One On One

  • Allyson Question #1

    As the saying goes; Be careful what you ask for! I've been asking to participate in these One on One conversations for a very long time, all without acting on the application. (Am I good enough, smart enough to be selected?) Once I took the step and asked, to my pleasant surprise - I have received. And it's beyond thrilling for me. I already appreciate all your guidance, energy and love that I've received through your books and One on One Q&As ... and am looking forward to more glorious learning!

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  • Allyson Question #2

    I am a huge fan (and pretty consistent) with expressing my appreciation and gratitude! In your most recent book, The Joshua Diet, you explain that there is a difference. I was aware that there was a difference, but I feel that I had it backwards and so now I am confused. If I have an Appreciation list and a Gratitude list, it feels as though they are the same so much of the time. I find it distracting to sit and analyse which thing goes on which list. They seem so interchangeable and I feel some anxiety thinking that I am "doing it wrong".

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  • Allyson Question #3

    Is there such a thing as Too Much Good? I have been feeling "overwhelmed" with blessings! (And I am not complaining!) I have had moments of feeling very odd or maybe anxious as I can't (or don't) process all the energy I feel at once. It's as if I am a snowball rolling down the mountain and thus getting bigger! Maybe it is just that - momentum?

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  • Allyson Question #4

    If I chose worthiness as my big lesson this life on earth, is that my purpose? Or is it just a challenge that offers lessons?

    What is a Purpose? I get that it's not "my job" but in ways "my job" can hold my purpose?

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  • Allyson Question #5

    I hadn't intended to write at this moment, but I just received an email that I would like to ask questions around.

    I had a most wonderful cat named Oskie. We picked Oskie out of the animal shelter the day my daughter graduated from 5th grade. We went in to show her friend the animals and the instructions from me where to not get attached in any way, do not ask if we can take anything home because the answer will be No. Until I saw Oskie. Joshua, do you remember me saying "Pick Me, Pick Me" when I wrote to ask to be in the One on One? Well, that phrase came from Oskie as he was just a small kitten and was standing up against the window pane and followed us as we passed by - so he was walking sideways, with eye contact, as if to say Hello People, Pick Me! (We almost called him Pickme.) Needless to say, we picked him and it was instant love for all of us. He was my best friend, he even would go jogging with me sometimes. Such a sense of humor, so intelligent.

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  • Allyson Question #6

    Ever since I can remember I have had a vision (dream like picture) of myself, sitting cozy on a window bench up high over the ocean in a cozy home. It's my home, it's me doing my work which appears to be writing. As in maybe writing a book. I see this vision frequently, more times than not for what appears to be no reason. Over the past few years, I've thought about it more from a curious standpoint - What am I doing? Why don't I have this window seat, this view, this sense of being in this spot, being a writer?

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  • Allyson Question #7

    This past weekend was Easter and I attended a friend's church service. It's a Christian church. I have not attended many like it and I spent the whole time - while listening - "challenging" the statements made by the pastor.

    "He is Risen" was stated over and over - He being Jesus. "He Died for Our Sins." I've never understood the whole issue or claims around 'sins'. And Jesus' death and rising to clear our sins for us.

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  • Allyson Question #8

    Authentic Self. In my mind - this might be my Inner Self in physical reality. But I'm guessing that's not necessarily the case. So many pieces to questions about Authentic Self...and the questions change directions as I read and think about it.

    You've said; I can't lose when I become an authentic version of Allyson.

    So this first question would be... How do I "BECOME" an authentic version of Allyson?

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  • Allyson Question #9

    What's up with our personal preferences? Would a preference include a hobby? Why or how do we pick the things that grab our attention?

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  • Allyson Question #10

    What's up with what we're told about being Vulnerable?

    In my mind, I consider vulnerable as being open to sharing the real me. Being vulnerable is not an easy thing for me. Of course, I guess it also depends on how you define it.

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  • Allyson Question #11

    I was having dinner with my 23-year-old daughter tonight as she just returned from 6 months in Thailand - an experience that goes beyond growth and change and so there were many discussions. One, in particular, grabbed me.

    She says she wouldn't remember things from her youth unless she had pictures and even then she didn't feel that she really remembered. Were they real memories?

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  • Allyson Question #12

    What a meaningful answer to my question about vulnerability! I'll be re-reading many times, perhaps a little meditation on it as well.

    You stated, "Remove your wall, lower your defenses, and open up, just a bit. You will find that might feel a little scary or awkward at first, but you will also find it to be liberating."

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  • Allyson Question #13

    I just sat down and threw my arms up in the air and said, "How the heck am I going to ever learn all this?" "When will it stick?"

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  • Allyson Question #14

    I've been traveling and on a whirlwind! When I have a question come up, it goes away when I finally get a chance to write. It's been rather frustrating!

    Even now, as I look at notes and think of my experiences the past few days I'm not able to focus on creating a question. What's up with this?

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  • Allyson Question #15

    Oh Man! Huge manifestation event. What the heck?

    I am typing on my phone so I will need to keep details short, but suffice to say I am experiencing a big one.

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  • Allyson Question #16

    Continued conversation over recent Q/A #15:

    "Your job is not to make them wrong." I think I see that clearer now. Thank you!

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  • Allyson Question #17

    Less of a question and more of a report card!!

    I've am attending a college reunion - almost 40 years - and what a great time to practice my confidence and authenticity and go-with-the-flow allowing!

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  • Allyson Question #18

    "What's in this experience FOR me?" This was my mantra as I drove to meet a friend. We were to meet at 11 a.m. I'm always on time, if not early. That morning I had even had a discussion with my parents about how funny it is that I am always so early. I know I have a very strong belief that being a timely person means I respect others, I can be trusted to show up on time, etc.

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  • Allyson Question #19

    You summed up a great answer (of which I caught much of but will have to re-read many more times) with this: "We hope this answer inspires you to think differently about yourself and to ask us another question to clarify your concept of perfection." That wasn't what I was going to ask you about as I sat to write a question, but I've switched gears and I'm going with the flow!

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  • Allyson Question #20

    I was just in the shower when I felt some anger - at this whole idea that we don't have to do anything we don't feel inspired to do! I've just returned from vacation and that provided lots of excuses for not working and making choices that felt like fun, etc. But now, I'm home and I have client work to do and I don't want to do it. I don't feel like it. And you say - you don't have to do anything until you feel inspired. What's the reality of all this when it comes to work-work?

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  • Allyson Question #21

    I love to see or visualize while I'm meditating. I have a favorite huge oak tree out in a pasture that I visualize with lots of colors coming from it or down from the heavens. I see myself with colors and lights coming down/in/through. This calms me and I feel like I'm really meditating and pulling in the universal energies.

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  • Allyson Question #22

    My daughter has always had some interest in the teachings of LOA and when I told her that I'd been accepted into the One on One with you, she was so sincerely excited for me. In her free time, I think she reads my questions and answers. (She's coming to visit today so I'll find out more about her thinking.)

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  • Allyson Question #23

    You are spot on - why would I ever do work-work! Well, I didn't do any work-work yesterday and I found out today when I was inspired to hit my desk that there was really nothing urgent to have had completed yesterday. I did enjoy a day of reading Joshua and relaxing, etc. and I was inspired to hit the computer this morning and all work-work was completed without any stress!

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  • Allyson Question #24

    I didn't sleep well, at all. I feel like I never slept and now I'm feeling very low energy. I feel a sense of depression. I hear myself blaming the cheap glass of wine I had last night, I doubt that's all it was.

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  • Allyson Question #25

    I'm sitting at my kitchen table and I'm steaming with frustration. I'm pissy, as I like to say. My daughter is home visiting and she's sitting in her bed, texting me and asking for stuff, like new tires for her car...

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  • Allyson Question #26

    On a brief trip away. my mind did not stop 'working' on observing and questioning and redirecting. It was sort of a pain, yet fun in its own way.

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  • Allyson Question #27

    I listened to a Roundtable today which covered the subject of mates/significant others and how we - perhaps One on One folks - were handling it all.

    I absorbed some. I also think I took a brief nap ... no apology necessary. So I am going to probably ask a repeat question.

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  • Allyson Question #28

    I'm still out of breath… I went out for my walk and came around the corner and I hear a loud crow. I'm facing the sun so I can't really see him, but I can hear him. (And, just last Friday morning I had had an experience with a large crow so I was watching.) I finally see him... I took a picture of him and began to walk away. He got louder and flew to a tree close to me. Then his 3 buddies did the same. Then he swooped me. Then over and over he got close and went by me or over me screaming. So I turned around and RAN home! It scared the daylights out of me. They followed me a good block and one came down my col de sac and got really close - swooping by me and over me.

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  • Allyson Question #29

    I'm feeling envious of others. Not a new feeling (or habit) for me. How do I approach this learning opportunity without being in hurry to catch up? I want to be more-better! I want to channel, I want to be able to speak my beliefs more clearly to those who are ready to hear. I want to turn things around and feel that turning more often, and quicker.

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  • Allyson Question #31

    When I am overwhelmed with thoughts and questions and ideas and challenges ... how do I organize a question?

    I've had a beautiful day! With lots of opportunities to live my radical new way... and I've just returned from an evening walk which produced hundreds of questions!

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  • Allyson Question #32

    Am I taking this analysis stuff too far?

    So my sink was dripping - and I asked Rick to fix it. He's good at that and I think he enjoys it. He went to the store and bought the pieces and he worked on it and technically he fixed it.

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  • Allyson Question #33

    And this morning I had a 'blessing' manifestation event. I was helping a friend by loading my car with some stuff she wanted me to take to Goodwill. She has an elderly cat she adores and she says he never goes out. After I was done I got in the car and started away when I noticed I hadn't closed the gate. So, I debated but I thought it would be good to go back. I did and Low-and-Behold, there is the cat. Outside the locked door. He didn't run. He let me pick him up and put him back inside the house.

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  • Allyson Question #35

    What's with people's personality traits? Why do some people have such specific, repeated traits - some good, some just annoying to others?

    I'm sure we can call this a Manifestation Event... I asked Rick to seal up a package I was returning and the label was already printed, it just needed to be taped on. He took the label into his office and took scissors and made the edges even with the black lines.

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  • Allyson Question #36

    I've had a morning of mixed emotions and I've pushed through a few tough moments and improved my perspective. I am in the middle of the Feeling Good meditation and we are doing the mantras.... I'm cruising along and all of a sudden; "Interests feel good...I want to pursue my interests" and "Passions feel good ... I want to pursue my passions" ... comes along and I state it in my mind and all of a sudden I'm sobbing.

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  • Allyson Question #37

    Several thoughts come together around the topic of blame/retaliation/etc.

    Rick and I are working through our recent manifestation event with our friends. I received the letter, I held it for a couple days and realized I needed to just present it to him and not sugar-coat it or control the presentation of the information. (My lesson.) He responded by not wanting to read the letter and asked that I give him the gist. I did and the discussions have been on and off for several days now.

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  • Allyson Question #38

    I keep coming across questions around 'past'.

    I've heard you say that the past is just that - the past and we don't need to revisit. Is there any value to writing and/or looking at past events from the standpoint of learning? Each piece is a manifestation event ... for me ... so does it help to look at the event and review the potential lesson or even learn from it again just in case I didn't get the lesson the first time?

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  • Allyson Question #39

    I was feeling good - moving along better today than yesterday - and I received an email from my sister requesting that I tell one of my contractors that they make too many mistakes...and she should be able to rely on me to provide the best service - so it was my place to fix everything.

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  • Allyson Question #41

    Over and over this week, I've been thinking about people who have left this reality. Several people, my mother who died when I was 10 (and I'm 60 now) is often on my mind - and I speak to her often - at least in my imagination. Not sure I really hear her, but I can often feel something that I assume is her. Then there is my grandmother (father's mother) who I was incredibly close to and when she passed away about 22 years ago, I recall feeling very little grief. I missed her, but I noticed how I didn't feel she was really 'gone'. And now I understand that a bit more. She is also often around - usually when I'm around flowers as she never left the house without a flower in her hair. So cute! Then there is my grandfather (mother's father) who I was also close to, but he departed this reality when I was about 8 or so. I see his face and feel his presence sometimes, too.

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  • Allyson Question #42

    For several years I've had a Facebook page where I was going to place positive thinking type quotes and offer encouraging words to friends who like the page and then eventually direct it to my dream project - a series of writing journals, thus the name.

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  • Allyson Question #43

    My sister sent me a link to a YouTube video on Law of Attraction. I believe she did it as a sweet gesture. I reluctantly began it ... and I did not finish it, nor did I read the entire transcript, although I did copy it to save.

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  • Allyson Question #44

    OK, this is a bit 'personal' and slightly embarrassing, but it's been on my mind. I am typically not one to get constipated. But - lordy - I'm all kinds of uncomfortable.

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  • Allyson Question #45

    Why do we have to have so many emotions at the same time? How do we handle so many emotions at the same time?

    I'm mad. Angry. Frustrated. Pissed. Annoyed. And on and on the list goes. I'm disappointed with myself. I'm sad. I'm upset. I'm nervous. I'm scared.

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  • Allyson Question #46

    I don't watch the news much anymore, but when I do the same question arises: what can I think about as I hear these stories of folks who are just simply not happy and reacting or taking physical harm on others? I heard a story just now and I heard my new approach feel his fear and thought about how I can help... him and/or the victim and victim's family?

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  • Allyson Question #47

    Last night I was not a happy camper and I wrote you a question about that. I don't recall saying or thinking anything in particular before bed - got up and faced the fear of not being good enough to go to spin class after a week of not going.... But I intended to have fun and intended to enjoy what I could do, and I survived just fine.

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  • Allyson Question #48

    What a great call today! It was on target (as usual) and of course stirred up some questions.

    The first that comes to mind is about the topic of urges and perhaps addictions or habits. Fillers.

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  • Allyson Question #49

    Does my Inner Being, Inner Self know my original intentions as I came into this reality?

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  • Allyson Question #50

    I've thought and asked questions around similar issues, but I was just inspired to write this one, this way.

    I have not heard back from a very dear friend after writing many emails. She treated me to a wonderful weekend to celebrate my birthday. I've sent thank you notes and photos and updates on what I did with her gift. I had left a nice note in her suitcase as well - a handwritten note.

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  • Allyson Question #51

    Are you familiar with the Toltec spiritual governing points:

    1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

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  • Allyson Question #53

    I'm still confused about thoughts. If I keep replaying thoughts on a particular subject, think them over and over like a recording, bring them to mind often...

    I don't want the thoughts. I thought I'd put them away. I figured out what a solution was or what I wanted to say to someone but I keep repeating.

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  • Allyson Question #54

    OK - so all we are doing is feeling something! I understand those words and most of the time I can really comprehend, sense it.

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  • Allyson Question #55

    Today I heard a podcast that included comments around the use of "just saying" "I'm sorry."

    Can you please explain this ... When would one use it? Why would one use it? How would one use it?

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  • Allyson Question #56

    This is not a question - it's more realization reporting.

    The past few days have gone well in many ways. This morning I rose, set some broad intentions, felt energized and cheerful. I was dressing for exercise class and smiling and I thought to myself - Hey You, in the mirror, you look pretty good today.

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  • Allyson Question #58

    Does our posture have anything to do with anything?

    I (assume) I have bad posture in two ways. And sometimes I very aware of it and I have to admit that I feel better when I am aware and thus suck it in and pull it up.

    But what's that about?

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  • Allyson Question #59

    I have had less than good hearing for many years. I can "hear" but I more often than not can't understand what is being said - and it's frustrating and embarrassing. It causes issues with many friends, meetings or big groups.

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  • Allyson Question #60

    Yesterday I was feeling - nothing. Of course, that means I'm feeling something but it wasn't good and it wasn't bad. Just was. And I considered the fear that I began to feel "I'm not into reading or thinking Joshua...I'm not interested in doing anything...And yet I have energy." I did some analysis and decided it was all OK. There really wasn't any fear - just a simple day and I allowed myself to just be.

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  • Allyson Question #61

    I find it very funny that when I come to write a question which I have pre-designed in my head it seems to answer itself. (You've said I answer my own questions many times and of course I kinda poo-poo'd it.)

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  • Allyson Question #62

    I've been having such a great time in all areas of life ... getting ready to take a vacation and doing well.

    Then this morning I wake up with one of those very annoying sore throats that say, "here you go ... you're going to get sick now" ... NO!!

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  • Allyson Question #63

    I haven't written for a while and miss the writing but more missing the answers! Thank you so much for all you've shared with me.

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  • Allyson Question #64

    I don't think I shared a quick update around a manifestational event. You may recall I've asked questions around perceived issues with friends that I don't hear from and thus assume that something is wrong. Well, did I learn a lesson! I finally wrote (didn't call because I was too fearful) and I instantly got a call from my friend Sandy... "What is this strange letter I got from you? What are you talking about? I adore the heck out of you and nothing is wrong..."

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  • Allyson Question #65

    I've just read your response to my update about Sandy and the call and the lesson that nothing was wrong.

    As I read it, I felt like I wanted to respond to you in each paragraph...but I won't be doing that at this moment.

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  • Allyson Question #66

    I had a large manifestational event last night. But to keep it short and to the point of my question this morning... Rick and I had a discussion about our house and future houses.

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  • Allyson Question #67

    Today was the eclipse.

    Today I was feeling a little out of sorts but moving through it. I did hear me scolding myself for not 'doing things right' but then I was drawn to re-read an answer about that and revised my emotions.

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  • Allyson Question #68

    I've always thought I was aware of the spirits of those who've passed, but now I'm thinking about it a little differently. I'd like some clarity.

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  • Allyson Question #69

    Quick late night question... a dear friend has a dog named Moose. To say he's a handful is so light. He plays all day and night. Barely sleeps. Destroys everything he finds. Loves taking clean laundry and literally destroying it. Won't stay in the yard. Won't stay in his crate.

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  • Allyson Question #70

    I've been given an opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, beliefs with my mate's son, RJ. He has had lots of challenges at his work and last week it took a turn with an interaction with the boss. So, RJ gave his resignation.

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  • Allyson Question #71

    So - how does 'who you really are' and fearless and limitless all tie together?

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  • Allyson Question #72

    Every day I scold myself for not having asked a question. I know there are no 'rules' but it feels odd to not be bombarded with questions.

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  • Allyson Question #73

    I've read repeatedly in answers and in the books that while we have certain desires, we don't necessarily know what they are ... and that's OK.

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  • Allyson Question #75

    When I made a note in my journal; "I like adding this to my artillery" but what does it mean?

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  • Allyson Question #76

    I am traveling with 7 folks. Of course that means there are lots of different personalities (egos/fears/etc) and I am curious to find ways to "allow!" I have been very conscious of saying "let go" and "this is not for me to worry about" and other calming statements, but I could use a bit more.

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  • Allyson Question #77

    So we four girls are off to a special day at a cooking school. One gal who is charge of driving pops a tire in an attempt to move the car. It could have been a huge issue but fortunately we had a husband to drive us up in a van and drop us off. All that went just fine.

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  • Allyson Question #78

    You said in a previous answer the following: "Isn't it interesting that the biggest 'aha moment' can come from a lack of questions?"

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  • Allyson Question #79

    "Desire causes transformation. The extent of the desire causes the extent of the transformation and the speed of the flow."

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  • Allyson Question #80

    Do we use psychic or clairvoyance to "see" or "perceive" HOW to get where we want to be? And if so - how?

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  • Allyson Question #81

    I desire silence and alone time even more than before. Is there something in this desire?

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  • Allyson Question #82

    Just got a call from my daughter who is having a challenge with being or feeling lonely as she doesn't have my girl friends in her new home area and her boyfriend is occupied with a sport. I told her she needs to love herself and maybe she should go take herself out for lunch or simply spend some time alone while feeling love for herself. She wasn't happy, but as I hung up, I realized how important it was to let it go and that it was her experience and that the FOR me was just that.

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  • Allyson Question #83

    I just began reading your response to my question on Psychic and became overwhelmed with "why doesn't everybody question and want to learn and yearn to understand" like I do?

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  • Allyson Question #85

    I haven't asked anything about Forgiveness and it came up in a few readings this week.

    A) What's the energy and good stuff with practicing Forgiveness?
    B) How do we apply forgiveness to situations that are tough to do so?
    C) How do we deal with our personal need for others to forgive situations that involve us (me)?

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  • Allyson Question #86

    I enjoyed listening to the Land Cruise #2 chat last night. One piece formed a question and it stuck and this morning its still with me.

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  • Allyson Question #87

    You spoke about enlightenment on our call yesterday. Can you re-tell me, please. We are all on a journey or path "to enlightenment". I asked about 'recognition' vs 'change' and I think I get it - I'd love to hear it again.

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  • Allyson Question #88

    I have just done something that I know and knew as I did it - was not my most loving, unconditional self. It was a part of the old me. I'm not proud of it and I am seriously scolding myself!

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  • Allyson Question #89

    This might be a multiple part question and contorted.

    I was quietly reading a Q&A from Isabelle and I suddenly teared up and heard my mind. "Why do you have this strong desire (for umpteen years) to share/teach but you haven't done anything? Why can't I find the way, the look, the process and the words?" I took a few minutes to breathe. I read more and your answer to her question posed a few for me.

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  • Allyson Question #90

    I can't type fast enough while laughing at my 'conquer fear' resulting abundance manifestation event!

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  • Allyson Question #91

    The other night we were out for dinner and Rick pointed out an objection to something, adding a few harsh judgements and I simply responded with my observations that ... it's not that bad, it's not wrong, blah, blah, blah. All good stuff. He was furious that I didn't agree.

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  • Allyson Question #92

    Here's a quote from an article about Abraham and LOA. This didn't feel right ....

    If we think certain thoughts about another person it becomes their reality, even if they are not consciously aware of your perception ...

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  • Allyson Question #93

    I've been trying to stay on an exercise regime that may not be the best for me...and then I think, "Hey, I was 'inspired' to take spin three days in a row!" But my knees are killing me now. Are they hurting because I'm resisting something (like exercise or the mental fight for losing weight) or is there such a thing as overdoing it?

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  • Allyson Question #94

    I found a note to myself that I had wanted to ask this question and I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it....

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  • Allyson Question #95

    I have friends who talk about 'Dimensions" and how we earthlings are in the 3rd or 4th dimension and we are moving toward the 5th and how that will allow us to be more loving, powerful and closer to our true selves.

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  • Allyson Question #96

    I'm always in a hurry. I rush. I need to tackle the thing I am working on and get it done quickly, smoothly, efficiently. I'm very aware of it and I have seen evidence of the Universe telling me or reminding me that it's ok to move a bit slower; stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

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  • Allyson Question #97

    Well, I believe another leap has happened, right before my eyes! This morning, as in many mornings, the meditation was very moving. I felt a white, warm cloud beside my left ear and shoulder. I just let it be. After that, I typically open my Joshua binder and just randomly open to a past question that I have asked.

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  • Allyson Question #98

    I have been doing well with seeing things as coming "for" me and working through limiting beliefs and fears.

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