Course 1 : Alignment - The Teachings Of Joshua
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Course 1 : Alignment

By May 12, 2021
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Course 1 : Alignment

Alignment is the ongoing process of raising your vibration to meet your inner self’s vibration. When you think thoughts that are not in alignment with your inner self’s vibration, you receive guidance in the form of negative emotion.

When you find alignment, you feel good. You are now perfectly tuned to the vibration your inner self is holding for you and your vibration continues to rise as a result. It’s a natural process.

Alignment is the foundation. In order to engage the Law of Attraction, proceed on your journey of self-discovery and manifest all that you truly want, you must first know what alignment is,

The Alignment Course will enable you to:

  • know when you’re in or out of it
  • know exactly how to get back in
  • know what’s causing you to slip out of it
  • discover and process limiting beliefs
  • process resistant thoughts before they turn into manifestation events
  • consciously raise your vibration and start receiving inspiration.

The Alignment course is a 4-week program in an online group setting, with people from all over the world. We meet up to 4 times per week by Zoom and the course resources include:

Weekly Reading & Assignment

Daily Spiritual Practice

(15 minutes)

Special Daily Guided Meditation

(15 minutes)

Daily Plots

Tasks to inspire and lead to accelerated expansion

“In the alignment course, my mind was blown. All of a sudden, all of these questions I’ve struggled with for so long started to have answers. I had moments of true alignment and peace, knowing that I found what I’ve been looking for. Limiting beliefs and fears I’d been holding onto were illuminated and so many circumstances in my life made more sense with that knowledge in hand. My fears of death and losing loved ones, my fears of letting go of control, needing safety and security, insecurity and not feeling I am worthy, these are just a few of the pieces of the puzzle.”

Kristen Seiff

“The last year I’ve evolved immensely. I have more clarity of who I am and what I want. I acted on inspiration and learned new skills which helped my business grow much more than I could have ever imagined. Finishing this Alignment series has given me more trust in myself and in the universe. I don’t get as stressed out over my business anymore because I now know I will always be supported and the money will always flow when it’s supposed to be. I understand myself much better and have learned that I should ease up on trying to control everything. I really hope I get to a point where I can fully accept that I don’t have to control everything. My vibration is a little bit higher now but I’ve noticed I have become much more aware of it. I will now focus on learning how to keep a higher vibration more consistently. Thank you for this course, I’m excited to take the next one!”


“I feel like a new person after each segment in the Ascension Experience. I recommend the Ascension Experience program to anyone seeking to have a better attitude and fun life. My friends and family are constantly asking me how to feel better now. My new intention is to have a fun, exciting life and give more love to the world. I believe my vibration is at a new higher level now all the time. I’ve made more progress in a few months than I did in years of self study and therapy. I feel like a new person. I also feel like I am accepted and supported by the members of our community. All of my relationships are improving. I’m giving Gary’s books away and sharing the information. Thank you Gary & Joshua!”


“After spending years on self-discovery and listening to other teachers about the law of attraction I cannot believe how much change is possible in 4 weeks! The whole Alignment segment has given me so much more clarity and confidence than I could ever have dreamt of. Yes I had to step through the fear to actually sign up - but it is so true that joy is waiting for us on the other side of the fear.

Being able to work through limiting beliefs has been so empowering and the clarity I have gained has been tremendous. I now recognise when I am out of alignment and can address the reasons and get back into alignment easily and effortlessly. The Joshua Live podcasts are great, Gary’s and Joshuas books are great - I definitely learnt a lot from them BUT there’s nothing like really experiencing it! The plots and assignments from the Alignment segment are fun but at the same time thought provoking and having a partner to work alongside as well as the support of Gary and others is fab. Thank you thank you thank you! My attitude, my outlook on life and most importantly my relationship not just with others, but myself, have improved so much over the last 4 weeks - I can’t wait to experience the rest of the courses and see how it feels to become a deliberate creator.

June Jamieson


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