Dear Joshua,

In your answer to my last question, for which I thank you, you told me that I must change my approach to success before that my reality reflects my change. I understand that, because I think I have held erroneous beliefs about the world of success.I know that I must change, but in what ways do you mean? Do you have any suggestions in my daily life? In what ways do I have to stay alert in order to enter this world of success?

The success for me means: being able to enjoy life with diversity in my activities without worrying about money (financial abundance mostly), meanwhile I know that I must feel abundant before being financial abundant (and I’m working on that), while still keeping the feeling of freedom. For now, I must have doubts and fears, and other limiting beliefs, so how can I change my perception of this “world” of success while being able to move in a direction where I can still feel the freedom as I feel now in a certain way but which I would like to expand, by following my path to be the best version of me.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Yours truly Audrey

Dear Audrey,

You have a limiting belief that financial abundance is automatically tied to a lack of freedom. Since it is freedom you desire above all, and freedom that you enjoy now, you believe that in order to gain financial abundance you must give up your freedom. Since you will not give up an ounce of freedom, you are forced to concede that financial abundance is simply something you cannot attain.

Obviously, this is a very limiting belief and it keeps you from experiencing all that you want to experience. It is limiting and it is based in an irrational fear. Therefore, we know the belief is false. All limiting beliefs based in irrational fear are false. All you have to do is find evidence that proves the belief is false. Can you do that?

Can you find examples of financial abundance that have not limited the freedom of the people involved? Or, conversely, are you focusing on examples of financial abundance that have trapped people and restricted their freedom? By showing evidence that the belief is false, you reduce the intensity of your limiting belief and as a result your world shifts. If you are constantly viewing examples that seem to prove that your belief is accurate, you will actually increase the intensity of your belief and nothing will change. If you don’t go out and find real evidence that proves the limiting belief is false, the Law of Attraction will always bring you evidence that supports whatever limiting belief you hold on to.

As you can see, the limiting belief is reinforced by the Law of Attraction. Do nothing and the Law of Attraction brings you evidence to support any belief. The Law of Attraction does not know if a belief is limiting or beneficial. All it knows is that you are focused on something and it brings you more of that. It brings you more freedom, which is supported by a beneficial belief, and it brings you evidence that supports your belief that abundance restricts freedom.

You may not have been consciously aware of this limiting belief until we brought it to your attention. You might even think that you do not have this belief. But as you have stated, you want abundance without sacrificing freedom. To use both of these concepts in one sentence proves that you have this limiting belief. Now, your work is to reduce the power of the limiting belief.

You must find examples of people who have attained abundance without sacrificing personal freedom. You must read books and articles and watch movies and documentaries about people who have attracted both wealth and freedom. Most of your popular movies and novels portray examples of those who’ve attained wealth at the expense of freedom. This is due to a mass limiting belief in your society that says 1) wealth is bad, and 2) the work and effort needed to attain wealth restricts freedom. In order to counteract this limiting belief, you must find proof that the belief is false. Go and find ten examples of people who attained both wealth and freedom and let us know what you have found.

We Are Joshua