This is the expansion of the Law of Attraction.

In the fall of 2013, Gary Temple Bodley began channeling a group of nonphysical teachers known as Joshua. Soon thereafter, Joshua asked Gary to start writing. Starting on November 15th, 2013, he wrote for one hour each day openly interpreting the message that Joshua was sending him. In eight weeks Joshua's first book "A Perception Of Realty" was completed.

If you have been drawn to this website, then you are a leading-edge creator. Whether you realize it or not, you have been led, step-by-step to this information and you are on your path toward a higher level of consciousness. You are awakening to the reality behind physical reality. This means you are ready to learn the truth about your reality, how you create your life, and why you are here.

These wonderful and enlightening teachings will prepare you for the next step on your journey by explaining the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how you can use this information to transform your life.

"You are loved more than you can imagine." - Joshua

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New Release: The Joshua Diet

Everything you want in this world is within your reach. You have the ability to be, do, and have anything. Creating a lean and healthy body is easy once you know how the system works.


This book will explain how to come into alignment with the thinner version of you. All it takes is an open mind and the willingness to practice certain techniques and use the tools found in this book. If you can do that, you can have everything you want,including the lean and healthy body you desire.





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Joshua Radio

Each week we gather Law of Attraction Practitioners to discuss various topics that Joshua has communicated through the written word.

Gary Temple Bodley brings the words to light and the roundtable brings clarity to the listeners by sharing personal experiences and new perspectives that will dramatically impact your life. Another Great Show on Law of Attraction Radio Network!

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Question of the week

  • Dear Joshua,

    I found myself feeling a bit sorry for my inner being for being landed with me which then got me to thinking that I see my inner being as a separate thing than me (a bit like an angel or something of that nature which in our folklore would have the “task” of being assigned to take care of us). But from what I have heard, that would be incorrect in that inner being is me; just broader than my human perspective and my inner being me is part of all that is, so there is no reason to feel sorry for it (in a loving fun way, a bit like “gawd… poor thing – sending me messages constantly that I don’t hear – or feel – half the time).


    Dear Kate,

    Your inner self could not be more in love with you, more proud of you, or enjoy being your inner self any more than she does. Your inner self is having a wonderful and exhilarating time guiding you and experiencing physical reality through your physical senses and even your perspective. You are living life just as you both intended prior to your birth. Your inner self could not be more thrilled.

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