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By the end of the program, you will have a new perspective that is secured by an emotional anchoring of the core spiritual concepts. This is what experience does. Intellectual understanding is valuable, but as explained by White Light, an emotional experience creates deep roots within the body itself. This is the reason experience teaches and words don’t teach.

As Christy and I channelled this course, which is meant to be foundational, we were surprised at how we both understood these concepts at a completely new level. We discovered that, due to the unique way the information is presented, we internalized these concepts rather than simply understanding them intellectually.

Gary & Christy

2 Calls Per Week + A Final Group Call

Each week during the Foundations program, you will have the opportunity to attend two Joshua Live calls where you have the opportunity to ask Joshua questions. We’ll also have a Foundations group call at the end of the 28-day program.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Each morning during in the 28-day Foundations program you will complete a spiritual practice designed to connect you with your inner self. As you start each day by completing this practice, you will find that your intentions are clear, you’ll tune yourself to inspiration and you’ll set yourself up for appreciation.

Joshua Meditations

Meditation is a key to creating a lasting shift in your perspective. Each day you will be given one of Joshua’s 15-minute guided meditations that has been chosen for that specific day.

What previous participants say about Foundations

“To be able to reach such a high vibration as to channel Joshua alone is an amazing success. I have followed many spiritual teachers and channels for over 20 yrs and found the Joshua material to resonate the most. I have purchased all your books and read them multiple times. The value it has added to my life is immense and I do really appreciate it.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Foundations course, finding immense value in having both Joshua's and The White Lights' perspectives on each subject and its corresponding assignments. What particularly stood out to me was the distinct wording of your channelled perspectives on the same subject. This approach allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the theme. Engaging with the material on a daily basis, I encountered interesting thought processes and challenges within each subject matter, yet I found myself readily able to complete the readings and assignments for each day.

Undoubtedly, setting aside dedicated time for this endeavor was valuable. I recognized that by investing time and effort, I aimed to enhance my understanding of the fundamental principles underlying Joshua and White Light teachings. Through this commitment, I unearthed the concept that we have the ability to manifest our realities through our emotions. While this idea might have been expressed in various forms during the eight months of learning alongside you both, it was the Foundations course that facilitated my comprehension of it.

Thank you. 😊


“ I am in agreement with everyone else that it is truly special. There is SO much to think about and consider all the questions, possibilities or nuggets, posed by Joshua and White Light. I found the Assignment on Day 9 brilliant. The very word “Foundations” means that this is setting the foundations for their journey onto the next level. Thank you again for creating the most amazing and unique course.


“At first, I was hesitant to enroll in this course "Foundations", telling myself that with all the trainings I had taken from Joshua and The White Light, I didn't need this additional course. But in the end, I couldn't resist and I enrolled, and I don't regret it at all. Being familiar with Joshua's and The White Light Teachings, I consider this course as the gateway to a free lifestyle, being supported by our Inner Self (and those concepts that we learned in this Foundation course are there to help us in this sense). Even if someone has already taken other courses from Joshua (and The White Light), this course can be considered as the glue that holds these teachings together. I recommend it, in particular, to anyone who feels attracted "to be more", because as Joshua says: "If you want more, you have to be more. This Foundations course will elevate you on your path to an unexpected level.”

Audrey BérubéExplorer of Unlimited Abundance, Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner

“A few days behind but wanted to say that this course is truly magic. As my guides put it yesterfay Bullseye 👍🏻.

I've had big Ah-ahs daily and had big evident inspirations and syncs truly based in love and the new daily spiritual practice is AMAZING. Pointing out how following my inspirations would affect my identity of powerless to powerful and how that would be a scary shift for my ego - I can toss all that fear aside and my now heart is filled with LOVE.

I cant thank you both enough for following your passion and putting in the time to put all this together.


“I just wanted to say that I'm getting so much out of the Foundations course! It's truly amazing and I don't find it basic at all! I am loving digging deep into the concepts with all the reading (I love to read so this works so well for me) and I love the exercises every night. Thank you both (and to Joshua and White Light) for putting this course together. I think it's an amazing one.


“I have been listening to Joshua Live for well over a year (way back when Christy was first starting to channel!) and have been hooked from the start. Joshua's and the White Light's messages speak to me and I have found the teachings to be straight forward and profound.
I have been working with the information brought forth by meditating, journaling, and doing my best to find limiting beliefs. I have witnessed a big change in my perspective, and have noticed how much lighter and happier I feel. The day I heard my high sensitivity is my Super Power was a great day indeed!

I am loving going through the Foundations 2 course. Doing a daily practice makes a big difference for me. I had such a fun day yesterday/today doing the Day 12 exercises and connecting with others through the 3 options I selected. I am feeling my vibration getting stronger and noticing I'm present more often. I really enjoy your varied approach to this course and I look forward to each new day. I'm excited to see where I'll be two weeks from now!

Thank you for making a huge difference in my life. I am so grateful to you both and to Joshua and White Light.


“I just wanted to tell you both that I have read and studied for so many years but what I read and am still taking in on Lessons 13 and 14 was the most amazing and inspiring thing I have ever seen. I suddenly can see it and want you to both know my appreciation for following your inspiration and passion to bring us this wonderful good news to the world.

My new affirmation is " I have an unwavering commitment to seeing the perfection in everything". I am ready for the next class on Inspired Path. Thank you both so much.

Teri Lynn

“I’ve been doing the Foundations course, and just wanted to pass along an official “WOW”. Just wow.

Not quite sure how to articulate my feelings, but all of the content seems to be striking a chord and reverberating deeply.
I’m actually contemplating whether or not it is resonating so strongly because I was first introduced to the concepts in the basic training course, or whether it would have felt the same way without first taking BT.

Honestly, there is something about the presentation that reads like an exciting novel. And then … And then …

Each chapter leaves me in suspense of what will happen next.

What an amazing gift!!!

Thank you!!!


“The systematic approach of the Foundations program was a powerful way to raise my perspective and shift in key areas of my life. It gave me a way to drop my identity and create new possibilities. I loved the focus on a daily practice, reading and meditation with exercises. The concepts shared challenged my thinking and offered a way to bridge the gap between what is known and an unimaginable reality. Thank you Gary, Christy, Joshua and White Light for your profound work. You are all the best!

Emma WeberCEO & Founder, Lever - Transfer of Learning

“For me the Foundations Course was a game changer as last year I signed up to do my first Bootcamp and it was so much new information to digest. Now with Foundations it is so clearly explained step by step which I think is so important when you start this journey of self discovery. I absolutely loved it and it is great to have fundamentals before you even do the basics training and the bootcamp.

After the activation now I noticed when I meditate I’m more focused on it. I can go deeper into it. Where before it was so hard for me to go deep and stop my thoughts even for a second. Now it is definitely easier for me to meditate even for an hour and do not loose my focus and drift away.
Thank you Christy and White Light.”


“I want to thank you for channeling White Light, the Foundations course and all of the You Tube content you have put out there. You sharing your gifts this way has been such a blessing for me. ”


“I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful Foundations 2 course. The course sets out to raise one's vibration through a higher perspective.... and it delivers! The meditations are wonderful, the teachings from Joshua and White Light are incredibly deep and meaningful, and the exercises and daily spiritual practices bring it all together. I'm grateful for the safe and supportive environment you created for doing this work.

I'm in a whole new headspace thanks to the course and I very much look forward to continuing this work with you. Thank you!”

Dave S

“Thank you, from my heart to yours, for the new Foundations course. It is a gift I gave myself and I am tremendously grateful for the entire experience, with a higher vibration being the wonderful outcome.

The overall gift I received from Foundations is a feeling of a layer being removed. I feel more anchored, or seated, with my inner self and I am noticing I am more authentic when I connect with others. I usually have some social anxiety, especially with strangers, and it seems to be truly lessened or even gone. Some kind of healing took place! I also have a sense of peace that has stayed with me since the course ended
(when I am not having manifestation events).

I enjoyed working through the complementary daily concepts from both Joshua’s and The White Light’s perspective. I particularly benefitted from the newer concepts of living an unimaginable life and the process of softening my identity. My favorite exercise was picking 3 out of 10 options to shake up my daily routine. I appreciated all the coaching calls, even when I was not able to participate live, and talk about being surprised and delighted, what an amazing last coaching call with Jessica to work on the MEF and limiting beliefs. It has been heartwarming to connect with the Joshua community, and to feel part of a group of likeminded souls.

I am grateful for all that you are sharing.”


Basic Training

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The Basic Training course and calls are available to group members. If you'd like to join, or learn more, please contact Gary on the form below.

Basic Training

The only way to create the life you truly want is through actively raising your perspective of yourself in every area of your life.

The Basic Training program is a 6-week course designed to create an experience that will cause a shift in your perspective in all areas of your life. The change will be lasting, obvious and build the foundation needed to create the life you truly want. This is a fully channelled course created in collaboration with Joshua (channeled by Gary Temple Bodley) and The White Light (channelled by Christy Levy).

The course was designed to work for anyone no matter their lifestyle, time demands or current financial conditions. Whether you have been listening to Joshua for years or just days, this program will meet you where you are. It’s for everyone!

It works by creating experiences that are anchored by emotions into the very core of your being in an easy-to-understand way. Once the concepts are integrated, your belief structure will be altered in a way that allows you to maintain a higher perspective in every area of your life. It will then affect the way you experience your life from one of fear and control to one of love and acceptance.

It is your perspective that causes you to resist what is happening and to try to control things. But once you reach a higher perspective, you will maintain a state of love and acceptance more of the time. It will become natural for you to live this way. This is the state of allowing which is highly attractive and powerful. In this state, you are receptive to the inspiration that will lead to powerful actions that effect lasting change.

By the end of the program, you will have a new perspective that is secured by an emotional anchoring of the core spiritual concepts. This is what experience does. Intellectual understanding is valuable, but as explained by White Light, an emotional experience creates deep roots within the body itself. This is the reason experience teaches and words don’t teach.

As Christy and I channelled this course, which is meant to be foundational, we were surprised at how we both understood these concepts at a completely new level. We discovered that, due to the unique way the information is presented, we internalized these concepts rather than simply understanding them intellectually.

Gary & Christy

3 Calls Per Week

Each week during the Basic Training Program, you will have the opportunity to attend three live calls. We have two Joshua Live calls where you have the opportunity to ask Joshua questions.

We also have one weekly coaching call hosted by either Gary or Christy. Each call is focused on the subject matter for that week plus a Q&A session.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Each morning during in the 6-week Basic Training program you will complete a spiritual practice designed to connect you with your inner self. As you start each day by completing this practice, you will find that your intentions are clear, you’ll tune yourself to inspiration and you’ll set yourself up for appreciation.

Joshua Meditations

Meditation is a key to creating a lasting shift in your perspective. Each day you will be given one of Joshua’s 15-minute guided meditations that has been chosen for that specific day.

Coaches and Partners

Each participant will be paired with a partner. You will find that your partner will become a lifelong friend. You will connect with your partner on a regular basis during the course to discuss each topic and assignment. You will also have a coach who will work with you at each stage in the program.

What previous participants say about Basic Training

“I basically cried reading today's assignment. I'm filled with gratitude for you guys and I know I feel like I say it all the time, but thank you for the books, these courses, the podcasts...they are truly wildly life-changing. I've been telling people what a difference this whole thing has made in my life (still less than a year in!) So yet again: thank you.”


“I just wanted to let you both know that I am finding this course utterly transformational, educational and beautiful! The inspiration I received to do the course was strong, so I knew it would be perfect for me.....but, it's beyond what I could've imagined (of course it is, cos that's how reality works!).

For many years I've understood, intellectually at least, that I create my reality and the world 'out there' is a mirror. Yet, I didn't know how to actually find a limiting belief and soften it, and therefore change the reflection. I was stuck looking at the mirror and not knowing what to do with the reflection I saw. Thanks to Joshua, White Light and both of you....I am now unstuck.....and finding myself unstuck is only part of it. I am also fascinated by the leading edge information I'm hearing. I am also feeling so much happier, empowered and positive about just about everything. Plus I am seeing 11.11, 12.21, 20.20 etc constantly, which delights me every time!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“I just wanted to say what a wonderful first week of basic training I have had. I have already felt such a shift in my perspective. It’s interesting, and at some point when I know exactly how to ask Joshua I will, but it’s like at times in my past I was so in touch with source and feeling of abundance and surrounded in love and creator of my reality, but then like I stopped listening to inspiration and my inner guide and lost connection, or rather the connection became muted to source. And now rather than the basic training work bringing me BACK to what I felt was "connection” I am actually feeling that I’m becoming PRESENT to connection again, which is a big difference from before. It’s an awareness of the connection I didn’t feel before if that makes sense.”


“I just felt compelled to share what a profound affect this course has had on me so far. I've been on a spiritual journey for thirty years, that started when I became pregnant with my daughter and realized my atheism was misguided as I contemplated what was happening inside me. I was on a slow, steady path of discovering new ways of thinking that resonated. From Gary Zukov's Seat of the Soul that I discovered on Oprah in 1997ish, through Martha Beck, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Abraham and about 100 others, I slowly gathered bits and pieces of information that I would take in, ponder, then gradually integrate, sometimes only after hearing them again, from a different source.

My marriage had been stifling and I feel like once I got out of it, my spiritual exploration was able to accelerate as I found the freedom to truly immerse myself in it. From walking The Camino in September of 2014 to my foray into quantum physics, the myriad of teachers I've discovered on Buddha at the Gas Pump, and others, the graph that would illustrate my spiritual journey would spike sharply upward from 2014 to 2020...a spike so sharp I wouldn't have thought it could get any steeper. 2020 spun me around a full 180 degrees and led me to find teachers who seemed even more connected like Lorie Ladd, Phil Good, Bashar, Gabi Kovalenko and Robert Edward Grant, as the state of the world led me to look more online as I contemplated what all of the global changes were going to mean for us as a collective, and I now feel like I've grown more in three years than in the previous 55 combined.

Then, Joshua. I don't remember how I first came upon the teachings, but I looked back and see that I listened to over 100 episodes over the course of the next few weeks. It felt like a new kind of Truth that I hadn't heard before and that felt like The Next Step towards truly understanding my dharma. The Boot Camp and Ascension Experience sounded interesting but didn't call to me, and then Basic Training was a hard, immediate Yes. It's so succinct and powerful, that I truly feel like I've been creating an image of dots over my last 30 years of exploration and you all are helping me connect them.

Thank you. For showing up and allowing yourselves to be conduits to this energy. For listening and sharing. I so look forward to sharing the time in North Carolina, going even deeper with people who know that we are here for a very special, important that includes limitless amounts of love & joy & peace & grace.

With so much gratitude from the plains of West Texas!


“Hey Christy! I loved today’s format. I have to tell you that this Basic training has been PHENOMENAL. I asked for this! Its all the “things” that I felt were missing! Thank you so much❤️”

“Hi! Wow, it’s been a week… I am recognizing more and more the world of fear and lack I have created in my mind. Now I need to have a little patience because I know there is a different way to live and I want it all changed overnight!”

“Hey Gary! I know I don’t need to say anything but this new Basic training has been PHENOMENAL. I definitely asked for this. It’s answered a lot of my “missing info” TY so much for “working” with Christy to bring this forward ❤️ it’s Next Level!!!”

Erin D

Contact Gary to join Basic Training or for more information

* indicates required

Course 13 : Deliberate Creation

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The next course starts soon

This is the final segment in the Ascension Experience. I now understand what the Ascension Experience is. I can’t wait for you to see it as well. It’s far beyond what I thought it was.

The Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp was designed to open our mental constructs so that we would be ready for the Ascension Experience. I didn’t understand the Bootcamp at first, but after going through it several times, I saw what it is. I understood the perfection of it. I now see what the Ascension Experience really is too.

The Ascension Experience is designed to open our mental constructs in a radical way. The illusion of physical reality is just that – an elaborate illusion. We come in fully aligned with universal forces and we have faith in the system.

But as we grow, we are programmed to believe the system is flawed, we are flawed and that we must try to protect ourselves from the system itself. We start to believe we are victims and we accept that duality – right, wrong, good, bad, better, worse, etc. – is the basis of the system.

The Ascension Experience is designed to reprogram our beliefs and align with the actual system, which is based in neutrality.

Slowly but surely, we are coming out of the illusion and are starting to see the truth. In duality, we have no power, because we are operating under the illusion created by our programming. When we understand that the nature of the universe is perfect, we are perfect and all others are perfect as well, we begin to embrace the concept of neutrality. In this state there is less fear and we are able to receive more inspiration. We then ascend to a new reality and our talents, attributes and empathic abilities start to come online.

In a state of neutrality, we act on more inspiration and through our empathic abilities, we begin to see ourselves more truly than ever before. This is a highly creative and effective state of being. This is deliberate creation – entering a new reality.

I never really believed in this new reality that exists simultaneously alongside the old reality. Some call it 5D. I thought that was just a bunch of woo-woo nonsense. But now I see it. Physical reality will change for us in the following ways:

  • We will start to see who we truly are in a visceral way. This will allow us to disassociate with other people’s perception of us. We will understand they are still living in the old reality.
  • We will become highly effective and creative. Manifestations will occur faster and easier  than ever before.
  • Time will lose its meaning. We will slow time and have many experiences in a much shorter amount of time.
  • We will feel better and have more energy. We will eat lighter. Our bodies will adjust. We will require much less sleep. We will have intense and even lucid dreams. Toxic substances and people will fall away. Our ability to focus our thoughts will intensify.
  • We will discover our purpose and how we serve. We will experience great satisfaction as we are able to live as examples to those who are ready. Judgment will disappear. We won’t feel sad for others who are still exploring fear. We will see everything from the higher perspective.
  • We will experience more inspiration, intuition, direct communication and a sense of knowing. We will know what is right for us and we will seek no advice from others living in fear. We will lead ourselves and support each other.

Plus much, much more.

Can’t wait to get started!

Gary Bodley

Course 12 : Freedom

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The next course starts soon

Welcome to course #12 of the Ascension Experience: Freedom. You will soon discover that the concept of true freedom is greatly misunderstood. It’s similar to Joshua’s definition of abundance, which is not exactly how we would have defined it before these teachings.

Freedom, like abundance, is an inherent aspect of our reality. However, we can’t see it because we have not learned how to properly describe it. Once you understand the true definition of freedom, you’ll realize that you have no true limitations. They are all self-imposed by our mental construct and limiting beliefs. Without limiting beliefs, we would inherently be limitless or absolutely free.

Therefore, the path to freedom comes by redefining it, ourselves and our reality. It is the stripping away of the which limits us. We are not gaining freedom, we are removing limitations.

Course 10 : Romantic Relationships

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The next course starts soon

Welcome to course #10 of the Ascension Experience – Romantic Relationships.

In every course so far, there is always something more than the title of the course suggests. This course is no different. I was surprised by the week one text and I’m sure you’ll discover that Romantic Relationships mean something more than you perceive.

Course 6 : Relationships with Family & Friends

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The next course starts soon

Welcome to the Family & Friends segment of The Ascension Experience!

In the last segment, Oneness, Joshua explained how our reality is One with who we really are. We relate with everything in our reality and this gives us a perception of ourselves. Elevate that perception through love and acceptance and our reality shifts to bring in new experiences that are even more aligned with love.

That’s easy with things like nature and pets, but more difficult with people. In this segment, we will dive much deeper into our relationships with Family and Friends. The first week is about our relationships with our parents. It doesn’t matter if they are still alive or if they’ve transitioned. That relationship is still there. You define yourself through these relationships (in the moment, in the past and into the future). If we can elevate our perception and then allow ourselves to express more love, we enhance these relationships.

I think this segment is going to take us to a whole new level!’

Course 5 : Oneness

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The next course starts soon


When Joshua first presented the Ascension Experience, they listed 13 courses. The list started with Alignment and ended with Deliberate Creation. The fifth course they listed was Oneness. It seemed to me that the Oneness course might have been closer to the end, but it was number 5 on the list.

When they first presented the Bootcamp, I had know idea what it really was. It took about 5 bootcamps before I started to see it. At first I thought it was a really nice course designed to shift our perspective so that we could live in more ease and joy. Then after a few more bootcamps, I started to see that it was all about our journey of self-discovery. I saw the perfection in the layout and progression of that course. Then it ended.

I was really surprised that it stopped and the Ascension Experience began. I wondered how anything could come after it and it was strange to just stop it after only 200 people had participated. Why scrap something so profound?

So the Ascension Experience came and we’ve completed four courses. I started to see how each course built on the previous course. I could visualize a ladder and each rung was one course. Then came Oneness. I couldn’t see how this course would practically add to the previous courses. As you know, I’m really interested in the practical applications of these teachings.

When I started channeling the Oneness Course, I wasn’t really looking forward to it in the way I looked forward to Financial Prosperity and Health & Vitality. Those courses would have practical applications in our everyday lives. But as soon as I was done with week one of the Oneness course, I saw it!

The Oneness Course will have very practical applications. It’s a shift to an even higher level of consciousness. I don’t think it would be easy or even possible to understand this concept unless we had already taken the first 4 courses. While those courses were beneficial on their own, they provided the foundation for the Oneness Course. I think this course will benefit us exponentially more than any other course so far. I’m really excited for you to see it for yourself.

Since channeling the first week of this course and doing the assignment myself, I feel a profound change. There is a very deep level of communication happening here. We are going to get to new levels of clarity and understanding. It’s going to change our perceptions of our realities. It is going to tie everything together. I’m very excited to channel the first daily message tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

The practical application of this new course will be to change our way of thinking so that we become calm in deep appreciation of our lives. With this new understanding of oneness, we will see how everything and everyone relates to everything else, with each of us at the center of it all so that we can experience what we have all come to experience; who we really are.

Sometime during the last course I came to realize that my life has been perfect for me all along. It’s been and will continue to be the perfect life for me. I was so busy being in resistance to it that I could not see the perfection. Now I see it clearly. This releases all anxiety, doubt, frustration and especially worry. I can see it now. Nothing bad ever happened. It all unfolded beautifully. Every event led to new desires and beliefs. It had to happen exactly the way it did. And along the way I had sooooo many incredibly wonderful experiences. And this realization has brought me to a new level of appreciation.

Imagine that what we really want is to discover who we truly are. That’s our primary mission here on Earth. Everything that happens moves us closer to the manifestation of that singular desire. It’s all working out. Everything is coming together to show each of us who we really are. Compared to that, nothing else matters. Yet we are also given everything else we need to live in joy. We get a guided journey to self-discovery and everything else we want as long as we are on that journey. If we get distracted and step of that journey, we are always nudged lovingly back on to our inspired path.

Now imagine living with the knowledge that you are here as the creator of you, your life and your entire reality with all the forces of the universe here to support you. Not only that, but this journey will be perfect for you in every way. If you see the perfection and know why everything is happening, you can live in joy. And if you resist it, you will still be guided to understanding yourself more and more. It’s failsafe!

Thank you all for being here at the leading-edge of thought with me!

Gary Temple Bodley

Course 4 : Health and Vitality

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The next course starts soon

Health & Vitality

In this segment of The Ascension Experience, you will create an empowering mindset based on the truth of your body. Your beliefs about your body and your relationship with it will be radically altered so that you will come to view it in a totally new and empowering way. You will discover whatever resistance you’ve had in the past and process all of those limiting beliefs in order to allow well-being and perfect health to flow.

You will approach your body with a new perspective. This perspective will change your relationship with your body. You will come into perfect alignment with your body, because you will view it in truth rather than from the illusion. When this happens, you will completely understand all of the factors that go into creating a perfect physical form that serves you in love on your journey of self-discovery.

Course 3 : Self Discovery

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The next course starts soon

Self Discovery

What we are going to discuss in this segment is the key to limitless, abundant, effortless and eternal life. It is the process of a new awareness, which will set you free from all suffering and discontentment. The process is achievable by all of you who are reading this now, for you have found these teachings due to an intention you set prior to your birth.

Most of you will take one year of practice to achieve this new awareness and alter the course of your life. Some will be able to complete this transition from the old approach to the new approach in as little as three months. Some of you will need as much as three years to change your approach. It all depends on the intensity of your limiting beliefs and your attachment to the illusion of physical reality. But all of you are capable of great change and growth.

Course 2 : Financial Prosperity

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The next course starts soon

Financial Prosperity

Absolute abundance is your birthright. You are born abundant and free. Somewhere along the way you attracted limiting beliefs. You do not currently understand the level of abundance that is always flowing to you. You, due to your limiting beliefs, have a limited perspective when it comes to abundance. You have not yet learned to define abundance in limitless terms. This is true of all humans, no matter their current level of awareness.

The life you are living now is fully abundant. There is no lack and has never been any true lack in your life. You cannot lack anything you need, for to do so would violate the laws of the universe. The universe is based on abundance. This is the natural law as represented by the term – Law of Attraction.

Course 1 : Alignment

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The next course starts soon

Course 1 : Alignment

Alignment is the ongoing process of raising your vibration to meet your inner self’s vibration. When you think thoughts that are not in alignment with your inner self’s vibration, you receive guidance in the form of negative emotion.

When you find alignment, you feel good. You are now perfectly tuned to the vibration your inner self is holding for you and your vibration continues to rise as a result. It’s a natural process.

Alignment is the foundation. In order to engage the Law of Attraction, proceed on your journey of self-discovery and manifest all that you truly want, you must first know what alignment is,

The Alignment Course will enable you to:

  • know when you’re in or out of it
  • know exactly how to get back in
  • know what’s causing you to slip out of it
  • discover and process limiting beliefs
  • process resistant thoughts before they turn into manifestation events
  • consciously raise your vibration and start receiving inspiration.

The Alignment course is a 4-week program in an online group setting, with people from all over the world. We meet up to 4 times per week by Zoom and the course resources include:

Weekly Reading & Assignment

Daily Spiritual Practice

(15 minutes)

Special Daily Guided Meditation

(15 minutes)

Daily Plots

Tasks to inspire and lead to accelerated expansion

“In the alignment course, my mind was blown. All of a sudden, all of these questions I’ve struggled with for so long started to have answers. I had moments of true alignment and peace, knowing that I found what I’ve been looking for. Limiting beliefs and fears I’d been holding onto were illuminated and so many circumstances in my life made more sense with that knowledge in hand. My fears of death and losing loved ones, my fears of letting go of control, needing safety and security, insecurity and not feeling I am worthy, these are just a few of the pieces of the puzzle.”

Kristen Seiff

“The last year I’ve evolved immensely. I have more clarity of who I am and what I want. I acted on inspiration and learned new skills which helped my business grow much more than I could have ever imagined. Finishing this Alignment series has given me more trust in myself and in the universe. I don’t get as stressed out over my business anymore because I now know I will always be supported and the money will always flow when it’s supposed to be. I understand myself much better and have learned that I should ease up on trying to control everything. I really hope I get to a point where I can fully accept that I don’t have to control everything. My vibration is a little bit higher now but I’ve noticed I have become much more aware of it. I will now focus on learning how to keep a higher vibration more consistently. Thank you for this course, I’m excited to take the next one!”


“I feel like a new person after each segment in the Ascension Experience. I recommend the Ascension Experience program to anyone seeking to have a better attitude and fun life. My friends and family are constantly asking me how to feel better now. My new intention is to have a fun, exciting life and give more love to the world. I believe my vibration is at a new higher level now all the time. I’ve made more progress in a few months than I did in years of self study and therapy. I feel like a new person. I also feel like I am accepted and supported by the members of our community. All of my relationships are improving. I’m giving Gary’s books away and sharing the information. Thank you Gary & Joshua!”


“After spending years on self-discovery and listening to other teachers about the law of attraction I cannot believe how much change is possible in 4 weeks! The whole Alignment segment has given me so much more clarity and confidence than I could ever have dreamt of. Yes I had to step through the fear to actually sign up - but it is so true that joy is waiting for us on the other side of the fear.

Being able to work through limiting beliefs has been so empowering and the clarity I have gained has been tremendous. I now recognise when I am out of alignment and can address the reasons and get back into alignment easily and effortlessly. The Joshua Live podcasts are great, Gary’s and Joshuas books are great - I definitely learnt a lot from them BUT there’s nothing like really experiencing it! The plots and assignments from the Alignment segment are fun but at the same time thought provoking and having a partner to work alongside as well as the support of Gary and others is fab. Thank you thank you thank you! My attitude, my outlook on life and most importantly my relationship not just with others, but myself, have improved so much over the last 4 weeks - I can’t wait to experience the rest of the courses and see how it feels to become a deliberate creator.

June Jamieson

Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp

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The next Bootcamp starts soon. We have limited places available for new enrolments, so

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Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp

Things are shifting. Everything is new. What we thought a few months ago is changing and evolving. It’s all working out perfectly. What we are doing in this work is elevating our perception of reality so that it is based more in love and less in fear. Everything you fear is an illusion. Everything you love is true.

There’s no reason for any of us to be limited by fear. The fear is irrational. It’s just limiting. It limits us from expanding as we intended to new levels of clarity, confidence and joy. We are starting to realize that now.

Wherever you are on your journey is perfect. Just know that you are choosing a limited perspective compared to where you will be in just a few weeks. You don’t know what you don’t know, so allow your beliefs to be malleable. You will grow and expand and your beliefs will be modified. Let them be. You only hold onto old, limiting beliefs due to fear. You think they keep you safe, but they can’t. They’re just limiting.

Radically Raise your Vibration

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How to Radically Raise your Vibration by
Uncovering and Processing Unconscious Limiting Beliefs

in 7 Days

Gary Temple Bodley

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Through Gary, Joshua has written four books, dozens of articles and answered hundreds of questions from people all over the world. More than 2 millions inspired words have been channeled in five years.

Gary hosts two popular podcasts; Joshua Live and The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable.

Gary hosts seminars and workshops around the world, bringing Joshua’s teachings to those who are interested in expanding their awareness of universal laws and becoming a vibrational match to the life they truly desire.

You are being called to recognize who you really are so that you can unlock your Soul’s Purpose. You have found your way to these teachings because you are becoming a vibrational match to that purpose. When you discover your Soul’s purpose, you will live in bliss. You are not yet a vibrational match to that life and this is why you are here now. Your only work is to allow your Soul’s Purpose to come to you by finding and maintaining your alignment. You do that by radically changing your entire approach to life.

“You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance”

- Joshua

You are on a journey of self-discovery and you have found your way here. You are first and foremost an explorer. You are exploring physical reality for the purpose of self-discovery. Prior to your birth, you intended to explore various aspects of physical reality in order to learn more about yourself. You have sifted and sorted and defined your preferences. You have birthed many desires. Those desires have led you to seek more information about the Laws of the Universe and The Mechanism of Physical Reality.

You want to know how to consciously and effectively create the life you prefer. This has led you to discover this information and so you are now vibrationally ready to take the next step.

In this course, you will learn the key to consciously creating a vibration that matches what you truly desire. Without the process you are about to receive, you will have great difficulty consciously altering your vibration.

When you receive this key and apply it to your life, your reality will quickly change. You will become a match to what you want. It will all make sense. It will become manifested into your reality because you will be ready for it, vibrationally speaking.

But before we start, you must understand the fundaments of universal laws, why you are here and how it all works.

Let's Get Started !

Understanding the Mechanism of Physical Reality

Physical Reality is an environment that enables the journey of self-discovery. You exist in a loving and supportive universe. Everything you need to explore reality in any way you choose is always being provided for you. It always has been provided to you and it always will.

You are currently exploring whatever you are focused on now. If you are focused on lack of any kind (lack of money, love, time, etc.), you will attract experiences and situations that allow you to explore lack fully. That is the design of the system.

You can focus on anything and your reality will be formed around the subject of that focus. This is the fundamental design of the system of physical reality. What you believe forms your vibration and this is communicated out to the universe. The universe responds by bringing you a reality that conforms to your beliefs. Alter your beliefs and you change your reality.

The basis of this reality is love. You can only attract love. There is no wrong – only your judgment of wrong. The judgment of wrong is an illusion.

Knowing Who You Really Are

In order to consciously create a vibration that will match what you truly want, you must know who you really are. You must see yourself from a much higher perspective.

You are not an individual trying to survive. You are not a victim. You are not subject to fate. Bad things cannot happen to you.

You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are worthy. You are inherently good. You have nothing to prove. You are an explorer and you cannot fail. You are absolutely and completely unique. No one like you has ever lived before or will ever live again. Not only is your life unique, not only is your perspective unique, but it is all unique in each and every moment of your life.

Your life adds to the perspective of Source. Your experiences add to the expansion of All That Is. Without your life and all of your experiences, All That Is would be less than it is. It would be different. You are an integral component of the universe. You are valued, loved and needed.

Why You Are Here

In order to consciously create a vibration that will match what you truly want, you must know why you are here.

You must understand that you intended to be here now in this crucial time of awakening. You very much wanted to be here and so you became a vibrational match to the earth on the day you were born.

You are an explorer and you cannot fail. You came to experience Love, Freedom, Abundance, Joy and Expansion. You are expanding with every moment and you are seeing yourself from a new perspective each time you expand. You expand with each new experience. You expand when you face contrast or push past fear to do something you’re inspired to do.

There is something more specific you wanted to experience in this life. This is your Soul’s Purpose. And it is always calling you. If you move toward it without resistance, you will discover it and you will live a life of bliss while pursuing your Soul’s Purpose. If you resist this calling, you will face more and more intense contrasting moments we call Manifestation Events.

How You Create Your Own Reality

You have always been creating your own reality. You are a creator and your creation is your reality based on your idea of self (who you perceive yourself to be in any moment). You are creating your reality right now as you are reading this and are involved in a Process. You will continue to create your reality in every moment.  Sometimes you are creating with intention and purpose. Other times, you are creating unconsciously by default.

You create your future by how you react to events and situations. You perceive some events are good and others are bad or wrong. There is no bad or wrong and so when you create out of something you think is wrong, you are creating unconsciously. If you knew how the system works you would never again create unconsciously, you would always create intentionally.

How you are being creates your reality. You are either being allowing or resistant. When in fear (mostly of that which is based in irrational fear) you resist that which you would naturally create if you were allowing.

In order to create the life you desire, you must change your mind around that which you fear; that which you perceive from a limited perspective to be bad or wrong.

Law of Attraction

Reality is simply a reflection of your vibration. You create that vibration by how and who you are being. If you are being loving, open, authentic and accepting of yourself, everyone else, and your present conditions, you allow your future to unfold as you intended prior to your birth.

The Law of Attraction brings you a reflection of how and who you are being.
In each moment, you are either being open, allowing and accepting of what is, or you are being resistant to what is.

Your attention to what you perceive as bad or wrong creates more of that. The Law of Attraction is neutral and does not care what you are focused on. Whatever it is, you create more by your focus of attention on that subject. When you focus on problems, you create more. When you focus on obstacles, you attract more. When you focus on the lack of anything, you attract more experiences of lack.

Change your focus and you change your reality. Change your beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, moods, etc. and you change your point of focus.

The Importance Of Meditation

You create through the thoughts you think. Those thoughts, backed up by your beliefs, inform your vibration.

You are mostly unaware of the power of your thoughts and the thoughts you continue to think. Your thoughts turn into stronger and more intense forms called beliefs. Those beliefs attract realities that conform to them and they are very powerful. Your reality will always reflect your beliefs.

When you quiet your mind through the daily practice of meditation, you begin to recognize your thoughts and beliefs. In the recognition of resistant thoughts, you can begin to understand the reality you have been attracting. The first step to altering your reality is to notice your thoughts and adjust them.

You have complete control over the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold. You can alter the way you think to create the life you prefer. Your dream life will emerge once you take charge of your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs are not positive or negative, they are either empowering or limiting. Meditation will enable you the power to consciously think more empowering thoughts.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Most humans do not engage in a consistent daily spiritual practice.

You are a spiritual being living a physical experience. The physical experience enables you to see yourself from new perspectives in each new moment. It is a process of self- discovery. You are discovering that you (and everyone else) is a representation of Source itself.

You spend many hours a day working at a job, watching TV, eating, sleeping, spending time with friends and loved ones. While this is all good and right, you do not spend time in a spiritual practice. You are spiritual and physical, yet you spend the great majority of time engaged only in the physical realm. The conscious awareness of the fact that you are a spiritual being will allow you to adopt a daily spiritual practice.

Everything you want in this life will come to you. You will receive it. You do not go out and make it happen, you allow it to come. The life of your dreams will be formed by the universe, not manufactured by you. The way to allow that dream life to be manifested in your personal reality is completed through daily spiritual practice.

Your Vibration Attracts Your Reality

Your vibration creates your reality. That vibration exists either in harmony with universal laws and energies or in contrast to those laws.

Your work is not to do anything, it is simply to be. When you are being consistently allowing and accepting of yourself, all others, and the world around you, you are being receptive.

When you perceive that things are going right, you are being receptive. When you perceive that things are going wrong, you are being resistant. Reception allows you to tune into who you really are and attract a reality that matches this true and authentic version of you. It feels good. Things work out. You exist in bliss.

Resistance causes you to tune into a reality that is in opposition to who you really are. It feels off. Nothing works. If you have been living in resistance, you have been feeling negative emotion and you’ve been receiving urges to control the conditions. If you are living in acceptance, you are receiving inspired thoughts and ideas and you have been taking actions that have led you to your dream life.

Limiting Beliefs

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance.

  • Do you believe this version of you exists now? If not, it is due to a conglomeration of limiting beliefs. These beliefs limit what you will allow yourself to experience in physical reality.
  • Do you experience the great financial abundance that is available to you? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Do you have the love of your dreams in your life? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Are you experiencing perfect health? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Have you found your Soul’s Purpose in this life? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs keep you apart from all the things you truly want. All of your limiting beliefs are false. You can process them and prove they are false. You can find evidence that proves they are false. All you need is a process to prove limiting beliefs are false. Engage in this process and reduce your limiting beliefs.

Joshua Meditations

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