Dear Joshua,

I feel a connection to energy and intuition and I have a desire to love and support people. Am I destined to be a healer and should I pursue that course in my life?


Dear Claire,

You could not have written the first sentence of your question any better. We are thrilled by this and we see that you have a keen ability to call into your life that which is wanted. You have a very strong connection to source energy and your intuition is evidence of your connection. Who you are connecting to is your inner self who resides in the nonphysical realm while completely focused on you in every single moment in time. Your inner self guides you through your emotions. When you feel positive emotions (as you will while reading this answer) you are completely aligned with how your inner self is viewing the subject at hand. When you feel negative emotion, you are focused on something in a way that is out of alignment with who you really are and what you really want. Your inner self knows this and sends you a message in the form of some negative emotion. If you can stop in your tracks whenever you feel negative emotion and realize that your perspective is a bit off, then you can regain your focus and turn your attention to what you do want.

Now, having said all that, you came to Earth at this time of awakening because you thought it would be exhilarating. There are those who are moving out of the basic program of physical reality into the next version of reality. The basic version is one where most people believe that they are a victim to fate and there is nothing more going on here than what they can perceive with their physical senses. The next level of evolution that is taking place now is a new understanding of the world where most people realize that physical reality is only half the story. There is a nonphysical component that must be known which allows everyone to receive whatever it is that they want. It is the reality of personal creation and responsibility. There is a chasm separating the two versions of reality, but a bridge is being built as we speak.

You already operate in the new reality. You already understand on some level that you are the creator of you and that you may create whatever you like. You feel a calling to do something, but you are not sure what you should do. We come to tell you that there is nothing you should do, there is only that which you want to do. You want to help others and this is a noble thing. We loved that you used the word “support” rather than help because you realize there is really nothing you can do to help. All you can do is support what another chooses for himself or herself. All you can do is become a shining example of alignment.

So then, what is alignment? Alignment is operating within the framework of whatever serves you personally. You need not dedicate your life to the service of others unless you find the activities involved in this exhilarating. Your goal is to become exhilarated. You are here to feel the rush of exhilaration. When you help another and they benefit from your help (whether they acknowledge it or not) and you feel exhilarated, satisfied, and happy, then this is the work you came here to explore. If it is not fun for you, then you must find what is fun. If it is not interesting, then do not waste your time or energy. Find out what you really like to do, by exploring different things until something clicks.

No one can heal another because no one can create in another’s reality. All anyone can do, be they a doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, dietician, energy worker, acupuncturist, herbalist, yoga instructor, counselor, or anyone else, is to influence the other to their own self-healing. All healing is self-healing. All illness is self-inflicted illness. All disease stems from the individual’s inability to be at ease with the natural flow of life. Teach ease in whatever you do and you might influence someone to adjust their approach to life and allow ease and well-being to flow as it is naturally intended.

Follow your interests and they will lead to your passions. Try things out and then drop them if you are not experiencing joy. Allow yourself to be fully and generously compensated for anything you do and understand your inherent value. Believe in your own power which we see as both unique and intense. Don’t do what you think you should be doing, only do that which you truly enjoy doing and everything will work out just as you intended prior to your birth.

You are loved and appreciated more than you can ever imagine and there’s nothing you can do wrong. Everything you are doing is perfectly right.