One On One

  • Steve Question #1

    If I'm eternal, and according to the law of expansion, I never go backwards, how is it possible I'm not further along in my spiritual journey? I feel like a kindergartner in the big picture, but at the same time I feel I have made major strides in this lifetime alone. If I was a 1/10 as good as learning in the last 1000 lives, I should be MUCH farther along, right? It just doesn't add up for me unless I didn't make much progress at all in the prior lifetimes. I would like to add that I believe that ultimately, we are "killing time" since we have nothing but time (as eternal souls) and we need to fill it up with something. That might also explain why we are not further along. There's no rush...

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  • Steve Question #2

    To answer Joshua's question (which was probably rhetorical, but I loved it) - You are pushing that envelope further and further. But isn't that what you like to do?


    My favorite quote is "if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space" I'm curious... Does Joshua "know" me directly or does Joshua get his (their) info of me through my emails and contact through you? If there is any direct knowing, to what extent does it go? My thoughts, activities, everything? Or some subset? (I'm hoping he knows EVERYTHING...). Or is he just aware of me when he is focused on my current vibration without knowing the details of what caused that vibration?

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  • Steve Question #3

    Before I answer Joshua's last question -"why do you ask this question?" a little background first.

    I consider myself a spiritual explorer and my brother had introduced me to a plant that the Mexican shaman's used to smoke to have "visions", so I felt it was right up my alley. (It's legal and can be bought in smoke shops - salvia divinorum) This was a couple years back and I've done it I'm guessing about 15 times now. The reason I have done it multiple times is because it is such a mind blowing experience, that you don't really take away a lot the first few times you do it, because it is so mind blowing, you need to get used to it. It feels to me like you take a rather quick step out of this physical realm and enter the non-physical and it lasts for about 5-10 minutes and then it's over. (And then it seems like a dream) You might call it another dimension. I say this because I cannot find words that describe it, yet it is as real as it can be. I'm still me, but I have a entirely different perspective and I always refer to myself in the third person like I'm not me, yet I am. Additionally, my mind is downloading information (or better still - awareness) at such an amazing rate it is difficult to share with others verbally what you are experiencing. The first few times I did it, it was too overwhelming. And scary. I consider myself fearless in the physical plane. In the non-physical, I'm a big pussy! (But I keep going back in) This other place feels like the Wild Wild West and anything can happen, which scares the crap out of me since I'm going in alone. (Or at least it feels that way). Just like going into a dark cave and you have no idea what's in there.

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  • Steve Question #4

    I have loved motorcycles my entire life. I currently have a Ducati Monster that gives me so much joy that I cannot fully describe it to anyone. It has to be experienced. It is so powerful and capable! It enriches my life and I believe the physical world was made for these types of experiences! I get to take it to the racetrack a few times a year and that's amazing fun. Just taking it to work occasionally for my commute is fun. And I'm so appreciative that engineers and designers got together and created this machine for me to enjoy. I hope I have conveyed why I want this Ducati in my life

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  • Steve Question #5

    To piggyback off your response to my wanting to manifest a Harley in my life - I really got that this is a feeling reality and that I should focus on the feeling that I want from the bike (ie. freedom, adventure, power, fun) and the universe will handle all the details of getting it to me. But shouldn't I also identify any limiting beliefs that I have that is keeping my financial abundance at bay? If so, what is a good way to identify my limiting beliefs?

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  • Steve Question #6

    Q #1: Is there some connection between Gary and I beyond this lifetime? I understand the universe hooking us up now because it is perfect timing and this is a perfect manifestation, but I was just wondering if maybe Gary and I have done anything together in past lives (or even future).

    Q #2: Did I understand you correctly that the non-physical portion of me was part of the Joshua group or did I not read that right?

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  • Steve Question #7

    I often have dreams where I am in a place so real, so "physical" that I don't even know I am dreaming. I only know that I am dreaming after I wake up. Then, for some reason, I don't think it's an absolute miracle that I created an entire world in my mind so perfect, I couldn't even tell it wasn't real! So tonight it hit me... Why can't this physical reality just be the dream of my inner self? And just like the me in my dreams is still "me", it means my inner self is me and that this physical reality is my own dream! That's huge if it's true... So can this possibly be true?

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  • Steve Question #8

    Here's a simple scenario that I think mimic's many area's in my life. I really like to go fast on my motorcycle. Society labels this as dangerous and I would agree with that for most people. However, I am of the belief that I know what I'm doing and I feel I am relatively safe while doing it. I am aware that you can get a ticket for doing this and that is one of the risks. I fear the consequences of getting a ticket, having to pay the fine and the increased insurance costs. I want to reduce/resolve this fear.

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  • Steve Question #9

    In you last response, you state If the fear is rational, then the limiting belief is there to keep you alive and we might say that the fear is a good thing.

    This implies to me that there is "danger" in this physical world in a sense where I might die if I am not careful. I have recently been taking solace in the fact that the only way I could die would be if my inner self approved of this. Since all death is a suicide, and I'm not ready to leave right now since I'm enjoying the ride so much, this gives me a "safe" feeling. Is this illusory?

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  • Steve Question #13

    I have been working on identifying the limiting beliefs I have surrounding this situation.

    I don't have enough money
    Happy cats shouldn't create lumps in their body
    I shouldn't intervene in my cat's intention to have a lump
    The lump is not supposed to be there in the first place
    Very few people understand my perspective (I'm a bad pet owner)
    I worry what other people think of me
    I am less powerful if my perspective is disregarded

    The following are beliefs my wife has that I disagree with:

    Our cat won't live a happy and comfortable life if we don't remove this lump My perspective on this matter is wrong

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  • Steve Question #14

    I have found a device that works well for me. It's all of you - the group called Joshua - which represents infinite intelligence to me. I put a great deal of faith in what you say. I used to doubt my beliefs a little. But now that you are confirming them directly to me, I find this a very powerful thing. My frustration with the masses not agreeing with my perspective - I feel has diminished greatly with this last answer from you. It makes so much sense to me! I'm at a higher vibrational level (which appeals to me) than the "masses" so we are operating from different baselines. I just need to get over the hump that my differences may impact me in some negative way. The way I will do that is know that this is my reality, everyone is here to support me, so it doesn't make sense that any negativeness would come my way - unless of course it was to point out some limiting belief in which case that would be a good thing! So it will all be good.

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  • Steve Question #15

    I had a very unique glimpse/feeling today and I think it was a direct result of your last answer... You spoke about being happy with your life and being patient:

    Now, the sticking point will be your patience or lack thereof. How patient can you be? This is your resistance. Can you be happy with your life as it is and be patient or will you focus on the things you cannot do or have until the money comes? This part is up to you.

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  • Steve Question #18

    Quick question - Life is going very well for me lately - yet today, I'm struggling to maintain a positive attitude for no obvious reason. I love my normal good feelings (I'm spoiled) and have low tolerance for not being in a good mood. I even meditated this afternoon hoping that would help me out (it did a little). Ultimately, I'm a bit confused as to why today is a struggle at all. To quote a "Star Wars" reference, I'm feeling like there is a disturbance in the force. Is it possible for external "forces" that I am not consciously aware of affect my mood? And what is the best way to get back to your normal good feeling self?

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  • Steve Question #19 & #20

    Question #19:

    I have a recurring theme in my arguments where I get really mad when during a discussion I interpret that the other person thinks I'm stupid or an idiot when in fact it is because they are misinterpreting the discussion in such a dramatic way that it appears that way to them and this infuriates me. I am trying to identify the false belief here.

    Question #20:

    I am the most competitive person I know. I want to be the fastest, best, smartest, etc. I think I have fun and enjoy that part of myself but ultimately, is this based out of my own insecurities and and does this serve me? As I "evolve" will this competitive streak become less pronounced?

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  • Steve Question #21

    As we have been on this journey together, I have noticed that I have wider mood swings and life has become quite the roller coaster ride. I believe this is because as I change, certain "ways of being" are not serving me anymore and need to be shed, but since they are so much a part of me, this shedding process can manifest in some very emotional ways. I guess what I'm looking for from you is that when you take this path of enlightenment, anger and crying are as much a part of the process as feeling better and better overall. Because I have to admit, I've lost it lately on both the anger and depression side of the coin and feel anything but "enlightened" at these times. I know I am supposed to see everything as perfect no matter how it unfolds. So do I choose the path of the roller coaster because I like drama? Could others have a peaceful journey of enlightenment? Ultimately, am I creating my own path and choosing the "bumpy ride"?

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  • Steve Question #22

    It is my understanding that the people in my life are here to support me in my spiritual growth and their behavior is the right and perfect behavior to support this goal. Yet, they themselves for the most part aren't aware of this support. I'm wondering how this can be? Is it that they have multiple "probable selves" and I am hooking up with the version of them that is most helpful to my spiritual growth at the time or are they themselves beings "guided" to behave in a manner most helpful to me? And if they are being guided, who is doing the guiding?

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  • Steve Question #23

    This fear keeps coming up within me that at some point on my consciousness journey, I must "confess" or make known to the world about past behavior that I would rather not have "out there" in my circles because it has the potential to negatively impact other people. This would violate a very important rule that I have that I can be trusted to keep a secret. I personally am OK with the past behavior, but that is because of my perspective which is not shared by most. So, is my past "safe" under lock and key and I can still have my spiritual journey? I understand from the non-physical perspective there are no secrets, but I also live in a very physical world with ramifications based on my actions.

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  • Steve Question #24

    There have been a very small handful of people in my life where I feel an instant connection almost like we have known each other forever. Can you shed some light as to what is going on here? I'm actually wondering why it doesn't happen more often since we are eternal and I must "know" a lot of people/souls throughout my "beingness".

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  • Steve Question #25

    All I can say is this has become quite a ride... I'm up and I'm down. However, as much as I try to see the "downs" as perfect and showing me a limiting belief, I'm not feeling equipped to identify the limiting beliefs behind it. Can you shed some light on this process?

    Also, after feeling down, my desire is to return to a good feeling place which is surprisingly challenging! Any suggestions there?

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  • Steve Question #26

    Regarding sexual relationships - you have stated that being in alignment with your higher self is the feeling of love that you feel with another person and also that we have the capacity to love everyone. What exactly is sexual desire then? I do not believe it is the equivalent of love, as you can have feelings of love for a person but not be sexually attracted to them and vice versa. I understand that sex is vital for the continuation of the species, but it seems like there is a whole lot more going on there. Energy to be exact. And lots of it. Can you describe from a nonphysical perspective how sexual attraction and relations relate to spirituality and connection with your higher self?

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  • Steve Question #27

    I never thought of sex in the same context as food or comfort. It just seems so much more special to me. (I understand that this is because of all the screwy beliefs that society places around it.) So this leads me to wonder... since sex is such a big deal for me (and I think I like that it's a big deal) did I choose this time period to come here because I wanted sex to be a bigger deal? Because I imagine there must exist a time where sex is just like "going out for dinner" and not the big deal it is today.

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  • Steve Question #28

    I feel like I have a great opportunity to practice my new ninja skills at maintaining my good feeling thoughts in the face of something that would normally set me off. I have a neighbor that is retired, so he a lot of time on his hands. He's a small man and I think he has a Napoleon complex and is continually sending nasty letters to his neighbors complaining about various things and threatening lawsuits. He sent me a letter last week and I've been ignoring it. Today, as I was leaving our neighborhood, he was waiting outside the gate with a motorcycle cop. He has taken issue with me going around the gate up on the sidewalk with my motorcycle for many years now even though it doesn't impact him personally in any way. (we live in a gated neighborhood) So to my surprise, the cop waved me to the side and was telling me essentially to stop doing it or he would give me a ticket. The whole time my neighbor is watching and either taking a video or pictures of the whole incident on his phone. I'm sure he is feeling very smug right now. So it's been a while since I've been "told" on. He is just so childish! So my initial reaction is to punch him in his face, but that is not realistic, even though it would feel very good. So I have these feelings -

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  • Steve Question #29

    You hit the nail on the head when you said I fear others having control over my reality. So I'm extremely motivated to get rid of this limiting belief! So I've been trying to see this event from the perspective of my neighbor. (Joshua- I'm going to admit that I've avoided responding to this answer because whenever I think about this situation it lowers my vibration. It's happening now and it's a very noticeable uncomfortable feeling) My neighbor represents many qualities that I despise. He has no honor, lies, he is weak and feeble, yet he still attacks me in his own dishonorable way. And now I must find a way to love him. That's a tall order. I can feel sorry for him, but even the thought of talking to him makes me bristle. I'm thinking maybe this incident is too fresh in my mind and I should just let it lay for a little while longer before tackling this?

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  • Steve Question #30

    I have heard "you create your reality" for years and I thought I fully believed it. But since reading your last response, I've never "felt" that statement like I do now. It has been an interesting (maybe "mind shifting" would be a better term) couple of days for me. I feel like more of an observer to my life and I've noticed little bits of "fear" that pop up in my life and I am able to quell the fear by reminding myself that "nobody else can create in my reality". It's all me and even if something does come up that I would normally fear, I can play with the moment and have fun. That's really big! I feel more calm and I would even say more confident. Last week I was promoted to a manager role at work and this awareness helped me during my transition and will continue to do so.

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  • Steve Question #31

    Possibly a silly question, but here goes - My teenage son has had a history of having electronic devices stop working around him while I have had the opposite experience of electronic devices being very reliable. So recently a hard drive that was hooked to his computer failed and I (half jokingly) told him that I have removed the hard drive from his "sphere of destruction" and placed it in my office where I will give it love and caring and bring it back to life. I then asked him what it was about his belief/vibration that causes electronic devices to fail around him. He responded saying it was MY vibration causing the failures because of my belief that electronic devices fail around him so it was my fault. Could he be right? Is it purely me and my belief/expectation regarding my son and electronic devices? Or could it be a blending of both of our beliefs and expectations. Or do hard drives just fail sometimes and I shouldn't try to read anything more into it.

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  • Steve Question #32

    I had an interesting "manifestation event" this morning on the way to work. I lost control of my car around a corner that I've taken many times before and I spun out and in the process I did a full 360 degree spin. This is VERY UNLIKE ME... I like to think that I know what I'm doing and that I'm a capable driver with a very capable car! It was a bit scary while it was happening since I feared for the safety of my car (I knew I was safe, so no fear there for my personal safety)

    As it turned out, I ended up stopped facing the correct direction at a red light, almost like I meant to do that. No harm, no foul so to speak. Pretty amazing really. Nothing this dramatic has ever occurred in my car which I've had for several years now and I'm always taking corners fast in it. So I find it quite "coincidental" that this occurs on the very day that I'm heading up to a racetrack to do a track day event over the this weekend. I haven't done a track day event (in a car) since 2006.

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  • Steve Question #33

    Regarding the last manifestation event I had in which I lost control of my car around a corner and did a 360 degree spin without any harm or damage to me or my car: For this event to happen in the exact way it played out, many things needed to be orchestrated including "knowing" the right speed I needed to get my car up to based on the current tire slippage (front and rear) for the corner radius I was entering, correct braking and turning of the wheel during the spin and making sure the lanes were clear of any cars, etc. This would imply that the universe was able to make me do things, right? In this case, convinced me to speed up going into the corner... Is this an impulse given to me? And if so, do I have veto rights? And who exactly is giving the impulses?

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  • Steve Question #34

    I'm still confused about the "danger" you speak of that rational fears help me to avoid. Isn't everything that happens to me "sanctioned" (I would go as far to say "arranged") by the universe with the full blessing of my inner self? Otherwise, it's like I can make a poor choice and suffer the consequences and it's a surprise to my inner self. Taking it to the extreme, I cannot accidentally die, since every death is a suicide which implies knowledge in advance and acceptance of this death. Just trying to understand the definition of risk in the physical environment.

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  • Steve Question #35

    I have a side job with a digital marketing company that we are trying to get off the ground and I am in charge of technology. I am working with a developer that I did not hire directly and he is continually not responsive, doesn't do what I ask of him, and generally is a pain to work with. My partners do not want to fire him because he was already paid to do the work on this current project and it is not yet completed. This developer texted me saying this afternoon saying he would have something done 2 hours ago and yet it is still not done and he is ignoring my calls/ texts. We are supposed to deliver tonight. My overwhelming feeling is that he is disrespectful and he should not say he is going to do something unless he has plans to do it and if he doesn't, he should communicate why and the new delivery time. I'm pretty pissed off at him right now and if he was around, I would love to give him a piece of my mind to his face.

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  • Steve Question #36

    I was recently promoted at work to a manager position. This was something that I wanted and is a good thing. However, since taking the position, there seems to be many more "urgent matters" than normal and I'm thinking I might be creating this. I want things to be smooth, relaxed, and fun. Do you know why I would cause this, what there is to be learned from this, and what I could do to make things easier?

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  • Steve Question #37

    More of an update than a question. I'm noticing I've been appreciating more lately. Really simple things like great tasting water from my reverse osmosis water filter anytime of the day! What seems like an unlimited supply of ice cubes from my ice maker without having to deal with refilling ice cube trays! An amazing home theatre system that the 25 year old version of me would die for. My family, job, cars, house, etc. When I imagine going back to the 20 or even 30 year old version of me and showing him my life now - that's the perspective that really allows me to appreciate where I am today and this FEELS good. This is a pretty big shift for me. A lot of my prior view was focused on what I had not accomplished and why there wasn't a Ferrari in my driveway yet...(that didn't feel so good) And I feel more calm and relaxed. Not so much in the rush to get somewhere or prove myself anymore.

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  • Steve Question #39

    I'm getting this "now what" feeling. A feeling of "OK, I can be, do or have anything" what direction do I go? I feel I should be doing something different. I know I need to be patient, that I will be inspired to action, but then I see the new Porsche Cayman GT4 announced (which would be the perfect next car for me and allow me to give my current car to my son) and then I find myself needing to suppress my old familiar feeling of "why not yet?"

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  • Steve Question #40

    Do I have to see someone as "different" before that person will be different in my reality? For example, I've been trying to shift my feelings for my neighbor from fear to love. If I imagine him being friendly neighbor, that helps in trying to find positive feelings towards him. Also, my theory being that after I imagine him being friendly, he would be that way in my reality, correct?

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  • Steve Question #42

    I had a rough day. I have had several things going on that I was being fearful about and I threw in some self judgement along with impatience and the result was not fun. In my quest to turn things around, I tried to think of things that would make me smile. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that my life is like one big hamster wheel. For me to be happy, it seems that I need to have new things and/or new experiences.

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  • Steve Question #43

    I have had an awesome streak of not getting sick. Every time I felt one coming on, I would deliberately slow my life down because I've interpreted my prior colds as my body's way of forcing me to take a break. Well a couple days ago it came on and really grabbed a hold of me and now I've been hanging in bed the last couple of days. So do I get sick because my life gets too hectic? I wouldn't mind it so much, except for the feeling miserable part...

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  • Steve Question #44

    Lately, I seem to get bigger and more noticeable feedback from my life that reflects my state of mind. So when I'm in a good mood, things are really good and my life goes really noticeably well. On the flip side, when I'm in a bad mood, the shit really hits the fan and quickly. I feel almost like I just want to survive my "bad mood" without causing too much damage around me. (Which also really motivates me to turn my mood around) So is there truth to this? Are things happening faster to me now or am I just more aware of these manifestational events?

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  • Steve Question #45

    On the side, I am working with a group of guys to get a small digital marketing agency off the ground, so I work on this a lot in the mornings, evenings and weekends. This morning I got an email from a colleague that I have something setup incorrectly on a website that I am responsible as it pertains to advertising for our client. He copied my partner/boss, who as he should be is very passionate about his "product" and wants everything to go right. So my initial response was fearful as this is an area that I do not feel expertise in and we seem to have issues in this area often.

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  • Steve Question #46

    Last year my son and I bought paintball guns and equipment and went paint balling several times with a group from work. It's been a while, but we have one scheduled for later this month and I'm really looking forward to it. My son and I don't share many interests at this point in our lives (he's into video games, I'm into cars and motorcycles) so this is one thing between us that I really treasure. Unfortunately, my son's brand new paintball gun is malfunctioning. (Surprise!) So I've been on him to get it repaired and it's obvious to me that he is not motivated.

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  • Steve Question #47

    As I was pulling out of my driveway, there was a guy walking his 2 dogs and he was letting them go onto our lawn so they could do "whatever". Now personally, I think this is rude and there has been several times in the past where I have seen dog crap on our lawn. I've wondered what rude owner has allowed this to happen without picking up after their dog and immediately this came to mind when I saw this man and I felt anger. When he saw me, he was all smiles and waved (he didn't look guilty at all so apparently he never got the memo that letting your dogs go on the other people's lawn is rude) so instead of me saying anything, I just waved back and drove off. (I should mention that I did not see the dogs taking a dump. They were just sniffing around and there could have been a chance that he was prepared with doggie bags)

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  • Steve Question #48

    I wouldn't say that I have a negative self body image, but there is definitely room for improvement. I am one of those lucky people that doesn't really have to work out to stay thin. However, I'll admit I would feel much better about my body if I was just a bit sculpted... Nothing dramatic, just fit and trim.

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  • Steve Question #49

    I bought a Harley over the weekend. It's a 2010 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide, red and black with flames! I found this bike at a Harley dealership less than an hour away from my house. The price was amazing, the color was exactly what I wanted, the condition is near perfect and the aftermarket exhaust looks and sounds amazing. This bike pushed all the right buttons (too many to list) and I felt it was too perfect to pass up. In all my searching these past few months, nothing else came close to pushing all these buttons. So I pulled the trigger. I don't know if I was just caught up in the moment or what, but I couldn't imagine walking away from this bike. I was really soul searching and looking for a sign, any sign, that I shouldn't do this. The salespeople were nice, the test ride went perfect, it was close to my Dad's house so I could stop by on the way home (with my daughter on the back) and show him my new bike (my Dad always had motorcycles when I was growing up, I think he had a lot to do with me having interest in motorcycles) So here's my question. Did I jump the gun? Did I force this? If I go by my feelings, I wouldn't say 90% no, 10% maybe. Ultimately, everything fell into place a little too perfectly for me not to go for this...

    A link to the Harley site showing my bike:

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  • Steve Question #50

    I would like to take lots of time off of work so I can enjoy nice long trips on my newly acquired touring motorcycle. However, as a consultant, when I don't work, I don't get paid. So I have two opposing desires that cause conflict in my life. So far, my solution is compromise - a little less abundance for more fun. Is there a way I can eliminate this conflict in my life? Winning the lottery sounds like a great option here...

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  • Steve Question #51

    You have asked me to be on the lookout for negative emotion and yesterday morning I felt some. We were leaving early in the morning to go paintballing and I went to our pantry to grab a 9 volt battery for my paintball gun, but they were not there. Now I knew my wife had recently purchased a brand new pack of 9 volt batteries so I woke her up to ask her where they were and she said she had given them to our son. He was spending the night at a friends so I called and woke him up and asked him where they were and he said check his room, he was not sure. They were not in his room. Now, throughout all this I was getting more and more upset because the paintball facility is over an hour away and I was tight for time and I knew I had to stop and get gas for my vehicle and I was also looking forward to picking up a coffee and a quick bite on the way, but now I was burning time unnecessarily looking for something that should have only taken a few seconds if the batteries were put back where they belong but instead it took over 20 minutes of scouring the house. I was meeting a group of friends from work and I did not want to be late. I also did not want to take the additional time of stopping at a store to purchase a 9-volt battery since that would take additional time. I have had issues in the past where things are not put away "where they belong" and this is a source of irritation for me.

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  • Steve Question #52

    Awesome answer! I am actually looking forward to my next opportunity where things aren't going like I expect. I have an adventure in my future. The "battery" morning felt so off to me and I knew I was reacting in a "wrong" way which was making me even madder because here was another level of things going not as I expected! I was slamming doors and yelling and had given up on any semblance of being an evolved being!

    I was pretty sure I could get a battery at the paintball facility and I even knew that one of my friends would have an extra one but I didn't want to appear like I was unprepared... (Still worried on how I look, especially when I was not guilty of this crime!) I had specifically requested my wife to buy this package of batteries and she did. (See, I'm a organized guy!) In my mind, this was perfect that I had requested the battery and she had followed through on the purchase and come hell or high water, I was going to bring one of those batteries or I would cancel the damn day and make the lives of the people around me miserable to punish them for their misdeeds! (I literally feel I got to that point.

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  • Steve Question #54

    Are you ever supposed to "tackle" a problem? Lately I have been thinking I should try to really figure out what I want to do with my life as it relates to my financial abundance/career. I have been enjoying the ride so to speak for the last few years, but I have always wanted my own business and currently I am not making progress in that area. Should I be actively meditating on this, writing down ideas, etc? Or will it come to me without me actively having to do anything?

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  • Steve Question #55

    I awoke this morning with a stiff painful neck that has bothered me all day. In the past I would have just suffered through it and just blamed it on me sleeping wrong, but I know better now. I've actually been pretty proud of myself lately for not reacting like "old Steve" and in several situations where I would have normally been upset I was able to recognize it very quickly and I was able to perceive the situation as an opportunity for the universe to surprise me with something else versus what I had been expecting.

    So my question is, how do I identify the vibration within me that is causing this pain?

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  • Steve Question #56

    A while back, we had a Q & A where I was debating between becoming an expert in an area where my colleague wanted me to versus hiring an outside contractor. Well I finally had the conversation with my colleague pushing for an outside contractor and it went very well, I now have the go-ahead to hire someone. So now I want the perfect person and I thought I would reach out to you for your advice on how to attract this person...

    Here's a snippet from our prior Q & A:

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  • Steve Question #57

    Along the lines of working for a living... Given that I can be, do or have anything in life, I doubt that I would pick having an 8-5 job like my current "day" job. Also, I'm starting to doubt my second job because I feel my greatest motivation for it is money, which really shouldn't be the driving force.

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  • Steve Question #58

    Tonight, for my daughter's 18th birthday, we went to a special showing of Blazing Saddles at our local theatre. It's a fun event where they sell pop guns and whoopee cushions and the audience generally hoots and hollers throughout the movie having a good time. So it's a raucous crowd and you're supposed to be. However, sitting right behind me was a rather obnoxious, slightly drunk, (they serve beer at this theatre and I was having one too) loud mouth that was pushing my buttons. I didn't think it was a coincidence that he sat right behind me. I tried to think thoughts of love, he's probably a nice guy, but thoughts of confronting him which would no doubt lead to a fight also kept coming up. I should give a little background here - in high school I was pretty small and I was generally fearful of "bullies" in school. So now that I'm grown up so to speak and I'm no longer little, I feel I want to punish anyone who comes across like a bully and put them in their place. Almost like a chip on my shoulder and mixed in there is that I have something to prove. I know this doesn't serve me. I ultimately said and did nothing, but part of me also thought that maybe the universe was presenting an opportunity for me and that I should have had an interaction with him. Ultimately, at the root of this has to be fear, because it's definitely not love. He cannot create in my reality, but didn't I invite him in into my reality based on my vibration?

    I would appreciate your perspective.

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  • Steve Question #59

    I will answers each of your questions below regarding the Blazing Saddles manifestation event.

    Determine why you felt fear, why you could not accept the conditions, and what the limiting beliefs are.

    Fear because he was he type that would fight and he had friends. I had difficulty accepting the conditions because I wanted my daughter's 18th birthday to be perfect and this guy was making the event "less than perfect". The limiting belief was that I believed I was in "danger" and that the conditions were not perfect. However, for this to be true, doesn't that imply that to some extent I control the behavior of this man? Bottom line, am I interacting with the version of this guy that is most beneficial for me? Change my thoughts and expectations and I hook up,with a different version of him?

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  • Steve Question #60

    I'm trying to understand how I can be interacting always with people that are a match to me. Seth refers to "probable selves" which as I Interpret it means each person has many different instances. So do I interact with the version of someone who is a vibrational match to me at the time?

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  • Steve Question #62

    I have been having a lot of conflict with my boss in the side business that we are trying to get off the ground. The gist of most of the conflict seems to center around him wanting me to do more than I feel I should or want to do. Ultimately, this has me questioning if this is the path I should be pursuing or if it's time to pursue something else. Quitting does seem like relief at this point. And the journey is not fun for me. OR - is the universe trying to change me through the conflict I am having with my boss and I should be working through this?

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  • Steve Question #63

    So yesterday while I was at work my wife called to tell me that she found a business card from a local police officer taped to our front door asking us to call him. So I called and the officer and he essentially made an appointment to serve us court papers for this morning. The reason I mention this is because I was pretty proud of the fact that I refused to get worked up about this. I kept telling myself that this was going to be an adventure. So this morning a very nice officer (we had a nice chat) came by and served us the papers. I thought it was a huge coincidence that the court date is set for June 1st which also happens to be the exact scheduled end of my 6 month one on one journey with you... So I'm seeing this upcoming event as my graduation ceremony :)

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  • Steve Question #67

    This may be a silly question, but I want to know and it might be fun. I get rather attached to my vehicles, both motorcycles and cars (even bicycles). So my question is - do they have nonphysical counterparts that have consciousness? Do they have wants and desires? Do they enjoy going places and doing certain things? Do they like being cleaned and maintained? Do they protect the occupants? Or is that what I project onto them? Or is it the stream of consciousness that created the vehicle is contained within them? In other words, it started with the founder of the company who had a wanting and that grew and evolved to the point at which I purchased one of their vehicles and that momentum/manifestation is embodied within the vehicle? I'm trying to understand my relationship with "things".

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  • Steve Question #68

    I know it's really not important what others think about me, but here is my question - There are people in my life that I know like and respect me, think I'm smart, etc. and then there are people who I know don't like me. Then there's the middle ground where there are people who I'm not really sure what they think about me. But here's the rub. It's my universe, right? Therefore don't I define what others think about me based on my belief and expectation of how I think that person thinks about me? And can't I change that belief? So someone who doesn't like me could end up liking me with just a change in my belief system?

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  • Steve Question #70

    I have a theme occurring with my 2 jobs where my bosses have stated that they really don't know exactly what is keeping me so busy all the time and honestly, since I really hate writing things like status reports, after a week or so, I also don't remember what has kept me so busy, even though I am! My perspective is to just get stuff done and as long as things move along, I shouldn't have to inform my superiors of what I do even though I do want general credit for keeping things humming along nicely. So, I get a little upset when I get the impression that they don't appreciate all that I'm doing, yet I'm very repelled by the thought of tracking everything I do and reporting it to them. Is this just a simple matter where I'm crosswise to a belief? Or is this occurring in my life for another reason?

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  • Steve Question #71

    Yesterday I was meeting a friend for lunch and when I left work, I caught the freeway going the "wrong" (I quote because I know there is no wrong in the universe) direction. I was already slightly behind schedule as far as our meeting time and this "mistake" tacked on at least another 5-8 minutes to my commute time. This was really out of the ordinary for me, I'm normally really good with directions, pride myself on being efficient and don't make these kinds of mistakes, especially when I'm already running late! Initially I was upset with myself but then I thought maybe this happened for a reason. Could it be possible that my inner self wanted me to go the direction I did to help me avoid a potential negative situation I would have encountered had I gone the shortest, most efficient route? Can your inner self nudge you to take certain actions in the physical? Was this the case in this particular instance?

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  • Steve Question #72

    I've noticed a pattern in my life regarding financial abundance - whatever money comes in, usually goes right back out in equal amounts. And even if I don't personally spend it, it goes out through other channels like unexpected repairs. This must have something to do with my vibration, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I also have an old belief that it would be nice to have a giant amount of surplus cash in the bank as sort of a "safety cushion" should I become unemployed, but I now know that my "safety cushion" is not the cash in the bank, but rather my vibration. So that leads me to question if maybe that's the way it's supposed to be with financial abundance - whatever comes in goes right back out... I would love to hear your higher perspective on this.

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  • Steve Question #73

    I'd like to start trading in the stock market again - but this is an emotional topic for me. For a little background - a few years back, I received my Series 7 license and I tried to make a go of day trading the stock market while keeping my day job part-time. I loved combining my love of computers and programming with trading the stock market. It was fun, exciting and a perfect match for my personality. For an extremely abbreviated version of what happened, I invested a large amount of time, effort and money into the endeavor that ultimately didn't work out and left me in a giant financial hole that I had to climb out of along with a very bruised ego. It was really the first time I really, really wanted to do something but could not. So now I feel a bit like a dog that that has been beaten and it brings up a lot of "emotional baggage" when I think about trading again. I'd love to find that feeling again of joy and positive expectation around trading. Also, as a bonus, I should be able to be wildly successful at trading utilizing the laws of the universe... As always, your perspective on all this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Steve Question #75

    I have a theory - I deliberately setup my life so that around junior high school I would create major "worthiness" issues and then spend the rest of my life trying to feel my worthiness again. Was this to appreciate the feeling of worthiness? Because if I always felt worthy, it would feel normal and I wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much?

    Also, I find it interesting that intellectually I totally know that I'm worthy - unique and eternal, but on an emotional level I still don't "feel" worthy and I still look for fake external signs to gauge my worthiness.

    How do I learn to "know" my complete worthiness and lose the false external worthiness? I know my worthiness is there and I feel I'm much closer to truly knowing this than I've ever been.

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  • Steve Question #77

    I feel I have been making vast fundamental shifts in the way I perceive my reality these last few days. I'm feeling very appreciative, loving and confident. Hard to put into words but I can feel myself falling into actually starting to really BELIEVE in all this hocus pocus :)

    Intellectually, I've been onboard for what seems like a very long time, but it's entirely another thing to really believe this at your inner core. Now I'm just starting to glimpse what appears to me as the crest of a very tall hill I've been marching up "in effort" my entire life but very soon I will be going downhill effortlessly into my dreams. It's actually scary on some level (what would that Steve be like?) but I'm going to enjoy getting used to the feeling of attaining my dreams. So my question to you is - am I over the hump? Do I really get everything I want this lifetime? What are my odds?

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  • Steve Question #78

    Question about non-physical - you have said that you can instantly manifest in non-physical (which sounds potentially cool) but I'm curious as to what sort of environment do you have there... For example could I instantly manifest a Ferrari and then have a road to drive it on? Or do I instantly manifest the feeling of a Ferrari and I enjoy that? Can you "see" others and interact with them? Or are all non-physical focused on the physical because that's where things can happen? Is it possible to describe the environment?

    My current view is the physical is just so much more interesting than the non-physical. I'd actually like to hear some really cool things about the non-physical that would make me look forward to my transition someday. (Besides just getting to come back and do it again)

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  • Steve Question #79

    I had a manifestation event the other day at work where I became ill quite suddenly and went home midday and spent the next day and a half in bed. I was originally curious as to why this happened to me because I'm normally quite healthy, but I trusted that things were working out for me. Now in hindsight, I see it was quite perfect. It allowed me the time to complete an important project for my "other" job which was due the next morning and it gave me an extra day of rest which I really needed. So it appears that the universe gave me the stomach flu to allow this to happen. My question is if I would have just stepped in and taken a couple days off on my own, could I have spared the stomach flu?

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  • Steve Question #80

    I got the news this morning that my cousin's daughter died in a car accident last night. She would have been 20 years old next month. This same cousin lost her husband in another car accident about 8 years ago. So, as you can imagine, she is devastated.

    This is a very rough reality we currently live in. Mom's losing their children seems the ultimate in emotional pain on this planet. What is the purpose? This has been going on for 1000's of years. Couldn't we have a reality where we don't have the big major emotional pains? I'm going to call it "La La Land" - and only minor bad things happen and most everyone is living a life that is joyous and fun. Do those realities currently exist? If so, did we deliberately skip those for some reason and chose to come to the this rough one? Is this rough one more full spectrum because you can't have super joy without knowing of super pain? I'm trying to make sense of my cousin's immense pain this day...

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  • Steve Question #81

    I'd like to share a manifestation event I had the other evening. As I pulled into my driveway the neighbor kid ran up to me huffing and puffing and said there was a big snake in their backyard and that his Dad wanted to know if I could come take it away. Normally I would tackle these types of requests with my son and he would do all of the snake handling and I typically hold the pillowcase we place them in, but this time, nobody else was home, just me. I immediately felt "fear" thinking about having to deal with this snake situation on my own, but then I thought about how a) I really enjoy overcoming fear and b) things are always working out for me. So this empowered me and I thought this just might be an adventure that the universe was setting up for me and I should explore it. So I walked down to their house and went into their backyard where my neighbor was standing watch over the snake.

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  • Steve Question #82

    I'm going to the funeral of my cousin who recently died in a car accident this weekend. I would love to be able to converse with her during this time. Any suggestions on how I would do that? I know I need to be in a positive vibration. Should I be meditating while focusing on her? Should I be asking specific questions and then just wait for answers? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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  • Steve Question #83

    Here's a question that I have been wanting to ask for the last 2 weeks, but have not because I think it's a bit silly. But I've reached my limit, so here goes. I have been biting my lip daily for the last 2 weeks. Some days, multiple times. Prior to this, I had not bit my lip for years. I'm wondering if this is because of a vibration that I currently have that I should be addressing... This is quite painful. I'd love to stop doing it. I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Any suggestions? And if this is a silly question, I apologize in advance :)

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  • Steve Question #84

    I appreciate knowing that my lip biting was to keep me in the present. That wasn't obvious to me, but after reading your answer it made sense. Could you provide help in determining how I can connect a manifestation event to an internal vibration that I have?

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  • Steve Question #85

    Is it a worthwhile goal to just be happy by just "being"? Being nothing but healthy, physical, and breathing and not needing/wanting anything. And you're able to be supremely happy! The reason I ask is that when I want to put a smile on my face, I always have to think of something outside of my self that brings me happiness - material things, relationships, etc. I'm just curious what affect it would have on my life if I could be happy with nothing but me. Or would that cause you to not care if tomorrow shows up?

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  • Steve Question #86

    I'm having a bit of difficulty unwinding this in my head - career wise I want two things - more money and more free time - which seems diametrically opposed. I tell myself the universe can work out the details, but then I catch myself waiting for "something" to happen and in the meantime I'm working a lot of hours. I'm trying to stay positive in my two jobs (which requires a lot of deliberate focus and I'm amazed at how quickly things can go south when I revert to my old way of thinking) but if anything, both jobs are serving to show me what I don't want. I feel I have had enough contrast. And I'm feeling more and more like I should be doing something but I'm really at a loss as to where to head, so I know this means do nothing. Which loops back around to mean I will be doing more of the same which doesn't thrill me. Any suggestions for me to speed up the process towards less work and more money and fun?

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  • Steve Question #87

    I have a theory - when I want something, I will see more and more of it in my reality as I am progressing towards my own personal manifestation of it. So for instance, let's say I want a particular car. Early on I will see it on the road, even though it is quite rare. Then as I get closer to my own personal manifestation an acquaintance or friend of mine will obtain one for themselves. I actually get to be around it often, sit in it, even drive it! I believe it's all helping the car become more "real" for me and for me to one day accept that I can own one.

    I'm also becoming friends with people who are living the life I would like to live. I'm seeing this as a positive indicator. Some of things that I used to believe were "out of reach" become much more accessible when I see a friend living it.

    So if I wasn't in the general vibrational frequency, I'm assuming I wouldn't be brushing up against these things. I'm taking this as a very positive sign. Would you agree?

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  • Steve Question #88

    I've heard of the concepts of old and young souls. If we are eternal, how can this be? Wouldn't we all just have always "been" and therefore all the same relative age? Or does it have more to do where the soul is on the evolutionary scale and some souls evolve at different rates?

    The reason I ask this is because I just ordered my "Michael Chart" which is created by someone who channels a group called Michael. Supposed to give a lot of information about your soul and this particular lifetime motivations/challenges. It sounded interesting. I imagine it doesn't really matter what comes back or if it's even true. What matters is how I interpret the data coming back to me and be positive and fun. Do you have an opinion regarding Michael Charts?

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  • Steve Question #90

    I have a close friend who has cancer and I'm very motivated to help her come into alignment with her inner self because I believe this will cure her and set her on the path she intended for this lifetime. So I share what I know and share your books and teachings. This is very satisfying for me and I've seen a big transformation in her overall attitude and perspective on life and it has brought us closer. She can see how the cancer was a "wake up" call.

    But this also has brought up a lot of questions for me. The cancer is happening to her, but I'm experiencing her with cancer in my reality. I choose my reality, so did I choose to experience the version of her who has cancer? If so, do I also have the power to choose to experience the version of her who joyously cures herself of cancer? That would bring me much joy...

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  • Steve Question #91

    I completely agree with your analysis of my friend with her cancer and that it is neutral. However, I don't feel you answered my question about me experiencing her in my reality. I truly feel good that she has had the experience of cancer and that it has awoken her to the truth of her reality. But I'm still wondering what my role is in the perception of her with cancer. Did I choose the version of her with cancer? Is there a version of her without cancer that is still not open to the laws of the universe? And are their multiple probably futures for her and can I choose the version of her I would like to experience for no other reason than that's just the version I choose to experience? Or is that placing conditions on how the future should unfold and that is backwards to how the universe works because it is always unfolding perfectly?

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  • Steve Question #92

    It was eye opening for me to realize that I don't really share my beliefs unless someone has a tragedy and that's the only thing that trumps my fear of being judged or ridiculed. I have an irrational fear that as long as I'm in the "corporate" world, I must maintain the illusion of "normalcy" since I see the corporate world as the main source of my financial abundance and I don't want to jeopardize that. Also, another belief I have is that people aren't supposed to share their religious views, that is private. And lastly, people should be actively seeking this information, I'm not supposed to just offer it.

    But I like sharing this knowledge, so to kick off my newfound permission slip (Joshua said I could) I shared my Joshua "one on one" link with my Aunt tonight. This is the first person outside of my immediate family that I've shared with. A bit scary, but I feel my Aunt and I are very similar in a lot of ways and I think she will be accepting of this and keep it quiet. I hoping my Aunt and I can start a dialog about my favorite subject - whatever you would call all this :)

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  • Steve Question #93

    As you know, I currently have a day job that I'm actively working on appreciating, but ultimately I would rather be doing something else. Lately I have been "noticing" things that I do not like about my boss which I know will attract more negative things about him. When I caught myself doing this, my first thought was to turn this around and start looking for positive qualities in my boss. But - I started to question if this "negativity" wasn't for a purpose. I can look back on my career and see that there has been a several instances where a boss I did not get along with has given me the impetus to leave a fairly comfortable job. In hindsight, all these moves were very beneficial to my career growth and I'm very appreciative of those bosses now. So here I see myself in a similar situation - fairly comfortable in my current role and maybe this dissatisfaction with my current boss is just what I need to take the next step in my career? This has worked in the past. Could this be the universe at work nudging me? I'm looking for a sign...

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  • Steve Question #94

    Here is a specific example of a situation that has come up with my boss that has caused me negative emotion. A direct report of mine is an absolute star and extremely valuable to the team and the organization as a whole. He has expressed an interest in attending a week long technical conference that is being held in Las Vegas this year. It would benefit him and the team with the knowledge he would gain from this and it would be a nice perk to show him he is appreciated. I believe that a company should invest in their employees by investing in their training and growth. Therefore, I have made it a goal of mine to get this approved for him. However; every time I bring it up with my boss, he comes up with all sorts of excuses why it probably won't happen.

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  • Steve Question #95

    This last answer really put me in a great mood. It's empowering to know I'm setting this all up myself, even the restrictions I don't like. (And the similarity between work and home life restrictions was spot on) What a complicated web I weave! So intricate, detailed and feels so real and out of my control. So now I'd like to take control and really get my hands in the clay so to speak and learn to mold my reality. I'd like to change my belief regarding my boss and him approving sending this star employee to a conference. It's not critical to me, so I think this would make a good starter project. I'd like to believe that my boss really values his entire team and he would like the opportunity to show this by getting this request approved. Also, in retrospect, my boss is a pretty good guy. There is not another person in management at my work that I would rather be reporting to than him. He's a smart guy and we get along professionally. So I think I'm close and at a good starting point to do this. Can you give me some tips?

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  • Steve Question #96

    I have an irrational fear of people I work with discovering our one on one dialogue on the Joshua website. I just feel that I will be ridiculed and potentially be taken less seriously. I know this is irrational and I also know that by my fear of it, I might potentially attract it. Can you assist me in getting over this? Ideally I would like to get to a state of "I don't care"...

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  • Steve Question #97

    I was having a little fun riding down the road on my motorcycle this evening and going faster than the speed limit. At one point, I noticed my thoughts went to the possibility of a speeding ticket. This concerned me because I didn't want to place my focus on that because that would only attract that manifestation into my life, so I quickly changed my focus back to enjoying the ride. But then I thought "Wait a second, doesn't everything happen for me?" This seems to be contradictory. On one hand, I can attract unwanted things into my reality based on my focus on unwanted things, but everything that happens in my life is also for my benefit? So in this particular case, had I continued to "worry" about getting a speeding ticket and then manifested said speeding ticket, this would have been for my benefit?

    Your perspective would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Steve Question #98

    Today was my first day back to work from a 4 day vacation and I was very busy catching up on work. I had a one on one meeting scheduled with my boss and I sat in his office for 15 minutes waiting for him to show up before I gave up and left. Luckily, I had my laptop with me so I could continue to do work, but ultimately I found myself feeling very frustrated and angry that he didn't even have the common courtesy to text, call or email me that he couldn't make it. I interpreted this as he doesn't value my time and I felt disrespected and ultimately I REALLY wanted to express to him how I felt. I didn't because I knew I wasn't feeling stable, confident, etc. (like I do most of the time these days - thank you!) and that he has obviously pushed an emotional hot button for me so I didn't "vent" to him.

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  • Steve Question #99

    I'm currently on my Sturgis Harley ride (75th anniversary) that I decided last year I wanted to go on after my Canada Harley ride. This is the culmination of several things, most of all of me buying my dream Harley (which is perfect) and also a shift were I am willing to take much more time off from work. I'm just 2 days into it, but I wanted to acknowledge the difference you have made in my life and how much more I am enjoying this trip. Prior to our interaction, fearful thoughts of 1) possibly getting in an accident on my motorcycle 2) thinking about the money I'm NOT making because of the time off from work and 3) thoughts of jeopardizing my "day" job since I'm taking off so much time would all be going through my mind and probably would have persuaded me not to take this trip at all. But because of our interaction, I am very motivated to do that which feels good to me and the thought of taking this trip to Sturgis was always very positive, which tells me that my inner self is totally onboard with this. Therefore, I have faith that my inner self's higher perspective can see things I cannot (and I don't need to) and it's incredibly comforting knowing that my inner self has sanctioned this trip which tells me no matter what happens, it's all for my benefit. This is big, because it makes my every moment optimistic... And maybe not so surprisingly, I've been having an amazing time and I'm only 2 days into it. This doesn't mean that a) I might get in an accident, b) I am losing out on money I would have made and c) I could lose my job, but I believe if any of those things would happen, it would be for my ultimate benefit, so I'm ok with it!

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  • Steve Question #100

    I think it is very interesting timing for me to start wrapping my head around not caring what others think of me. Being at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, there is a totally different "norm" than where I live and anything seems to go. It's quite freeing for me! So I've used this as the excuse to transform my look from "Corporate Steve" to "Bad Boy Harley Steve" (leather vest, facial hair, the clothes, boots, etc) which has been a lot of fun for me. So am I caring less or more about what people think of me? This is fun for me, almost like going to a costume party where I can be whoever I want. So isn't that a good thing? But on the other end of the spectrum, I am definitely "fitting in", so that points to me being concerned with what others think of me. Love to hear your take on this...

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