Dear Joshua,

The big lottery is capturing the attention of the nation. The jackpot is over one billion dollars. Up until this very point in my life, I would have loved to win the lottery. Now I am not so sure. What the hell is going on? Why do I feel this way?


Dear Gary,

Until recently, you have been living life from the limited perspective of fear. You are starting to live life from the higher perspective of love. You are starting to feel that you are supported. You are beginning to realize that you are already living an abundant life. You are living the life you prefer. You are a vibrational match to everything that exists in your life. Why would you want this to change? You are now beginning to understand that winning the lottery would simply disrupt the life you are living and since it is the life you prefer, why would you seek to disrupt it?

Money is energy and this is the most beneficial way to think about it. When you turn on the light, you are using energy. There is an abundance of energy flowing in your home and you are never concerned that the light will not come on when you need it. You just flip the switch and the light comes on. You do not leave the light on because you want to hoard the energy. This would make no sense. You simply turn the light on when needed and turn it off when you don’t. This is how money should be thought of. It comes when you need it.

Most people view money as the only way to get anything they want, but this is a false premise. Money in and of itself is of very little use and can even cause problems. The way to receive all that you want is to have pure focus and desire. We say “pure” meaning it’s true. You might have a desire for money, yet it’s not the money you want, it’s freedom or love or acceptance or worthiness. These are things that money cannot buy and they are not true desires.

Money might make you feel worthy for a time, but it’s illusory and does not last. You are already worthy and if you feel unworthy, money will only cause these feeling of unworthiness to intensify. If you feel trapped, money will not free you. The money will intensify the feelings of being trapped. Money certainly cannot buy love or acceptance. You must learn to love and accept yourself first.

Money is a focus of desire and as such it is freely given by the universe. However, it’s never the money you truly want, it’s always something else. Money will come if you want it badly enough, but wouldn’t it be better to understand what it is you truly want and focus on that instead?

Money comes most often as a side effect of following a passion or interest. When you do something you love, without the desperate need to create money, the money will come as needed to support your passion. It may not come in the amount or frequency that will keep you feeling secure. That’s another subject altogether. But it will come in the amount and frequency you need. Abundance is having what you need when you need it and nothing more. When you think of abundance, think of air. It comes when you need it as much as you need it, but not more. There’s no point in storing air unless you’re sinking under water.

If you were to win the lottery, your life would change. The things you find interesting now would lose their interest and you would need to find new ones. You are a vibrational match to everything in your life. If you were a vibrational match to a large sum of money, it could come as needed. If you received money, but were not a vibrational match to security, the money would quickly leave. If this happened, you would feel worse having lost or squandered the money.

There is nothing inherently good or bad in anything. Your judgment of it causes it to be good or bad, right or wrong based on your perspective. Things can be both good and bad, right and wrong, all at the same time. Winning a lottery might be good and bad. Getting the job you really want might be good and bad. Attracting an illness might be good and bad. These are all experiences and all experience is good. It just that it might not line up with what you truly want. We suggest that you focus on what’s wanted and then allow whatever comes as a result of your focus and intention. Just make sure it’s something you truly want and not something that you think you want. Getting to know what you truly want has more to do with knowing who you really are and why you came here.

You are loved.