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Week Four: Integration (Click Here To Start)

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Think about why you would have children. Think about why you would ever have a relationship with any child. If you lived in fear, then the prospect of having a relationship with a child would cause you to encounter the prospect of emotional suffering as you would have to eventually expose your child to a world that you feared. However, if you perceived that the world was good, then you would be elated in the idea that you could bring this child into a wonderful world.

The fact is that you really did not comprehend all of this prior to bringing a child into the world. Somehow, you had enough faith in the system that you knew your child would have the opportunity to thrive. You believed that as long as you prepared your child for the world, your child would do well. How did you know this at the time? Because you had enough experience to form these positive and empowering beliefs.

Your child comes into the world in a pure form of innocence perfectly capable of thriving in the world to which it was born. Of course you have your fears and doubts, but above all, you know that things will somehow work out. You have faith in the system and so you bring in your children and form relationships. There is something about these relationships that are also of benefit to you. You remember what it was like to be trusting and innocent yourself.

Your child is inquisitive, just as you were when you were a child. Your child looks at the world with fresh eyes and a clean slate. You have gone through experiences and have adopted a set of beliefs that your child does not yet possess. You have an opportunity to reassess those beliefs. Are they limiting or empowering? As you guide your child through its life, you have an opportunity to take notice of your own limiting beliefs and you may choose not to impart those beliefs on your child. Are your limiting beliefs really necessary to keep you safe. You give pause and think more about which beliefs you will impose on your child.

Your inner child holds onto limiting beliefs in order to feel safe, yet these beliefs really do nothing to protect yourself from unwanted negative emotion. In fact, you now realize that your limiting beliefs simply spark fear whenever they are triggered. And so the universe must show you those limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward on your journey of self-discovery. Manifestation events expose limiting beliefs, both in you and in your children.

You set intentions prior to your birth. These intentions are powerful and will always lead you on your path of self-discovery. Everything in your life, all of your relationships, are there to inform that path. They all reflect how you are choosing to define yourself. If you live in fear, assuming that you are unsafe and must protect yourself from negative emotion, you will try to control these relationships. Manifestation events will occur to show you that you are operating in a way that limits your progression. Therefore, it would appear as if the universe is bringing you situations that cause pain. In truth, it is your beliefs that are causing you pain whenever they are triggered. The only way to escape the suffering and discontentment felt by the victim is to face your fears and see that they are not real.

What you fear is that which you must face. Once the fear has been faced in courage, it will become obvious that there was never anything to fear. After all, this is an environment based in love. You are a being of love. Anything you fear is the illusion, because everything is based in love. And so the grand design of the system is formed to allow you to move from fear to love on your own terms. All of your relationships to everything in your reality are there to present a perfect mirror to all of your fears.

You are not separate from anything in your outside reality. It is all you. You are not separate from anything in your inner reality. Your Source is you. Your inner self is you. Your inner child is you. All of your thoughts, fears, beliefs are there to reflect how you think about yourself.

If you perceive yourself to be completely separated from everything in your outer reality, you will face many manifestation events designed to bring you out of this illusion. You will receive many thoughts of fear, which are the perfect reflection of how limited you perceive yourself to be. You will consider yourself to be hopeless and sink into a state of depression. This will allow you to birth very strong desires to bring yourself out of the illusion. Once you decide that you can no longer live as the victim, you will surrender and new thoughts and inspiring ideas will be made available to you. This often takes many, many lifetimes.

Once you have decided that you have lived enough lifetimes in suffering, all of those desires will culminate to a life that provides the opportunity for you to finally come out of the illusion. You have all found that opportunity in this lifetime and you are ready for a new approach to life. This is the approach of love and acceptance, where you come to terms with what it means to be the creator of your reality.

To be the creator of your reality, you must begin the process of integration. Integration is the act of seeing all parts of you and your outer reality as the whole of you. In fear, you separate yourself from your inner and outer realities. In love, you integrate every aspect of your outer and inner realities into one unified whole. It is the whole of you. You integrate all of you through absolute, unconditional acceptance. This is what love is.

When you look at your child, the relationship is you. If the relationship is one of unconditional love and acceptance you have integrated it. It reflects back your entirety of beliefs. Fear no longer exists in this relationship. You have integrated it into the whole of your being, knowing that there is nothing to fear. All you do is express unconditional acceptance. Your relationship with your child is the final step in the integration process, since this relationship has the greatest meaning and holds the most fear.

If you perceive that you are a victim in the slightest degree, you will not be able to integrate this final relationship. You will always exert some form of control, because you still perceive that somehow something wrong could happen to your child.

If you perceive yourself as a victim in the slightest degree, you will not be able to fully integrate your inner child, because you still believe that somehow something bad could happen to you.

Now, we are not saying that you must come to 100% full integration with every aspect of your being, because that is an eternal process. What we are saying is that for the first time in your mortal existence, you have reached an inflection point. You are at the line that separates love and fear. You are crossing over from the illusion into the truth. The proof of this amazing achievement is that you can for the first time understand the system of physical reality. You do not feel it fully yet, but your beliefs are such that you are able to conceptualize the true meaning of unconditional love; i.e. Integration.

You have climbed to the top of the mountain through many, many lifetimes of suffering under the illusion that the mountaintop was unobtainable. And now you are finally here. You can see the other side. You have come out of lifetimes of fear as a physical being and can view the valley of love that exists below. You have explored the shadow and the fear for long enough, both in this lifetime and all others. All of your human desires based in lack caused you to push past enough fear to effort and struggle your way through the contrast that led to expansive experiences. This is what you were promised. You have arrived.

You’ve experienced enough separation. Now it is time to integrate. The separation experience is painful, because it is based in fear and the illusion seems so real. Now the illusion does not seem as real and the fear is becoming recognizable for what it truly is. You have more faith, which gives you more courage to push past irrational fear. Your intellect will allow you to do this. Your understanding of who you truly are and how this system works makes it so much easier. Your emotional sensitivity allows you to know exactly when you are in alignment with the truth or out of alignment believing in the illusion. So as you start to walk down the mountain, it will become a truly joyous experience.

With each step down the mountain, you begin the process of integration. You first become more aware of your thoughts, rather than waiting for manifestation events to pop up. You realize when you are in or out of alignment at the thought stage. If you receive a thought of fear (something is wrong or bad), you notice it and correct your vibration by choosing a higher perspective or processing a limiting belief. With each step, you gain clarity and the integration process becomes easier and easier.

You never have to plan your route down the mountain. That would be a form of control and you realize this now. All you ever have to do is find your alignment and receive inspiration. Then you take a single step. Your inner self knows the perfect path down the mountain and into the valley of full integration. You do not want to run down this mountain. You very much want to relish the vistas and delight your way, step by step, on the most wonderful part of your journey. Every step on this journey can be made in effortless joy, if you allow it.

How do you make your way down the mountain in joy? You release control as much as you can and you replace it with acceptance. You do this with every aspect of your inner and outer realities. You let your children be. You accept your inner child. You express love. And above all, you maintain the mental image of yourself as the creator who needs nothing and is here to give divinely and freely express your limitless ability to love. This is your inspired path of acceptance!

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: Your Inner Child (Click Here To Start)

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Your Inner Child

You have a relationship with your children. You also have a relationship with your inner child. Your inner child is the part of you that wants to stay safe, secure and avoid negative emotion (i.e. pain). Just as you want to protect your child, you will also, consciously or not, protect your inner child.

Your inner child is the pure, naive, innocent part of you that was established in your youth. Your inner child has a set of rigid beliefs that form your core perception of reality. The experiences that you went through as a child were formative. They have solidified over time. Most of what you currently believe to be true was created during the first seven years of your life. Your current perception of reality is highly dependent on the experiences of your youth and the beliefs that were adopted at that time. Think of these beliefs and experiences as the bedrock of how you perceive yourself, other people and your world.

Your vibration is the culmination of all of your pre-birth intentions, desires, beliefs, experiences, etc. It is the representation of how you perceive yourself within your reality. Your inner child is a large part of your vibration. In order to raise your vibration (your perception of yourself within your reality) you must consider your inner child.

Imagine yourself as you exist in the nonphysical. You are a limitless, eternal, magnificent being of pure positive love. You choose to come into a physical life in order to expand in love. In the nonphysical, you are wise, pure, powerful and free from fear. On the day of your birth, you are very similar. You perceive yourself to be limitless and free. You expect to be loved and taken care of. You love everything in your reality, but you cannot remember who you truly are or how physical reality works. You have been given physical senses that complement your nonphysical senses. You are here to learn, grow and explore. In this innocent state of being, everything is new.

You start to notice sensations that feel very strange to you. You feel hunger. What is this? You cry and are fed and the uncomfortable feeling goes away. A few hours later, it returns and you cry again and are fed again. The feeling of hunger is so unpleasant to you. Eating food is unpleasant, but it makes the hunger go away. You get tired and this does not feel good either. What are all these strange and unpleasant feelings? The lights are turned on and this hurts your eyes. You feel alone and do not like this feeling. The sensations are overwhelming as are your physical senses.

In time, you become acclimated to these sensations, but the unpleasantness does not go away. You feel your first fears and develop your most basic beliefs; “When I am hungry, I will be fed by someone. When I need comfort, someone will come.” But your desires are not being met instantly as they are in the nonphysical. This causes fear to seep in. It occurs to you that someone outside of you must be there to fulfill your needs.

As you grow, you have more experiences, feel more fear, create definitions, birth desires and adopt beliefs. This creates your perception of yourself and your trajectory. Every aspect of this is perfect. There is no wrong in any of it. You would not want to change it even if you could. However, many of the formative beliefs you adopted in early childhood are limiting. These old, foundational beliefs still exist within you and form the basis of your current perception of reality.

In order to raise your vibration, you will have to discover and process your limiting beliefs. Manifestation events illuminate current limiting beliefs that hold you apart from your desires, your pre-birth intentions and your ascension. You have learned how to soften these beliefs through the tools we have provided for you.The more proficient you become at processing your limiting beliefs, the more you raise your vibration. But there are core limiting beliefs that you cannot easily see. They are so deeply rooted that you consider them to be facts. If you could discover and process these core beliefs, you would be able to raise your vibration more effectively.

Your core limiting beliefs, which are formed in early childhood, originate from a part of you that you may not even be aware of; your inner child. You are not consciously aware of your inner child and how this part of you forms your vibration.

You have done very well processing the outer layers of your belief system, but now you are ready to look at the core. Your core beliefs are so rigid and basic that they often go completely unnoticed, yet they are responsible for the life you have led so far. They caused your trajectory, which was perfect, because it led you here now. Now that you are here, armed with more information and a higher perspective, you can begin to process core limiting beliefs.

As a child, your beliefs tend to be black and white. As an adult, your beliefs are more nuanced, because you have more information. Different perspectives are available to you as an adult. Your beliefs are malleable. As long as you have the desire to alter your beliefs, you will be led to information that will enable you to create more empowering beliefs and drop those that limit you. But you are still holding onto some very basic, yet completely false beliefs. Those beliefs are formed when your perspective is singular.

In early childhood you form a certain perspective and unless you alter it, it will inform your entire human existence. This is the dualistic perspective of the victim who believes that outside conditions can make them feel anything. This perspective, when unchallenged, causes all suffering, because it is not true. It creates and maintains the illusion. The core limiting belief that is adopted by almost all humans in childhood is the belief that one does not create one’s own reality. The core belief states unequivocally; “I am a victim!”

There are only two possibilities; you create your own reality or you are a victim to it. In childhood, you adopted the belief that you were not the creator of your own reality. You now understand (at least intellectually) that you are the creator of your reality.

But the inner child still has the belief that it must protect itself from reality. It believes in good or bad, right or wrong. While you have come to a greater understanding of who you are and why you are here, your inner child still believes it must fight and struggle to control conditions otherwise bad things will happen. There is a fundamental internal conflict raging within you. However, it is perfect. We will explain.

You are here on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. You chose the time and place of your birth, your parents, your body, etc. and you knew that your early years would form a certain trajectory based on beliefs established in childhood. You knew you would develop an inner child who would always seek to protect itself and exist in a state of duality. As you grew, you would discover new perspectives, yet the inner child would always be there fighting for what it believes is right and good and protecting itself from wrong and bad. As a highly emotional being, you knew this inner conflict would allow you to birth desires that would lead to the truth. You have found the truth and so this system has worked out perfectly for you in this lifetime. It was only a matter of time before you would discover who you truly are. Without the inner child holding on so tightly to core limiting beliefs, this journey to the discovery of who you truly are would not be possible.

Think about this for a moment. If you were raised by parents who knew who they were and how this system actually worked, they would teach you these ideas at a young age. Your perception of yourself would be entirely different. You would accept that you were always the creator of your reality. But you would still have the core limiting belief of victimhood, because this is established before you could communicate with your parents.

In order to come to the realization of who you truly are, you have to start with the basic premise that you are the victim to outside conditions, not the creator of those conditions. You would have come out of the illusion and into the truth by yourself. You would still have the perspective of the victim and then come to a new perspective as the creator.

You have to come to this new realization on your own, because otherwise, you would not have the actual experience of self-awareness.

As you have heard before, words don’t teach, experience teaches. You very much wanted the experience of coming from a limiting belief about yourself to the conclusion that you are indeed limitless. Once you have this experience, doubt begins to evaporate, the illusion fades and you remember who you truly are. This is what you have been looking forward to for eons. This is what makes physical life so wonderful. This is why it was all worth it. Can you see how close you are?

Realization comes out of the journey from a set of rigid, limiting beliefs through many, many experiences to a new conceptualization of yourself as limitless. To be a deliberate creator in physical reality, you must come out of victimhood. To become whole, you must come out of the perception of divided. To understand the truth, you must first be cast into the illusion. To know the light, you must know the dark. Your inner child keeps you in the dark until you have explored that enough and are ready for the light. You are finally ready. Before you take the next step, you must bring your inner child with you.

Your inner child still believes in bad and wrong. It still wants to control everything. It still desires safety and security above all else. It firmly believes that everything it needs comes from outside itself. Duality was established in early childhood. You were hungry, you took some action (crying) and you were relieved of the unpleasant feeling of hunger. Then you were hungry again and had to cry all over again, just to be fed (or changed, bathed, comforted, loved, appreciated, etc.). From your early childhood perspective, everything you wanted or needed was provided to you by someone else; someone who from your perspective was not you. It was all outside of you. Therefore, the core limiting belief states that someone other than you can create in your reality.

To resolve these core limiting beliefs, you must resolve early childhood memories. The fear you felt in your youth was based on perspectives and beliefs formed as a baby and through age seven. This set the stage for how you would experience in this life. As you can see, almost all of the people in your life live in duality, because this is also their core limiting belief formed in childhood. It dictates their entire life experience. They have no power over it, because they fundamentally do not understand how this system actually works. But you do. You now have power over every limiting belief, including your core limiting beliefs. Your power lies solely in your choice of perspective.

If you can perceive yourself to be the creator of your reality, you can also know that every single experience you’ve ever had has been for the ultimate purpose of self- awareness. Therefore, your life has been perfect for you. Each and every experience led you to new perspectives, ideas and beliefs that would eventually lead you here. It is not just this life that has been perfect for you, but every single life you have ever lived. Your life now, which has brought you to the brink of self-discovery, was made possible by the perfection of every life you have ever lived, including this one. Why can’t you see it as perfect yet? Because your perspective is still being dictated by your inner child.

Once you release your inner child’s need to control your life experience, you will be set free. Your inner child is only holding on until you are ready to let it go. As long as you choose to see anything as imperfect (including yourself), your inner child will keep trying to control everything in order to maintain the illusion of safety and security.

Are you ready to let go?

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Understanding the Parent’s Perspective (Click Here To Start)

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Understanding the Parent’s Perspective

In the previous week, we discussed the child’s perspective. This week, we will look at the parent/child relationship from the parent’s perspective. It is our intention to help you shift your perspective on the subject of parenting.

Your approach to parenting is fraught with limiting beliefs and is based on a limited perspective. Therefore, fear exists within most parent/child relationships. The fear, when triggered, brings up urges to control or change the conditions within this relationship. The default role of parent is most often the Dictator.

When a person perceives themself as a victim (meaning outside conditions cause them to feel negative or positive emotion), and they have no power, they will choose to withdraw and disconnect from that which is perceived as the source of their negative emotion. When a person perceives themself as a victim, but with power, they choose to act on urges to control the conditions and they become the Dictator.


Parents often believe they have the power and the right to control the lives and behaviors of their children. They see nothing wrong in this. After all it is their house, their money and their rules. If the child does not confirm to the arbitrary demands of the parent, the child is punished. Punishment is a form of control and therefore creates disconnection. This is is something neither the parent or child truly wants.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in this dynamic. It will create expansion and provide a basis for the adoption of limiting beliefs and the birth of many powerful desires. You never intended to control your children, however, you knew fear would play a role in your relationship with your child. But if you could remember who you and your child truly are and how you are eternally linked, you would never act on urges to control or change them in any way.

There is a debate in your culture on the subject of nurture versus nature. What effect does parenting have on the outcome of your child or is the child’s outcome determined by its genes? We would like to present our perspective.

Prior to your child’s birth into this physical life, he/she set very powerful intentions. Your child chose to come into physical reality for the expansion it would offer. Your child’s pre-birth intentions (like yours) were mostly general. However, there was also something more specific to be explored in this lifetime. Your child carefully set up birth conditions that would lead to a trajectory that presented the most favorable set of conditions, which would enable him/her to fulfill their intentions. Your child chose the date of birth, the place, their body and you as their parent. You and your child made pre-birth agreements to play the parent/child roles in this life. You knew these roles would be interesting, fun, and meaningful and set up a wonderful course of discovery.

Your child could have chosen to be born to anyone who would be available as parents at the time/place of their birth. But they chose you. You are eternally linked together and in the nonphysical, you know each other fully and completely. In this life, that knowing would expand and this is cause for celebration. As we stated in last week’s material, you are equal in the nonphysical, but in the physical you play roles that obscure this fact.

That is a false and highly limiting belief. It is not wrong to believe it is your responsibility to guide and control your child’s life, it’s just limiting and will cause separation in this lifetime. When you return to the nonphysical realm, you will reunite in equality and authenticity and understand the value and benefit of your physical relationship together. However, if you could do this while still alive in physical reality, it would create deeper connection and more joy. This is what you both truly want.

You cannot create in another’s reality, even if it’s your child. You can influence them to a degree, but you must understand how powerful pre-birth intentions are. Your child has chosen certain traits, abilities, talents and even a personality that will give them the greatest opportunity to fulfill their intentions for this life. There’s nothing you can do to stop them from exploring whatever they came to explore. You cannot change their path or make them different than they are. They will expand as intended and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You can make it somewhat easier for them, but not through any form of control. There’s only one thing you can do that will be of
benefit to them; love them unconditionally.

Of course you want your child to have a wonderful life. But this desire is most often based in fear. You want them to have a good life because if they do, you will feel positive emotion. If they don’t, you will feel negative emotion. In order to ensure that you feel more positive emotions than negative, you try to guide your children toward what you perceive as good and away from anything you perceive as bad. But your perspective is highly limited and you are very much attached to an outcome. This is why negative emotions around your child seem so intense.

If you knew who you truly are, who your child truly is, and why you came together in this physical life, you would have no fear. You would naturally express your love unconditionally. You would exist in a state of perpetual joy. You would create even deeper and more fulfilling connections with each other. You would know there is nothing to fear. You would create wonderful lives together in love and acceptance.

The only thing preventing you from a truly extraordinary relationship with your child is fear. The only thing you can control is your perspective. The only work you will ever need to do when parenting your child is to process your own limiting beliefs. This will lead you to everything you truly want and you will be an example of alignment for your child.

Who you truly are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Your child is also a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You will come to know this about yourself in even more clarity in this lifetime as you are here on a journey of self-discovery. Your child is also on this journey. The experiences you needed to conduct your journey have come to you and will continue to come in the future. Your child will have their experiences as well. Your experiences, as painful as some of them may have been, were necessary for your growth and expansion. You would not want to avoid or eliminate any of these experiences. They were perfect for you at the time. However, since you still perceive that some of them should not have occurred, you want to protect your child from similar experiences. Protection is not needed. It is based in fear.

When your child has a manifestation event, you will feel fear and receive urges to change the conditions. Since observing your child go through manifestation events brings up negative emotion in you, they are also your manifestation events. The fear you feel is created by your own limiting beliefs. If you act on urges to change or control these events, you simply elevate the potential for growth. If your child has a manifestation event and you step in and fix the problem, your child will not have the opportunity to gain the information contained within the event.

Since your child is here to discover who they truly are, they will have to uncover their limiting beliefs through manifestation events. As long as they hold onto their limiting beliefs, manifestation events will continue to come to them. At first, in childhood, the events themselves are rather small. If you eliminate these events when your child is young (because you have the power to do so), they will come later in life and will be more intense. If you can step back and allow your child to go through these events as they happen, they will develop confidence, resiliency and inner strength.

Often the parent places themself as the child’s leader. The child will learn to defer to the parent’s guidance. The child will then adopt the belief that others know what’s better for them than they do. They will constantly be seeking advice from those they consider superior. They will then consider themselves inferior. This is how unworthiness is born.

As you know, your child has an inner self who is always guiding them to the life experience that is most expansive. Only your child’s inner self can know what’s best for them. You and all of those around the child will attempt to guide them, not to what’s actually best for the child (because this is impossible to know from any limited perspective), but only what seems best from their limited perspectives.

Depending on the child’s pre-birth intentions, he/she will conform or rebel. It’s a trajectory either way. But if the child is influenced away from their authentic self, the child will exist in a state of confusion and fear. This will elicit urges to change the

conditions. When your child acts on these urges, he/she will be exploring their inauthentic selves and create disharmony and disconnection.

Because you are eternally connected and have made pre-birth agreements, you and your child are perfectly equipped for your journey together. You will not face something you cannot handle. You have everything you need to make it through any situation. However, those on the sidelines (your parents, relatives friends, etc.) are not equipped. They might look at your child in fear, believing that you and your child should be
different than you are. They will judge you, not because you have actually done anything wrong, but because their fears have been triggered. They will receive urges to control you. They will offer unsolicited advice. They will want you to conform to societal norms. They will tell you that you and/or your child are wrong. You have the power to accept those people in fear and continue loving your child unconditionally.

Since most parent/child relationships are based in fear, your relationship will seem non- traditional to others. You will live in a state of acceptance and seek to control your child far less than what others think is appropriate. They might call you irresponsible, uncaring or foolhardy. Your new approach to parenting will cause their limiting beliefs to be triggered. However, you must remember who you are. If you are parenting your child from a position of acceptance, you will be a maverick. You will blaze new trails and create new possibilities. Your child will naturally thrive in a relationship that has so much less control. You and your child will become shining examples of alignment. This is what you truly want.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: Understanding the Child’s Perspective (Click Here To Start)

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Understanding the Child’s Perspective

In the next few weeks, it is our intention to help you understand the perspective of children. The physical and nonphysical realms are opposite and equal. From our nonphysical perspective, they are one. From the physical perspective, it seems as if the two realms are separate. They are not.

In the physical, you have a sense of knowing, but you know nothing. In the nonphysical, we know more, but are still eager to learn. That’s why many choose to experience physical reality. It is really the only way to grow and expand. Your children and all children have come to physical reality to expand. All of those who come to the physical intend to expand in joy. It is easy to see this when you observe children at play. However, the physical realm is a bit different from the nonphysical realm.

In the nonphysical realm, you know exactly who you are. You know who everyone else is as well. You understand what it means to be nonphysical and what it means to be physical. You very much wanted to live a life in physical reality in order to expand your knowing of who you are. You and all other humans have come to explore this idea in order to expand. There is no right or wrong way to expand. All physical experiences are expansive.

You exist in the fullness and perfection of who you are in the nonphysical. However, there is no real way to expand other than having a physical experience. So you carefully plan out a physical life. You and your guides choose certain aspects of your life so that it might give you the greatest opportunity for expansion in certain areas. You choose the time and place of your birth, because that point in time and space gives you the best possible opportunity for expansion in the way you want. You have come to expand certain aspects of your soul and this is unique to you. Everyone else, including your children, have come to expand uniquely as well. What you have come to explore may be very different than anyone else. What your children have come to explore will also be different than your exploration.

If you are reading this now, it’s because you have intended to find this information. It is highly likely that you have explored many lifetimes in fear and now you are ready to explore the other side; love. However, you must remember that other souls may still require the exploration of fear, before they are ready to explore love. Since pre-birth intentions are very powerful and everyone is on a unique journey, you have no way to control another person’s exploration. Not even your children’s.

Your children may be exploring fear to some degree, while you are choosing to explore love. Fear is something that cannot be fully understood without a physical experience. It is a valuable and necessary exploration. It is expansive. It may not be what you are choosing to explore now, but you have certainly explored it earlier in this life and in many past lifetimes. Without an extensive exploration of fear, you cannot truly explore love.

Prior to your birth, you carefully set intentions for this lifetime. You chose the time and place of your birth, your body, and your parents, among many other variables. This allowed you to form a trajectory that would eventually lead you to discover a new approach to life. This is what you wanted in this lifetime and you have somehow found your way here. However, other people who are still exploring fear will not find their way to this information in their lifetimes. Your children may have set intentions to discover a new approach to life or not. That is something you cannot concern yourself with.

But one thing is for certain; your children chose you. In fact, all of the people in your life chose to find you. It might be your own children, other people’s children, your mate, your friends, etc. All of the people in your life intended to be in your life in some form. Why? Because they knew they would be influenced by you and this would help form their own trajectories. You cannot create in another person’s reality (even your children’s), but you can and do influence them. Your power of influence is not in giving advice, but in your ability to maintain your own alignment.

Think about any child who exists in your life. It could be your own child, the child of a family member or even a friend’s child. Think of all the people who currently exist in that child’s life. All of those people influence the child to some degree. Most of them are living in fear. Most of them are influencing the child to adopt limiting beliefs. You may be the one person who operates differently. You may be the single shining example of alignment in that child’s life. This is quite influential. It is the power of love.

When a child is born into physical reality, they come from a light and free nonphysical environment of pure love, focus, knowing, abundance, and freedom where they had immense power and abilities, into a dense realm where fear exists (at least from the limited perspective). Initially, they know who they are and why they came. They understand the laws of the universe. They are not yet aware of any separation between the physical and nonphysical realms. They know who they are within physical reality. They exist in a state of love and alignment (until they feel a physical need/desire). Then, over time, they forget who they truly are. They forget their powers and abilities. They forget why they came. They adopt limiting beliefs. And this forms their trajectory.

Physical reality is so dense (especially the Earth reality), that many souls choose not to be born. They either return on their own (miscarriages), influence the mother to terminate the pregnancy (abortions), or choose to transition very early in life. Of course these are still expansive physical experiences for both the child, the parents and others involved. There is no wrong in any of this. If the child is ready to live a physical life, it will make the choice to stay in physical reality. If not, there is nothing any physical or nonphysical being can do about it. You cannot control another enough to force them to remain in physical reality if this is not their choice.

At this point in our conversation, it is valuable to remember your pre-birth agreements with your child. Your only role as a parent is to provide a portal of entry for your child and serve your child’s needs as you are inspired. If your child needs food, comfort, resources, etc. and you are inspired to offer it, you will. As you do, you will feel love. However, in that feeling of love there is always a bit of fear. The fear will cause you to receive urges to change or control the conditions. It is not wrong to act on these urges, but they are not really as necessary as they may feel. Your child has an inner self who is always guiding them, just as you do. They will make appropriate choices and decisions for themselves. These choices may bring up fear in you as you choose to look at them from a limited perspective. But the choices will always be right for the child. You do not need to give up all control, for that is not possible. However, if you can refrain from some of that control, you will create deeper connections with your child in love.

All forms of control cause separation, which is something you do not truly want. All forms of acceptance increase connection, which is exactly what you truly want. When you return to the nonphysical realm, you will know exactly who your child is and how you are both eternally connected. You will see them as perfect as they are. They will understand your perfection as well. In the physical realm, fear causes you to notice imperfection, which is the illusion. If you can endeavor to see the perfection in your children (and all of the people in your life), you will move closer to acceptance and to the truth.

The child’s journey will always be perfect for them. It will be perfectly expansive. You cannot improve their journey, for it is already perfect. If you choose to view it as imperfect, you will dip into fear and receive urges to change or control them. But if you knew their perfection, you would not do that. You would fully accept them. Your child’s inner self is guiding them to the experiences that will lead to great expansion, just as the child intended. You cannot know what that experience is. It might be something you personally would not want or need to experience yourself. And so if it is a different journey, you might feel fear. This is understandable, yet it is always caused by looking at the child from a limited perspective. You have a choice when interacting with the child. That choice is always and only your own perspective. Choose the higher perspective and you will live in love and alignment creating further connection. When you choose the limited perspective within the relationship with your child, know that it is due to some fear and based on a limiting belief. You have no control over the life of your children, you can only control your perspective by processing your limiting beliefs.

You are naturally attached to many various outcomes when it comes to your children. You are attached to their well-being now and in the future. You are attached to how others perceive you as a parent. You have adopted many limiting beliefs from others around the area of parenting. Your spouse may be operating from a place of fear and control. You might be criticized for how you raise your children. But there is only one truth; love and acceptance. Fear and control only cause more fear and separation.

When you seek to control your child in any way, you are only doing this for yourself. You feel fear and receive negative emotion and to solve the problems of your fear, you act on an urge to control the child. You are never doing anything beneficial when you choose any form of control. Because it seems so easy to control the child, you form the momentum of control and it becomes habitual. You may have been controlling your child for many years. You may have raised a “good” kid. Your child may acquiesce to your demands, but they do so in fear. It is the fear of loss. What they fear is losing your love and so they become compliant.

Those who choose to enter this physical reality called Earth come in at very high vibrational levels. They are seeking much greater expansion. They have creative talents, abilities and qualities that will allow them to explore more fully the physical realm that past generations have created. They are much more emotionally sensitive. This will cause more children to either assimilate in fear or courageously challenge societal norms. Society will try to constrain them and this will cause them to birth strong desires. Their emotional sensitivity will aid them in seeking truth. More and more of those being born at this time will awaken to their own authority and authenticity. If you can understand all of this from the higher perspective, you will be able to reduce the intensity of your own fears and then be able to fully support them.

If you are reading this material now, you have come with the intention to support the awakening of future generations.

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