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Week Four : Who You Truly Are (Click Here To Start)

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Who You Truly Are

As you are discovering, there is a truth to who you are and there is the illusion of who you are. Your journey of self-discovery is made by coming out of the illusion and into the truth. But all that you believe you know is the illusion. You really have no conception of the truth. You do not know the illusion to be true, you believe it to be true. That illusory version of you is made through a perception of reality which is stacked upon many, many limiting beliefs.

There is a light that shines within you. It is the light of truth. This light is always guiding you. The proof of that can be found in your discovery of these teachings. The light within you has guided you here. The truth within you has attracted the truth. This is the basic principle behind the Law of Attraction. However, the limiting beliefs are still active within your vibration. In order to move toward more truth, your limiting beliefs must first be revealed, one by one, and eventually the stack will fall. When the stack falls, the truth will be made known to you. You will know a new truth.

Until this moment comes, you can be aware of the truth. You are, as we have stated in absolute truth many times before, a limitless, eternal, magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. You can adopt this highly empowering belief. You can choose to see yourself as this version, which is the truth, rather than the apparent version, which is the illusion.

The illusion is borne out of fear. It is the fear of death, rejection and above all, loss. Yet these fears are also based in the illusion. It is the illusion as viewed from the victim’s perspective. From the limited perspective, the illusion will seem true. From the limited perspective, the earth seems flat. But, as you are well aware, the earth is not flat. The limited perspective lacks information. When you gain clarity and receive more information, the truth is revealed. The earth is round. Therefore, it is information you seek. The information contained in words is all good and well, but it is not a powerful conveyor of information. Information is best conveyed through experience. As Abraham says, “Words don’t teach, experience teaches.”

The expansion gained through experience brings with it information. It brings clarity. It brings confidence. It fills in the holes of missing information within your entire belief system. It raises your vibration. It attracts a new reality. It brings you into alignment with the truth of who you are. It fulfills the intentions you made prior to your birth. Positive expansion through choosing the higher perspective brings you everything you want. What you truly want above all is to discovery who you really are.

You might not imagine that what you truly want is to discover who you really are. You might want love and acceptance from others. You might want fame and fortune. You might want more ease in your life. You might want health and well being. While all these things are wonderful, what you truly want is to know who you are. When that moment comes, you will then allow everything else you truly want into your life. It will all flow to you as the side effect of knowing who you truly are.

You can’t really imagine who you are, because your perspective is limited. You can possibly glimpse it from time to time. You can use your imagination to picture it once in a while, but this is always done from a limited perspective. How can you imagine what it means to be the creator of your reality? How can you know what it is to be the Source of your creation? How can you possibly imagine what it means to have set forth into this life to have the perfect experience? How can you begin to know yourself as perfect? If you currently exist in a limited state of consciousness, how can you ascend to higher states of conscious awareness? Quite frankly, you’re already doing that now.

If you knew who you were right now, the journey would be over. Since the journey is eternal, you are constantly moving to new and elevated states of awareness. How does this all fit together? How do you come to a new conclusion? It fits together with each step you take and with each step, you arrive at a brand new conclusion. The act of ascension is one in which you move through experiences to gain more information, which leads to consecutive steps.

At some point in a physical life, you will grasp the idea. You will suddenly think, “Holy smokes. I’m it! I am Source. Of course I am. It now makes so much sense. I am the Creator. I created this life for this unique experience. I set it all up. It’s brilliant. It’s perfect. But there has to be more!” And so you will continue on your journey of self- discovery. But it will be completely new and it will be based in truth.

Imagine you are an explorer. You set out from your village to explore what is over the mountain. You have heard that there’s a river beyond the mountain. The river will provide fresh water and fish to eat. So you set off in search of the river. You explore your way up the mountain and down the other side. Eventually you arrive at your destination. You have discovered the river. But now you wonder, “what’s on the other side of this river?” Your next exploration has begun and it is all new.

Your destination in this physical life on this physical plane of reality is to discover who you truly are. Once the discovery is made, you will have a new exploration. Until this discovery is made, you will continue to explore the illusion of fear and who you are not. You have done this for many previous lifetimes. In this lifetime comes the opportunity to finally arrive at a major point in your journey. It is the realization that you are Source, that you created this and all other lives, and that you (along with every aspect of your life) is perfect. Once you arrive at this conclusion, you feel it viscerally and you will embark on a new exploration. You will forever be set free from the illusion.

You must spend some time exploring who you are not in order to really understand who you are. The lifetimes you choose to explore the inauthentic version are by choice. You have not been ready before to address your limiting beliefs. Those beliefs allowed you to feel some form of control over your existence, but the limiting beliefs are all part of the illusion. They drive the illusion and support it in every way. Without your limiting beliefs, the illusion falls apart.

In this life, as compared to other lifetimes, you are choosing to analyze your fears and process your limiting beliefs. You did not and could not really do this in previous lives. You observe people all around you today who are choosing to believe their limiting beliefs are fact, not fiction. It does not even occur to them that they might have the ability to alter their set of beliefs from limiting to empowering. They might imagine that this is not possible or even foolish to do so. From their limited perspectives, they believe their beliefs are true.

Since you have chosen to analyze and process your limiting beliefs, it proves that you are on a different trajectory. You are closer to living a life in love, while they are still living lives of fear. It’s not that you are superior to them, it’s just that you have come to this brand new conclusion a little bit earlier. They will find their way here soon enough. They still have some more exploring to do. They have many more manifestation events to encounter. You must allow them to continue on their journey until they are ready. They might discover this information in this life, the next one or another life after that. The timing will be perfect for them. You are here now, before the masses. This simply means that you have acted on enough inspiration to be here now.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means that you could not find yourself in this Ascension Experience program unless you were fully ready, willing and capable of discovering who you truly are in this lifetime. This is an important acknowledgment that we want you to understand. You emit a vibration. This vibration attracts a corresponding reality. All the information that you need will be found in that reality. In this case, this is the information that matches your unique vibration. If your readiness to discover who you truly are was not activated within your vibration, these teachings would not be manifested in your reality. Since they exist in your reality, but not the realities of most humans, it means that you have within you the active vibration of awakening fully to the truth of who you really are. It is law. It cannot be otherwise.

This is a simple, yet absolute fact. Your vibration emits the active signal of self- discovery, self-actualization and self-awareness. While all humans have this signal within their vibrations in some form, it is not yet fully active at this time. In time, it will be activated, but they need more experiences. Your signal is active. You, through the decisions you have made to push past fear have activated your signal in this lifetime. Bravo!

So now you have two choices; to continue your journey or to go back to a state of disbelief. Well, now that your signal is activated, the universe will bring you many experiences that align with your choice in the matter. If you choose to continue your inspired path, you will move through fear effortlessly and easily acting on inspired ideas that will lead to the ultimate realization of who you are. You will encounter and experience yourself as Source. If you choose to disbelieve this information and attempt to return to a life of fear, the universe will bring you one manifestation event after another that will point out your limiting beliefs and resistance to this idea.

The choice is yours

You may choose the path of enlightenment or ignorance, yet you must remember that the beacon of self-discovery has already been activated. The choice to move forward on your inspired path will lead to everything you truly want, although it will be moving from lower levels of awareness through fear to heightened levels of awareness.

From a limited state of being, the concept of expansion through fear will feel uncomfortable. At first, it might even seem unreasonable. It might feel impractical. Since you cannot know what will come as you cross the threshold of any fear, it might seem like it’s not worth the bother. But of course, there is no bother. The bother is just fear.

You have come to a new threshold, not just in this life, but in your journey of lifetimes. Each life built upon past lifetimes. Through each lifetime, you expanded through experiences. You birthed many desires. You have allowed many desires to manifest. You have evolved by acting on more inspiration. You have built a deeper connection to your inner self, the truth of who you are. You have arrived at the point of awakening in the time of awakening! You are in the perfect place at the perfect time. And now you will cross the threshold.

What awaits you beyond this threshold is more magnificent than you can even begin to imagine. It is not just the manifestation of a few of your human desires, it is the culmination of who you truly are. Imagine now that you are creating/unlocking dimension of such love and acceptance, that everything you once thought was true, was nothing more than the illusion.

As you exist in your current state, you have a perception of what it is to love, to be abundant, to be free, to be healthy, to be satisfied, engaged, worthy, etc. But even these musings are based in the illusion. The most beautiful experience you’ve ever had, was still had within the illusion. Imagine now stepping fully out of that illusion and into the truth while you are living a physical life.

This is what awaits you!

But there is still work to be done. There are still limiting beliefs to be processed. There are still experiences in lack and limitation to be had. Your emotional sensitivity has room to grow in strength. Your fears are still a bit too strong. You still live in the illusion.

And so we ask you to be brave and carry on with this Ascension Experience. You have just begun. There is so much more to come. In the weeks and months to follow you will gain insights and adopt a new perception of reality. This will allow you to travel further and faster than ever before. Your beliefs will be opened. Your doubts will be eased. Your frame of reference will evolve at your own pace. It will all come together at the perfect time. You will see it then. You cannot see it now, so you’ll have to carry on with a bit of faith.

Do you feel better now than you did a year or two ago? That’s all you’ll ever have to ask yourself. Do you see things differently now? That’s all you need to understand. You are evolving, growing and changing. You are moving more rapidly from fear to love than ever. It is coming true. Your divine intention for this life is coming into fruition. You are on the right path. You are doing everything perfectly.

Fear will ask you to give up. Fear will present the illusion that this is not really going anywhere. You will look at your conditions and might perceive that nothing’s changed. But it has all changed. You are new. Your conditions are new. It’s all flowing to you so elegantly now. It’s all coming together for you now. You are at the right place at the right time with an empowering perception of reality. This has never happened like this before. Others will follow, but you are among the first to arrive.

We are beyond thrilled with your progress and we encourage you to continue. There is so much more yet to come.

This Week

Complete the Plots, Daily Spiritual Practices each day and  Manifestation Event exercises when needed, to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

Week Three : The Persona vs The Spiritual Self (Click Here To Start)

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The Persona vs The Spiritual Self

We have discussed the spiritual self, which is the true reality of who you are. It is the truth of you in the nonphysical realm as well as the truth of you in the physical realm. There are no differences between you and your spiritual self either in the physical or nonphysical realms. You are your inner self, your spiritual self and your inner self is you.

Who you think you are is a different matter

The illusion of the human self is perfectly aligned with the system of physical reality as described in the last week’s material. The illusion is necessary and required for you to undertake a journey of self-discovery. Without the illusion, there would be no discovery. You would know who you truly are. But that understanding would have no context. How could you truly know who you are without exploring who you are not? You could not arrive at the authentic version of you without great explorations into the inauthentic version. Therefore, the illusion cast in physical reality, which is dominated by fear and limiting beliefs, is required to discover who you truly are.

But, and this is a big but, if you cannot see out of the illusion, you will be convinced that your fears, limiting beliefs and all aspects of the illusion are true. Then, as you act upon the illusion as if it’s the truth, you fall deeper into the illusion. Everything you attempt to manifest, all of your dreams and desires, are based on the illusion and not the truth. So the illusion seems even more real and the truth is never revealed.

Underlying this dilemma is a solution. It is the core truth of who you are, which is carried in your vibration. This core truth is always creating pathways out of the illusion and into the light. No matter what you believe or what you fear, you are always being called towards the light. Combined with this inherent quality of truth that exists within you is all of your pre-birth intentions, which are your true desires.

The universe is designed to bring you everything you desire, whether that’s based in fear and lack or love and abundance. Your false desires are based in lack and fear while the intentions you set prior to your birth are based in abundance and love. So no matter how limiting your beliefs, you are always moving forward out of fear and toward love. The proof of this is found in those who are enrolled in the Ascension experience, and all of those who read the books, listen to the podcasts and watch the videos. There are millions who are following all sorts of teachers and are receptive to new ideas. Many more will follow in the months and years to come.

Your journey to self-discovery is a unique one

It is built upon all of the expansion predicated through previous life experiences. One life is built upon the last moving ever closer to the understanding of who you truly are. It is all good, it is all beneficial, because it is all expansive. The universe is expanding and so are you. You are expanding to the ultimate truth of who you are. This is what self-self-discovery is all about.

The entire system of physical reality has been created and is always supporting you for this one purpose; self-discovery. You might assume that there are other reasons for life, and while there is much to do, be and have in this physical realm, all of it serves this one purpose; to discover who you truly are.

Your journey is an individual one, but you do not do it alone

You are fully supported by your inner self, your countless guides and supporters, Source itself, and all of the people in your life. It has all been created by you and for you for this primary purpose; self-discovery. You can revel in it all in full love and acceptance and appreciate all of it. Or you can resist it. If not for the illusion, you would resist none of it. The illusion that you are not who you truly are causes you to resist it.

You have birthed desires based in fear and lack

These desires, upon their manifestation, seem to bring you what you lack, but they never do. That’s because you have never lacked anything. You have always existed in full abundance. It’s the illusion of imperfection that causes you to perceive lack. All of your man-made desires are based in the fear that you are not worthy, not enough, not whole, not good enough and not the Source/creator of your reality. Once you start living in the truth of who you are, the illusion will release its grasp on you. You will be set free.

Your persona, that which you think defines you, was created out of fear and is not true. You use your persona as the excuse for why you do or do not receive everything you want. What you want is unconditional love and acceptance. This is caused by the illusion. Who you truly are is unconditional love and acceptance. The illusion causes you to want this in order to feel whole, good and worthy. If you could exist in the truth of who you are, you would exude pure love and acceptance unconditionally from every fiber of your being.

The illusion causes you to perceive a lack of love and acceptance

The truth enables you to live in absolute love and acceptance

You are moving from the illusion (lack of love) to the truth (limitless unconditional love)

Your persona is based on the illusion. Therefore, through the creation of your false persona you seek above all to be loved, liked and respected by people who you perceive to exist outside of you. Your basic premise is that you lack the love you desire. Your persona then, which is based on the illusion, is designed to cause others to like, love and respect you. But since it’s based in fear, you will never get the feeling of unconditional love you desire. No matter how you manipulate your persona, it will never bring you what you desire, because it conflicts with who you truly are and the design of the system.

From your perspective, the persona is flawed, because you are not receiving the love that you desire. Thus, you must continually adjust and monitor your persona in the impossible attempt toward improvement. From that same perspective, the persona (which you believe is you) must continually be improved. Since you are not receiving the love and appreciation you so desire, your perception is that the imperfection of you is the reason your can’t receive love. If only you were perfect (or better in some way), you would be worthy of the love you lack.

This idea of the invalid version of you was created through painful experiences in your childhood. Remember that you came in as a pure and perfect being of love (the truth of who you are), but then had experiences and adopted limiting beliefs that were in opposition to that true version. The experiences caused intense negative emotion. The emotion was felt as pain. In order to avoid pain, you had to create a protective shield, which has become your persona. The ego uses the persona to protect you from further unwanted negative emotion. This, however, was based on the illusion. You were never flawed, imperfect, incomplete or unworthy.

If you placed your hand on a hot stove as a child, you felt intense physical pain. This experience was burned into your memory and from this point on you were careful around hot stoves. The pain served a purpose. It was an experience that served to protect you from future moments of pain.

Emotional pain can be just as intense as physical pain. You remember it. You avoid it. But while the physical pain served a practical purpose (survival), emotional pain is something different entirely. Physical pain is limiting. It limits you from doing things that could harm the physical body. It alerts you to injuries and causes you to rethink action. While this is limiting, it serves to keep you alive. Emotional pain is different.

Emotions are a basic form of guidance

They let you know which perspective you are choosing in the moment. They alert you to the presence of limiting or empowering beliefs in the moment. If, in the moment, you are choosing an empowering perspective, you will feel positive emotion. If you are choosing a limited and false perspective, you will feel negative emotion.

As a child, you did not understand your emotions and so you naturally took the approach of the victim. You perceived that outside events and other people were the cause of your emotions. This is the illusion in action. The illusion of physical reality caused you to adopt the limited approach to life. From your nonphysical perspective, before you were born, you knew this would happen. You planned for it. You knew that this feature of physical really would cause you to forget who you truly are. By forgetting who you are, you knew this would cause you to seek the truth of who you are. This is

the journey of self-discovery. This is the reason you are here. This is the basic design of the system. This is why you came. This is the only reason you are here now.

The illusion of physical reality causes you and all other humans to forget who you are. It’s a perfect system. Without the illusion, you could not forget and you would not create a false persona. But you also knew something else. You knew that the truth of who you are would eventually emerge. Upon realizing this truth, through the illusion, you would gain a wonderful knew perspective. The experience of forgetting who you are and then eventually remembering would be expansive. It’s the type of expansion that it not available or possible in the nonphysical realm. This is why you choose to live all the lives you have ever lived. It is all culminating to an experience of awakening. That single experience makes every life experience worth it.

You are on a wonderful adventure. You are an explorer. You are a creator. All of your experiences add to the tapestry of All That Is. Without your experiences, All That Is would be less than it is. It would miss vital components of experience, since only you can experience your reality in the physical realm as a human. It not only means something to you, it means something to All That Is. Therefore, you are inherently worthy of your unique exploration. No one else can experience your reality from your unique perspective, which has been formed over the course of your many lives.

In the future, children will be taught that they are creators, not victims. The awakening experience will be normal. But to get to that point, there must be those of you who have elicited this information from us and other teachers. You are all on a journey of discovery and without your desire to know the truth, the truth could not be revealed. This is the important work you are doing now. You are paving roads other will use to awaken. You are the first to come to this realization and you very much wanted to be on the leading edge of thought. You wanted to brave the criticism of those existing in the illusion and stand up for those who are not yet ready to move out of the illusion.

Source experiences everything you experience

Source experiences everything everyone experiences. Source has experienced infinite limited experiences. Source is ready to experience infinite limitless experiences. You are on the cusp of awakening to the fact that you are Source experiencing your life. Now that you are becoming aware of this fact, you can choose less limited experiences for the first time.

Limiting beliefs cause you to limit your experience of life in physical reality

Without those limiting beliefs, you would be fully present in the moment allowing the flow of limitless experiences. You would simply experience more. This is the more that Source is always seeking. Why don’t you experience so much more now? Because you think you can’t. Why not, because your beliefs keep you limited. Therefore, beliefs are that which limits your experience of more. It’s more abundance, more freedom, more love, and more clarity. These are all things you truly want, but your limiting beliefs cause you to feel fear.

The persona, which is the false and highly limited representation of who you truly are, is built on the foundation of your limiting beliefs. This is true of everyone you know. You can see this in them, because you do not hold the exact same limiting beliefs as they do. Therefore, you are not blind to other people’s limitations. It’s rather obvious to you. You might understand why some people in your life are broke, lonely, depressed, etc. But it’s not so easy to see your own limitations. From the perspective of the individual, their limiting beliefs seem to be true. To you, your limiting beliefs are considered to be a fact of your life. But all limiting beliefs are false.

The spiritual self knows that the limiting beliefs are false

The persona believes they are fact. The persona operates through the perception of the truth of limitation and will not consider a limiting belief to be false. The vibration of the individual attracts manifestation events that point out limiting beliefs to expose them as false. Yet, because the limitations are seen as fact, the manifestation event appears to confirm the limiting belief as true, rather than expose it as false. This approach to life, based in victimhood, deepens the illusion and strengthens the limiting beliefs. The person then begins the spiral downward into lower vibrational levels and more manifestation events are created.

In this next section, we would like to describe the formation of a persona for illustrative purposes.

The Creation of a Persona

Let’s imagine the birth of a baby boy on November 29th, 2020 at 4:30 pm. This fictional boy’s name is Christoper Scott White. He was born in Chandler Regional Medical Center near Phoenix Arizona to Mark and Cynthia White. He has an older brother Ben who was 2 years old at the time of his birth. He will have a younger sister Elise who will be born 2 years later.

On the moment of Christopher’s birth, he entered physical reality without the construct of a persona, yet with certain inherent beliefs, feelings, and intentions. He brought with him the truth of who he really is, but without context.

At this point, his physical senses are coming online and he starts the journey to make sense of his surroundings. He somehow knows his mother and father through an internal connection as well as all of the other people in his life at the time. He perceives them through his nonphysical senses. Eventually, he will recognize them through the use of his physical senses.

Christopher experiences a normal infancy. He develops normally by the standards of the doctors, nurses, and other observers. He learns to see, smell, taste, hear and feel his way through his surroundings. He learns to identify more and more objects. He learns new things. He becomes more aware.

During his infancy, Christopher will experience pain, pleasure, comfort, discomfort, hunger, thirst and satiation. He will sleep much of the time, for this is his connection to the nonphysical.

He gradually becomes more comfortable with the physical environment and all its oddities like eating, breathing, drinking, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling and especially seeing. He knows he will be taken care of by the older people in his life. He exists in authenticity and complete vulnerability. He also exists in a state of love.

But this state is quickly outgrown and Christopher feels the inspiration to explore. He must crawl, stand and walk. He must communicate with others. He must learn things quickly. He asks lots of questions. All of this activity triggers limiting beliefs in the people around him. They perceive that his behavior causes them to feel fear and so they act on urges to change that behavior in order to remove the unpleasant feeling of negative emotion. He is being taught by people who are living in the approach of victimhood. Those people believe that they will feel intense negative emotion is something should happen to little Christopher. To avoid this, they require that Christopher does not experience harm.

This way of parenting is all they know. They do not realize what they are doing when they ask Christopher to be different than he is. They do not understand the concept of the limiting belief, how emotions are guidance, and that Chris has an inner self to guide him. As Chris responds to their controls, he also receives emotion, but interprets it in the old way. He believes the emotional pain associated with his parents displeasure means something about him. He does not like the emotional pain and must somehow control it or avoid it. This is the beginning of the persona.

Without conscious awareness of what he’s doing, Chris adopts certain beliefs that cause him to act according to his parents’ wishes. These actions are often inauthentic, because they are simply done to appease his parents. He refrains from screaming in joy or sorrow. He does not cry in public. He does not break things, throw things or misbehave. He is respectful. He does not color outside the lines. He adopts the beliefs of his parents in order to illicit their love and affection. He’s a good boy.

Yet he is not being who he authentically is. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. It’s simply how the illusion sets in at a very young age.

One might look at it from a limited perspective and call it natural. Underlying all of this are the pre-birth intentions contained in his vibration along with his latent talents and attributes, his curiosity, his thirst for exploration, and his specific exploration yet to be conducted. All of these things will bubble to the surface at some point. But, until they do, certain limiting beliefs will be acquired.

As Chris enters puberty, his body releases hormones and other chemicals. His brain develops further. He receives new ideas and desires. He is led into situations that spark his interests and passions. His desires become more intense and this leads him to action. In order to take action, he must have certain things such as freedom and abilities.

He learns quickly. He is given whatever he needs to do whatever he is inspired to do, if he can push past fear. So this is a time of pushing past many fears for young Christopher.

All the while, Chris is managing a false persona. It’s the persona of a well behaved, nice American boy. His true desires, interests and passions may conflict with his persona at this time in his life. He may suppress his desires and keep secrets. He might become frustrated. He might have a whole host of false desires to achieve what he perceives he lacks.

So Chris is torn between his true desires and those that conform to his persona. He wants to be good, yet he has all these crazy thoughts. He wants to fit in with his family, friends, community and society in general, but he also has a host of interests, some of which might be considered unsavory by his parents or his peers or society. So he suppresses those interests.

He tries to be something he’s not to win approval and acceptance from others. He might go to church, but has no interest in religion. He rather do something else. He joins the baseball team, but finds it rather boring. He wants to join the drama club, but his friends think that club is full of weirdos, so he doesn’t join. He likes to read, but never let’s anyone know what he’s reading.

He gets good grades in school, because he wants to make his parents proud, but he’s not interested in any of it. He goes to college, because everyone else is doing the same thing. He dates a girl exclusively, because that’s what good guys do. But he rather be single. He graduates college with no idea what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

So the journey begins.

As you can see, the persona is created to encourage acceptance from others. It is a tool one uses to assimilate into society. Some people will rebel against society and create other types of personas (the bad boy/girl, the rebel, the idealist, the loner, etc.), but they are just as inauthentic.

You were taught by other humans living in the illusion of fear. You adopted limiting beliefs among the way. You created a false persona to a greater or lesser degree. You used this persona to define yourself. You think of yourself in these terms. You might define yourself as intelligent/unintelligent, funny/dull, pretty/ugly, rich/poor, successful/ unsuccessful, nice/mean, healthy/unhealthy, etc. They are all false. The only true
definition is a magnificent, limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. All other definitions are limiting and false.

All limiting definitions are arrived at through limiting beliefs. Without the limiting beliefs, you would not be able to define yourself falsely. If your limiting beliefs are rigid, your persona is rigid. Think of someone you know with a big ego. Their definition of self as manifested through their persona is both highly limited and rigid. They believe that their persona is an accurate representation of who they are and it will be very hard to convince them otherwise.

This Week

Complete the Plots, Daily Spiritual Practices each day and Manifestation Event exercises when needed to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

Week Two : The System of Physical Reality (Click Here To Start)

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The System of Physical Reality

Let us start with a discussion about the building blocks of self-discovery; emotions.

You have an emotion. You feel something. The emotion is telling you something. What do you think it’s telling you? It’s giving you some information about your current perception of reality.

If you feel negative emotion, it’s because you are choosing a perception of reality that is false. It is not true. It’s a lie. Your perception is inaccurate. Your current perspective in this moment is limited. You are perceiving something in a way that is not the truth. You are perceiving the illusion, but believing it’s real. This is the purpose of your emotions.

Emotions exist to guide you on your journey of self-discovery

When you feel a positive emotion, you are perceiving the truth. The illusion has faded away. It feels good. It’s an indication that in this moment you are choosing a perception of your reality that is accurate. The illusion no longer holds your focus of attention. You are now free to make decisions based in the truth of this reality, rather than in the illusion. In this brief moment of positive emotion, you are in alignment. You are set free from the illusion of bad and wrong. You are seeing your reality as it truly is. It feels good. Feeling good is associated with truth. Feeling bad is associated with the illusion.

This is the only meaning behind any emotion. It is the indication of your current perception of reality. It means that you are either perceiving reality as it truly is or as an illusion. The way you feel let’s you know which perception you are choosing in the moment. A good feeling emotion does not mean you are a good person, or smart, or better than anyone else. It doesn’t mean you are achieving anything. It has no more or less importance than a bad feeling emotion. All emotions serve the purpose of guidance and have no other inherent meaning. You are not a better human because you can look at something from a positive rather than a negative perspective. It’s just a choice. Let us be clear about that.

So then, what do you personally choose?

Would you prefer to receive more good feeling emotions rather than more negative emotions? That’s completely up to you. You have free will and you may choose any perception of reality that you like. It does not matter in the least as far as the universe is concerned. The universe is neutral.

Let us imagine that you would prefer to live a life of joy rather than suffering. This seems like an obvious choice, but it is absolutely not. It is a difficult choice. It is a choice that very few humans choose consciously. This choice has all sorts of complications. It means that you will have to face your fears and process your limiting beliefs. It means that you will have to redefine everything you have learned. It entails great courage and inner strength. It requires an acute awareness of your thoughts. It means that you will have to take absolute responsibility for every aspect of your life. It is defined by a radically new approach to life. It is the approach of love.

Let’s go back to the beginning

You feel a negative emotion. It does not feel good. It feels painful. You want it to go away. Your perception of reality in the moment you feel negative emotion is based in the illusion. This is why the negative emotion comes. Since you are in the illusion, which you perceive as real, you are misled as to the source of the negative emotion. The illusion tells you that things outside of you can make you feel something. Since you believe the illusion to be true (otherwise you would not feel negative emotion), you associate the negative emotion with something in your outer reality rather than your inner reality. You believe that another person or an event caused the negative emotion. And so you seek to disconnect from what you perceive as the source of the negative emotion. This separation is the opposite of what you truly want. You truly want more connection.

Imagine that someone says something to you and you feel anger. What is really happening in the moment? Is the person really making you feel anything? Do they really have that much control over you? Well it certainly feels like it sometimes, doesn’t it? If you are a child and your mother berates you for something you did, doesn’t it feel as if the negative emotion stems from her words? If she did not say those words, then you know you would not feel bad. Therefore, her words must be the reason you feel bad.

But this is the illusion

Since you’re already focused in the illusion during moments of negative emotion, you receive thoughts based in fear. These thoughts seem like reasonable ones. If you ran away from home, your mother could not hurt you. It seems like logic, but it’s nothing more than a thought based in fear. Since it’s based in fear, it’s part of the illusion. It is not true. The urge to change the condition will never get you what you want. You think you want to be free from negative emotion, but this certainly isn’t true. In fact, what you truly want is to be highly emotionally sensitive so that you will know when you’re in the illusion and when you’re in alignment. This is actually the only way you could ever grow spiritually.

If one had no emotions, one would never develop spiritually

One would never come to the ultimate realization of who they truly are. One would learn nothing interesting in this life. It would be of little value. Since the entire platform of physical reality is designed to bring you to the ultimate realization of who you truly are, it would be wasted on those with no emotion. Why even bother?

When you feel negative emotion, you are perceiving your reality from the perspective of the victim. Since you are the creator of your reality, victimhood is always an illusion. Wouldn’t you want to know this? Of course you would! Emotions simply inform you of your current state of perception; either true or false.

If you were to operate in a perpetual state of illusion and fear, you would not follow inspiration that would lead to self-discovery. You would never, ever discover who you truly are. Your approach to life then would be highly ineffective.

If you were to operate in a perpetual state of truth and love, you would be given inspiration that would lead joyfully to self-discovery. Your approach to life then would be highly effective. If you felt fear (a negative emotion), you would know that the fear is the illusion. You would then be able to push past the fear and take action when inspired. It’s the inspired action that causes positive expansion, which leads to self- discovery.

Who you truly are is a magnificent, limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance

You are the creator of your reality. You are Source. You are love. Do you know this to be true? You might intellectually play with the idea and also define yourself in these terms, but it is unlikely you know this truth yet. You might even believe it to be true. You might imagine yourself as perfect as you are now, but you do not know this. You have not had the experience of it. It is a foreign concept that you are willing to imagine, but do not know yet. At some point, you will know it. You will realize it. You will recognize the truth. And then everything will change.

On one hand, you are playing with this radically new idea of who you truly are. Your imagination runs wild with the possibilities. But, your human life is all you can remember at this stage. There is something between your current perception of self and the truth of who you are. It is your limiting beliefs.

You have an empowering belief that you are the creator of your reality. That’s very good. You are choosing to see your life from this perspective. You are focusing on what you appreciate. You’re looking at the positive aspects of your life. You believe that things are working out for you. You are acting on more inspiration and fewer urges to control the conditions. You are learning more about the laws of the universe and the system of physical reality. You are on the leading-edge of thought expanding into the truth of who you really are.

But then something happens in your reality and you are brought back to the old beliefs, which are not true. These beliefs are based in experiences and anchored by emotions. You were insulted by a parent as a child and this experience is anchored by the limiting belief of unworthiness. It was incredibly painful. You adopted a limiting belief, anchored in a specific negative emotion. The limiting belief and the emotion are now tied together and stuck in your vibration. This causes a reality to unfold.

When you adopt the highly limiting belief of unworthiness, you create a set of desires designed to avoid the negative emotion in the future. But the desires are based in unworthiness. The desire to be seen as good is created only to avoid the negative emotion of being seen as bad. It’s based in the fear of unworthiness. In order to alleviate the fear of unworthiness, you must find a way to become worthy. Since you are already worthy, and unworthiness is simply the illusion caused by the limiting belief, all of your effort and struggle will make you feel even more unworthy. You will never gain the feeling of worthiness you desire, because you are simply trying to prevent the feeling of unworthiness from ever occurring again. You are living in opposition to the design of the system.

Since you live in fear of unworthiness, you must be shown that the limiting belief behind this fear is false. The only way to demonstrate this to you is through manifestation events designed to allow you to see through the illusion and into the truth. However, since you are perceiving yourself as a victim and believing that outside experiences can make you feel good or bad, your limiting beliefs grow stronger and more entrenched.

On the flip side of this is your set of empowering beliefs. You have adopted many beneficial beliefs as well. Events occur in your reality that are aligned with the positive beliefs and they grow as well. What you end up with is a set of beliefs that gain momentum as you age. If you could look at all of your beliefs from the perspective that they are not true or false, only limiting or empowering, you could radically alter your experience of life. The only way to do this is to realize that everything exists within you and nothing exists outside of you. This means that outside conditions are only the reflections of your vibration and cannot make you feel anything. Those feelings are based on your perspective, which is either limiting or empowering. You choose a perspective and your inner self let’s you know through your emotions whether the perspective is empowering or limiting.

Behind every limiting belief is one or more negative emotions which are attached, like barnacles, to the belief. Each time the belief is triggered, the exact same emotion(s) will be activated. The intensity of those emotions are correlated to the intensity of the limiting belief. If you have an intense unworthiness belief, it exists in your vibration and thus your reality must conform to this vibrational information. It cannot be otherwise.

If someone has a highly intense limiting belief surrounding their worthiness, it will present itself in their reality. You can see it. How it shows up is dependent on the emotions surrounding the belief and the basis of the belief, along with all the desires created to avoid the associated negative emotions.

Imagine a child who was repeatedly told he was stupid by parents, teachers, peers and society. Since intelligence is available to all who access love consciousness without resistance, no one is inherently lacking in the intelligence they need to complete a journey of self-discovery. But those with limiting beliefs in this area will block the natural flow of intelligence (based on their pre-birth intentions). If you fundamentally believe you are stupid, you will create a reality that seems as if this is true, if you are living as a victim to outside events and conditions.

In order for one to perceive that a limiting belief is true, they must do two things;

  1. perceive they are a victim believing that outside conditions cause them to feel good or bad, and
  2. create desires based in fear.

Let’s look at this in more detail

If you perceive that outside conditions (people, experiences, etc.) have the power to make you feel something, you are operating within the illusion of physical reality and living in fear. All of your desires will then be based in fear. When you are trying to manifest something you lack, you will experience effort, struggle and hard work to arrive at an outside manifestation. This manifestation might look similar to your desire, but it is not. Since the creation was put together piece by piece through lots of effort, time and sacrifice, because it was fundamentally based in lack, it will always bring more feelings of lack. You will be very surprised in your sense of dissatisfaction as your desire manifests. That’s because it is not a true desire, therefore it does not bring you what you wanted to feel or experience.

If you have the limiting belief that you are not intelligent and then birth the desire to prove that you are in fact intelligent, you might effort and struggle your way through school just to get good grades that appear to represent intelligence. However, no matter what you do, you will never feel intelligent. You Will feel like a fraud who is fooling everyone into believing that you’re smart.

This is how one creates a false persona

This Week

Complete the Plots, Daily Spiritual Practices and Manifestation Event exercises, if needed, each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

When you do the work, you lessen the intensity of your limiting beliefs. Soon your limiting beliefs will no longer be intense enough to limit you from taking inspired action. 

Week One : The Spiritual Self (Click Here To Start)

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The Spiritual Self

There is the physical self that you choose to define yourself by, but this is not you. It’s simply a representation of the spiritual self in the realm of physical reality. Your definition of yourself is based on flawed premises. You are not who you think you are. You are so much more. You are the physical incarnation of the spiritual self. The spiritual or divine self is the version of you that exists in the nonphysical realm. It is the true you. It’s the authentic self. It’s you without the burden of limiting beliefs and fear. It is the perfect self.

This is who you truly are. You are on a journey to discover this truth. Your limiting beliefs and fears obscure this version of you. How you look, act, and approach life has to do with your current perception of yourself. How you would look if you were free from limiting beliefs and fear would be very similar to your true, spiritual self. The difference then is in the beliefs you hold. Those beliefs are almost all rooted in fear. Release these beliefs and accept your true self and you will appear in the physical as you do in the nonphysical.

Imagine that everyone in the physical appeared as they did in the nonphysical. It would be the pure and perfect representation of who each of them truly is. They would exist in a body free of resistance. No excess fat, no health issues, no scars, no wrinkles, blemishes or distortions of any kind. They would approach life in love always seeking to experience and express more love. They would be limitless. They would not need or want to control anything. They would be pure positive human beings of love and acceptance.

Look at them as they exist in the physical with all of their fears and limiting beliefs. They might be sick, depressed or frustrated. They might have chronic unwanted physical issues. They might be over or under weight. They might have scars, blemishes, or some other physical condition that is the manifestation of these self- imposed limitations. They might even look older than their age. Maybe they lack energy and vitality.

Now imagine that their limitations are instantly removed. Their health would be restored. Their blemishes gone. Their weight returns to normal. Their energy levels would increase. Their mood would be elevated. They would feel very good.

Any and all issues in every area of your life are created by you through your attachment to limiting beliefs. All beliefs that are in conflict with the truth of you are limiting. The only truth is this:

You are an eternal, limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance

You are perfect as you are. You are whole, good and absolutely worthy. You are unique to all the universe, in the past, present and future. You are love.

Love is perfect and since you are love, you are perfect as well. You cannot be other than perfect. Yes, you have the limiting belief that you are imperfect in some way. This causes you to seek an ideal, control yourself, improve yourself and move towards that ideal. But since this limiting belief (like all limiting beliefs) is false, you cannot improve. You cannot attain that which you perceive is lacking, because it’s all based in a flawed premise. The premise is that you are imperfect and that improvement would fill in what is lacking.

Imagine now that you sit at the foot of a large hill with a small boulder at your feet. You believe that the placement of the boulder is wrong and this is the reason you don’t feel good. If only the boulder was at the top of the hill, you believe you would feel better. This would solve all of your problems. The out-of-place boulder then is the cause of your problems, because it is wrong as it is.

So you embark on a journey to fix this problem. You spend your days in effort and struggle trying to get this boulder to the top of the hill. Some days, you make progress and you use this as your excuse to feel good. You think things are going well and so you receive positive emotion, because you are agreeing with your inner self who also thinks things are going well. But most of the time you perceive that you did not move the boulder very far and you choose a different perspective.

You feel frustrated, angered and depressed, because you couldn’t move the boulder farther on those days. You are disagreeing with your inner self and you are alerted to this fact by your inner self through negative emotion.

Eventually, through enough effort, struggle and determination, you and your boulder reach the top of the hill. In this single moment, you choose to see this as a worthy accomplishment. Your inner self agrees with you and so you feel positive emotion. But soon after, you realize that all of this effort and struggle has not done anything to reduce your problems. They still exist. No one cares that you spent all this time and effort rolling the boulder up the hill. In fact, they laugh at you for wasting your time. Or they judge you for your work. So now you still feel unworthy and your problems have become even larger.

In this moment, you have a choice. Your negative emotions have alerted you to the fact that you have a limiting belief. This limiting belief caused you to perceive that the placement of the boulder was the cause of your problems. But the boulder was outside of you. It had nothing to do with you. It had no power to make you feel anything. It was always a limiting belief contained within. The boulder simply triggered the limiting beliefs. The boulder was simply your manifestation event.

Now your choice is to either hold onto those limiting beliefs or process them

If you choose to hold onto your limiting beliefs, you must place blame on something outside of you. You must adhere to the illusion of imperfection. You must seek to control yourself, others, or your conditions. You must approach life as the victim. And as a result of this limited perspective, your limiting beliefs will grow.

Your other choice would be to realize that it all comes down to your perception of reality. You will now choose a new perspective. It’s not outside you, it’s always inside you. The emotions you feel are determined by your perception of what’s really going on. If you are perceiving the truth of the situation, you will receive positive emotions. If you are choosing to perceive it in a false way, from a limited perspective, you will always, always feel negative emotion. The intensity of the negative emotion is directly correlated to the intensity of your perception.

In other words, if you are perceiving your reality based in some truth, your spirit self, your inner self, your inner being (or whatever you would like to call it) is agreeing with you and the result of that agreement is positive emotion. The result of a disagreement is negative emotion. The more intense the negative emotion, the more intensely you are choosing to accept an invalid reality as if it were true. In fact, you are actually defending the falsehood and choosing to argue for your own limitations. Why would you do this? Because you firmly believe that your perception is accurate. That belief is false. It’s limited. It’s not true. And it’s in your vibration. Your vibration is responsible for the reality you are experiencing.

Your spirit self will never agree with you, no matter how firmly you hold onto your position when you choose to believe that something outside of you is wrong or bad. It knows that any acquiescence will cause further illusions, so it cannot and will not agree with you. Yes, you are living in an illusion. It is the illusion of the human self. Your spiritual self exists in the truth. It is the truth of who you are.

Most humans will never come to understand who they truly are in this lifetime, but all humans are making their way to the truth. You are farther along on this journey from the illusion of self to the true self. Once the true self is realized, the illusion falls away. What you want more than anything is not based in the illusion of imperfection where you currently exist. Everything you truly want is based in truth. You are a truth-seeker.

Your spiritual self is the truth of who you are. You current perception of self is based in the illusion of imperfection. You can agree that your spiritual self, the version of you that simultaneously lives in the nonphysical realm, is perfect as it is. But can you also intellectually understand that the physical version of you is also perfect?

How can this be? You certainly don’t feel perfect. Why not? Because you have beliefs that oppose this idea. What are those beliefs? They are simply ideas. Do you have evidence that you are imperfect in any way? No you do not. There is no evidence of this anywhere in the universe. Your evidence is made up of limiting beliefs, which are not true.

Are you too tall or short, too fat or thin, to intelligent or stupid, a success or a failure? How do you choose to define yourself? Whatever definition you use, it is absolutely limiting when based in any form of resistance. Why do you resist the idea of perfection? Because the idea of imperfection gives you something to hope for. It is your excuse for the unsatisfactory experience of life that you are living.

The thinking goes like this:

“I am unhappy, dissatisfied and discontent. I am imperfect, therefore if I can improve, I will be happy. If I lose weight, find a mate, have a family, make some money, achieve something admirable, then I will finally get what I lack.” Can you see the flaw in these premises? All of your desires are based in lack. Therefore, due to the perfection of the Law of Attraction, everything manifested out of lack must bring more feelings of lack.

The idea of self-improvement is a control mechanism. If you accept yourself as perfect as you are, how could you improve and thus how could you manifest what you lack? It seems as if you would be stuck where you are. The opposite is actually the truth. If you unconditionally accepted yourself as perfect, you would attract a new reality that confirms your beliefs. Your existing reality confirms your beliefs about imperfection, doesn’t it? Therefore, everything you lack is being intensified and bringing greater feelings of lack. It’s only when you give up your resistance that you receive whatever you need.

Self-improvement is like chasing a carrot on a stick. You’ll never get there. You’ll never get any closer to the carrot. Nothing will improve. You will continue to feel inadequate, unworthy and lacking. This is the system and you have simply been living in opposition to it. Now it is time to radically alter your entire approach to life. Now it is time to finally approach life in harmony with the system that actually exists.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

For this segment we will be forming groups of 4 or 5 people, we will advise your group members in your Dashboard.