Unlocking the Secrets Hidden in DNA:
Your Path to Transformation

Picture for a moment the incredible complexity of your DNA, the very essence of your existence. It’s the biological tapestry that orchestrates your development, growth, survival, and reproduction. Within this intricate code lies the unique story of who you are, and it’s influenced by a multitude of factors, both external and internal.

Our DNA, a staggering 3 billion base pairs long, forms the backbone of our being. It’s like the individual letters of the alphabet, combining in a specific order to create words, sentences, and stories. Similarly, DNA assembles to craft the blueprint of your life, and it’s entirely distinct to you.

Scientists dubbed a significant portion of our DNA as “junk” or noncoding DNA. But the truth is emerging: it’s far from worthless. This so-called junk DNA holds hidden secrets, a genetic resource, and even a nursery for the evolution of new genes. The era of dismissing it as mere junk is fading.

Now, envision this: what if you could consciously communicate with your DNA? This is the essence of DNA Activation. Through a captivating blend of sounds, Words of Power, vibration, and language, we establish a connection with your DNA. This unfolds in both private and group sessions, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. The activations appear to awaken dormant DNA segments, unlocking potential you never knew you possessed.

Let’s be clear; DNA activations are not grounded in traditional science. They are intuitive, backed by anecdotal testimonials rather than formal studies. Yet, these firsthand accounts hint at the remarkable benefits awaiting those who embrace the experience.

So, what can you expect from DNA Activations?

  • Awakening to Who You Truly Are: Imagine your DNA holding the key to your true self. Each activation brings dormant DNA to life, offering newfound serenity, intuition, and inspiration in your daily existence.
  • Expanding Your Perspective: Your outlook on life in various aspects is vital. With higher perspectives, you unlock greater connection, clarity, and confidence. DNA Activations are known to elevate perspectives swiftly.
  • Supporting Your Body: Traditional spiritual work often neglects the body, leading to physical issues. DNA Activation prioritizes your body, activating genes and promoting coherence between mind, body, and spirit. Many find relief from physical ailments through this process.
  • Opening Your Belief Structure: Beliefs shape your identity and influence your life. By expanding your beliefs, you broaden your identity and perspective. Shedding limiting beliefs and fears leads to a life filled with joy, abundance, and freedom.

Imagine a life with reduced fear, expanded beliefs, and a higher perspective in every area. That’s the power of DNA Activation.

But how are DNA Activations performed?

These activations can be done in person, either individually or in groups, or remotely over the internet. They can even be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.

In-person activations are intense and transformative, best suited for those prepared for a profound journey. On the other hand, in-home activations offer a manageable and pleasant experience, with noticeable changes over a few weeks.

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What People Say About Their Activation

There have been 3 phases (miracles) of my life:
I SURVIVED my early adulthood. I began LEARNING after 19 years of self-infected pain/suffering. I came into my “KNOWING” after my activation at the Joshua Fall Retreat (10/21/23).
I have reviewed my activation’s recording, interviewed folks present, and can forward my written summary/analysis (if folks want to read it). I’m just starting this phase in my life of knowing, and it’s amazing and fun!


You can opt for a single activation or a series,
as they build upon each other for cumulative benefits

To prepare for an activation, meditation in the week leading up to it is highly recommended. We have produced a series of meditations specifically designed to  prepare you for each activation. You may use these meditations daily within the week prior to your activation.

During the session, you’ll be given a specific hz tone, chosen for you, to play in the background. You’ll wear a blindfold, relax in a comfortable position, and clear your mind. Let the activation process do it’s work while you remain in a clam and peaceful state. Each group activation lasts 40-50 minutes. Individual activations are typically 15-20 minutes.

Now, here’s the magic: each DNA Activation is unique and crafted spontaneously to suit the needs of every individual in the Activation Group. It involves Light Language, a form of communication that bypasses your conscious mind, allowing the message to flow directly to your cells. Participants report a wide range of unique experiences during activations, and the benefits often grow over time.

+ What is DNA Activation?

DNA Activation is a transformative process that involves communicating with your DNA using a combination of sounds, Words of Power, vibration, and language. It is intended to awaken dormant DNA segments and unlock your hidden potential.

+ Is DNA Activation scientifically proven?

No, DNA Activation is not grounded in traditional science. It is an intuitive process, and its benefits are based on testimonials rather than formal studies.

+ What benefits can I expect from DNA Activation?

Some of the many benefits of DNA Activation that have been reported by those who have experienced the Activation process are:

  • Awakening to Who You Truly Are: Participants often report a newfound sense of calmness, ease, intuition, and inspiration in their daily lives.
  • Increasing Your Perspective: DNA Activations are known to elevate perspectives, offering greater connection, clarity, and confidence in various aspects of life.
  • Supporting Your Body: DNA Activation prioritizes your body, activating genes and promoting coherence between mind, body, and spirit, which may alleviate physical ailments.
  • Opening Your Belief Structure: By shedding limiting beliefs and fears, DNA Activation can expand your beliefs, identity, and perspective, leading to a life filled with joy, abundance, and freedom.

+ How are DNA Activations performed?

DNA Activations can be performed in person (individually or in groups), remotely over the internet, or through recorded sessions. In-person activations are intense, while remote or recorded activations offer a more manageable and pleasant experience.

+ How do I prepare for a DNA Activation?

Yes, it is highly beneficial to meditate during the week leading up to your activation. You will also be provided with a specific hz tone to listen to before the session.

+ What happens during a DNA Activation session?

Each DNA Activation is unique and spontaneously created to cater to the specific needs of every participant in the Activation Group. Light Language is used to communicate directly with your DNA, bypassing your conscious mind. Participants may experience unique sensations, hear voices, have visions, and/or create mental images during the activation.

+ Can I repeat a DNA Activation session?

Because each activation is created and delivered spontaneously in a unique moment in time for those in the group, it is not necessary to repeat or listen to the same session again. Activations build upon each other, and you can benefit from a series of activations over time.

+ Can I do more than one activation?

Yes. Activations build on top of each other. Your first activation begins the process and you reach a starting point. Each new activation unlocks more and brings you to higher levels. Each person is unique and depends where they are in their awakening process. We suggest a series of four activations, followed by an integration phase before moving on to the next level and another series of four activations.

+ How can I get started with DNA Activation?

To get started, please click to join the waitlist. We will place you in an Activation Group and provide you with all the necessary information and materials for your first activation. You can join the call live or listen to the recording at your convenience. Whether you listen to the recording of your activation or join the call live, the effect is the same.

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The path to transformation awaits, and it starts with your DNA. Are you ready to explore the extraordinary potential within you?

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DNA Activation is a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It offers the potential to unlock your true self and live a life of greater joy, freedom, vitality and abundance. Start the process NOW!