• My question is simple…how do you love someone close to you ie kids/spouse/parents/siblings etc, without attachment to their actions? How do you keep their actions at a distance and not let it effect you emotionally? Forever grateful for your service.

    How you perceive the actions of others is the only thing that matters. Their actions, in and of themselves, are irrelevant. They are not inherently positive or negative. You perceive them to be something based on your own experiences. You are the one who brings judgment to their actions. While their actions may not conform to what you would prefer, or what society deems appropriate, or what you fear regarding them and the potential ramifications of their actions, it is always you who determines what their actions mean.

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  • I have an irrational fear of people I work with discovering our one on one dialogue on the Joshua website. I just feel that I will be ridiculed and potentially be taken less seriously. I know this is irrational and I also know that by my fear of it, I might potentially attract it. Can you assist me in getting over this? Ideally I would like to get to a state of “I don’t care”…

    Imagine if everyone in the world floated in boats down the river. They were moved by the whim of the current bumping them into rocks and getting them caught up in the eddies. Then you come along with an oar and they think you look strange with your stick in the water. They make fun of you for a little while until they notice you using your oar to move around the rocks and through the eddies. Soon they’re asking you where you got your oar and when you tell them, they no longer think you’re strange. Instead, they go out and get their own oars.

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  • I have a question re. Paris and the recent attacks. It’s a tricky one to put into words really. I have friends in Paris and former clients there too. This small part of me (my ego?) feels slightly guilty for not being more concerned about their welfare. But I think it’s because I know that on a deeper level they are perfectly safe. However, far from hearing all the uplifting stories I was hoping to hear – okay, there have been one or two… it’s like ‘the world has taken a nightmare pill’ to quote Marianne Williamson.

    The mass fear has risen to a whole new level. People who are usually peaceful and rational are at war with each other even on my Facebook feeds! Solution: stay off social media? Even Pam Grout was attacked for daring to focus on love for Paris and its people in her recent blog. It’s like the ‘muggles’ were taking a step forward before but now they are trying to throw all of humanity back to the darkest ages of fear and taking several steps backwards. Their anger is turning sour and spiralling out of control so they are hurting even their nearest and dearest in an attempt to make sense of it.

    This attack whilst smaller than 9/11 but definitely not any less relevant to humanity seems to have ignited a greater hatred than even the immediate aftermath of the twin towers. Or is this because the American mentality is far more focused on positivity and coming together as one? I had to walk away from and change the conversation numerous times this weekend. Even with complete strangers. It’s strange because I honestly didn’t have Paris on my mind. I live far away from the city in a very tranquil place. Yet the fear seems to have made its way to people here in our small town in much the same way as Paris. Will humanity ever move forward? We’re socalled on the brink of seeing beneath the veil, on the brink of a new level of consciousness. Yet the weekend’s activities seem to have plunged 99% of humanity further into doom and gloom mentality as well as a huge bitterness.

    You are right. The world has gone even more mad than before. Humanity is on the brink of a new level of consciousness. People are awakening to the fact that there is more going on than they can see. There are great changes coming. The world is moving from fear to love. The terrorist attacks, the school shootings, the police incidents, and all other such events you would call tragedy, are the manifestation events that are beginning to change people’s perception of reality.

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  • I would allow you to post my full name but I suffer from social anxiety, or more particularly Avoidant Personality Disorder. I have included the DSM description here for your information. You can include it in my question if you wish, or leave it out on the website. I can get out and talk to people when I have to, but I am constantly focused of what the other person is thinking of me. Probably the hardest thing is being put in a situation where I don’t know what is going on and have to learn something. I have a mini panic attack and blank out…appearing to be dumb…because I am so worried as being perceived as dumb by whoever is training me. So I tend to avoid things or new situations that make me look weak or foolish.

    I am also afraid of being exposed as a “fraud”. Therefore I am less likely to go for job promotions. And my romantic life is zero for obvious reasons. I tend to stay in my comfort zone, always playing it safe. I am just looking for practical, Law of Attraction based steps to start overcoming Social Anxiety and Avoidance Personality Disorder. I believe your answer would be of great help to others who stumble upon this site, who are suffering from similar issues.

    American Psychiatric Association The DSM-5 also has an Avoidant Personality Disorder diagnosis. It refers to a widespread pattern of inhibition around people, feeling inadequate and being very sensitive to negative evaluation. Symptoms begin by early adulthood and occur in a range of situations. Four of seven specific symptoms should be present, which are: Avoids occupational activities that involve significant interpersonal contact, because of fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection. Is unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked. Shows restraint within intimate relationships because of the fear of being shamed or ridiculed. Is preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations. Is inhibited in new interpersonal situations because of feelings of inadequacy. Views self as socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to others. Is unusually reluctant to take personal risk or to engage in any new activities because they may prove embarrassing. All of those listed pertain to me. 7-7 lol

    What have you described is present in 100% of the humans living on Earth at this moment in time. The only difference between what you are feeling and what they are feeling is the degree of intensity. There is no person alive who is not concerned to some degree about what others may be thinking about them. If you could live in the body of anyone you consider immune to this, you would quickly see that you are not so different after all. We come to share our perspective with you. We can see inside the thoughts of you and everyone else. We can feel what you are feeling and what everyone else is feeling as well. Your anxiety is so common you would be quite shocked. The only thing you need to change is your perception of reality.

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  • I have always been interested in energy, Law of Attraction, Spiritualism and such. One thing I have always been told is that I have a lot of energy and when I lay my hands on someone the say the can feel my energy. The say It is very calming. I have my Reiki Practitioner degree, but I have never been interested in practicing Reiki on people. I just thought I should get it!

    I work as an Esthetician and am having fun with that. Once more when I quiet myself and am without distractions I can feel energy radiating from me. It feels like a pulse going outward from my chest. If I focus I can direct the energy to my hands. My question is, what do I do with this energy?

    I am not sure I am the type to be a healer. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable to believe in someone’s illness. Also I get very board when I do practice healing. I feel like I could do more with the energy, but don’t know what. Maybe this energy that I feel is something everyone else but I don’t think so. Is this a gift and what do I do with it? And is the energy I feel from source or is it my personal energy?

    The energy you feel is a gift and you may consider it the same type of gift as a talented singer or athlete possesses. If you were a wonderful singer, yet you did not particularly like singing, we would say that it is not important for you to sing. The singing is part of something much larger.

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  • I am in the process of transitioning from my one business I setup with a partner 10 years ago to a new one I began visioning at the beginning of the year. Having created a small business from scratch 10 years ago and going through all the processes and heartache of business partner relationships. I realized that it had moulded me and that I would like to create a platform to help mentor other small businesses. Im want to help create relationships with corporate business and facilitate growth in the small business arena which is much needed in our country.

    It’s so funny as I write to you it’s like I have another parallel conversation going on in my head. Creating this business is mostly about nurturing self belief and worthiness and a belief that co existing and integrating grows a healthy, happy life of exploration for the individuals involved.

    Along the way there have been a few dramas. I am having to leave my existing business that I have nurtured for 10 years just when its about to really take off. I have decided to put myself fist and follow my inner guidance instead of feeling like I need to react to what is going on around me. I am becoming clearer with this one day at a time.

    I have stumbled and fallen, even in the new business. I have not been clear about positions in the business at the outset and there has been drama. There have been public displays (social media) of a point of view which is essentially for me is a defamation of character. I Know that this is essentially someone else’s drama but still really feeling the pain of it because it is aimed at me.

    As I write I keep stopping. I get a bit more clarity. As the drama unfolds I can see where I was lacking in my self-worth and self-belief. I tried not to shut down my love for the people involved but there is a self preservation aspect.

    I am still working with the flow of money as one of my biggest challenges and I am getting better at trusting that it will come as it is required. I do battle with it as I sometimes panic with the how of it. No matter how you plan, it doesn’t necessarily work out that way.

    My questions are around dissipating the drama, flow of money and transitioning from one business to the other.

    I welcome your guidance whole heartedly and am so grateful that you are here on the planet during these times.

    First we will talk about you and your set of beliefs and then we will talk about your new business venture. From where you stand right now, you have a set of beliefs; some of which are limiting and some are highly beneficial. Your reality is created through your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Beliefs are strong, recurring thought forms and therefore they influence your vibration quite strongly. In order to alter your perception of your own reality, in order to change your life, you must alter your beliefs, especially around your own worthiness and your expectations.

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  • My grandson has Asperger’s syndrome that limits daily food intakes to a very minimum. He also refuses to take the vitamin supplements and that has already lead to some concerns. He’s a very smart and loving boy, has a strong attachment to his mother. Why does such a syndrome occur? Is there a higher meaning to it? And most importantly – how do I help my grandson overcome it?

    Every experience of life is unique. If you can accept our simple premise that the purpose of life is to expand through experience, then you can see that all life. all experience, and all expansion is beneficial. So let us further explain our premise. You chose to come here to physical reality so that you could experience things first-hand and expand your consciousness through those firsthand experiences. From the nonphysical realm, you can witness anything and everything you like, but it’s like watching a movie. Physical reality is always happening to someone else. They are having the experiences and expanding while you are observing. Real growth occurs through experience.

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  • New Years Day is almost upon us and at this time of year we humans like to set goals for the next year. We also make resolutions. I have never been a goal-setter and have never followed through on a resolution. I would like to hear your perspective on this. How can we get all that we want in this new year?

    We prefer the word intention to goal. If you take a look at what you’re doing when you set goals, it’s more about the accumulation of stuff or status. When you set intentions, they tend to be more about your feelings. A goal might be to become salesman of the year or make $200,000 this year, etc. An intention might be to spend more time with loved ones, be happier, stay fit, enjoy more time in nature, etc. Intentions tend to be about enjoying and appreciating life, while goals tend to be about the man-made stuff of life. When you set an intention, it’s to feel good. When you make a goal, it’s to look good.

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  • I have just had the most incredible sequence of events happen. All in the space of 1 hour! I feel like I need some clarity.

    1) I go to the letting office of a local holiday rental company to collect some apartment keys for my father-in-law. He and my mother-in-law land this afternoon in Spain and have rented a nearby apartment for a week. He made it clear to the people in the office yesterday that it would be me, not my husband, who would pick up the keys. I even take my passport to prove my identity. Long and the short of it: I am treated like a potential criminal and they flat out refuse to trust me with the keys! I don’t get shi

    2) But then within fifteen minutes I receive an email from a new potential client (author), picking my contract of representation to shreds. It is unbelievable the comments that her brother (who looks after her affairs) has put in this email. I am even being potentially accused of future potential non-payment of royalties when said author ‘becomes famous.’ Again, I can see the hilarity. Because who I am is not that character AT ALL. At this point I don’t even make the connection that I’m being assigned the trait of criminal again so soon!

    3) Within minutes a friend who is usually doing the school run to get her kids at the same time I pick up mine, well she messages me. She is stuck in the hypermarket in the nearby town. Exactly at pick up time! She has totally lost track of time. This is so out of character for her that this in itself is laughable! Can I collect her kids and wait for her outside school? She’ll only be 15 minutes. Well, of course. No problem. The teacher of the youngest child is fine about this. But the teacher of the eldest child is quite different. Here we go again! I am being viewed as a kidnapper this time! She reluctantly (after much studying of the text messages on my mobile phone, for she is Spanish), ‘entrusts’ the children to me on the proviso a signed note is brought in first thing tomorrow from their mum. We wait a few minutes for my friend and the drama is finally over!

    I can see the lightening fast correlation between all of these events but I can’t figure out the hidden meaning?

    My friends, whom I have just told… and who are increasingly getting into LOA, reckon it could have to do with me constantly trying to ‘prove myself’ to my mother-in-law… who arrives today. Could they be right? It’s a powerful message from the Universe and I’d love to know what it’s all about!

    There are no coincidences and you now understand this. When a series of events such as these occur in your reality, and you notice them, and you realize that they are happening for a reason, and you realize that the reason is to further your personal growth and expansion, then you have the opportunity few others have. You can start to analyze the events and determine what they mean to you. You can remove yourself from the scene and decipher the lesson or meaning within the sequence of events.

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  • The big lottery is capturing the attention of the nation. The jackpot is over one billion dollars. Up until this very point in my life, I would have loved to win the lottery. Now I am not so sure. What the hell is going on? Why do I feel this way?

    Until recently, you have been living life from the limited perspective of fear. You are starting to live life from the higher perspective of love. You are starting to feel that you are supported. You are beginning to realize that you are already living an abundant life. You are living the life you prefer. You are a vibrational match to everything that exists in your life. Why would you want this to change? You are now beginning to understand that winning the lottery would simply disrupt the life you are living and since it is the life you prefer, why would you seek to disrupt it?

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  • How can I best come to experience and master the practice of creating my reality by intention? Working alone on this work I find that I drift back to my normal worldly view readily, and forget to watch how I am using my mind. How can I stay focused on this work of changing my beliefs and raising my vibration? Thank you!

    What a wonderful question. Your question goes to the heart of what every conscious-seeking person goes through as they learn to operate within the mechanism of physical reality. On one hand, you understand at some level that all of this reality is simply a bunch of vibrations that bounce off your physical senses and appear as reality. On the other hand, it seems so real and you’re so much better at translating vibration and operating from the perspective of what you interpret with your senses than what you feel as a vibrational being.

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  • One of the over-arching desires you hear across the Law of Attraction circles is the desire to attract a soulmate. It seems that the main goal or purpose in life for most people is to attract that “one” person into their life. Once that happens all of life’s problems will be solved. Dating sites make money hand-over-fist capitalizing on these desires. How do you in the non-physical view romantic love?

    Is the euphoria you feel in the first few months of an exciting relationship as close as it gets to what you experience in the non-physical being connected to Source?

    While we agree that most humans have a desire to find a mate, we must also point out that a lot of this desire has to do with societal pressures and the survival instinct. You are born into a family and you have a mother and father. Were they soul mates? Most people have an ideal version of love and that idea revolves around the notion of perfect, lasting and fulfilling love with one person. This does not match reality. It is an abstraction of the mechanism of physical reality. It is not natural.

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  • I’m not sure if I can get help on this issue but I’d like to try! My beloved dog passed away yesterday and I’m missing him terribly. I feel like I get it that there is another level/ place that our souls all go to once we leave the physical. I guess I’m wondering a couple things. First, will our souls meet again once I leave the physical? Do animal and human souls get to reunite at some point? I’m almost afraid to ask that question as I hope very much that we do.

    My next question is did he choose the style of death that took him from us suddenly yesterday? He was seemingly healthy, although slowing down a bit, but did he decide on some level that he had enough and needed to get back to where he came from? I imagine that he and my other dog are together now, running free, where ever it is they have gone. Is this what really happens? Is he free and happy now? And finally, does/ can he visit with us if he chooses? In other words, are they able to be near to us if they choose to “check in”? I miss him terribly and am grieving and would love to hear any thoughts you can share on the matter.

    There are three things that you believe to be true but are not. They are death, loss and separation. Living beings cannot die, for they are eternal. There is no death, simply the transition from this physical realm that seems so real to the nonphysical realm, which is real. There is no loss, for you cannot lose one you have come to know. You are eternally bonded with everyone you know and that includes all the animals you have ever known. There is no separation, for you are eternally bonded and whether you can observe your dog with your physical senses or not, your dog is with you at all times. Whenever you think of him, he is there.

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  • I feel a connection to energy and intuition and I have a desire to love and support people. Am I destined to be a healer and should I pursue that course in my life?

    You could not have written the first sentence of your question any better. We are thrilled by this and we see that you have a keen ability to call into your life that which is wanted. You have a very strong connection to source energy and your intuition is evidence of your connection. Who you are connecting to is your inner self who resides in the nonphysical realm while completely focused on you in every single moment in time. Your inner self guides you through your emotions. When you feel positive emotions (as you will while reading this answer) you are completely aligned with how your inner self is viewing the subject at hand. When you feel negative emotion, you are focused on something in a way that is out of alignment with who you really are and what you really want. Your inner self knows this and sends you a message in the form of some negative emotion. If you can stop in your tracks whenever you feel negative emotion and realize that your perspective is a bit off, then you can regain your focus and turn your attention to what you do want.

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  • I’ve been making significant changes to try to break old patterns of thinking. I feel like I’m missing a crucial block that I haven’t been able to identify and work through. Any input or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    In reality you have total control over your thoughts in each moment. You can choose to think any thought you like. Having a habit of thought that feels difficult to break is due to your belief about the nature of thought itself. You believe that all thoughts are created by you. This is not true. All thoughts exist and your vibration dictates which thoughts you have access to in any moment. Change your vibration and the quantity and quality of thoughts and ideas that you can access will also change.

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  • First of all I would like to thank you and Gary for bringing forth all this incredible, practical, information. I’m a long-time “student” of the teachings of Seth and Abraham and now here you are to put it all in perspective. This really helps to apply it all in my everyday life. I’ve made it a habit to read something from your books every day, sometimes a chapter or two and sometimes only a few pages. When things aren’t working out I – try to – look at the situation from my inner self’s point of view (a bird’s eye view) and sometimes ask my inner self to “take over” so as to be able to shed the irritation or anger I feel in the moment. My life is really shaping up to be better than it has ever been. However, there is one area that remains a problem and that’s my working life.

    Looking back, the problem seems to run like a thread through all jobs I’ve had. It’s my lack of confidence in my ability to do the job I was hired to do, irrespective what the job actually is/was. Presently, I have the almost perfect job; in fact there is nothing really wrong with it. The one thing causing trouble is me, having this feeling in the pit of my stomach each time I am given an assignment. When working on the assignment I keep doubting whether the choices I made are correct and what people (our firm’s clients!) will think when they see my work. Certainly others could do a much better job. I’ve been doing this work, at the same firm, for more than 14 years. Logic has it that if my work were not up to par someone would have told me by now. Logic, however, does not remove that awful feeling I carry with me to work each day.

    I realize that changing jobs or my profession will not help as this will not resolve the feeling I have. Tomorrow, classes for a study program to become a coach for young adults start. This is something completely different from my current work. When I signed up I was confident that this was the course for me and was looking forward to it. But here, too, doubt and worry are becoming more intense as the first class is getting near. Why on earth did I ever think I could do this and would be good at it as well? Well, I will see tomorrow of course, but I would so much like to replace this awful feeling of insecurity with feeling confident in myself and my ability to deliver a perfect work product and to make a go of this new venture and ultimately to become a successful coach for young adults.

    Dear Joshua any advice would be most appreciated. Meanwhile, I will continue reading your books, the website and listen to the weekly podcast which I enjoy immensely.

    When you feel unease with an assignment at work it is simply because you are looking at it from a perspective that is out of alignment with who you really are. You think it is possible to get it wrong or do a bad job. You think you might fail. You believe you’ll be criticized for doing work that is less than perfect. You believe that all of this is real, that it’s all important and that it really matters. One of your great attributes is that you care so deeply. This is the root of your problem. You’re a perfectionist who is taking this all too seriously.

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  • In your answer to my last question, for which I thank you, you told me that I must change my approach to success before that my reality reflects my change. I understand that, because I think I have held erroneous beliefs about the world of success.I know that I must change, but in what ways do you mean? Do you have any suggestions in my daily life? In what ways do I have to stay alert in order to enter this world of success?

    The success for me means: being able to enjoy life with diversity in my activities without worrying about money (financial abundance mostly), meanwhile I know that I must feel abundant before being financial abundant (and I’m working on that), while still keeping the feeling of freedom. For now, I must have doubts and fears, and other limiting beliefs, so how can I change my perception of this “world” of success while being able to move in a direction where I can still feel the freedom as I feel now in a certain way but which I would like to expand, by following my path to be the best version of me.

    You have a limiting belief that financial abundance is automatically tied to a lack of freedom. Since it is freedom you desire above all, and freedom that you enjoy now, you believe that in order to gain financial abundance you must give up your freedom. Since you will not give up an ounce of freedom, you are forced to concede that financial abundance is simply something you cannot attain.

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  • Let’s see if we can sort out the work and life desires.

    I have a few different lifestyle dreams, some maybe more realistic and fulfilling than others (like not working at all and just being rich enough to do whatever I want). This could shift tomorrow of course, but here is what I came up with today (written by hand).

    Scenario 1: The dream work and life (although I can imagine there are limits) would be to be a channeler, and use my connection with my inner being to invest in the stock exchange:

    I would do work similar to Gary’s, in the channeling area but in France for the French or English community, so I would be independent. I would wake up naturally in the morning, without an alarm clock, lay in bed basking for 15 minutes or a half hour, knowing that I don’t have to get up… get up, have my coffee, meditate, and start doing my channeling work – it could be over the phone by appointment, or email. Why would I like this? Because the connection must feel wonderful, because it is easy to do (for those who can), it is independent, it is rare, and in demand, it is relaxing, fun and at a high vibration level. It makes money and gives me time for other activities in a day. It is helpful, special and doesn’t require diplomas or a certain age. It is something I could do for the rest of my life for income and pleasure.

    I would stop around noon, have lunch, maybe work out, go for a walk, connect with people I love, feel high flying. In the afternoon I would work on the stock exchange for a few hours, looking at the markets, scanning the news, finding ideas, and tuning into my inner being to create a portfolio for myself that would increase my financial abundance, using my guidance to get timing and ideas right, have fun, make money, enjoy my wins and my time and my expansion. I would end my day at 4 or 5 and go about all the other activities I love: meetings, a bit of tv, cooking, decorating, and looking forward to the next day of adventure. Feeling secure, confident, successful and free, since these are all choices where I can skip a day if I want, but most of the time I am happy to be doing everything I’m doing. I want to be up in the morning loving everything I’m learning, giving, and doing and feeling blessed to be able to do all of this because it is an amazing, fun and exceptional life.

    Scenario 2: (A bit more realistic but still ideal)

    I would have a similar schedule to the one I have today working with the stock exchange (maybe start a half hour later – and use that time to meditate).

    I would be in sales or investing and I would have about 20 clients, who are super faithful, 10 based in Paris, 10 in London (for the occasional travel and language) and this would be enough. These clients would have complete freedom to give me orders and they would pay me very well which would make me a top performer, with very little work on my part because I am inspired by my inner being, intuition, to get them consistent outperforming stocks which would make their funds prominent and successful.

    If I went to meetings or read up on something, it would be more to get the feel of a story rather than use my intellect to try and figure something out. I would be fully confident and know my level of accuracy. I would have fun knowing that I am making money for everyone. I would be in high demand, but choose only those people to work with who I enjoy working with. My clients would trust me, quite rightly. My bosses would leave me alone, and on the contrary, pamper me to keep me. I wouldn’t care because of the fun I have. My bosses wouldn’t feel threatened, and if they did, I wouldn’t care because, thanks to my level of accuracy, etc. I know I could go anywhere else.

    We would work on a floor in the building with daylight and a view and I would have my own software and computers and not have to share. My clients would follow me if I moved. My work day would end at 5 or 6, having made money for everyone, once again, all thanks to my intuition. I might even have an assistant or trainee to do all the grunt work. We would have a gym in the office where I could work out. I could invest my own money more freely, and I would have fun, making money and talking with clients easily, with fun, freely. My own wealth would increase as I increase that of others and look after my own investments. I would enjoy watching the stocks go in the direction I knew they would. I would enjoy calling clients and giving them one or two rational reasons just so they think there was work behind it, when in fact it was higher power guiding me.

    As you can see, it is all about ease, and fun, and freedom, and connection, and success, and with things I already have, but am not aware of, or know how to exploit, or maybe it’s more ……

    I have left out the relationships outside work etc. because I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

    Let see what we can extract from that ….. lol.

    We see that you are on the right vibrational track. Most of what you have written describes a life of ease and interest. Most of it is looking to what is wanted rather than trying to escape that which is not wanted. We also see that all of this is easily within reach right now. The only things stopping you are your beliefs and expectations. You have crafted your preferences quite eloquently. They are all there waiting for you. Why is you life different than this right now? Why couldn’t you have all of this right now?

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  • In a previous question, I asked you about communication with inner being, and two days later, read the section in Gary’s first book on it. It’s interesting that the questions I have are in the book for the most part, so Im hoping you don’t find this too repetitive. I loved that section – on communicating with my inner being. So now I do have another question.

    In the past, I have occasionally tried to tune into, or chat with, my inner being and would get “yes”, or “we love you”, and I thought (because it sounds like my own thoughts), 95% of the time, that it was just me talking to me (which it is, right?) – well today, I was having quite a chatty time. Ok, more chatty on my end than on the inner being’s end, but still, thoughts coming back at me were very loving.

    Now, that could be me just learning to be more kind with me, which is fantastic, or it could be my inner being, because I usually haven’t talked like that to myself in the past. Is it mainly me, learning to love myself more, or is it my inner being, ready to have these answers, even though they’re short and sweet? I would imagine that it is my belief that gets in the way of having longer answers. I’m happy either way because one can never have enough loving feedback.

    What is your take here? I’m enjoying the journey, but I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in the book holds, for me to discover.

    With appreciation to you, Gary, Steve, and team.

    Your thoughts don’t really have sound, do they? You can feel them and they feel like your thoughts. You can picture them and as you do, they still feel like your thoughts. However, no thoughts are really your thoughts and all thoughts are your thoughts all at the same time. If you think a thought, that thought is your thought. Thoughts exist on their own. Every thought you think still exists and has always existed. You don’t really create your thoughts, you attract them. You are very good at attracting some thoughts and other thoughts require practice, focus and concentration.

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  • Since your answer to my first question regarding custody, my attitude and demeanor have totally changed in the way I deal with my ex. We’ve actually had sane, reasonable, borderline enjoyable conversations. We’ve even shared positive co-parenting moments, which were virtually nonexistent before.

    And since our conversations on worthiness, I’ve experience a complete turnaround in that arena as well. Life has been reflecting those positive changes back to me in a lot of ways. I’ve been listening to my inner guidance, doing what feels good, and following inspiration that has taken me outside my comfort zone, all of which has resulted in incredible expansion.

    With all that in mind, I had a manifestation event arise this past week that didn’t seem to fit in at all with the way things have been going. In a nut shell, my son was sick when I picked him up from his dad’s, and after a couple days I ended up leaving work to take him into the doctor where they gave him a standard breathing treatment and wrote him a prescription.

    I felt I handled it well, giving continuous updates to my ex, we even had conversations about how things were going, and then seemingly out of the blue I received an email accusing me of making medical decisions without him and threatening to have me held in contempt of court if I continued to authorize medical treatments without his permission.

    I consider it a sign of progress that, upon reading the email, my reaction was notably softer that it would’ve been a few weeks ago. Instead of thinking “What an asshole! Who does he think he is?”, my thoughts were more along the lines of “Oh, he’s so silly.” But still…I had (and probably still have) a negative charge around the situation.

    I’ve been attempting to uncover the limiting beliefs resulting in the feelings of fear, and have yet to find anything that really clicks. So I’ve just been affirming to myself that I am a good mom, that I am safe, that I am the only one with the power to create in my reality, that I attracted this email for a reason.

    Are you able to help me become more clear on the reasoning behind this manifestation event? Why/how did this happen when I was “vibing” so high? What purpose does it serve? And what specific limiting belief(s) is it meant to shine a light on?

    Thanks to you and Gary for everything you do. You all are excellent teachers and I’m grateful to have attracted you into my reality.

    We have several things to say regarding this manifestation event. First of all, we would like to acknowledge our appreciation to you for allowing us to share our perspective. It is indeed our joy to do so and we thank you. We want to say how amazed we are at your wonderful progress in such a short time. We see great potential for you in your ability to adopt our teachings so readily. When you chose a higher perspective to feel good, you aligned yourself with the forces of the universe and who you really are. This has already caused and will continue to cause great improvement in your life experience.

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  • When I look back on my life, I now realize that back in my teens and early 20’s, I was getting basically whatever I wanted because I created it due to the Law of Attraction; at the time, I had no clue that was what was happening. I do remember taking things for granted and having the attitude I could get/achieve whatever I wanted. Then as I got older, I think my head got in the way so I got into a holding pattern, and I just shut down certain aspects of myself.

    Shortly after The Secret came out and was featured on Oprah, I picked up the book and tried to read it. It made no sense to me and I thought it was a bunch of bologna.

    Fast forward to 2015 – I’ve been exposed to Abraham, and more spiritual/LOA stuff. At the end of December of 2015 I decided that I really needed to set some goals for 2016. I told myself I needed re-read one of the Law of Attraction books featuring Abraham to help me with my thoughts. I hadn’t pulled the book off of my shelf yet, then just two weeks ago while I was at work on a Sunday evening, by a total fluke I discovered the Law of Attraction radio network. I never knew that the station, or you, existed! Obviously the universe led me to you. Since finding the LOA radio station just a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been listening to most of the programs on the station and getting so much info and different perspectives on spirituality and laws of attraction. I feel like an onion being peeled and I keep going through aha moments of understanding. I love it!

    Now that I totally understand that I am in the driver’s seat of my life, it’s a very empowering feeling, and actually quite freeing. I still have to work on letting go of fear. I know once I let go of that, the feeling will be exhilarating!

    What I want to practice LOA on is a different job. My problem is I don’t know for sure what I want to do…I feel like I’m scattered all over the place with ideas. I know what I DON’T want in a job, but I know I shouldn’t focus on that because that’s what I’ll get. I’ve been working on switching my thoughts to the opposite of what I don’t want. For example if there’s something at my current job that I don’t like, I’ll imagine being at a new job where it’s just the opposite and how I’ll feel being in that new job.

    Since I am scattered all over the place about what I want to do, I’ve put out there that I would love to be exposed to something and be able to say, “That’s it, that’s what I want to do!” and be able to go forward from there. Is that okay that I ask to be shown what I want since I don’t know where to focus besides “I want a different job”? I have signed up for some workshops through our local community college to expose myself to some new things; floral bouquet design, acupressure, respite care, stain glass window design, etc.

    I’m also curious about the aspect of speaking our intentions. I’m a very private person and don’t tell people what I’m doing in my life, yet what a lot of what I’ve heard on the different programs on the LOA network is we should speak our intentions/goals. What about someone like me who doesn’t like to share a whole lot of my life with others? Would keeping a journal be a better route for someone like me?

    Thanks so much for your guidance.

    It might be best to see life as a process. If you allow yourself to be open, by embracing beliefs that are empowering, you will be led step by step to what you want. It will come in stages. You must be open to the process. Just as you had been exposed to The Secret, then to Abraham and then to Us. That was a process. You came to hear about The Secret at a time when you were not yet a vibrational match to the material, but the concept was interesting. This step, in which you remained open, led you to Abraham. That information was a vibrational match to you and you understood much of it. The next step was to lead you to us where you could have a personal conversation and ask questions. You are a vibrational match to us. Do you see how the system works?

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  • I worked on a manifestation event this week. It was not easy, but I’m feeling better now.

    My young colleague, who we had hired to help me, is becoming more and more independent, to the point where he doesn’t really help me at all unless necessary. I had hoped we would work together, but it’s not the case. This week he reminded me that we had agreed to share some basic time-consuming work on a client.

    I got super resentful and I told him I didn’t want to do it but I would because we had made an agreement. He has already stepped on my toes a couple of times by calling people who I call, without asking me. So I immediately went to work on the negative emotion because it was powerful. I started writing in a notebook to try and find the positives in the whole situation with him.

    I started with the manifestation event and the underlying false beliefs and this is what I dug up:

    Of course I feel threatened by him, and don’t feel I can trust him, and he doesn’t really want to work with me even though we hired him for that. He will bypass me in terms of sales and I won’t have time to do serious work with clients since I’ll be busy looking after this one part of the work that is time consuming.

    He is super ambitious and therefore not really to be trusted, and my bosses would pick him over me if necessary because they hired him and he is male and young and ambitious.

    Finally, I have to sit next to him all day and when I’m resentful it really grates on me.

    So those were the negative beliefs which have been there but triggered by the event.I tried to find a higher perspective:

    Maybe this is a test for me to work on my beliefs so that is a good thing.

    The event is neutral but I can choose to see it as good.

    I have an army of energy working for me.

    Maybe I’m coming back to this grunt work (because “Monsieur” thinks he is wasting his time and can do better), gives me the time to breathe even if I could be using my time more constructively.

    I’m not a victim – this is happening for me, not to me.

    Maybe this is a step in me moving to a different situation with work (like out of this company).

    Maybe this is to teach me to speak up. (nah – that doesn’t feel so good)

    Source knows what is going on and can work with this for my benefit. In fact I don’t know where this will go but it will all be good.

    I tried sending him love (hard). I tried sending myself love (much easier)…

    Occasionally I would feel a bit of relief, but then I would get back into the resentment – but I kept at it because I know it’s my choice. So tonight I’m feeling better and we are back to talking a bit.

    I know I’m doing the work and I’m relieved that 24 hours later I’m feeling better (not so resentful – even if I continue to see him as an entitled twatt, I get where he is coming from). Pat on the back for that….

    With much appreciation to you all (and Prince)


    Prince says “hi.”

    Back to your manifestation event. Good job identifying the limiting beliefs and choosing a higher perspective. This is work and as you get used to the work and remind yourself that it’s your choice, it will get easier and habitual. Finding any relief is a sign that your work is making progress.

    It might be easier in this situation to look at it from the perspective of your young colleague. He is ambitious, that’s how he got hired. He came in wanting to move up rapidly and took any job he could get. If he had to start as an assistant, so be it. What
    he really wants is to be top in sales and make a lot of money. He wants to be successful.

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  • Tonight I faced a manifestation event and I rocked it. A few minutes before my scheduled chat with my ex, my mom asked me if I had time to sit down and talk with her and my dad because they wanted to discuss the agreement I am in the process of making with my ex. It was made clear they have some “serious concerns” and wanted to make sure I was aware of their fears.

    I immediately noticed I was feeling negative emotions, namely annoyance and at the root of that annoyance was fear (as always). I calmly told her that another night would be better to talk, that I love and respect her and my dad, and that I was willing to listen to their advice. But, I also made it clear that my decision is made (after having considered all the angles), and that I’m not interested in listening to all the ways this situation could go wrong.

    Then I went outside and took a few minutes to myself before beginning the dialogue with my ex. In that time I was able to analyze my negative emotions and realize that my parents are coming from a place of love and concern for my well-being.

    The limiting beliefs I identified were “I am wrong”, “Other people know better than me, “Other people can control me”, and “The shit could totally hit the fan if my ex doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain”.

    I was able to rest in the knowing that all is well, that I am provided for by Source, that I am the creator of my reality, and that any decision I make is right. As I headed back in, I even felt a bit excited about the chat with my ex, eager to see how it unfolded, and confident that I could remain neutral.

    And I did! For the most part, at least. In the moments where fear popped up, I took a step back, and thought through my responses, and made sure that I was back in alignment before answering. I’m thrilled to say that we have officially reached an agreement for all of the parenting and financial issues, so I could be happily divorced by the end of this month!

    This could have been a much rockier road had I not been participating in these conversations with you. The best part is that I’m aware that the road ahead could still be “rocky”, and things could go “wrong”, but that’s only possible if I choose to view them as such.

    I am slowly, but surely, getting to a place where I am choosing to view manifestation events, and the pain that sometimes goes along with them, as adventures to be anticipated rather than avoided. I can feel the expansion from earlier this evening to now, and I relish the thought of a lifetime full of similar experiences.

    So thank you, Joshua. Words cannot express how much I appreciate our interactions.

    Words cannot express how excited we are for you. This is true expansion and to witness your acknowledgement of it is exceptionally exhilarating. We are filled with joy.

    You have expanded from the person you were when we first began these discussions and you are now consciously creating your life. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be moving in the direction of what is wanted? Doesn’t it feel exciting to grab hold of the steering wheel of your life? Imagine how a prior version of you would have handled the manifestation event. It might have gone very differently.

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  • Joshua,

    I wanted to write and tell you about the incredible night I just had. My cheeks hurt in the best kind of way (sound familiar?) from smiling so hard. I thought of you as my desires manifested over and over again in the most elegant way.

    There’s a singer/songwriter that I used to listen to several years ago, right after the birth of my first son. Things were just starting to get really rocky in my relationship with my then-husband, so I would close myself off in the basement and listen to her music while I built cake stands for my Etsy store. She was a huge part of my happy place during a really contrast-y time in my life.

    Fast forward to a month ago, in a moment of inspired action, I thought “Huh. I wonder what she’s up to these days.” I hadn’t listed to her music for at least a year, maybe more, so I looked her up on YouTube and spent the rest of my evening singing along to her covers and laughing at the outtakes. Then I thought, “Man, I’d really love to see her play live…” so I got on her website to see if she was touring any time soon.

    I saw that she had a show in Kansas City (three hours away from me) with another band I like, but was disappointed to find that it was sold out. So I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the last things listed was a “living room show” in Wichita (where I live) on May 8th. “WTF is a living room show?” Turns out it’s exactly what it sounds like — someone volunteers to open their home to a bunch of strangers, and she plays a show right there in the living room.

    So I went to that tonight. And it was amazing. Seriously could not have been more perfect. I invited a friend to go with me, and we met up beforehand for a drink. A tiny voice inside was worried about getting there early to get good seats, but I let go of the worry and just enjoyed good conversation with my friend. We got caught up talking, and ended up heading to the show later than planned.

    We were pretty much the last ones to arrive, but for some (not so) strange reason, everyone who had gotten there early had just happened to leave two seats wide open, front and center, literally 5 feet away from where the band would be playing. Well, well, well, don’t mind if I do. I recognized the nod from the Universe and felt downright giddy at the way things were playing out.

    About halfway through the show, the guitar player broke a string. Seemingly an innocent coincidence, but that turned into the girl asking for requests, which gave me a chance to ask to hear my favorite song from her first album (not the one she’s currently on tour promoting). She got a little flustered and said she didn’t actually remember the words that well. I was so blissed out that I didn’t even care, was ready to hear some other song, when she said she’d go ahead and try the one I requested if we (the audience) would be willing to sing along and help her out.

    I cannot explain how freaking cool that was on so many levels…I had had a thought a couple days ago that I hoped I’d be able to listen to the music in this living room without dancing and singing as loudly as I do at home. I’d done well for the first several songs, just listening and swaying, and then when it came time to hear my favorite song, SHE asked ME (well, us) to SING IT WITH HER. I’m laughing right now thinking about it.

    There were so many other wonderful things about tonight, from the intimacy of the venue, to hearing her stories, to getting to talk to her afterwards and tell her about the impact her music has had on my life, to the picture we took together, to the fun I had with my friend…SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. So much happiness in one night, I can hardly stand it. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better…

    So thanks for the homework, because without it I may not have made that journal entry, meaning I might not have pre-paved such an incredible experience for myself tonight. I truly feel like tonight I was riding the tidal wave of fun and ease and joy that I set up for myself last night. I definitely intend to keep the momentum going in this direction, because it feel so, so good. And feeling good is what it’s all about, eh?

    With love and gratitude,

    When you allow the flow of Source energy to come to you by creating an environment of ease and well-being, you allow the universe to respond to your desires. Could you have imagined the fullness of this evening beforehand? Could you alone orchestrate this night? Even if you knew that this was what you truly wanted, could you have made it happen? You know it would have been impossible, yet the universe manifested everything in the right order at the perfect time so that your desire unfolded in the most elegant manner possible.

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  • It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote to you. It seems to me that I contact you only when I’m feeling bad, and I’m uncomfortable with that idea, but you are the only ones I can turn to, to find some peace.

    For some time now, I can’t sleep well anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night, filled with anxiety about my work. I know that it’s not a difficult one, I can do it at home, and I’m working with nice people. Anyway, I just want to quit everything. I don’t know why I feel so stressed about work. I ended up quitting all the jobs I used to have. As I don’t sleep well, I’m more and more tired and It makes me see everything look black.

    I’m sure you’re telling me right now to love my job, but I really don’t know how to, in spite of all the good sides of it. And if I quit it, I don’t know what to do, because I still didn’t find out what it is that I could follow with passion. It seems to me that I’m capable of nothing, and that the world of work was never for me. I’m afraid to have not enough money to pay the bills, the house, and things I like, and I know that one of my limiting beliefs is : if you don’t work, you’ll have no money. So I keep that part time job, even if I’m not satisfied.

    Do you think you can guide me? I really want to do something great in my life, but as I don’t know what, I’m so sad. And now, in France (where I live), everything’s going wrong: there are big strikes and many people are running out of gas, and nuclear power plants want to stop work too. No more electricity? Are we in one of those post apocalyptic style novels I used to read, when I was younger? Is it the reflection of my inner world right now? Dear Joshua, I’m lost. Can you help me to find back my path?

    Nothing is wrong. The fact that you feel negative emotion is evidence that the perspective you’ve chosen is a little different from the perspective of your inner self. You have a desire and you are not allowing it to come to you. You are noticing what is wrong and frankly that is all that’s really going on here. There is no wrong, nothing is wrong, everything is right just as it is.

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  • Dear Joshua,

    A while back I experienced a manifestation event around the topic of money. When I signed up for the One on One program, I read the website as saying that it was $147 for the entire program. I felt like that was a stretch, but I went ahead and signed up in a moment of inspiration. Then, about five weeks in, Gary emailed me asking about my weekly payments. I checked the website again, saw that it was $147 per week, and pretty much had a mini heart attack.

    The fear in my body was so incredibly palpable, and my thoughts raced for about 30 seconds before I realized, “Hey, wait…this is totally a manifestation event. I get to choose how I respond here.” So, I checked in with my Self, got the message that I was meant to be here, doing exactly what I was doing, so I reminded myself that I am supported, and that the Universe has always provided me with whatever I need. No matter what happened, I would be okay.

    I sent Gary the $735 I owed him, thanked him for providing answers even though he wasn’t being paid for them, and committed to continue sending in payments. In a matter of about five minutes, I went from being terrified and feeling like an idiot, to laughing at how cheeky the Universe (or my guides or supporters or you or whoever) is, for basically “tricking” me into signing up. I recognized the higher purpose in my “mistake” of not seeing that it was weekly payments, and frankly I found (and still find) it kind of hilarious. If I had seen that, I probably would never have signed up, telling myself I could never afford it.

    I’m so glad I did sign up though, and I’m glad I stuck with it. Just so happened that a couple weeks after that event, I was inspired to check the gigs section on Craigslist, and I found an ad from a guy looking for a “voice actress” to record some scripts he’d written that were of, as he put it, “a very graphic nature”, and he was willing to pay $100 per script. I’ve never responded to *those* kind of ads before, but I felt called to respond to this one, so I did.

    It turned out to be the most incredible experience, and I am 100% certain that it turned out way differently for me than it might have for others due to the vibration that I’ve been putting out. I haven’t told many people about it, because there’s the obvious stigma associated with Craigslist and creepers. But this guy…it’s almost unbelievable how respectful and kind and not creepy he was. And the best part is that I realized that I was totally creating him to be that way!

    He sent me a sample script to record, and apparently sent the same thing to 40 other women, 28 of whom sent a sample back. In the email response he sent, after receiving my sample, he raved about my recording and literally called me a goddess, like Athena, worthy of being worshipped, even saying he was envisioning me atop a pillar of Corinthian marble. It was so ridiculously awesome that I still laugh every time I think about it.

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  • It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote to you. It seems to me that I contact you only when I’m feeling bad, and I’m uncomfortable with that idea, but you are the only ones I can turn to, to find some peace.

    I’ve been chewing on your answer all day, and it finally just clicked. I was feeling stuck on the last paragraph, specifically on figuring out how my perception of the words “honorable” and “favorable” (and the perceived implication that I was acting in a “dishonorable” and “unfavorable” way) was right.

    It seems so simple now that I’m giggling at myself for making it out to be way more complicated than it is. My perception was right because all perceptions are right, because there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether I am honorable or dishonorable or favorable or unfavorable because those are all simply constructs of my persona and have nothing at all to do with who I really am, which is a being of pure positive love.

    I am worthy because I exist. I can stop worrying whether or not anyone perceives me as “good”, because it’s all good, even the “bad”. It doesn’t matter how anyone else perceives me, because it’s really only how I believe they perceive me, and that perception is simply a mirror showing me how I’m seeing myself.

    Does that sound about right? I can feel the relief, so I guess that’s a rhetorical question 🙂

    Is there anything else for me to get out of this? Or is it time to serve up a couple fluff questions so my brain can have some time to recover?

    That is exactly right. Since it is impossible to know how anyone perceives you, what you are really doing when you believe that someone is judging you is creating your own perception of their perception. Your perception of their perception is not true. It is formed from a point of reference that does not truly exist. You think that someone is thinking something about you. You can’t know. Even if you could know, it wouldn’t be accurate because the other person can’t know you and so their perception is based on their perception of themselves.

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  • I just discovered your work a few weeks ago, and love all I have learned about Creating Reality since. I have read your book A Perception of Reality and are now reading A Radical Change. They are both amazing books!

    My question to you is about work. I feel I should be able to figure it out myself, but I am a little stuck. I am currently unemployed and have been looking for a job for a while. I would love for my next job to be so fun that I could do it for free (but I do like to be very well paid). I have no idea what kind of job this is, but have tried to focus on what I would feel at my new amazing job. But there is some resistance there and I can’t figure out what it is. Can you please help me?

    Certainly we can help you. That’s what we love to do. We see that there is nothing wrong with your wanting to find a job that you love and that is fun. The only limiting belief that you have is around money. You believe that a fun job that you love and a job that pays well are difficult to find. That is not true. You also believe that you need a lot of money to be happy. That is not true either. Everything you want is available to you as long as you can open up your beliefs. Release your limiting beliefs and have some fun.

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  • In the last 18 months since discovering LOA and the teaching of different mentors, including yourself, I feel as if I have come a very long way and can say with all honesty that my life has changed for the better. However, since February of this year, I have regularly suffered from itchy and swollen feet. I have put it down to stress and realize it coincided with certain family events and issues.

    I meditate and script everyday, however, recently the meditation has gone a bit by the wayside, as I have a houseful of people and find it hard to have real “me” time, although I do have plenty of free time. I read on Louise Hay\’s You can Heal you Life, that the itchiness and and swelling feet relate to fear and insecurities, which, given my family circumstances, and the beginning of the problem starting in February, makes a lot of sense, Therefore, my question is, how can I tap into whatever is blocking me to be able to release it, I think its guilt and past lack of self worth, which I believed I was in the process of overcoming but am now questioning whether I have succeeded?

    Do you have any suggestion as to the best way I can be more connected and aware, thereby releasing the blockages? I am also for the first time in 42 years wishing to stop smoking and I keep thinking that maybe it is also connected to my current conflict.

    No matter what the time is or what you are doing, it is always “Me” time. Everything is happening for you. Your family is not happening to you, they are being in a way that is meant to help you realize whatever it is you need to understand about yourself. Any physical ailment that arises as a resistance to what is happening is a message. It is there to help you take a look at what’s “blocking” you. In reality there are no blocks. All blocks are self-imposed. It is simply your resistance to what is.

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  • I’ve reached a point where I understand cognitively that I create my own reality, and I’m slowly getting to a point where I feel it and even believe it. I’ve been focusing on feeling good and reminding myself that there is no wrong anywhere in the Universe. I find myself clinging to those words as I await a decision which I feel will have a huge impact on my life and those of my children.

    I see evidence of my growth in the way I am handling this divorce process. There have been several manifestation events where I’ve managed to shift my perspective of things I initially perceived as negative, instead viewing them as positive events happening for me. I’ve identified limiting beliefs such as “It’s important for others to view me as a good person” and “I must comply with the wishes of others in order to feel safe” and “Others can create in my reality.”

    I’ve been finding ways to reduce the intensity of those beliefs, and overall I’m feeling better more of the time than ever before. But, I still find fear cropping up around the recommendation that will soon be issued by a court-ordered mediator regarding who (either my former partner or myself) will be the primary caregiver for our children.

    My belief (perhaps a limiting one?) is that my children truly would be better served with me as their primary caregiver, therefore I am having trouble detaching from the outcome. How can I best prepare myself to receive this decision in a way that is aligned with my inner self, regardless of what the decision may be?

    And a follow-up…even if I get the decision I perceive as “good”, i.e. that I remain the primary caregiver, another limiting belief I would like to release is that my former partner will contest it and we will end up in court. I would love to get to a place where I feel good no matter what directions this all takes…any suggestions?

    We are in awe of your awareness. You understand the mechanism of physical reality in terms that few know. You are a leading-edge thinker and we are delighted to embark upon this journey with you. We completely understand the place you find yourself in right now and we must put forth to you once again that this is the perfect place to start. You have raised your vibration high enough to have found us and now we are engaged in conversation. You have done the thinking and feeling work necessary to prepare yourself for the divorce and custody process. Now it’s all a matter of managing your vibration in the thick of it.

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  • I have been presented with a huge manifestation event. For the past couple of months I have been searching for an answer as to whether or not real estate is my path. As I wrote before – I have had a couple of big deals go south on me the beginning of this year. Now my daughter in law’s father comes along and asks me to help him purchase a $6.9 million dollar home. This is all well and good – but – I know this man to be a fraud in the true sense of the word. He sent me bank statements stating he has $10mil in the bank – I called the bank – he does not have the funds he says he has. He has falsely represented himself to me.

    The man owes money all around town – he skated out on his responsibilities to his daughter and ex-wife upon divorce. He’s never paid the alimony or child support/college tuition he was supposed to pay AND he has tied me under confidentially to not mention any of this to his daughter. I don’t believe the man is legit and I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with my daughter in law. I have seen in the past how he manipulates everyone around him to believe his story- and I know the stories to be false. I know too much about his history and he has hurt too many people dear to me to want to help him.

    If he has that kind of money – there are many people he needs to make whole. I don’t like the guy – I don’t trust the guy and he has caused much heartache for those who I love. I know there is no way he has the money he says he has – and yet, I considered going through the motions with him because of the thought of a big paycheck. I realize this is a big opportunity for me to grow. I so want to move on with this chapter of my life.

    Why is it so hard for me to cut this guy loose? I know this is his reality – for him it is truth and all is good. How do I honor my integrity – my honesty – and don’t allow him to drag me into this? What is the manifestation event for me? Regardless of what others have let him do to them – whatever part he has played in their manifestation events – I want to understand what this has to do with me and my beliefs- what is for me in this scenario?

    I realize this is a big one for me. I feel like I’m being played – taken advantage of – put in a tough spot with my family. The only reason I even considered working with him was the money – basically selling my soul to the devil for the almighty dollar. I now know he doesn’t have the money for the purchase – what I want to know is why I can’t let go of this quest for money? Why can’t I relax and know that source will always take care of me?

    What a wonderful manifestation event for you. The purpose of a manifestation event is to allow you to uncover some of your limiting beliefs, which are holding you apart from all that you want. In this case, what is the limiting belief and what is the irrational fear at the bottom of it? You have two irrational fears; they are both the fear of loss. If you do not work with him, you might lose out on a nice commission. If you do work with him you might get tangled in a mess and lose your reputation. Both fears are irrational. You cannot die as a result of anything related to this situation.

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  • I was shown your website by my cousin completely out of the blue, so I know I am meant to be here and hopefully find an answer or some direction to the situations I’m finding myself in more often as of late. The loving mother and spirit of ayahuasca welcomed me into her arms a few years ago and since then I have come a long way within myself both mentally and spiritually. I have been given the opportunity for exponential growth and awareness and I’m so grateful for that. I now 100% love who I am and openly put loving energy out into the world.

    But in doing so I now feel incredible amounts of love and connection for certain women that come into my life every now and then. I feel that me being so open and honest (borderline excited) to those people that I’m too much for them and I scare them off, or that I now have criteria for the kind of woman I want to be with so I’m forever letting myself fall too deep for those women even though I know there will be either no reciprocation or the feelings quickly fizzle out. I don’t go out and search for love but when I feel a strong connection come along I seem to latch onto it.

    Anyway I guess my question is why do these connections that I feel so strong for always seem to fizzle out and hurt me so bad? Why is it that I continue to go down that road? Why is there rarely the reciprocation from her that I’m yearning for? Is it that I am too open and I have an unrealistic expectation of the return love I crave because I’ve felt true love before? I long for the kind of love and connection that I have for myself.

    You are a limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is who you are and that is who everyone else is too. To some degree you are limiting who you are and so is everyone else. You now have a glimpse of who you are due to your experiences with Ayahuasca. You see who you really are in great detail, and you yearn for that to be the living example that you expose to the world. However, most of the women (and men) you meet are not ready to see that. They are attached to their limited version of themselves. For you, it is important to understand this. It isn’t about you, it’s simply about them.

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  • Before getting up this morning, I was thinking about inspired action vs. general action, and thinking how I have the belief that action, uninspired or not, is how to move forward. I know you have the higher perspective and are saying its piddly, but because everything I have “done” (at least in my limited awareness) has come from action, often uninspired, but that I perceived as necessary, I continue to believe that I have to keep “motivating” myself to keep moving forward (in work mainly).

    I have a general view that Source takes care of the big things, like keeping the planet together, but I have to do the small things to keep getting what I want, like showing up to work, making phone calls etc. Everything I know would collapse if I stopped and just sat back and waited for inspiration (obviously there is a lot of fear behind that idea). I know it’s fine to have that belief. Maybe not as efficient as I could have it but if it is what makes me comfortable in taking action, then it is fine (but it is driven by fear, and I felt the effects of that yesterday when my arm, neck and heel where all hurting and my tummy was a mess – all this within 24hrs of my boss being back from vacation – and yet when he is here, I work more, am more focused, more motivated, etc. I’m not sure how to move through this except (and this is good enough for me), taking each negative emotion as it comes up and working on it. I have a lot of work to do (smile).

    There is inspired action which comes from a place of love. Inspired action is based in love. Inspired action comes from a higher perspective that sees the whole picture, knows what all involved need, and knows how it will all play out. All other action comes from a place of fear. It comes from you trying to make things happen because, from your lower perspective, it seems as if this action must be taken or something bad will happen. Do you see the difference here?

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  • I’m really enjoying “Health, Wealth & Love” book and today I’ve stumbled upon a line that has been repeated many times. I just keep getting stuck on it and I’d love to move along. You’ve stated: “The outside world will always match how you are feeling in your inner world. Trying to change something only causes you to focus your attention on the problem, which will then grow larger as a result.” And I scream … YIPES! And then feel so much frustration and negative emotion.

    I drill myself with questions and begin to point out all the “wrongs” of my world with the idea that on the inside that is causing this or that. Would you share with us the best way to move through this. How do we “accept” that perhaps things are not the way we want them and how to move to a focus of positive that will cause a change. Is it happy and joyful first, then manifestation? But maybe the question is: How to identify the issue that is causing dissatisfaction?

    Then I worry about focusing on the negative instead of the positive … round and round I go! For a time now, I’ve been worried about my weight and I am constantly focusing on all the topics and points you’ve shared in your books … it’s not the food, it’s the beliefs … it’s not this or that … so why am I gaining (and focusing a lot on my disappointment in myself)? How can I turn this around? And I will add now I’m very angry at myself for not “getting it” from my reading! Tisk Tisk, Allyson!

    Joshua – you’ve enlightened me beyond anything I could have imagined, I was born a believer in the LOA (I picked a great family!) and when I get stuck, well, I guess I’m stubborn. I’m ready to move to the next level. I’d appreciate any enlightenment you might provide.

    The universe does not know good or bad, right or wrong. The universe only knows what you choose to focus on. It assumes that if you are constantly thinking about something, constantly talking about that subject, and constantly taking action to change the thing, you must really, really like it. And so the universe responds to what it believes is your request. Doesn’t this make sense? In a reality where you attract all that you want, and you can push nothing away, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that you would only think, talk about, and do things you liked?

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  • I need help in applying your teachings to what I currently do for a living. I am a lawyer. A large part of my job involves fighting, in one way or another, for clients. While, to the extent possible, I try to resolve conflicts by figuring out “win-win” solutions that might meet the needs of all involve, most matters do not lend themselves that easily to “enlarging the pie.” Often, I have to fight, either in Court or in negotiations with attorneys for other parties, to try to obtain what the client is seeking to gain.

    There is no such thing, in my field, of simply saying “I’m sorry” to the other side and giving in in order to avoid conflict or putting up resistance. I am paid, specifically, to fight to get the client what he or she wants, or as close to it as I can get, within the constraints of the law and professional ethical requirements.

    In addition, there are times that clients become unreasonable and demand things that are simply not attainable. One recent example of this was when a client demanded that I go into court to, in effect, call a judge corrupt and incompetent and the judge’s appointee as his mother’s guardian was the cause of his mother’s death.

    This is not something that I can or will do, as it would be futile, unfair to the judge and his appointee, impermissible as a legal matter, and career suicide. As a result, I have had substantial conflict with this particular client.

    Another recent example was when I had to resist my client’s demand that, aside from writing in a legal brief how the other side “lied” about certain issues that were irrelevant (and that my client couldn’t prove even if relevant), that the other side’s lawyer was dishonest and should be punished, when in fact the lawyer had done nothing wrong. In other words, I have had to argue and fight with not only opposing counsel, but at times my own clients.

    Needless to say, these situations add to the stress of my profession.

    How can I apply your principles of nonresistance when finding the positive in any situation when my first obligation as an attorney is to “zealously represent” my client and fight for what they want? I am curious about your take on this.

    You are not fighting, you are playing a game. It’s just that this game seems very real to you. You are attached to the outcomes both for your client and yourself. Release your attachments and simply enjoy playing the game.

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  • I have an 8 year old grandson. He has always been extremely active, and exceptionally good at all sports. He currently plays soccer, football, and baseball, usually 2 sports going at one time. He is also breezing through school academically, loves learning and from what the teachers tell us is a wonderful student. He seems to have endless energy.

    Why I am writing this is he basically lives on plain pasta with butter, occasional pizza (he only likes one kind ) and one particular juice. So pretty much white flour, with the perhaps once a week chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

    One on one he can be a lot of fun, but when there are more of us in the room, he seems to get a bit wild, being loud and just not fun to be around. He typically comes to my home after school, where my daughter and his younger brother spend the afternoon (his Dad works nights, so he can sleep a bit during the day). I’m running my business until about 3pm, so I come home shortly after he comes home from school. I love the fact that I get to see my grandchildren daily, and I also would love to come home to a somewhat peaceful and fun experience.

    There tends to be a lot of yelling, trying to get him to eat and be nice. It seems clear that he needs to eat something, but he just doesn’t want to eat, except perhaps Ice cream, but he will agree to the pasta first. I pretty much leave all this up to my daughter, knowing this is her experience with her child, but it ends up in my house. I am amazed at how much he can manage living on so little, I always say he lives on air. Maybe his food intake has nothing to do with his bad attitude after school, and mind you it’s fleeting and not all the time, but enough to be writing this.

    I want to have happy experiences with my grandson rather than upheaval. So I’d like to see all this differently. I want to bring out the best in him, because like I say one on one he is fun. He has a great sense of humor, is enthralled with swear words, which we work on curbing (he has a younger brother who is 2 and just learning to talk ). Abraham always says we are a chemical factory and we can manage to get whatever we need from food, and he seems to get something energizing out of what little he eats. If he was a bit more pleasant on his empty stomach this would be fine, but the turmoil seems to be tied to the not eating. I would greatly appreciate your wisdom on this. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

    We will start with the premise that everything is right and everything is happening for you, not to you. If you accept this premise, which is a basic fact of the universe, then you can begin to see your grandson’s behavior (as well as the behaviors of all people) as right, not wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and your grandson and his eating preferences, including his diet, are not wrong either. The only problem here is everyone’s resistance to what is actually happening. Because you, your daughter, and others see it as wrong, you bring up conflict, struggle, and tense conditions. It is not wrong. He is fine.

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  • I found myself feeling a bit sorry for my inner being for being landed with me which then got me to thinking that I see my inner being as a separate thing than me (a bit like an angel or something of that nature which in our folklore would have the “task” of being assigned to take care of us). But from what I have heard, that would be incorrect in that inner being is me; just broader than my human perspective and my inner being me is part of all that is, so there is no reason to feel sorry for it (in a loving fun way, a bit like “gawd… poor thing – sending me messages constantly that I don’t hear – or feel – half the time).

    Your inner self could not be more in love with you, more proud of you, or enjoy being your inner self any more than she does. Your inner self is having a wonderful and exhilarating time guiding you and experiencing physical reality through your physical senses and even your perspective. You are living life just as you both intended prior to your birth. Your inner self could not be more thrilled.

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  • I’m just loving the new book “the Joshua Diet”! I plan on reading it again once I’m done, there’s so much to absorb.

    My question has to do with the nearby building of a compressor station/power plant in the near future. I am part of a group sharing the awareness of this company that is planning to build this without any sort of a vote by neighbors. I understand it is a high risk for pollution, toxins and extremely loud noise. Overall, nothing good for those nearby. My question is..how do I hold this sort of issue and be in a place that attracts a positive outcome. It’s only a benefit to the gas company and of no benefit to any of us for it has nothing to do with lower prices or safer conditions, just the company’s interest. It’s a beautiful country-like setting where people choose to live due to its quiet and peaceful scene. I’d appreciate your higher perspective on this.

    This is a subject we really love to talk about because it illustrates two different approaches to life. The normal approach to life accepted by most humans is the one where the outside conditions affect how one feels. If the outside conditions are good, then the person feels good. If the outside conditions are bad, then one feels bad. How one feels is not up to the individual, it has to do with the conditions that are present in his or her life. This is the old approach to life and it does not work given the laws of the universe as we know them to be.

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  • I’m coming back to you with a question concerning my son and our style of parenting. I’m actually not questioning my choice of parenting because for me and my family it seems to work well. Just a brief description of our style: we are very aware that our children have the ability to make their own choices and as such we pretty much function here without rules. My kids are homeschooled and we also take a very laid back approach to learning as well. Our children pretty much learn when they want, what they want, and how they want. People are often surprised that our house functions so well without discipline and that my kids are learning so much despite our approach to parenting and schooling. I feel we have a wonderfully respectful, smooth and loving environment and we all get along well.

    My question is that my 15yo son spends a lot of time, most of the time, in his room. He will come out on occasion and does come out with us at times, but it’s rare. He does see a therapist and we’ve had to work on issues of anxiety and he is making noticeable improvements. He is also going to be starting transcendental meditation, which both my husband and I do as well. My husband has been concerned on and off about my son’s staying in his room and worries that he is missing out on so much. I tend to feel that my son is doing exactly what he needs and wants to be doing according to him and that he will be fine.

    My son spends a lot of time on the computer and I believe he gets (or will get) inspirations through this way. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what you might recommend as far as making us feel or do (if anything) that might need doing to nudge him along. Or is he doing just fine and will get his own nudgings from the universe? He seems content overall, but as a parent I guess you always wonder if you are doing the right thing for your kids.

    Your son chose you and your husband as his parents, the time and place of his birth, and the conditions of his childhood, the childhood he is experiencing now, because he knew it would launch him on the trajectory toward that which he came here to explore. You can see that it is obvious that he would have so much more difficulty in some other “normal” family. The fact that you have allowed him to be who he is, even though it might seem different, is why he chose you as his parents. Without fear on your part, you would see that how he is choosing to spend his time is perfect for him.

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  • Today my Mom picked me up at the Airport and drove me home. She had decorated it with balloons and stuff, and bought flowers. One of the gifts was a photo collage of me in different settings, with friends and family, from probably 2-3 years old up to now. She has never done anything like this before, we don’t do things like this. I am amazed.

    And I hardly recognize the person I was in those photos. It is so shocking to see how happy they all look beside me or around me. As do I of course. I just never had this clear picture of how much so many people love me. It is shocking to see me through their eyes.

    And why did I always feel so fat? I was slender! And the earliest photos of me all have me with a huge grin on my face. I even pose for the camera and it seems like I love it all. Haha, I must be a natural, like we all are, right?

    I don’t know what this manifestation means, but it was a big one. Coming home from the cruise, my birthday, the balloons, and then this….

    I don’t know what I am asking but I trust you do.

    You are worthy of love. We say this and you don’t believe it, because you chose a trajectory that would cause you to believe in the illusion that there was something wrong with you. We tell you that you are perfect, but you don’t believe us. You think that there are some flaws you must fix and that’s because you chose the trajectory to discover that you are indeed perfect as you are. People tell you that they love you and you don’t believe them. You think they are just being nice. That is an illusion caused by the trajectory you chose. You believe that when you fix what’s wrong with yourself then people will really like you and then you’ll believe it. Can’t you see by now that everything has to do with your perception of reality?

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  • I am having a manifestation event right now and I am not doing a particularly good job at reducing my fears. I am too wrapped up in my anger. From the outside, it may look like a minor manifestation event that shouldn’t produce so much anger, but I guess there is a lot of momentum here.

    I was making plans for dinner during our Easter holiday and decided I wanted to make turkey on one of the days. So I said to my mate: “Should we have turkey on this day? There is a lot of food, so maybe we should invite someone? My brother and his family (3 people) or maybe your parents, since your brother and his family are on holiday?”

    We decided on his parents because we wanted to do something nice for them. My mate’s oldest brother died at the age of 51, 6 months ago, so they are still grieving. His older brother did not have a wife or children and was not the happiest of men or a person that was easy to love, so we haven’t really been so close to my mate’s brothers. This is not because of me, but because my mate did not really care to be around them. That has changed now that his older brother died and he has suddenly started to care more about his family. I play nice when we are with them, like I always do, but I do not like to be around them very much.

    Anyway, my mate was at his parent’s house today, while I was grocery shopping for the holiday and he phoned and asked how many people we could seat for dinner, because he wanted to invite his brother with his family too. His brother has 4 children, two of them adults with girlfriends, and two smaller ones.

    So instead of having a quiet turkey dinner with his parents, I now have to cook for maybe 14 people. I don’t even know if the turkey is big enough or if we have enough food… and where to seat everybody?

    I think the reason that I am so angry is because my mate has no idea what it takes to make this dinner and that this also represents that he has no idea the amount of work it takes to magically have dinner on the table every day, 365 days a year. It has not been a big concern for my mate and I do not feel that my efforts are appreciated, because I do not do what is really important in life and that is earning a big salary!

    I know, there are so many fears here, but the thing is, I am not able to reduce any of these fears because I am “enjoying” the anger too much. It does not feel bad to be angry, it feels good in a weird way! I am angry at my mate, at his parents (I am sure his mother made the suggestion to invite his other brother) at his brother and wife, because they have always criticised us and I have felt that I was never behaving how they wanted me to and I am angry at myself for suggesting this dinner in the first place when I could have bought pre-made pizza and enjoyed a good novel instead of cooking dinner for an ungrateful bunch. I do not want an argument with my mate, so I am now sitting in my bedroom ranting to you. Sorry for that!

    After our last conversation I was so motivated to deal with my fears when I had a manifestation event, so I am a little depressed also that I am not able to reduce my fears, because I am so wrapped up in my anger.

    What a wonderful manifestation at this perfect time. You have been progressing so well and now you find yourself in the middle of something that seems so bad and so wrong, that it causes you to feel intense anger. This anger feels worse than normal because you are being a little hard on yourself. Don’t worry about that. That is all part of the process. As you get good at choosing your perspective and feeling better, when manifestation events happen, they feel even worse than before and you blame yourself for not being able to move through the fear and process it like you know you can. In these times, it’s best to just take it easier on yourself and very quickly, you’ll find a higher perspective.

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  • Ever since the election season, I’ve had a nagging question. Now, while I understand LOA and fear based actions/motives, I was/am a Trump supporter. I understand there is no right and no wrong in the universe so I don’t see how my support of Trump could be against the law of attraction. To me, Hillary was ‘bad’ and to me, she would have been a corrupt president. With Trump, I was feeling exhilaration that change to our government was coming. I felt that our government was way out of control and needed someone to come shake things up. The day Trump was inaugurated, I felt such thrill and excitement.

    What I need to figure out with your help is WHY my support of him was/is wrong against the universe. I hear from those who understand LOA that Trump is fear-based and goes against the Laws of Attraction, which on some level I certainly understand that but for me it felt more like excitement towards change and needing to shake things up in this country. I truly believe it was the media that created the fear people have of Trump. In my experience, they wanted Hillary to win so they villanized Trump. I also don’t believe that he hates certain groups of people and so, I don’t agree with all the ‘love’ sparking up everywhere. To me, that seems more in line with anger against Trump, not true love. In my world, as a Trump supporter, loves ‘trumps’ hate, but those signs I see would make it seem, as a Trump supporter, I hate love. I’m also not saying I think he is flawless, I certainly don’t agree with everything he says and does, but I believe he has true desires to bring change to our government.

    I guess what I’m asking is that I feel like I understand the law of attraction (at least as much as I possibly can at this point) and I feel like I understand fear-based actions, but in spite of all that I felt such excitement at the prospect of change and hope for less corruption in government. I think I get it that this is my perception and I’m the center of my universe so all of this is happening for me and that there is no bad in the universe so: WHY was it bad to be a Trump supporter if you believe in LOA?

    Thanks so much in advance for your time and thoughts!

    Being a Trump supporter is not wrong, does not go against the laws of the universe, and certainly is not in violation of the Law of Attraction. Being in support of anything is actually in complete alignment with the Law of Attraction. Resisting the conditions as they exist is what does not align with universal law. From our perspective there is certainly nothing wrong with supporting either candidate, but there is a larger issue here. Why do you support change? There can be only one reason; you find something wrong in the conditions as they are and you feel compelled to do something about it. You vote for change. You are simply trying to control the conditions.

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  • This morning I was feeling a big wobble. As I drove home to do my homework I was feeling anxious. After reading the last answer to my question about a million dollars the wobble was completely gone. I want to thank you so much for all your support. The answers come at the perfect time as you know. 🙂 I really LOVE YOU!!

    What I need to figure out with your help is WHY my support of him was/is wrong against the universe. I hear from those who understand LOA that Trump is fear-based and goes against the Laws of Attraction, which on some level I certainly understand that but for me it felt more like excitement towards change and needing to shake things up in this country. I truly believe it was the media that created the fear people have of Trump. In my experience, they wanted Hillary to win so they villanized Trump. I also don’t believe that he hates certain groups of people and so, I don’t agree with all the ‘love’ sparking up everywhere. To me, that seems more in line with anger against Trump, not true love. In my world, as a Trump supporter, loves ‘trumps’ hate, but those signs I see would make it seem, as a Trump supporter, I hate love. I’m also not saying I think he is flawless, I certainly don’t agree with everything he says and does, but I believe he has true desires to bring change to our government.

    I guess what I’m asking is that I feel like I understand the law of attraction (at least as much as I possibly can at this point) and I feel like I understand fear-based actions, but in spite of all that I felt such excitement at the prospect of change and hope for less corruption in government. I think I get it that this is my perception and I’m the center of my universe so all of this is happening for me and that there is no bad in the universe so: WHY was it bad to be a Trump supporter if you believe in LOA?

    Thanks so much in advance for your time and thoughts!So here is my homework from question 25:

    I believe that abundance is my birthright. My focus is on me and my worthiness. I am worthy! I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me. Abundance flows easily and freely to me.

    Things I would do if I were not concerned with money:

    1. I would travel the world. See different places. Meet new people.
    2. I would buy a home.
    3. I would take dance lessons.
    4. I would buy a new car.
    5. I would throw parties.
    6. I would do whatever inspired me in the moment.

    You asked why I wanted to receive $5,000 per week. I assumed that would be enough to pay my rent and allow me the freedom to do all the other recreational things I want to do. Of course, I would love to make a lot more. But do I??

    I want my own home because I like the thought of having a beautiful place to call my own. A place to enjoy. I imagine my life as full, and happy and free, owning my own home. No one to tell me I can’t do this or I can’t do that. I want the freedom to do what I am inspired to do when I am inspired to do it. And I know I can do that without owning my own home. But there would be a lot less resistance if the home was mine 🙂

    I do feel abundant now. I focus now on the abundance that I already have. I am confident now. I know that I am worthy now. I was wobbling today and I came home to do my homework and when I opened my email I received your answer at the perfect time. It shook me right out of my wobble. I believe. I believe and feel I am a part of Source. I believe I am doing as well as anyone else on the face of this earth. I am a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance (except when I feel a wobble 🙂 ) I do!

    How am I doing so far?? I am releasing this fear of lack. I want it to be GONE FOREVER!!!!!! Remind me how to release it forever and ever.

    What you want is freedom, joy, abundance, and to express your love. What you want is to maintain your alignment so that all of these things can flow easily into your reality. What you want is the power to maintain your alignment so that you will be inspired to do whatever you are inspired to do in the moment. In alignment you receive inspiration. What you want is the ability to process your fears so that when you receive an inspired idea you actually take it as the wonderful gift it is. You actually appreciate the inspiration enough to pull over and write it down. When you are able to do this, you step into your power.

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  • The pain in my back subsided very quickly. It was gone after one day.

    I thought about what you recommended I look into regarding the correlation between the “back pain” and the “pain of going back”. I realise I am a different version of myself when living on my own from when I am back at the family home, so, in that respect, I am being a less authentic version of myself with my parents. When I am going back home I also feel like I am going back into an environment where fears lead to judgment, and controlling conditions is the norm.

    With eight family members covering four generations gathered under the same roof for a few days over Christmas, there was a lot of love that was shared, but there were also moments of conflicts which brought me out of alignment. The tension was especially between my mum and my oldest nephew who is 24. They are perfect mirror for each other in the sense that they say things quite bluntly as they see it (usually based on their own judgments, and therefore fears), so they have a tendency to push the wrong buttons with each other. The perspective that I adopted was to look at this as a great teaching opportunity. Whereas in previous years, I was always trying to share a different perspective in those moments to appease conflicts, or to make me feel better, this year I refrained from doing that. I was always an observer of the conflicts, and I was never directly involved. I let the situation flow and did the soothing work internally to regain my alignment first. I seized opportunities later to share a different and more empowering perspectives when others had regained their alignment also.

    This brings to me an incident that I witnessed in a parking lot on New Year’s eve. I had driven my mum to the supermarket in the morning to do a last bit of shopping. As we got off the car, there were two couples nearby who were arguing quite vehemently with one another. I don’t know what the argument was about, probably something really mundane like a parking space, but they were shouting and exchanging insults. Both my mum and I walked past and then exchanged smiles. We were mildly amused by it. However, I did think that, since this was in my experience, I must have been a match to it, even though I wasn’t directly involved with the altercation. I was wondering whether this was a reflection of the notion of conflict that I had observed back home, and whether there was a lesson to learn from this experience, in the sense that I was able to maintain my alignment easily walking past this incident, and quite frankly forget about it quite quickly, merely because I didn’t know the people involved and therefor didn’t have any attachment to them.

    Our family, or the people we care for in general, are usually our best teachers. They have a knack for triggering manifestation events. I often wonder to which degree I can be my “authentic self” with them, and how much of what I choose to share or not share with them is led by fear, rather than inspiration.

    It is important to remember that a manifestation event occurs whenever you experience an emotion based on some event in your reality. The condition triggers your emotion, either positive or negative, and the emotion/reaction is based on your current set of beliefs. If the emotion is positive, it is a beneficial belief. If the emotion is negative, then you have uncovered a limiting belief. The intensity of the emotion relates to the intensity of the belief. When something happens in your reality and you feel emotion, it is a message and there is something for you to understand about your beliefs and therefore about the vibration you are offering.

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  • My vibration is reflected in what I see around me. Right now I feel that I have too little time for everything I want to do and consequently this is what I’m sending out. The universe will respond by creating circumstances/events that will leave me with even less time. Clearly, this is not what I want so I have to start thinking about having ample time for everything I want to do and enjoy doing. Presently, I would like to do or have more time to do the following things.

    – I want to visit my mom more often and do nice and fun things with her;
    – I want to spend more time at my internet community;
    – I want to follow up on the inspiration the universe is sending me;

    I keep getting this inspiration about going to the animal shelter. I don’t believe it is to find a cat to take home but perhaps to help clean the cat accommodations and help to re-socialize them or to walk the dogs. Of course, I could go take the first step and go to the shelter, but would feel stupid by arriving there and not really knowing what it is I come to do. Feeling stupid would mean that I’m no longer aligned with my IB and thus any decision I would make would not be for my highest good.

    -I want to do more yoga;
    -I want to read more;
    – I want to watch more television;
    -I want to complete the “Introduction to medical translations” course that I just started to get my PE points and to continue to be a certified translator;
    -I want to start translating the Joshua books,

    I realize that if I want to connect with and channel my millions/guides/infinite intelligence, sitting around thinking that this simply is not for me is not very helpful.

    The transition I’ve made in the past year from feeling fearful and generally panicky to feeling confident most of the time and appreciating my job more is simply amazing. I cannot exactly point out when or how the change happened but suddenly the confidence and trust that nothing really can go wrong was there and it continues to grow.

    I believe that something similar will happen with my wish/intention to channel. Not even starting with translating the Joshua books because I think that I won’t find the right words, sentences, expressions etc. etc., and because I think that I won’t be able to produce readable books that flow and will be hard to put down, will only bring more of the same. I must simply start (which I already did by the way, but then stopped again due to a lack of time) and not fret about words or sentences, endlessly changing and re-changing them, but trust that it will all work out in the end.

    -I want to visit with my friend more often and do fun things with her such as crocheting and other creative projects;
    -I want to clear out all the clutter in my house;
    -I want to take trips on my own or with my mom or friend or others I enjoy being with; and
    – last, but certainly not least(!), I want to have more than enough money to do all that and more and any other enjoyable things that come my way.

    As I said, I’m starting to appreciate my job more and the translation process is getting easier and becoming more fun. On the one hand I “blame” my job for keeping me from doing all the things that I want and on the other I appreciate my job for allowing me to do all these things.

    I do my best not to think how I can accomplish all this, but trust that the universe will find a – pleasant – way to bring all this and even more fun things my way.

    I would like to hear your non-physical view on all of this.

    Let’s start with inspiration. Inspiration is the key here. There may be many things that you think you would like to do because you think that doing them would feel good. All of these ideas that you have laid out stem from some inspiration and so it will always be in your best interest to move past the little fears and take action on any of them. However, one inspiration has stood out. This is the inspiration to go to the animal shelter and volunteer your time. We would like to start with a discussion around this one subject.

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  • Why do I forever have this internal feeling and struggle that I’m not measuring up to some higher standard of myself?

    The illusion of physical reality causes you to perceive danger. You exist in a world where your eventual path leads to nonexistence. This is part of the design of the system. Physical reality provides for the constructs of time and space. This allows you to see the world and yourself from a new perspective with every step and the passing of each moment. Take a step in any direction and you see the world anew. The world as perceived from this moment in time is quite different from the world you will perceive a year from now, a month, week, or even a minute from now. With each moment, everything changes. With each experience, you expand and this allows you to see everything from a new perspective.

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  • Perfection and Imperfection

    Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. The perception of wrong can only come from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective everything is right. If it is right, then it is perfect. Right equals perfection. The distance from the sun to the earth is perfect. The distance from the earth to the moon is perfect. If these distances were different than they are, you would literally not exist in your current form. You exist, therefore you are perfect, as is everything that exists.

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