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By January 1, 2023
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By the end of the program, you will have a new perspective that is secured by an emotional anchoring of the core spiritual concepts. This is what experience does. Intellectual understanding is valuable, but as explained by White Light, an emotional experience creates deep roots within the body itself. This is the reason experience teaches and words don’t teach.

As Christy and I channelled this course, which is meant to be foundational, we were surprised at how we both understood these concepts at a completely new level. We discovered that, due to the unique way the information is presented, we internalized these concepts rather than simply understanding them intellectually.

Gary & Christy

2 Calls Per Week + A Final Group Call

Each week during the Foundations program, you will have the opportunity to attend two Joshua Live calls where you have the opportunity to ask Joshua questions. We’ll also have a Foundations group call at the end of the 28-day program.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Each morning during in the 28-day Foundations program you will complete a spiritual practice designed to connect you with your inner self. As you start each day by completing this practice, you will find that your intentions are clear, you’ll tune yourself to inspiration and you’ll set yourself up for appreciation.

Joshua Meditations

Meditation is a key to creating a lasting shift in your perspective. Each day you will be given one of Joshua’s 15-minute guided meditations that has been chosen for that specific day.

What previous participants say about Foundations

“To be able to reach such a high vibration as to channel Joshua alone is an amazing success. I have followed many spiritual teachers and channels for over 20 yrs and found the Joshua material to resonate the most. I have purchased all your books and read them multiple times. The value it has added to my life is immense and I do really appreciate it.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Foundations course, finding immense value in having both Joshua's and The White Lights' perspectives on each subject and its corresponding assignments. What particularly stood out to me was the distinct wording of your channelled perspectives on the same subject. This approach allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the theme. Engaging with the material on a daily basis, I encountered interesting thought processes and challenges within each subject matter, yet I found myself readily able to complete the readings and assignments for each day.

Undoubtedly, setting aside dedicated time for this endeavor was valuable. I recognized that by investing time and effort, I aimed to enhance my understanding of the fundamental principles underlying Joshua and White Light teachings. Through this commitment, I unearthed the concept that we have the ability to manifest our realities through our emotions. While this idea might have been expressed in various forms during the eight months of learning alongside you both, it was the Foundations course that facilitated my comprehension of it.

Thank you. 😊


“ I am in agreement with everyone else that it is truly special. There is SO much to think about and consider all the questions, possibilities or nuggets, posed by Joshua and White Light. I found the Assignment on Day 9 brilliant. The very word “Foundations” means that this is setting the foundations for their journey onto the next level. Thank you again for creating the most amazing and unique course.


“At first, I was hesitant to enroll in this course "Foundations", telling myself that with all the trainings I had taken from Joshua and The White Light, I didn't need this additional course. But in the end, I couldn't resist and I enrolled, and I don't regret it at all. Being familiar with Joshua's and The White Light Teachings, I consider this course as the gateway to a free lifestyle, being supported by our Inner Self (and those concepts that we learned in this Foundation course are there to help us in this sense). Even if someone has already taken other courses from Joshua (and The White Light), this course can be considered as the glue that holds these teachings together. I recommend it, in particular, to anyone who feels attracted "to be more", because as Joshua says: "If you want more, you have to be more. This Foundations course will elevate you on your path to an unexpected level.”

Audrey BérubéExplorer of Unlimited Abundance, Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner

“A few days behind but wanted to say that this course is truly magic. As my guides put it yesterfay Bullseye 👍🏻.

I've had big Ah-ahs daily and had big evident inspirations and syncs truly based in love and the new daily spiritual practice is AMAZING. Pointing out how following my inspirations would affect my identity of powerless to powerful and how that would be a scary shift for my ego - I can toss all that fear aside and my now heart is filled with LOVE.

I cant thank you both enough for following your passion and putting in the time to put all this together.


“I just wanted to say that I'm getting so much out of the Foundations course! It's truly amazing and I don't find it basic at all! I am loving digging deep into the concepts with all the reading (I love to read so this works so well for me) and I love the exercises every night. Thank you both (and to Joshua and White Light) for putting this course together. I think it's an amazing one.


“I have been listening to Joshua Live for well over a year (way back when Christy was first starting to channel!) and have been hooked from the start. Joshua's and the White Light's messages speak to me and I have found the teachings to be straight forward and profound.
I have been working with the information brought forth by meditating, journaling, and doing my best to find limiting beliefs. I have witnessed a big change in my perspective, and have noticed how much lighter and happier I feel. The day I heard my high sensitivity is my Super Power was a great day indeed!

I am loving going through the Foundations 2 course. Doing a daily practice makes a big difference for me. I had such a fun day yesterday/today doing the Day 12 exercises and connecting with others through the 3 options I selected. I am feeling my vibration getting stronger and noticing I'm present more often. I really enjoy your varied approach to this course and I look forward to each new day. I'm excited to see where I'll be two weeks from now!

Thank you for making a huge difference in my life. I am so grateful to you both and to Joshua and White Light.


“I just wanted to tell you both that I have read and studied for so many years but what I read and am still taking in on Lessons 13 and 14 was the most amazing and inspiring thing I have ever seen. I suddenly can see it and want you to both know my appreciation for following your inspiration and passion to bring us this wonderful good news to the world.

My new affirmation is " I have an unwavering commitment to seeing the perfection in everything". I am ready for the next class on Inspired Path. Thank you both so much.

Teri Lynn

“I’ve been doing the Foundations course, and just wanted to pass along an official “WOW”. Just wow.

Not quite sure how to articulate my feelings, but all of the content seems to be striking a chord and reverberating deeply.
I’m actually contemplating whether or not it is resonating so strongly because I was first introduced to the concepts in the basic training course, or whether it would have felt the same way without first taking BT.

Honestly, there is something about the presentation that reads like an exciting novel. And then … And then …

Each chapter leaves me in suspense of what will happen next.

What an amazing gift!!!

Thank you!!!


“The systematic approach of the Foundations program was a powerful way to raise my perspective and shift in key areas of my life. It gave me a way to drop my identity and create new possibilities. I loved the focus on a daily practice, reading and meditation with exercises. The concepts shared challenged my thinking and offered a way to bridge the gap between what is known and an unimaginable reality. Thank you Gary, Christy, Joshua and White Light for your profound work. You are all the best!

Emma WeberCEO & Founder, Lever - Transfer of Learning

“For me the Foundations Course was a game changer as last year I signed up to do my first Bootcamp and it was so much new information to digest. Now with Foundations it is so clearly explained step by step which I think is so important when you start this journey of self discovery. I absolutely loved it and it is great to have fundamentals before you even do the basics training and the bootcamp.

After the activation now I noticed when I meditate I’m more focused on it. I can go deeper into it. Where before it was so hard for me to go deep and stop my thoughts even for a second. Now it is definitely easier for me to meditate even for an hour and do not loose my focus and drift away.
Thank you Christy and White Light.”


“I want to thank you for channeling White Light, the Foundations course and all of the You Tube content you have put out there. You sharing your gifts this way has been such a blessing for me. ”


“I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful Foundations 2 course. The course sets out to raise one's vibration through a higher perspective.... and it delivers! The meditations are wonderful, the teachings from Joshua and White Light are incredibly deep and meaningful, and the exercises and daily spiritual practices bring it all together. I'm grateful for the safe and supportive environment you created for doing this work.

I'm in a whole new headspace thanks to the course and I very much look forward to continuing this work with you. Thank you!”

Dave S

“Thank you, from my heart to yours, for the new Foundations course. It is a gift I gave myself and I am tremendously grateful for the entire experience, with a higher vibration being the wonderful outcome.

The overall gift I received from Foundations is a feeling of a layer being removed. I feel more anchored, or seated, with my inner self and I am noticing I am more authentic when I connect with others. I usually have some social anxiety, especially with strangers, and it seems to be truly lessened or even gone. Some kind of healing took place! I also have a sense of peace that has stayed with me since the course ended
(when I am not having manifestation events).

I enjoyed working through the complementary daily concepts from both Joshua’s and The White Light’s perspective. I particularly benefitted from the newer concepts of living an unimaginable life and the process of softening my identity. My favorite exercise was picking 3 out of 10 options to shake up my daily routine. I appreciated all the coaching calls, even when I was not able to participate live, and talk about being surprised and delighted, what an amazing last coaching call with Jessica to work on the MEF and limiting beliefs. It has been heartwarming to connect with the Joshua community, and to feel part of a group of likeminded souls.

I am grateful for all that you are sharing.”


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