What has Joshua Come To Teach Us?

A Perception of Reality - Audiobook

Your perception of reality dictates the life you experience. If you perceive yourself as a victim to the influences of outside events and people, you will attract a reality that fully supports your exploration of victimhood. You will experience life as a victim. However, this is nothing more than a choice. The Law of Attraction always brings you a reality that matches your perceptions.

You can choose to perceive yourself as good or bad, worthy or unworthy, abundant or lacking, free or limited. You don’t realize it’s a choice, you perceive that’s just how it is. But this is simply due to your current set of beliefs; some are limiting and others are empowering. What if you could change your overall set of beliefs from limiting to empowering? What if you truly understood the laws of the universe?

What if you could leverage those laws to live the life of your dreams? You can, but it will require you to perceive yourself in a new way and to stop holding onto your old limitations. You will have to push past your fear to see the truth of who you are and the reality that you are the ultimate creator of your life. You will have to change your perception of wrong or bad and see through the illusion of separation.

Can you really change your perception of reality? Of course you can. You have adopted certain limiting beliefs along the way. Those beliefs were never true. You can find evidence to prove they are not true. You can reduce the intensity of the limiting beliefs that are separating you from the life you intended to live. Thousands of people all over the world have used the tools and techniques offered in this book to radically change the course of their lives. You can do it too!

When you fundamentally understand who you truly are and how this reality actually works, you drop your limitations and begin building true abundance and freedom. You start to feel good. You start to see everything in a new way, like you did as a child. If you have been drawn to this book and these teachings, you are ready. This is your first step. Push past your fear and act on the inspiration that led you here. Listen to or read A Perception of Reality and take the first step to consciously creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s what others have said about “A Perception of Reality”

“I've been studying the Law of Attraction for over 30 years and this is by far one of two of the best "Law of Attraction books" ever written! The first one is the Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks. This one takes it a step further. Gary Bodley doesn't call it simply a LOA (Law of Attraction) book. But more like an expansion of LOA. Nevertheless I can't speak more highly of the quality of life lessons found in this book. It is so rich with powerful, life changing information, one read is simply not enough.

I am a life coach and have learned and applied SO MUCH of what I learned to my life and have passed on these teachings to my clients w/ amazing results. I have also referred this book to many friends and clients who have found it life changing. So much so that I even created a tele-class on all of Gary Bodley's books, starting with this one. It is so satisfying and enriching to delve deep into its teachings and share with like-minded folks. Can you tell I'm a fan? :)”

Mark ShihadehOne of the best "Law of Attraction books" ever written!!

“This is an amazing, clear, to the point, actionable, eye opening book that spoke directly to me on many levels. You could say it was the perfect book at the perfect time. I've read the Seth Books, Abraham-Hicks and many others over the years but this book took my understanding to a whole new level. Joshua is so very easy to understand and he makes the concepts he is teaching easy to grasp and apply in your daily life. Note: This book is definitely NOT for everyone - as it says in the description for the book you must first understand and know "that you are a spiritual being in a physical existence". If you're just starting your spiritual journey, this book may be a bit of a leap of faith. I would recommend getting a couple Abraham-Hicks books under your belt first before diving into Joshua. But if you're already there, this book will take your awakening to the next level. I'm so looking forward to more books from Joshua!”

Steve F.Awesome!

“A Perception of Reality is one of the best Law of Attraction books that I have ever read, and I have read a great number of them. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

SuzanneOutstanding! Inspirational!

“For those out there who have been exposed to any of the Abraham-Hicks material, you'll sink your teeth into this book. I've studied Abraham-Hicks for decades (and still do). "Perceptions of Reality" is very similar, but for me it took the teachings to the next level. It is the same message expressed a different way. I found I was able to understand and relate more deeply. If you are drawn to more fully understanding metaphysical spirituality and the laws of the universe, you will not be able to put this book down. It will, quite simply, change your life - and for the better.

I have the privilege of knowing the author, Gary Bodley, and have witnessed the unfolding of this book being written. We are all capable of receiving these messages, much like Esther Hicks. Gary has been able to tap in and the intelligence that has flowed through him is indisputable. The teachings offered in this book are truly a gift from Heaven. Buy a copy, enjoy, and stay tuned for more brilliance in the near future.”

Jennifer ArsenaultBrilliance on paper!

“ am about halfway through this book and so far I am enjoying it. I think that people who are fairly new to LOA will find this book enlightening in the same way they may experience Abraham Hicks "Ask and it is Given." But people who are more knowlegable about LOA and/or are familiar with Abraham Hicks will likely find most of the material to be a review of what we have already known/learned.

One thing I like about the book is that the examples included are explained thoroughly to impart the best understanding.”

LedoreEnjoyable Read. Sounds Just Like ABE

“This is the first book that I have read about "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction that is clear enough for me to really understand. I have read (and highlighted in different colors) my JOSHUA book 4 times and continue to find different meanings and "ah-ha's" in every read. This book has really excited me to know I can live exactly the life I dream of. I'm a believer!! I personally asked questions of JOSHUA and the answers were so enlightening. I love this book and cannot wait for the next in the series. I understand there are 3!!”

DJBrightThe Law Of Attraction on Steroids!!

“I am definitely not a new-agey kind of guy. I was reluctant to even read this book, but I started with the back cover and that intrigued me. I read the rest of the book in two days and I have to say that it's a life changer. . .IF you're ready for it.

If you're looking for clarity and purpose and answers to some very hard questions, you will find them here. I know that I did, and that was the last thing I expected. I'm buying a bunch of these for gifts. I'd rather help permanently change someone's life for the better than buy them a bottle of wine, which will only change their life for the better temporarily!”

Sandra GlaeserSurprisingly, I really enjoyed this and got a lot out of it. . .

“I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted so much of a book before. Easy to read and concepts are explained so well they’re easy to understand. Just finished it and about to reread it.”

pearlschellLoved it!!

“I have read many enlightening Law of Attraction books but I can honestly say that this book is the icing on the cake. It really all came together for me. I have just finished reading it for the second time and about to go for a third go. This book is like a best friend to me and constant companion. It so makes you think and ponder life. Also reading this book made me feel incredibly good about life and the world. Its a real blueprint for life and should be on the bucket list of books for everybody on the planet. All we need to know about living an incredible life on this super planet of ours is in this book. It really is. It is that simple but we just sometimes don't get it. I can't thank the lady I met through my own use of the LOA for introducing me to Joshua through Gary's book. Thank you so much!”

A real blueprint for learning how to lead an amazing life on our incredible planet!

“I've read hundreds of books but this one is absolutely amazing. It makes you open your mind to how powerful we are when we look within to our true wants and desires. 10/10”

Ms. R. NichollsExcellent book pure magic

“I was one of those people who thought she knew quite alot about how the Universe works, and how we work within it. And although I did know about each section in this book, I found I was missing a link, a vital key, how it all fits together to actually WORK!

Gary's channel to Joshua is incredibly clear. I have learnt so much in this book that I feel I have gone through a massive internal shift and transformation taking me higher than I have ever been before on the journey of my Soul.

This is a book that should be taught at school....OH if only! One day perhaps.”

kirstenivattsThe Missing Link

“I can't quite remember how I was led to Joshua but I will forever be grateful that I was. Having looked into LOA, The secret, Abraham I can only say this is similar but a complete life changer. I found it took me a while to read, as I needed the time to digest the information, yet it is a truly amazing book. Thank you Joshua and Gary for bringing this to the world.”

VictoriaIt is a truly amazing book. Thank you Joshua and Gary

“This book is amazing. It will open your mind and help you realize the universe’ perfection and your connection with it. If you have come across this book you are on the leading edge of creation. Read this book many times and you will keep learning knew things and expanding!”

Erin WaltonPerfection

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If you have been drawn to this book then you are a leading-edge creator. This book is not for everyone. You must have a certain understanding that there is more to life, that you have…


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