious and managing their weight and fitness than ever before.

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  • Kate Question #76

    Thank you for your answer about my fears and relationship with my sister. I will be rereading that and working on it.

    I was reading your answer to question 6 or 7 today which was about limiting beliefs being the cause of irrational fears and how most of these limiting beliefs are picked up from others and therefore have not been proved true for me. I can find proof that the belief (for me) is inaccurate, since it has not been part of my experience. That would mean, for example that my fear of being unemployed and unemployable (and therefore without money) is a false belief because I haven't lived it even if others have?

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  • Kate Question #77

    I tend to forget that I create everything in my reality. Sure, I go to the victim position often (but am more aware of it in me and others), but I also see or have something happen where my initial response is "that is their issue." But if I'm living it and affected by it, I created it, correct?

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  • Kate Question #78

    Ok, a limiting belief is a limiting belief, no matter where it comes from - the only thing I need to pay attention to is the negative emotion, telling me I'm having a limiting belief, and then look for ways to reduce the negative emotion on that subject when I notice it. I can prove it's false, or I can choose to support it. We are back with the subject of choice again. Choice to stay in a grouchy mood or choice to change it, choice to change the limiting belief to a broader, nicer belief, or not.

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  • Kate Question #79

    I want to stop my anti-anxiety pill use (yes, I'm an addict), but I'm scared. In part because of the physical effects for two weeks where I still have to show up to work (which is not a bad thing because it keeps me busy and thinking about other things) and in part because I don't think I "perform" as well at work because of the anxiety of talking with clients.

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  • Kate Question #81

    I was happy (joyous even) for a while there, and this week that kind of disappeared. What happened? How do I come back to it? Appreciation lists? I have so much to be grateful for and I truly am. And I'm loving my work with you. I'm seeing the need to pivot more quickly, more automatically. It's all good. I have copied our Q&As into a cloud to not lose them. I have printed them out, and now my intention is to take out the key tools and write them somewhere to remind myself - I'm forgetful. Maybe I'll make flash cards, or put them as a diorama on my new wonderful computer :)

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  • Kate Question #82

    I was listening to one of the round table broadcasts the group had done about work performance, and listening to Gary talk about Lili and her passion. I was also reading the chapter on our interests leading to our passions and when feeling good, we have the ability to let our inner being guide us. Do we all have passions when we come here or do a lot of us not really because we are here to discover other things?

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  • Kate Question #83

    I was just saying to Gary that I'm going over your answers, (I started last night, so I'm only on "1"). I'm rewriting them and writing down examples for myself so I can integrate and acknowledge the information more fully. It was satisfying and helpful, so I'll keep going. I saw our vibration as being on a sliding scale where we get to decide which way to move the curser, but with inner being always calling us up the scale. It is our choice if we want to look for that calling or not.

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  • Kate Question #86

    I worked on a manifestational event this week - not easy - feeling better now. My young colleague, who we had hired to help me, is becoming more and more independent, to the point where he doesn't really help me (maybe I caused that) at all unless necessary. I had hoped we would work together, but it's not the case. This week he reminded me that we had agreed to share some basic time consuming work on a client and could we put in place one out of two weeks.

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  • Kate Question #87

    Thank you for the answer to question 86 about work and my colleague.

    Yes, there is definitely work to do here. It helped a lot that you said clearly what I have been getting an inkling of in our relationship and his ambitions. I was ready to confront him (or have a conversation with him) today (on suggestion by my BF who has been a boss) to talk about team work, junior position blah blah blah etc. I hate confrontation, so I wasn't ready at all. I was relieved to see that Gary came back to me before I launched into what would have been a difficult situation. And it would have been, given your answer. It would just create more resentment between us.

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  • Kate Question #88

    I think I have a touch of bipolar...

    Following all this work stuff and emotions, I have gone from fear to depressed to fear, and now feeling fine! I'm getting on with my colleague. I have a new perspective (thanks to your answer). I'm feeling a lot more accepting, calm and open.

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  • Kate Question #89

    My boyfriend doesn't believe, doesn't want to know. Fair enough. I don't get into it. Whatever works. We still meet up on a lot of beliefs and values even if this is an area (working with you, channeling) we don't go in to (what is the point?).

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  • Kate Question #90

    So I'm on the second book (the going is good) where you talk about trains that jump tracks (how that can be uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding), and knowing what we want and then living our truth, etc – you know, after all, you and Gary wrote it…..

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  • Kate Question #91

    Some say: "follow your passion, the money will follow", but that would probably only happen if you truly have that belief, or don't think about money – because one of my beliefs is "let's be realistic – this is it, you work to make money to feed yourself and occasionally do something fun"… not very satisfying or helpful as a belief. How can I change that belief to "money flows to me abundantly no matter what I do" (or something along the lines of "I have everything I want and need and all is well")?

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  • Kate Question #92

    So, I'm going through peri-menopause or menopause and have a question about the body. I saw my step-mother "suffer" through it for years and even now at 71 she gets the occasional hot-flash. And the question is, how linked are they to our mental state (anxiety or not, beliefs or not)? I read an article which said that for Caucasian women, the transition to menopause and the disagreeable effects lasted longer than for black women for example. Having talked about hot flashes with friends, I'm thinking that they happen more frequently when anxiety hits. I think I have beliefs which are not very helpful in this area which I can work on.

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  • Kate Question #93

    In the last two days, and back from my weekend, I've been working hard, and my boss is back from vacation and sitting back continuing to play games and give us orders and comments on our work, and I'm thinking (for the first time, and without resentment, just awareness) there is something "wrong" with this picture. Do I really want to be working so hard for his salary (I always considered it my salary, but I'm starting to see that my work contributes to his – although his might contribute to mine, but its less obvious to me, but that could just be because he is more efficient).

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  • Kate Question #94

    My boyfriend totally gets me and I'm a lucky girl because he points some truths out to me (like I have a good eye but lack confidence so look for reassurance from the outside, or that I can be moany) but appreciates me too. I don't want to be moany – I mean, poor Gary (and you, and me, and of course, Mike)!!. Life is good, I am blessed. I do feel though that in my questions to you there is an element of moaniness which is yucky (I justify it by saying to myself I want to get clear, or this is what is going on so to state it), but maybe there is a way of being more upbeat, positive, in my questions - or is it all ok as is (see, I'm looking for that outside reassurance – he totally gets me)?

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  • Kate Question #95

    Question on the back of answer to question 91:

    How do I tap in to who I really am? How do I find out who I really am? How will I know that I'm not being who I really am, or that I am being who I really am?

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  • Kate Question #96

    It occurred to me today that when I forget your teachings, while during a manifestation event or at other times, that it is because I am on a vibrational level which cannot attract the thoughts which are helpful (rather than just being "forgetful").

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  • Kate Question #97

    Thank you for all your answers.

    In the evening, home from work (and now the gym, which I'm enjoying because it is spacious and airy and not overcrowded), I have a choice between plonking myself down on the couch for an hour (between meditation and dinner), before talking to Mike, and watching a fun series, or looking at the negative emotions I've felt during the day (and work is a hotbed for me right now) and working on higher perspectives.

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  • Kate Question #98

    Coming back to work: the negative emotions seem to be piling up. Is this because of momentum? Focus? Both, right? One feeds the other. So to look for feelings of relief which is the same as higher perspective.

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  • Kate Question #99

    So, feeling insecure at work (still), I've been thinking about going back to studying to expand my knowledge and feel more confident, but I haven't done it (yet) because it is super intense and long (3 years + full time work), and is it really worth it except it would give me (maybe) more knowledge and confidence. But I'm wondering if 1) there isn't a better way, and 2) am I not looking for something on the outside when the issue is on the inside (at least the confidence part). I mean, if I could do this as a hobby, would I (no). But would I like to be better at what I do (yes).... Conundrum. I'm not asking for a "you should or should not" but more of a "how to look at this to come to a decision".

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  • Kate Question #100

    I would like to enjoy my work situation more – to be able to get to a feeling of more ease. Last week, especially Friday, I felt so overwhelmed with little things here and there and something crossed my mind. It's the process that Abraham suggests; "Ask the Universal Manager." Make a list with what I agree to do, and turn the rest over. And I noticed how I don't really trust the universal manager.

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