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Basic Training

By January 1, 2023
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The Basic Training course and calls are available to group members. If you'd like to join, or learn more, please contact Gary on the form below.

Basic Training

The only way to create the life you truly want is through actively raising your perspective of yourself in every area of your life.

The Basic Training program is a 6-week course designed to create an experience that will cause a shift in your perspective in all areas of your life. The change will be lasting, obvious and build the foundation needed to create the life you truly want. This is a fully channelled course created in collaboration with Joshua (channeled by Gary Temple Bodley) and The White Light (channelled by Christy Levy).

The course was designed to work for anyone no matter their lifestyle, time demands or current financial conditions. Whether you have been listening to Joshua for years or just days, this program will meet you where you are. It’s for everyone!

It works by creating experiences that are anchored by emotions into the very core of your being in an easy-to-understand way. Once the concepts are integrated, your belief structure will be altered in a way that allows you to maintain a higher perspective in every area of your life. It will then affect the way you experience your life from one of fear and control to one of love and acceptance.

It is your perspective that causes you to resist what is happening and to try to control things. But once you reach a higher perspective, you will maintain a state of love and acceptance more of the time. It will become natural for you to live this way. This is the state of allowing which is highly attractive and powerful. In this state, you are receptive to the inspiration that will lead to powerful actions that effect lasting change.

By the end of the program, you will have a new perspective that is secured by an emotional anchoring of the core spiritual concepts. This is what experience does. Intellectual understanding is valuable, but as explained by White Light, an emotional experience creates deep roots within the body itself. This is the reason experience teaches and words don’t teach.

As Christy and I channelled this course, which is meant to be foundational, we were surprised at how we both understood these concepts at a completely new level. We discovered that, due to the unique way the information is presented, we internalized these concepts rather than simply understanding them intellectually.

Gary & Christy

3 Calls Per Week

Each week during the Basic Training Program, you will have the opportunity to attend three live calls. We have two Joshua Live calls where you have the opportunity to ask Joshua questions.

We also have one weekly coaching call hosted by either Gary or Christy. Each call is focused on the subject matter for that week plus a Q&A session.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Each morning during in the 6-week Basic Training program you will complete a spiritual practice designed to connect you with your inner self. As you start each day by completing this practice, you will find that your intentions are clear, you’ll tune yourself to inspiration and you’ll set yourself up for appreciation.

Joshua Meditations

Meditation is a key to creating a lasting shift in your perspective. Each day you will be given one of Joshua’s 15-minute guided meditations that has been chosen for that specific day.

Coaches and Partners

Each participant will be paired with a partner. You will find that your partner will become a lifelong friend. You will connect with your partner on a regular basis during the course to discuss each topic and assignment. You will also have a coach who will work with you at each stage in the program.

What previous participants say about Basic Training

“I basically cried reading today's assignment. I'm filled with gratitude for you guys and I know I feel like I say it all the time, but thank you for the books, these courses, the podcasts...they are truly wildly life-changing. I've been telling people what a difference this whole thing has made in my life (still less than a year in!) So yet again: thank you.”


“I just wanted to let you both know that I am finding this course utterly transformational, educational and beautiful! The inspiration I received to do the course was strong, so I knew it would be perfect for me.....but, it's beyond what I could've imagined (of course it is, cos that's how reality works!).

For many years I've understood, intellectually at least, that I create my reality and the world 'out there' is a mirror. Yet, I didn't know how to actually find a limiting belief and soften it, and therefore change the reflection. I was stuck looking at the mirror and not knowing what to do with the reflection I saw. Thanks to Joshua, White Light and both of you....I am now unstuck.....and finding myself unstuck is only part of it. I am also fascinated by the leading edge information I'm hearing. I am also feeling so much happier, empowered and positive about just about everything. Plus I am seeing 11.11, 12.21, 20.20 etc constantly, which delights me every time!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“I just wanted to say what a wonderful first week of basic training I have had. I have already felt such a shift in my perspective. It’s interesting, and at some point when I know exactly how to ask Joshua I will, but it’s like at times in my past I was so in touch with source and feeling of abundance and surrounded in love and creator of my reality, but then like I stopped listening to inspiration and my inner guide and lost connection, or rather the connection became muted to source. And now rather than the basic training work bringing me BACK to what I felt was "connection” I am actually feeling that I’m becoming PRESENT to connection again, which is a big difference from before. It’s an awareness of the connection I didn’t feel before if that makes sense.”


“I just felt compelled to share what a profound affect this course has had on me so far. I've been on a spiritual journey for thirty years, that started when I became pregnant with my daughter and realized my atheism was misguided as I contemplated what was happening inside me. I was on a slow, steady path of discovering new ways of thinking that resonated. From Gary Zukov's Seat of the Soul that I discovered on Oprah in 1997ish, through Martha Beck, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Abraham and about 100 others, I slowly gathered bits and pieces of information that I would take in, ponder, then gradually integrate, sometimes only after hearing them again, from a different source.

My marriage had been stifling and I feel like once I got out of it, my spiritual exploration was able to accelerate as I found the freedom to truly immerse myself in it. From walking The Camino in September of 2014 to my foray into quantum physics, the myriad of teachers I've discovered on Buddha at the Gas Pump, and others, the graph that would illustrate my spiritual journey would spike sharply upward from 2014 to 2020...a spike so sharp I wouldn't have thought it could get any steeper. 2020 spun me around a full 180 degrees and led me to find teachers who seemed even more connected like Lorie Ladd, Phil Good, Bashar, Gabi Kovalenko and Robert Edward Grant, as the state of the world led me to look more online as I contemplated what all of the global changes were going to mean for us as a collective, and I now feel like I've grown more in three years than in the previous 55 combined.

Then, Joshua. I don't remember how I first came upon the teachings, but I looked back and see that I listened to over 100 episodes over the course of the next few weeks. It felt like a new kind of Truth that I hadn't heard before and that felt like The Next Step towards truly understanding my dharma. The Boot Camp and Ascension Experience sounded interesting but didn't call to me, and then Basic Training was a hard, immediate Yes. It's so succinct and powerful, that I truly feel like I've been creating an image of dots over my last 30 years of exploration and you all are helping me connect them.

Thank you. For showing up and allowing yourselves to be conduits to this energy. For listening and sharing. I so look forward to sharing the time in North Carolina, going even deeper with people who know that we are here for a very special, important that includes limitless amounts of love & joy & peace & grace.

With so much gratitude from the plains of West Texas!


“Hey Christy! I loved today’s format. I have to tell you that this Basic training has been PHENOMENAL. I asked for this! Its all the “things” that I felt were missing! Thank you so much❤️”

“Hi! Wow, it’s been a week… I am recognizing more and more the world of fear and lack I have created in my mind. Now I need to have a little patience because I know there is a different way to live and I want it all changed overnight!”

“Hey Gary! I know I don’t need to say anything but this new Basic training has been PHENOMENAL. I definitely asked for this. It’s answered a lot of my “missing info” TY so much for “working” with Christy to bring this forward ❤️ it’s Next Level!!!”

Erin D

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