Dear Joshua,

In a previous question, I asked you about communication with inner being, and two days later, read the section in Gary’s first book on it. It’s interesting that the questions I have are in the book for the most part, so Im hoping you don’t find this too repetitive. I loved that section – on communicating with my inner being. So now I do have another question.

In the past, I have occasionally tried to tune into, or chat with, my inner being and would get “yes”, or “we love you”, and I thought (because it sounds like my own thoughts), 95% of the time, that it was just me talking to me (which it is, right?) – well today, I was having quite a chatty time. Ok, more chatty on my end than on the inner being’s end, but still, thoughts coming back at me were very loving.

Now, that could be me just learning to be more kind with me, which is fantastic, or it could be my inner being, because I usually haven’t talked like that to myself in the past. Is it mainly me, learning to love myself more, or is it my inner being, ready to have these answers, even though they’re short and sweet? I would imagine that it is my belief that gets in the way of having longer answers. I’m happy either way because one can never have enough loving feedback.

What is your take here? I’m enjoying the journey, but I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in the book holds, for me to discover.

With appreciation to you, Gary, Steve, and team.


Dear Kate,

Your thoughts don’t really have sound, do they? You can feel them and they feel like your thoughts. You can picture them and as you do, they still feel like your thoughts. However, no thoughts are really your thoughts and all thoughts are your thoughts all at the same time. If you think a thought, that thought is your thought. Thoughts exist on their own. Every thought you think still exists and has always existed. You don’t really create your thoughts, you attract them. You are very good at attracting some thoughts and other thoughts require practice, focus and concentration.

Now, if every thought you think feels like your thought, what would a thought that comes from your inner self feel like? It would feel like, sound like, and look like your own thought, and it is your thought because you attracted it. But you did not create it, you received it. You can send and receive thoughts. If you reach the vibrational vicinity of a thought, you can attract it. If you reach the vibrational vicinity of your inner self, you will receive communication from your inner self. The answers to your questions are coming from your inner self even though they feel like they are your own thoughts.

This is part of the mechanism of physical reality. You receive thought forms from your inner self (and others) just as Gary receives thought forms from us. Gary has reached a vibrational level where he can easily receive our messages. You have come within vibrational proximity of your inner self and you can receive that communication. It takes a little practice, patience and trust, but as you communicate more often, more messages will come.

You are the creator of your reality. You chose to come here to explore physical reality. You intended many things. You intended to receive well-being. You intended to experience joy. You intended to follow that which interests you. And you also intended to communicate with your inner self. You intended to be guided through life by your inner self.

When you are in a positive emotional state of being, you have access to your inner self and you will receive the messages and guidance. When you are focused in the past or future, your reception gets lost. When you are angry, frustrated or depressed, your reception is tuned out. When you are happy and appreciative, you tune right in to the vibrational frequency of your inner self. You are meant to have this form of communication. It’s part of the design of this system.