In the fall of 2013, Gary Temple Bodley began channeling a group of nonphysical teachers known as Joshua. Soon thereafter, Joshua asked Gary to start writing. Starting on November 15th, 2013, he wrote for one hour each day openly interpreting the message that Joshua was sending him. In eight weeks Joshua’s first book “A Perception Of Realty” was completed.

If you have been drawn to this website, then you are a leading-edge creator. Whether you realize it or not, you have been led, step-by-step to this information and you are on your path toward a higher level of consciousness. You are awakening to the reality behind physical reality. This means you are ready to learn the truth about your reality, how you create your life, and why you are here.

These wonderful and enlightening teachings will prepare you for the next step on your journey by explaining the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how you can use this information to transform your life.


“You are loved more than you can imagine.” – Joshua


Twice a week we gather as friends and students to discuss Joshua’s teachings on the mechanism of physical reality and the expansion of the Law of Attraction.

Listen, learn, and laugh along with us as Joshua helps us uncover new ways to apply these principles in our daily lives.


  • How Being Good Creates All Of Your Worst Problems

    You are good. Let’s start there. Let’s end there. Now that we have stated that fact, let’s examine why you are still trying to be good and how this causes all of your worst problems.

    On the day you were born, you were good. In fact, you were perfect. Have you become less perfect in any way? Certainly not. You are perfect now just as you were perfect then. However, as a baby, your behavior could not activate the limiting beliefs of others. As you grew older, your behavior caused fear in others. They feared for your safety and they feared for your future. They feared how others might perceive you and they feared how your behavior would reflect on them. They chose to modify your behavior in order to alleviate their fears.

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