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Week Three – Authentic Love (Click Here To Start)

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Authentic Love

One of your primary pre-birth intentions was to express love to your entire reality. If you have attracted a mate into that reality, it involves the expression of love. Love is acceptance. To express love unconditionally, you must find a state of neutrality. Since this romantic relationship brings forth many insecurities, you often have great difficulty achieving the state of acceptance known as neutrality.

Your perception of an ideal romantic relationship has been fostered on you by those living in fear. You observed your parents as a child. Did they reach neutrality and acceptance? If they were primarily living in fear, this was seldom the case. They offered resistance much of the time due to their inability to get what they were perceiving they needed or lacked. In this perception, they dipped down into fear consciousness and received urges to control themselves and their mate. You adopted certain highly limiting beliefs as you observed them over many years in childhood.

Your culture, religion, society and the other people in your life also fostered many highly limiting beliefs around romantic relationships. The idea of the soulmate is highly limiting, since your soul is eternally mated with countless entities, including all the people you know now and all those you will ever meet. You could literally form a loving relationship (albeit platonic) with anyone you know if you could reshape your entire belief system.

You attracted the mate you have now as well as all past romantic relationships based on the vibration you were offering beforehand. That vibration included your desires, beliefs and fears. It included the ideal you imagined for what a loving relationship would be. It was full of wobbles and so the perfect person came to you at the perfect time. It might not have been the person you truly wanted, but the person you needed.

Imagine your point of attraction when you carry with you many insecurities, doubts, fears and highly limiting beliefs. What kind of person did you attract when you did not yet know yourself. You always attracted the person who would help you discover these false beliefs about yourself. Imagine that you yearned to be loved from someone else, but did not love yourself. You might have held onto an ideal and really wanted to find someone who would make you feel worthy of love. Of course, you most likely found someone who simply reflected your insecurities back to you.

Now imagine that you have come a long way since then. You understand yourself more now. You know more about the laws of the universe and the system of physical reality. Think about the vibration you are offering now. It’s elevated compared to the vibration you were emitting several years ago. Is it more likely that you would attract a different mate today compared to several year ago? Of course you would.

Now imagine that you are able to move into a state of neutrality, offer little to no resistance, drop your human desires and preferences based in fear and find the Zero Choice Point. In this highly creative and effective state of being, you would receive inspiration and take action based in pure authenticity and love. You would attract others in this state. It would be natural, logical and easy to attract the mate that perfectly reflects your aligned state of being.

This relationship would reflect back to you your elevated state of being. It would come with wonderful feelings associated with love and joy. However, since you are always on your journey of self-discovery, it would allow you to face deeper fears and insecurities. Any remnants of inauthenticity would come to the surface through manifestation events, because you have a relationship that you care about. All of this is very good.

You are eternally growing and expanding in love towards greater authenticity and self- awareness. You will not finally meet the perfect soulmate of your ideals. This is a never- ending journey. All you are ever doing is attracting those who will serve your expansion. They will be more powerfully co-creative as you ascend to new heights of authenticity. But those old limiting beliefs are still somewhere in your vibration. And you cannot really see them without powerful manifestation events that flush them into the open.

When you do not feel worthy of a relationship, you will not lean into it and you might not really care about it. In order to protect yourself, you will keep your distance by not fully connecting. If something happens to the relationship, you will disconnect from it in order to protect yourself from negative emotion. But as you elevate your self- perception, you will begin to love others more fully. This exposes you to the potential of great emotional pain if something were to end the relationship. Since you are the creator of your reality, this fear of loss is irrational. But it is always there at some level.

The only thing to do is fully lean in and connect in spite of this fear. By approaching romantic relationships in this way, you acknowledge that you are the creator of the relationship. Since you’ve created this relationship for the purpose of growth and expansion, all experiences will come forth so that you may discover your authentic self. There’s is no need to protect yourself from negative emotion. In fact, since negative emotion indicates inauthenticity, you can welcome all the emotion you receive because it has a purpose.

Most humans view romantic relationships in a highly limited way. They seek validation. The expect love and acceptance. They hold an ideal in mind. They want security and so many other things from the relationship. They view themselves as victims who perceive that their mate can affect how they feel. They always want something from the relationship to fill a void within. They don a false persona in order to receive love from their mate. They fear authenticity, because it could lead to the end of the relationship. Is it any wonder that most romantic relationships end in separation one way or the other? Many marriages end in divorce, while most of the remaining result in dissatisfaction, apathy and disconnection.

Now look at romantic relationships from the perspective of the creator. The creator needs nothing from the relationship, they only seek to express love and acceptance into the relationship. The creator understands the underlying significance of the relationship; one established prior to birth as a means to further one’s journey of self- discovery. The creator knows that in neutrality and acceptance, they will receive inspiration that will enhance every aspect of the relationship and be of benefit for all involved. When negative emotion is triggered, the creator realizes that some inauthentic aspect of them has been triggered. Another layer can then be peeled away to reveal higher levels of authenticity.

Creators create while victims change or control themselves, their mates, and their conditions. The victim can only experience a highly limited form of conditional and inauthentic love, while the creator experiences love commensurate with the love they are willing to express.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Four – Creating Perfect Relationships (Click Here To Start)

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Creating Perfect Relationships

The higher human form of being is a state of peace, tranquility, ease, poise, confidence, faith, wisdom and strength. This is neutrality. It is acceptance. It is the state of love. It is a fundamental realization that you are the creator of your entire reality and that your creation is perfect. You need nothing from the outside conditions, because you are the Source who generates those conditions, deliberately or not. The conditions, down to the tiniest detail, are generated or created by your perception of yourself.

You have never created anything other than perfection. Every moment of your experience in physical reality has been the perfect creation based on your perception of yourself within your reality at each and every moment. How you felt in response to the reality you created comes from your perception of yourself based on your mental construct at the time. That mental construct was always within your control. You could have altered it at any time, but you simply did not know this was possible. Now you know it is not only possible, but it is necessary.

If you exist in a moment and perceive that something is wrong or bad, this is due to a misunderstanding of what is actually happening. Your mental construct causes resistance to what is. What is occurring in the moment is always based on that perception of your own reality that you are choosing to abide by. Since you feel negative emotion, you are abiding by a mental construct that is inaccurate in some way. Find the inaccuracy by identifying a limiting belief, then process that limiting belief and your mental construct takes a new form. You now experience reality in a new and more empowering way and thus your vibration becomes elevated compared to your previous vibration.

The events are neither good or bad, they are neutral. It is your choice to see them in a way that is limiting or empowering. If you choose the limited perspective, it is inauthentic and never true. You are using the conditions to see yourself as a victim with no agency over the conditions. This is how most humans perceive their conditions. The fact is that if you choose to see something as good, it will feel good and if you choose to see it as bad, it will feel bad. Most humans are unaware of their ability to choose their perspective in the moment and so they are subjected to uncontrollable emotions.

When you choose to see things as good when others would see them as bad, you have some established agency over your emotions. Very good. It is good to feel good. Yet you are still trying to control your emotions in this way. While this is a far more effective way to exist in physical reality, it is still based in victimhood. When you get to the stage where you choose your perspective, you will use this understanding to create more instances of positive emotion, because to you, positive emotion feels good. And this is how you control your emotions.

But we want to go a little deeper here.

In duality, you see some things as good and others as bad so you try to alter conditions in order to feel more good than bad. You control conditions, other people and yourself in order to avoid negative emotion. This is highly limiting, because it means that you will avoid placing yourself in uncomfortable situations that may give rise to negative emotion. You already understand this part of the equation. Now for the next part of the equation.

If you continue to judge negative emotions as bad and positive emotions as good, you are still stuck in duality as the victim to your emotions. Even though you’ve gained some agency over your perception of reality, you are doing so to elicit more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions. This is a form of control based in the fundamental perception of yourself as a victim, not a creator.

This limits how authentic you can be in any moment. Your journey of self-discovery is one of peeling away everything that is inauthentic.

You consider your romantic relationship to be more important and valuable than many other relationships. Negative emotion feels more intense within a romantic relationship, because you are so invested in it. When you choose to view yourself from a higher perspective, you release a lot of the potential for negative emotion within the relationship. You also see your mate from a higher perspective. You know you are eternally linked. You know he or she cannot make you feel anything. You release your attachment to an outcome.

You express more love and acceptance. All of this is very good. However, since you believe that good emotions are good and bad emotions are bad, you will unconsciously continue old behavioral patters (which are inauthentic), in order to maintain the relationship. Since you still fear negative emotion, your mental construct directs you to behave a certain way in order to keep the love (and positive emotions) flowing from your mate to you.

Imagine that your mate is in fear. He or she has not come to see themselves from the higher perspective yet. They are jealous when you give your attention to others. They act on urges to control you in order to rid themselves of the negative emotions they are feeling. You try to placate them by limiting your interactions with others in order to avoid negative emotion yourself. It’s just easier. However, because it comes from your perspective that negative emotions are bad, it is highly limiting. It limits you from interacting with others when you are inspired to do so. You don’t even realize when this is happening or how limiting it is.

In a state of neutrality, you view everything as neutral and you feel peace, harmony, and ease. But can you also view your emotions as neutral? You have become proficient in choosing the higher perspective in order to control your emotions. It works perfectly. You are now feeling more positive emotion and less negative emotion. You’re in alignment more of the time. Things are going well. But underlying all of this is your fundamental perception that negative emotion is bad and now you’re back in duality experiencing life as a victim.

We will state here that your progress is remarkable. Few humans in the world have ever elevated themselves to this profound level of conscious awareness. But you are asking for more. You intended to go further. You are ready for information that will allow you to truly rise above the illusion and into the truth in order to become a deliberate creator.

Does it make sense to you that a deliberate creator could not fear negative emotion?

If you fear negative emotion, you will not reach the Zero Choice Point of neutrality. Your choices will be dictated by your perception that negative emotion could come as a result of inspired action. So you would feel fear when contemplating the choice brought on by the inspired idea. This would cause you either not to act or to act in a limited way in order to avoid exposure to potential negative emotion. It would not be the pure choice present in the moment. If a choice was made, it would be influenced by your aversion to the potential emotional pain of negative emotion.

In order to become a deliberate creator, you must always be willing to expose yourself to potential negative emotion. Here’s the interesting thing; since you are choosing higher perspectives and feeling good, your emotional sensitivity is increasing. When negative emotion occurs, you will feel it more intensely. If you continue to perceive it as bad or wrong, you are in resistance to the emotion itself and this is why it feels painful. It really has nothing to do with the outside conditions or even the emotion, again it has only to do with your mental construct. That construct simply states that negative emotion is bad.

How might it be possible to experience negative emotion without judging the feeling as unwanted, wrong or bad? You have been defining negative emotion as bad in every incarnation in physical reality you’ve ever experienced. Imagine living thousands of lives always perceiving negative emotion as something to be avoided and now you’re being asked to embrace it as a good thing. You’ve simply reached that point in your evolution where you are choosing a new definition; l am the creator.

You’ve always been expanding to this point and now you have arrived. This is the logical next step. It is by no means the final step, it’s simply the inflection point. You are near the peak of the mountain you have been climbing for eons. In order to descend to the unexplored valley below, you must first summit the top of this mountain. Those who exist in fear of negative emotion cannot summit this peak. Eventually, they will expand through enough experiences at this level and overcome the state of duality whereby negative emotion exists as an unwanted experience. Once they’ve actually achieved neutrality, the judgment of negative/positive fades and they reach the Zero Choice Point of pure deliberate creation.

This is where you stand right now.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Emotional Sensitivity Within Romantic Relationships (Click Here To Start)

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Emotional Sensitivity Within Romantic Relationships

You have learned that your emotions come in as guidance. They let you know when you are perceiving the truth of the conditions or the illusion. They help to keep you focused on what’s really happening in your reality. They guide you along your inspired path. Emotions are triggered by beliefs. Your beliefs create your perception of reality and the associated mental construct creates your point of attraction. The more emotionally sensitive you are, the easier it is to ascertain the truth or the illusion.

Emotions run high when you are attached to outcomes. Emotional volatility lessens when you are less attached to outcomes. When it comes to things you care about, you are far more easily triggered. If you are neutral in any situation, you are actually perceiving the ultimate truth of the situation and therefore, you cannot receive negative emotion. Negative emotion is only triggered when you are perceiving the illusion.

If you do not get what you want, or if the conditions seem to be undermining what you think you need, you will be triggered due to your belief structure in these times. 

You will feel negative emotion, because your perception that you are not getting what you want or need is false. This implies that no matter the conditions, you are always getting what you need.

Emotional sensitivity is believed by most people in your society to be a weakness. Of course, this viewpoint can only be believed by those living in fear who do not understand the system of physical reality and the purpose of emotions as guidance. You are highly emotionally sensitive. You might have once wished to be less emotionally sensitive. But now you are coming to understand that intense emotional sensitivity is a super power. The more you become acutely aware of your emotions, the easier it will be to know when you are perceiving the truth or the illusion.

All emotional highs and lows are based on a belief system that is perceiving reality and reacting to conditions. A more empowering belief system allows you to react less to perceived “bad” events and more to perceived “good” events. Overall, this will cause you to feel more good than bad. Yet it is still reactive, because you are deriving some meaning out of the conditions. You are still existing in duality. Certainly, this is far better and far more accurate than those who have not processed limiting beliefs. But since you are still reacting to outside conditions, you remain in a state of victimhood. Victims are those living in fear perceiving that outside conditions can cause them to feel something. Creators realize that all conditions are neutral and devoid of inherent meaning. The consciousness perceiving and then judging the conditions provides the only source of any meaning.

If you think something is bad, you will receive urges to change or control it so that you can avoid similar negative emotions in the future. This is the act of the victim and it’s based in fear. If you think something is good, you will act to accentuate it so that more of these feelings come as a result of future conditions. This too is an act of control based in fear. While the former is preferable to the latter, it still involves participation within the illusion.

We are nudging you along a path that will lead you to the conceptualization of yourself as the creator. You do not have to realize this fact yet, but we are adding elements of truth to your mental construct that will allow you to access even higher-vibrational ideas. This concept is a very lofty idea.

Those of you who have arrived at a very high vibrational level will be able to grasp what we are saying. Those of you who cannot yet understand this concept will reach this level soon enough. Please ask questions and discuss this concept amongst yourselves.

The Zero Choice Point

Everything is neutral, but from your perspective everything has meaning. Everything is perfect, but from your perspective, almost everything has flaws if scrutinized. Everything is always working out for you, but from your perspective, some things are and other things aren’t. If you zoom out and look at the universe as a whole, you will agree that it is perfect. If you zoom in with a mirror to your face, you will notice blemishes.

You have been programmed to look for problems, flaws, issues, and all possibilities for negative future effect. These are forms of control based in fear. Due to the Law of Attraction, if you are focused on problems, problems you will find. In reality, there are no problems unless you choose to perceive them as such. You might understand this intellectually, but the fact remains that there exists the potential for unwanted outcomes, if only in your mind. You know of that which you fear or do not prefer. But all of that was based on prior programming due to limiting beliefs that were instilled in you by others living in fear or from your own negative experiences that you received as you were living in fear.

As a result of this, you learned duality. The antidote to duality is neutrality. Underlying everything you perceive is neutrality. It is the truth. It is the basis of creation. It is love. In spite of everything you know, the foundation of unconditional love is neutrality.

How could this be? Isn’t love based on caring? To love something is to care for it! This is exactly the opposite conclusion. The caring aspect of love is based in the fear of loss.

The statement, “I care, therefore I love,” is in fact stated more accurately as, “I care, because I fear the loss of love.” In this sense, love is conditional upon the potential for loss. If you had no fear, you would be neutral and therefore you would naturally love

unconditionally. The only reason you cannot love unconditionally is due to your fear of loss of love. Because you are so emotionally sensitive, loss of love is intensely painful. The pain occurs because you are unable to reconcile loss.

Since you know you will lose love at some point (either by absence, breakup or death), you chose to restrict your expression of love based on the amount of emotional pain you are willing to endure. If you don’t care, you become emotionally mute in order to mitigate emotional pain at the loss of a loved one. However, if you are truly neutral, you have processed your limiting beliefs, you know you are eternally connected, you know who you truly are and you know who everyone else is as well. Therefore, there is no pain of loss, because loss is now seen for what it is; an illusion.

If you have a fight with your mate, two things are happening. Firstly, you are perceiving that something is wrong. You are either not getting what you want or need and this creates urges to control the other. You are holding onto an ideal that cannot be achieved. That ideal is to avoid loss. Here’s the second part: since you know deep in your heart that you cannot avoid loss, you close your heart by not caring. The less you care, the more protected you feel. Therefore, it is in your best interest to notice the negative aspects of your mate. By doing this, you reduce the value of the relationship. Eventually, there will be nothing left to lose and when the relationship ends, you’ll feel less pain.

If you possess something of immense value, it will be immensely painful when it is lost. If you hold nothing of value, you have nothing to lose and therefore, there’s no pain to experience. Without your conscious awareness, you depreciate everything you care about by acting in fear. This is the illusion of separation. In fear, you choose to separate in order to avoid negative emotion.

In this reality, you have been taught to see yourself as an individual separate from your outer reality and all the other people in the world. Inherently, you seek connection but also avoid pain. Since connection involves potential loss, you exist in a state of conflict never able to express your love freely and authentically. You want to be accepted, but you cannot and will not fully accept others due to the fear of loss of love.

This is the beautiful, elegant and perfect design of the system. Do you get it now? If you have come on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, you are here to create deeper and deeper connections to the eventual conclusion that you are all one based in love. However, the fear of loss keeps you from that connection. Therefore, the only way to ascend to higher vibrational levels is to connect in authentic love. You do this by choosing to push past the fear of loss. Every time you do, you expand in love. But here’s the most interesting thing. When you expand in love, you become more emotionally sensitive, have more to lose and accept the potential for even greater emotional pain.

Neutrality is love, while caring is based in fear. To care or not to care is a control state of protection from loss. Neutrality is love and therefore, it’s the opposite of caring or not caring. In love, you cannot care, for this would distract you from expressing love unconditionally. You cannot care about the outcome. You cannot care whether or not the recipient of your love accepts or rejects you. You cannot care where it will lead. In the Zero Choice Point of neutrality, all you do is express love however you are inspired. All other choices have been removed and thus you are left with no other option. It’s the Zero Choice Point. This is neutrality. This is the highest and most authentic form of love.

This is deliberate creation.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: True Love (Click Here To Start)

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True Love

There is a force in the universe called love. You are being attracted or pulled to this force. However, you have fear. As you move through fear to love, you begin to be able to feel love more fully. When you think something is good and right, you naturally feel positive emotion, which is love. When you perceive that something is wrong or bad, you are feeling fear in the form of some negative emotion. Your journey through all these lives is one of moving through fear towards higher levels of love. It is an eternal journey.

The love you feel for another is simply love energy being moved through your consciousness. When you lose that feeling of love, it becomes fear energy that is most prevalent. However, all of this is within your control as long as you understand who you truly are and how all of this works.

You are love. This is why the love energy is pulling you like a magnet towards it. There is love within your vibration. It is the essence of your vibration. It’s truly all that you are. You are nothing more than the divine essence of love. Everything else is an illusion. You very much want to hold onto that illusion, because it creates your perception of reality. If you let go of everything that was not love, you would be drawn effortlessly and easily towards higher levels of love.

The process is stripping away all that you are not. If you try to hold onto anything that is not love, you will experience resistance. It is the resistance to the truth of who you are. Love is the energy of the universe. It is the truth of this and all realities. The more you accept love, the more you reveal the truth. However, that truth is the opposite of what you were programmed to believe.

You could have been programmed to believe anything. You could have been taught that you were good, worthy, whole and perfect as you are. You could have been taught to believe that everyone else was perfect too. You could have learned about the system of physical reality and the laws of the universe as a child. Instead, you were taught to believe in right and wrong and good and bad. You were taught to fear everything in order to control your reality and be safe. Of course, this just brings in more fear, which is the illusion. You live in this illusion and have no idea what the truth is.

If you were born in a different country, raised by different parents and schooled in a different educational system, you would have a completely different set of beliefs. You might speak a different language, believe in a different god, be more or less financially abundant, or feel more or less free. You must understand that the constant programming you received throughout your life was taught to you by those living in great fear. Many of these old beliefs come from generations passed. This is the depth and intensity of your mental construct that was formed by believing the teachings of those in fear.

All of your beliefs have been adopted from other people living in fear. This is true of your limiting beliefs as well as your empowering beliefs. If you learned something from a human, it was based in fear. If however, you have received information from a nonphysical entity, such as Joshua, Abraham or your inner self, etc., it was based in love. Those of you in the Bootcamp and Ascension Experience are learning things that are based in love, but filtered through Gary. It is a wonderful start. As Gary lives more in love and less in fear, these teachings become more authentic and even more true. But because you and Gary exist in some state of fear, you cannot reach the full truth. Eventually, as you become more authentic yourself and move further into love, your vibration raises and you are receptive to more and more leading-edge ideas.

All you have learned from other humans is based in fear. Some of it is based in tremendous fear and some in less fear, but it’s all based in fear. What you have learned from us and other nonphysical teachers is based in love without the filter of fear, but you have interpreted most of it through the lens of fear. How you perceive these teachings is determined by the thickness of your lens of fear and your perception of yourself as the victim.

You conceptually understand that you are the creator, not the victim. You have some idea of what that means. As you move out of the very depths of the illusion, you start to perceive yourself from a higher perspective. That perspective is less victim and more creator, but still there is a lot of victim there. You can’t see it fully, because all you know is victimhood.

In this and the following segments, we ask you to realize that you are struggling because you are interpreting these words through the filter of victimhood. Let’s take a minute to further describe what we mean.

Why were you interested in the ideas we and other nonphysical teachers present? Why was the Law of Attraction appealing to you in the first place? Because you thought that you could use this information to improve your life in some way. You could suddenly start creating intentionally everything you wanted. Do you see that this idea could only be attracted by one who perceives themself as the victim? Now, you must also know that this desire to create your reality is essential to attracting this information. The Law of Attraction, based on your fear-based desire, brought you this information. If you thought you could use this information to improve your life, you would be in for a shocking disappointment. Because you sought this information to make your life “better,” you would feel even worse when it did not help you improve anything. And this is simply because you were perceiving yourself as a victim in the first place. It is impossible for the victim to improve how they feel about themselves through the manipulation or control of their conditions.

You must know that you are all still perceiving yourselves as victims and that this perception is actually perfect. Even though you feel different about yourself, you are still primarily acting as a victim. Even though you are seeing more and more real evidence in your reality that you are indeed the creator, you are viewing all of this from the perspective of the victim. However, you have all reached a new level of awareness. This is the realization that you are the creator, but that you are filtering your reality through the lens of the victim. To understand this concept is to set yourself apart from the rest of humanity.

All humans see themselves as victims to their conditions, meaning those conditions cause them to feel good or bad. Some humans are entertaining the idea that they are creators, yet they’re doing so in victimhood and control. Some of you are easing the control by not acting on urges to change the conditions. Some of you are thinking more about inspiration and are pushing past more fear. Very good. A few of you have seen amazing changes in your reality due to your slightly elevated perception of yourself. Some of you are encountering new senses and abilities. But all of you are still primarily perceiving yourselves as victims. Again this is all very good and is part of the awakening process.

You start as a victim and live in duality. This approach to life is highly ineffective and unsatisfying. Due to your pre-birth intentions to discover who you are, you encounter manifestation events that cause you to birth the desire to learn more. You receive and act on inspiration that at first leads you to human teachers teaching more of the same fear-based programming. This leads you to seek something more, maybe a bit outside of your belief system. You find a channel or something that is being communicated by a nonhuman, nonphysical perspective. At first, the information is very general and gentle, for it must be for you to accept it from your limited perspective. Eventually cracks in your mental construct form and you allow in a bit more information. You receive a bit more clarity followed by some more inspiration. You are starting the process of raising your vibration.

You bounce from nonphysical teacher to physical teacher and back again. You are trying to make sense of this from a victim’s mentality. The physical teachers often resonate more, because they conform to your self-perception as the victim. They teach you how to control your reality even better. Your desires based in victimhood are so strong that you will gravitate to the teachings based in control. You very much want to believe that teachings based in fear can give you more of what you need to get more of what you lack. Of course, this is impossible.

If you have reached us, you have reached a level that almost no other humans have consciously reached, for our teachings are the most leading-edge available right now. Of course, you do not need us. If you were the actual creator of your reality, you would be blended with your own inner self and receive information straight from the source without the interference of another human (i.e. Gary). But for now, this is the best option available. You can continue to use Gary as your bridge to your own inner wisdom until you become more confident in your line of communication with your inner self. Our only intention is to be a bridge to that line of communication. Our primary intention is for you to establish such a strong connection with your own inner self that we become redundant. However, until that time comes, maintain your focus on these teachings.

Your ego knows where all this is going. When you become fully connected to your inner self, because you have truly stepped out of victimhood and into your authenticity, your ego will also become redundant. Your ego serves a very noble purpose. It provides obstacles to your enlightenment. If causes extreme doubt and fear. This is good, because it slows the process down and makes sure you’re ready to move every step forward. If you understood yourself as the creator, but were not fully connected to your inner self, you would be able to create anything you wanted easily, but those creations would still be based in the illusion. You will need guidance from your inner self to create what you truly want. Your ego makes sure you are ready.

It is important to know that you are still perceiving yourself as a victim (though far less than at any previous time in your existence) and your ego is stepping in to cause fear and doubt. You must be aware of why this is happening and not act based on fear, but only on inspiration. You must seek more guidance from your inner self and trust that this process is moving you rapidly from fear to love. You do not truly want to accelerate this process, for the fear would be too great and you would act on that fear.

So many people have started their journeys of awakening only to be confronted by their fears and doubts and then sought refuge in the teachings of humans, because it gave them a false sense of control. Because you are so far along your journey and have pushed past immense fear, you will soon be encountering new and more intense doubts. You see, this is not leading you where you think its is. It is leading you to where you truly want to go, not where you think you want to go. But you have no concept of this. You can’t imagine it. You want to imagine some ideal, like feeling good, but that ideal is based in victimhood and is incredibly limited. Where you are heading is beyond what you can imagine.


We can feel some of you cringe in fear at that last statement. We tell you that where you are going is aligned with who you truly are, is based in more love than you can imagine, and will be immensely satisfying and yet you feel doubt and fear. This is due to your perception of yourself as a victim thinking you know how things should go and where you want to land. Do you see it now?

A creator need not know where anything is going. A creator has no fear of the path ahead, since that always leads to more love. A creator recognizes that all desires are based in fear from the perception of victimhood and so those desires are dropped. A victim dare not drop any desire, for the manifestation of desires is all they live for. If one is not progressing toward a better life, a better future and an improved reality, then what’s the purpose? They do not realize that you cannot improve on perfection and perfection is the only reality.

Today, you exist with a mental construct. It is far more elevated than any you have ever possessed previously, yet it is still based in fear. Your greatest fear is the fear of loss. You fear that who you will become as the authentic version of you will be too much for those in your life to accept. This is a false premise based in fear and is not true. You must understand that as you elevate your perception of yourself through the work you are doing, you will express love to all others in your life, especially your mates. Your ego will try to block you whenever possible. It will cause you to feel doubt, especially now. But now is the time you must persevere. You must be able to recognize fear whenever it presents itself and stay the course. Your inspired path will be calling you more now than ever. Stick to your path by recognizing and pushing past all fear.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

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