The Ascension Experience

The Ascension Experience is a year long program designed to help you raise your vibration through a consistent practice of Daily Meditation and Spiritual Practice, weekly calls, Joshua Live events, weekly readings and special assignments, eventually leading you to your innate ability as a creator to deliberately create what is truly wanted.

The program is divided into 13 x 4-week sections, available sequentially. Each section revolves around a specific topic to include:

If you don’t feel you’re receiving value, we’re happy to issue you a 100% refund at any time during your currently enrolled course period.

Your inner self holds a vibrational frequency that is always calling you. This is the high-vibrational place of acceptance. When you align with this frequency, your life becomes limitless. You act in concert with your inner self in all things. Every area of your life begins to work perfectly. You become a blended-being. Your soul’s purpose is revealed to you. You become highly effective in everything you do. All areas of your life radically improve and your problems fade away. You receive true abundance, true freedom, and accelerated expansion. You become a being of love while living in the physical realm. From this place of acceptance you now create deliberately all that is truly desired.

In your current state, you are offering some resistance to the fullness and completeness that is the true you. You have been programmed with beliefs that hold you apart from Source, your inner self and your fellow man. This separation is no longer necessary to keep you safe, yet your ego and the limiting beliefs on which it is firmly planted, cause you confusion, dissatisfaction and suffering. Those limiting beliefs will be processed and made less intense. They will be replaced by more beneficial beliefs and this will add clarity to your conscious awareness. This is what you truly want.

All the things you think you want (including the benefits that you believe this program will give you) are based in fear and lack. You do not have the things you desire and it’s the perceived lack of those things and experiences that cause you to want them. You believe that when those things become manifest in your reality, you’ll finally be happy, end suffering, have security and gain more freedom. Unfortunately, since these desires are based in the lack of abundance, freedom, security and happiness, you will only attract more experiences of lack. Even if your conditions change on the outside, you’ll never feel the way you think you will feel in the having of them. That’s because they are false desires based in fear.

Jessica Aouati

I didn’t think anything could beat the Joshua Abundance Bootcamp, but I stand corrected—and gratefully so.

The first segment of the Ascension experience, Alignment, is not just another spiritual growth course. It is, by its very nature, an act of ascension. I didn’t know this when I started, but taking this course actually represented my first conscious step of my personal ascension. Meaning that ascension is no longer an elusive, unattainable ideal fueled by my desire for spiritual growth. Rather, my ascension is now real and actually happening.

As to the assignments and plots, they’re easy and fun, but also profound, enlightening, and life-changing. As are Joshua’s precious daily messages. All in all an invaluable course that I am eager to pursue. I highly recommend.

Meghan Butler

I have gotten so much out of the past month Doing The Ascension Experience.

The combination of the daily emails, the plot exercises, numerous manifestation events, the daily spiritual practices, the coaching calls and workshops, all work together to continuously reinforce the message that I create my own reality and that I can be free from limiting thinking. The manifestation events especially have been extremely powerful by identifying these old lingering limiting beliefs that are hanging around sometimes seemingly under the surface, and then I can look at them from a higher perspective and if they are false, show why they are false and instead look at the truth, which is inevitably empowering.

I feel like this is just the beginning of a greater and deeper practice in living more fully free, fully present, and in love. I highly recommend the Ascension Experience program to anyone who is really ready to uplevel their life.

Rob Turner

The Ascension Experience Alignment 4 weeks were profound. And a lot of fun!

Being in Alignment is the key to moving towards a life you prefer, one where you manifest your true desires. Fundamentally, for me, it also means a happier, more constructive and joyous life. More of what I want and less of what I don’t want.

How was it that I’d create some wonderful things and then also, some stuff I really did not want in my life? I knew that I was doing that. But how was I doing it? Was it possible to stop creating the stuff I don’t enjoy and just create the stuff I really want? I have been wondering this for years. Now I know.

In the Ascension Experience Alignment work I discovered how to attain alignment and attract less of what I don’t want and more of what I do want. This 4 weeks’ of work showed me how to achieve this. Finally, after years of searching!

Your true desires are those things you intended to experience prior to your birth. They include your true desire to express your love to yourself, all others and the conditions that exist in each moment. You intended to experience true freedom and abundance, not limitation or lack. You intended to expand in joy, not in suffering. You intended to awaken in this life, not to allow the illusion of imperfection and disconnection to persist. You intended to expand in joy and end suffering. All of this is possible when you radically alter your approach to life. The Ascension Experience will allow you to manifest the life you intend to live prior to your birth.

Who you truly are is a limitless, eternal and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Your inner self (the eternal, wiser part of you) is guiding you to the vibration of the true you. The physical you exists in a dense state of fear and limitation. All of these limitations are self-imposed through the unique set of beliefs that you now hold onto. Your beliefs are partly limiting and partly empowering. The Ascension Experience will allow you to adjust your belief system so that it becomes much more empowering and far less limiting. As you do this work, your vibration rises to become more and more aligned with your inner self’s vibration.

Alignment is the ongoing process of raising your vibration to meet your inner self’s vibration. When you think thoughts that are not in alignment with your inner self’s vibration, you receive guidance in the form of negative emotion.  When you find alignment, you feel good. You are now perfectly tuned to the vibration your inner self is holding for you and your vibration continues to rise as a result. It’s a natural process.

Fear is limiting and nothing more. It is not wrong or bad, in fact, it’s necessary. When your limiting beliefs are triggered, you will feel fear and also negative emotion. This happens every single time without fail. Fear, which is always based on limiting beliefs, is alerting you to the fact that you are perceiving an illusion. The event, which has triggered the fear, is in some way, an illusion. It’s the illusion of bad or wrong. There is no bad or wrong anywhere in the universe. This is the truth of the physical reality plane of existence. There is no wrong. Anything seen as wrong or bad comes out of the illusion. It stems from a limited perspective. In order to see the truth in any situation, you must seek out a higher perspective. From the highest perspective, everything is actually perfect. In order for you to ascend to the highest vibrational levels, you must come to know the perfection that is you and that exists in every single moment.

Perfection is the higher perspective, which is truth. Imperfection is the limited perspective, which is illusion.

The Ascension Experience will help you realize the perfection in all things. You are perfect as you are in this moment, as you have been in all previous moments, and as you will always be in future moments. Since there is no past or future, only the present, you and the conditions you find yourself in are always perfect. All of the people in your life are perfect as well since they represent your conditions. There is no wrong in any of it. You cannot see that now, because you have been programmed to perceive the limited perspective, which is based in the judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. As you raise your vibration, you will gain the clarity to see more and more of the perfection and less of the imperfections, This is the work that will set you free. This is the intention set forth as we bring you this new technology called The Ascension Experience.

With our love for you,

We are Joshua