Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp

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Joshua’s Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp is a spiritual growth experience that is unlike anything else, because it’s a channeled program free from fear. It’s fully and completely based in love.

Think of it like a love factory. You come in one side of the factory as a clump of raw materials and you exit as something else altogether; a being of love. In this sense, you enter the bootcamp wherever you are on your spiritual journey and you expand as a result of all the activities, assignments, interactions, calls, and processes to an entirely new level of awareness and clarity.

Because the bootcamp is based in love, there’s nothing you have to do. You choose to do as much or as little as you like. Once you are in the bootcamp, you’re in for life and all subsequent bootcamps are free. That means that if you don’t do something in the first bootcamp, you can always do it in future bootcamps. This removes fear from the process. You cannot fail!

The first step is to schedule a discovery call. There’s no way to fully explain the bootcamp without this call. You want to know for certain if the bootcamp is right for you. Can you afford it? Will you be able to do the work? Do you have the time? Will you receive the benefits you want? Through the call, you will absolutely know the answers to all of your questions. You will have no doubt one way or the other. The bootcamp is the perfect next step for most people, but not for everyone. However, there’s no way to know until you have your call.

If you have been guided to these teachings, then you owe it to yourself (and your guides) to take the next step. Everything you truly want is on the other side of your fears. The one thing that every bootcamp graduate has said is that they are so grateful that they pushed past their fears to schedule their discovery call. Click on the email address below and we’ll email you a link to the calendar and you can choose a time that works for you. We promise that the call will be fun and there will be absolutely no pressure to make a decision. The whole process is based in love!



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