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Week Four: It Is All One (Click Here To Start)

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It Is All One

Oneness is the truth. Separation is the illusion. The more you seek connection, the more you exist in a state of authenticity. In fear, you will want to separate. Love is oneness and fear is separation.

As a human, you feel separate from everything and everyone in your reality. Therefore, the human experience is illusory. All separation is made while in the illusion. In order to bring in more love into your life, you must always be thinking about connecting more. How does one connect more fully to their reality? One expresses more love and acceptance. Resistance is separation. Acceptance is connection.

To see through the illusion is to connect more fully to who you truly are and everything that exists in your reality. If it exists in your reality, then it is there to serve you in some way. If it is not necessary, it cannot exist in your reality. All of the good that you enjoy serves a purpose as well as anything you perceive as bad. The perception of anything good is created from truth, while the perception of bad exists only within the illusion. If you could see out of the illusion, if only for a moment, you would realize that there is no bad or wrong anywhere in the universe, and therefore, no separation.

How then does one create a reality that is more aligned with truth and less of the illusion? One must simply be aware of resistant thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs. The process of identifying and dissecting limiting beliefs leads to greater clarity, more connection and more love. You will tend to separate from anything you fear when limiting beliefs are being triggered. Without the limiting beliefs, you would connect more fully to every aspect of your reality. Therefore, the reason you feel disconnected is due to the existence of a set of limiting beliefs.

The limiting beliefs are not wrong or bad, as we have stated many times before, they are simply limiting. Certain limiting beliefs do not actually limit you from living the life of love that you have come here to explore. You can have limiting beliefs and still live a life of love. It is not necessary for you to remove your limiting beliefs in order to connect more fully to everything in your life. It’s just that some specific limiting beliefs about yourself (and other people in your life) cause the disconnection you feel. As you do the work to process your limiting beliefs as often as possible, you will naturally connect more to everything.

There is a way to accomplish this that is more effective. We would suggest that you look at everything from the higher perspective. If you are a being of love, then deep down you are an eternal flame of perfection. Nothing would ever mean anything about
you. You would simply exist as a fully connected being of love. This is how you exist in the nonphysical. You feel connected to All That Is, to god and to all other souls in your community (or family). You cannot separate yourself from any of it. And it feels very good. It feels very natural. It feels right and true.

You can approach life this way right now

When you look at someone, you can know for certain that you are eternally linked. You are fully connected. Physical reality causes you to feel disconnected, but that is the illusion. In the nonphysical you feel so connected to them. You know them fully. You accept them as they are and they fully accept every fiber of your being. There is no fear and no limiting beliefs, because you have all the information. However, there is no way to get to know them better or to know yourself more fully in the nonphysical. There is no way to expand your self- perception or your perception of All That Is. So you come to physical reality for the experience.

As a child, you feel a deep sense of love for those around you. You don’t know why you love them, you just do. Over time you adopt limiting beliefs which get triggered and you feel fear. Your beliefs grow momentum and you feel less and less connected. Now this is perfectly natural in this environment and it helps you move on to create your own life with new friends, lovers, mates, and so on. All of this is good. This is the journey of expansion. If you really knew who everyone is, you would just want to be with them all of the time.

But there has been something within your vibration that has called you to discover more about this system, and you find yourself here reading these words and doing this practice. What if you could see through the illusion right now? How would it feel to connect more deeply with everyone in your life? How would it feel to accept them without needing them to accept you at all. If you realized that they could not see out of the illusion, they could not process their limiting beliefs and they could not know what is happening when those beliefs are triggered, then you could simply accept them for wherever they are in their journey. You don’t have to change them, nor do you have to be different than you are. You could simply be authentic.

This new approach to life would allow you to drop your attachment to outcomes. You could give up your need to accommodate them. You could be more authentic. If they rejected you in the physical form, you would know that you’re not actually being rejected. You are actually still connected. It’s just that they are dealing with their own perception of reality. They will be living in fear as you adjust your approach to life.

But soon, something magical starts to happen. They start to respond to your higher vibration. They rise up. They come to your level. How do they do this? You emit a new vibration and they respond to that vibration. Since they are always mirroring how you feel about yourself, once you raise your perception of yourself, so do they.

This is not to say that they will all come along for the ride. You have to look at this from the highest perspective possible. Everyone in your life has made an agreement with you. They have agreed to reflect back to you just how you see yourself. Some of the people in your life are there to magnify your limiting beliefs and you exist in conflict with them until you change those beliefs. Once those limiting beliefs have been transmuted into beneficial beliefs, their service may no longer be needed. They have completed their contract. They are now free to go off and expand as they intended. They might stay around or they may go. They may even transition to the nonphysical just as you resolve this conflict (which is always an inner conflict). Many of your parents will transition at this time. This is actually good and there is no need for grief.

But most of the people in your life will want to remain in your life in some form. You will notice that. As you elevate your self-perception, they will change. They will get interested in things you are interested in. They will become lighter and easier. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the fact that you are no longer continuing to provoke them, because the beliefs that caused you to do that are now at low intensities. You are operating in a new way and this allows them to be more free themselves.

When you begin to accept others and intentionally deepen your relationships, they grow sweeter

They get easier and easier. They begin to accept you as well. But you cannot do this just to get them to change, for that would be inauthentic. You cannot use this information to control your relationships. That will never work, because it’s still based in fear. Instead you must actually do the work without any attachments to the outcomes. You must have faith, but also be perfectly aligned even if things do not materialize as you might imagine. You must give up and let it all go. When you do this, you must come back to your authentic self and act authentically in every moment. There is no room here for any guilt or compromise. You can no longer continue to be that inauthentic version of yourself that you developed in order to receive love and acceptance from others. You must become who you truly are.

When you are with someone, see if you can look past the illusion of who they represent and to the truth of who they are. Imagine that you are together in the nonphysical and you are gazing into each other’s nonphysical eyes. Imagine seeing them exactly as they are. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is missing. You know everything about them. You have known them for an eternity. You understand them completely. Now look at the human form in front of you and realize that this is just a fuzzy version of who they are. It’s just a representation seen from your limited perspective. Now imagine the truth.

When you return to the nonphysical and see them in their truth, you will know your connection. It will be so obvious. But there won’t be anything to discuss, because now you know everything. There’s nothing new to learn about them. You are never separate and so you know everything they know and vice versa. It’s nice, but it’s really dull. There’s no excitement or drama. The exploration of each other is done in the physical realm. This is why you came. Once you return to the nonphysical, the exploration (for now) has ended. Then you do it again.

Once again you find yourself in a physical life interacting with your soul family, but you cannot remember them. You cannot remember yourself. So you explore who they are being in this physical life and who you are in relation to them. This time maybe your roles are reversed, so that you each get see them from a new perspective. And this continues eternally, because this is where the fun is.

But you often don’t consider it to be fun, do you? Why not? Because you are in resistance and experiencing fear. You do not like the negative emotion that comes with fear. You seek to avoid the negative emotion by disconnecting yourself from other people. You might think of yourself as one who loves to be around people or you might think of yourself as a recluse, or something in between. But all of you are hiding out from negative emotion to some degree and this causes you to separate rather than to connect.

Through enough journeys in physical reality, you will eventually come to see the truth of who you are. Once you recognize that truth, you will begin to see who everyone else is as well. You will stop participating in disconnection and seek greater levels of connection through acceptance. This is when you will discover for the first time the limitless joy expressed in unconditional love. You have been exploring separation in this and all other lives. This has led to your awakening. Once this awakening event has occurred, you will begin a new exploration. This is the limitless and eternal exploration of love.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: The New Approach to Life (Click Here To Start)

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The New Approach to Life

In the physical realm, you are confronted by a reality that is not what it seems. This reality, that you feel so intensely, is really a playground for you to explore. If you could see it for what it is, you would approach your life in a radically new way. You would see everything that pops up as an adventure within the game that you actually created for yourself. You would see it all as an opportunity to discover who you really are.

The game of physical reality is a platform where you can have, be and do anything you like. Of course, to have, be and do anything, you will first have to overcome the fear that presents itself. If you cannot move through the fear, you won’t be able to have the experiences of being, doing and having anything you want. Everything you want in this game is on the other side of your fears.

Without the fear, the game would have no meaning. It would not be fun. There would be no challenges or adventures. There would be no real feeling. You very much want to have the feelings associated with this game. This is why you came. This is a feeling reality. You can feel exhilarated or bored. You can feel joy or sorrow. You can feel powerful, abundant and free or you can feel the opposite. You can feel like the victim or the creator. You can alter your perception of reality to play this game more skillfully and intentionally or you can stick with the same old beliefs that cause you to perceive yourself as unworthy, not enough, not capable, not powerful and not creative. Either way, the game is thrilling. You will see it clearly when you return to the nonphysical. You could see it now if you choose.

What you believe about yourself, your world and the people in it is limited. Those old beliefs must be shed and replaced by more empowering beliefs. It does you no good to hold onto old, outdated and limiting beliefs. But here’s the catch. Your old beliefs created a perception of reality that makes you feel somewhat safe. If your beliefs are true (even if they’re limited), then at least you can hold onto a stable version of reality and exist within it. You can have some control over your life, or so it seems. But the reality is that you cannot and need not control any aspect of your reality.

The more you attempt to control your reality, the more limited your life experience will be. Those living in fear all want to control their realities. However, this actually causes more fear since control is an illusion. The control never works. It goes against the laws of the universe and the rules of the game. When someone chooses to believe something is wrong, they disconnect themselves from Source consciousness and they link up to fear consciousness. That stream of consciousness based in fear brings them thoughts of fear and urges to change or control conditions. It’s a wheel of limitation.

There are two streams of consciousness available to all humans

There are two streams of consciousness available to all humans; one of fear and one of love. The irony is that the one of fear seems more safe than the one of love. This is because most humans are approaching their lives as victims. From that perspective, fear and control seem to be the best choice. But that’s all based in a false perception of self.

If you perceive yourself as a victim, then it might make sense to protect yourself from harm. This choice of perception is based in fear and thus results in more and more time spent in the stream of consciousness of fear. Fearful thoughts come and it seems to make sense given their overall perception of yourself as a victim. You birth desires based in fear and then effort and struggle your way to what seems like improved conditions. However, while your reality may seem different from the outside, it is always the reflection of victimhood. No amount of effort, control or change alters your perception of yourself as a victim. This perception of yourself gains momentum and becomes more intense as you age.

As you are coming to perceive yourself as a creator, you are experiencing fear in a different way. You are receiving ideas and you have to look at them from a new perspective. If you act, you know that you will receive what you truly want. If you succumb to fear, you will remain limited. This radical new approach to life takes some practice. Victims will often push past fear to get what they think they want, but the outcomes never make them feel anything other than what they were already feeling. So the action just leads them into further feelings of fear and separation. They dive deeper into the illusion.

Now that you are thinking in a new way, you’ll have to recognize the difference between what you think you want and what you truly want. Your old desires that were responsible for driving most of the action in your life must now be replaced with inspiration. You must recognize the difference between urges and inspiration. You must drop your attachments to what you think you want and be open to possibilities beyond your capacity to imagine. This will be difficult for you at first, because you are still perceiving yourself as a victim. You do not want to let go of this perception of reality, because you think it keeps you safe. It does not. It keeps you small.

How big can you be? This is the question inherent in the design of physical reality. When we say big, we mean expanded in love. How expanded can you become in this lifetime? How much fear can you push past to do whatever you are inspired to do in the moment?

We are not talking about your big dreams here, for they are mostly based in lack and fear. If those dreams become manifested as a side effect of living an authentic life, then they will be effortless and will feel good. We are talking about living a more courageous life by having faith that your subtle inspired ideas will lead to not only to what you truly want, but also beyond anything you can currently imagine.

In this new approach to life, you will radically transform your understanding of fear

This is the only way to move forward. If you perceive fear to be real, you will not overcome it. If you choose instead to perceive fear as a test, it will be easier to push past it. The fear presents itself prior to your decision to act. If you have prepared yourself to anticipate and be ready for the fear (and manifestation events) ahead of time, you will see it for what it is; a test. You will then push past the test and move forward or you will choose not to. Your choice will signal your level of readiness and will result in the creation of a new reality, either way.

Pushing past fear proves that you have done the work to process your limiting beliefs, choose a higher perspective and see through the illusion of separation. Those old beliefs are no longer limiting. They no longer present obstacles or manifestation events. You have now achieved a higher vibrational stance and you see yourself as more. Therefore you attract a reality that corresponds with your higher vibration and new perception of yourself. If you choose not to act because the fear stops you, you will not expand either your vibration or your perception of yourself.

Your vibration is a perfect representation of how you perceive yourself. If you receive inspiration and choose to act in spite of the fear, you will expand. Your perception of yourself as greater than before is now cemented in your consciousness. Your vibration holds this expansion and a new reality is formed. This reality feels much better than the previous reality, because it is at a higher vibrational place. You have moved from fear to love in one expansive action step.

Now, if you receive inspiration and choose not to act, you will not just stay where you are, you will likely form a lower opinion of yourself. Your vibration would take a bit of a dip. You might think even less of yourself, blame yourself, or belittle yourself in some way.

Again, this will cause you to drop back into the stream of consciousness of fear and receive urges to change the conditions.

Most of the people you know live lives divided between love and acceptance and fear and control. You may know those who seem fearless and do things you would never do yourself. But remember, everyone has a different path, has varying levels of emotional sensitivity, and sees themselves and their reality differently than you. All you are here to do is operate within your own reality in relationship to countless subjects. You relate to these various subjects by expressing love and acceptance or fear and control.

Imagine that there are two types of cars. The first car has an engine fueled by desire. As long as the brakes of fear and control are not applied, the car moves rather quickly, but the steering doesn’t quite work and it meanders all over the track. The other car is fueled by inspiration. The car will not move until the accelerator is applied. This is inspired action. The car will stop if action is not taken, but will move swiftly, elegantly and beautifully as long as action is being taken in the moment inspiration is received. The car will then steer itself along the path of least resistance.

As a deliberate creator, you must see yourself as one with your Source. You must understand that you created your entire reality and you are one with it all. You must see all the events in your live for what they are; indication of how you perceive yourself relative to each subject. You must see fear for what it is; a test. You must realize that you created it all for your growth and expansion not just as a human being, but as a soul. You must realize that your awakening is for your benefit and your Source’s benefit as well.

You must now give up the perception of bad and wrong, since you are a perfect being of love and your creation is perfect as well. There is no bad or wrong anywhere in the universe. It’s only what you fear. Why do you fear it? Why do you see it as bad or wrong? Because you perceive yourself as separate from it. It is not bad or wrong, it is a reflection of an aspect of you that still exists in separation. Separation is the illusion, Oneness is the truth. You are moving swiftly out of the illusion and into the truth.

You must see that you are the truth. You are the One. You are the Source of your creation. You created all of it for yourself so that you could move gloriously from a limited perception of self to a limitless perception of self. You are doing wonderfully.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two : Who Are You Really (Click Here To Start)

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Who Are You Really

Who you perceive yourself to be in this moment is but a tiny fraction of who you really are. You are simultaneously the creator of your reality and the experiencer of it. But that is not all. You are also every aspect of your entire reality. As the creator of your reality, you are built into the entirety of that reality. You are the being you identify as one who is living in the physical realm, you are the nonphysical creator of that reality, you are everyone you know, you are everything you see, feel, taste, touch, smell and even everything you think about. You are your thoughts, emotions, desires, dreams and beliefs. You are all of it. It is all one. It is all you.

If you walk down the street and see a homeless man, he (from your perspective) is an aspect of you, for if he were not, he could not exist in your reality. You created him for the experience that you perceive though your interaction. The interaction could be a conversation, or you could give him some money, or you could cross the street to avoid him. Whatever the experience, from your perspective, is your creation and therefore it is you. This is true of every experience you’ve ever had. You cannot separate you from any part of your reality, even though you would often like to. It is all you, no matter what you think.

Your life is a series of experiences in relation to that which you perceive is not you. In each experience, you are perceiving it from your perspective. You are the creator, perceiver, and experiencer of each moment as it relates only to you. You might put yourself in another’s shoes and imagine their experience, but it is still your own experience. How you choose to relate to anything in your reality provides you with a definition of self.

“I like this thing.”

“I don’t like that.”

“I want to do that.”

“I would never do that.”

In these four sentences, you have just defined who you are from your perspective. If the sentences change, you change, because they represent who you are to yourself.

“I climbed the mountain.” Whatever that means to you becomes a definition of self, but only to you. Another person could hear you utter those words, but it would mean

something different to them based in their perception of themselves. They may think, “Wow, that’s really impressive.” Or they may say, “Who cares?” But your statement becomes their relationship with themselves. How they interpret your words has nothing to do with you, it is always interpreted from their unique perception of their own reality and themselves within that reality. They may feel inadequate compared to what they believe you represent. “I could never do what you have done. What an accomplishment!” And so they define themselves by defining a relationship between how they interpret and who they believe themselves to be. The definition of self is always and only created by the self.

Your definition of who you perceive yourself to be creates your experiences in this reality. It does not matter what you choose, because your reality will always be a perfect reflection of your choices. Since most humans do not consciously choose their definition of self, most do not change. Their realities simply reflect the same definition over and over for their entire life. The definition they formed in childhood sets them on a trajectory that often lasts their entire life. It might appear as if their life changes, but it’s always due to their perception and how they are influenced by the outside conditions.

If a person fundamentally believes that their feelings are dictated by what happens in their outside world, they will live as a victim of those conditions. If they perceive that the conditions are good, they will feel good and if they perceive that the conditions are bad, they will feel bad. Therefore, they are trapped within the illusion that they are the victim to the conditions and their life only improves if the conditions improve, from their perspective. However, those conditions are always and only ever reflecting their opinion of themselves in every area of their life. Since they perceive themselves ultimately to be victims, their realities are always limited in greater or lesser extents.

There is another approach to life

… that is far less limiting and aligns with the truth, rather than the illusion.

The perception of self; “I am not smart,” creates a definition of self and obviously this leads to a highly limited physical experience compared to the definition, “I am smart.” However, the definition of “I am smart,” is also limited compared to the truth of who you are and who everyone else is. Since you are essentially and intrinsically limitless, all definitions that you choose are somewhat limiting. If you are limitless, then you are beyond definition.

All of your limitations are based on your definitions of self as you have come to believe. Your beliefs about yourself have been formed by every single experience you have ever had. When they go unprocessed, they create a limited definition. If you choose to believe that your reality is outside of you (that which you perceive with your five physical senses) then you will always be defining yourself as a victim to that reality, whatever it may be. This is the old approach to life and it’s extremely limiting.

It is the limitless perception of self as the creator of, not the victim of, your reality. That creation in its entirety is you. Since you can deliberately create anything you want in your reality, what you are always and only doing is creating

relationships with yourself as an aspect that represents itself in your reality. Therefore, how you choose to see anything in your reality is how you are choosing to define yourself. That definition broadly explained is that of “The Victim” or “The Creator” and the definition is made in each moment.

In one moment, you might perceive yourself to be the victim, because you feel negative emotion as a result of some event. What you choose next will add to a limited perception of self or add to an expanded definition of self.

We will explain this concept further.

You have established a broad definition of who you believe you are based on all the experiences you have, the desires you hold, your attitude towards life and others in your life, and your entire set of beliefs. This definition is highly complex and nuanced. You are not consciously aware of your definition, it just is what it is from your perspective. You could not adequately describe it to anyone else, but it is what you know. You are comfortable with it in certain areas and uncomfortable in others. You have absolute control over your definition of self, but you have never really thought of it. The definition that you are choosing in the moment is your vibration.

Your definition of self is your vibration and it is responsible for the reality you are experiencing in this moment. Change that definition and you change your vibration, then your reality changes and you attract new experiences so that you may have new relationships with other aspects of you.

Are you starting to understand this concept? It is all you and you are one with it all. Your reality, no matter what you think it is you. Nothing is outside of you. All of the people that you know are you and are there for you to have an internal relationship with. Those relationships then become your new definition of self and your reality continues to be attracted based on your ongoing interpretation of those relationships.

The practical application of this idea will have immense benefits in your own life, because you will now consciously choose to perceive everything as an aspect of you, rather than something outside of you. You will expand your definition of self to encompass everything outside of you as YOU and therefore expand your definition of self. Once you have expanded your definition of self, you life becomes far less limiting and you attract more exciting, interesting and exhilarating experiences. This in turn expands your definition and you spiral upwards to more clarity, self-awareness and self-discovery.

Imagine the spiral as a grand staircase. With each step up, your vibrations raises, meaning your definition of self expands. From your higher position on the staircase, you can see more. You have more clarity. You have a higher perspective on everything below and everything above. Your leg muscles gain strength. Your confidence increases. You become more.

Now imagine that you are not choosing to perceive yourself as more. You do not process limiting beliefs. You perceive everything outside of you has the ability to make you feel something. Because this is not true, you descend the staircase and your perception or definition of self becomes even more limiting. You do not gain clarity, you dive further into the illusion. With each step down, you attract manifestation events designed to turn you around so that you can once again ascend the staircase. However, when you don’t understand what these manifestation events are for (to help you uncover limiting beliefs and then provide you with the opportunity to process them), you perceive that the events are actually true, because they make you feel bad. You then seek to avoid such events in the future, because from your perspective, they make you feel bad. This approach leads to more limitations.

When you choose the new approach to life, you must push past fear with each step of ascension up the staircase. The new approach to life requires that you do not separate yourself from any experience. You must see each experience in relation to your perception of yourself. So the ascension is one of processing fear and limiting beliefs in order to take the next step.

The old approach to life is one of fear as you perceive yourself in a limited way. Fear is always present in some form. It is a life consumed with fear and avoidance from a limited perspective. That life becomes even more limiting as you descend further into the illusion. Your limiting beliefs gain more momentum and your perception of yourself grows even more limiting. The experiences are still expansive, but your awareness is one of accumulating intensity of the illusion and fear.

Where you find yourself today in this analogy might be at the first floor. There is a grand staircase spiraling up to the floors above and a dark staircase spiraling down to the floors below. The illusion exists in greater intensity as you choose to see yourself in a limited way and step down to the lower levels. All potential manifestation events present themselves in varying degrees of intensity with each downward step you take.

If you choose to ascend the staircase by acting on inspired ideas, there will be a small fear that presents itself on each step. If you can choose to step over the fear, you will receive all that you truly want. If you choose to succumb to the fear, you will either remain on your current step or even take a step down. Either way, a manifestation event will pop up to show you that you are not moving up the staircase.

The system is designed so that you will have an ever-increasing awareness of who you truly are. But the choice remains yours. You can chose to move past the fear or succumb to it. You may choose the higher perspective or the limited one. It’s always your choice. How you feel lets you know what you are choosing. If you are confused, you are perceiving yourself as limited. If you have clarity, you are ready for your next step towards the truth of who you are. The system is perfect. It’s up to you to choose either a limiting or a limitless perception of yourself.

Now imagine if you believed that who you are is an isolated individual living in a random reality that always affects how you feel. You have no idea who you truly are or how the system works. You react to outside conditions and people as if they are separate from you. You are constantly judging yourself and everything else. You conduct yourself and make choices based in the illusion, which you think is real. In this scenario, nothing really works for you because it cannot. Seeing yourself as a victim creates a reality of victimization. It’s all you know.

Somehow, you have chosen to take enough inspired action, which has led you here. This means that you have already explored the illusion enough in this and other past lives. You are ready for the ascension. You are ready to see the fullness of who you truly are. Believe it or not, you have already processed enough limiting beliefs and pushed past enough fear. You have chosen to investigate new possibilities and you are thinking in a new way. You are among the very first to arrive and this means more about who you truly are than you could ever imagine.

You are a magnificent, eternal and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are starting to understand this now. You are one with the universe, with Source and with everything else in your reality. You are whole, complete, worthy, good and perfect as you are in this moment. You still perceive yourself as separate from Source, your inner self, your guides and supporters, the people in your life, all the other people in the world, all events and experiences and even the Earth itself. But this is the illusion. In fact, you are one.

You are the one you seek. It’s been there waiting for you this whole time. It’s simply a matter of perception. Raise your perception of All That Is to encompass you as one with it and you have discovered what you’ve been searching for over the ages. It is all coming together for you to see it clearly and you are well on your way up that grand staircase.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One : Everything is Connected (Click Here To Start)

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Everything is Connected

You are not your body. You are consciousness focused within a physical realm, creating a physical life and experiencing that life within a body that is your own creation. It is all your creation and experienced from your unique perspective. The experience is created through relationships. Those relationships are of your own creation as well.

You have a relationship with each and everything in your creation as known to you as your reality. Your perception of reality is made through the culmination of each of these relationships. You have a relationship with your body. How it feels to you and how you perceive it in each and every moment is your relationship with it. You have relationships with each and every person you meet. You have relationships with your home, car, work, town, city, country, planet, solar system and the stars in the sky. It is all a series of interconnected relationships.

Each of these relationships is separate, unique, ever-changing, and also part of the whole. They create your perception of your unique reality. Each cell in your body is an integral part of the whole and is therefore connected fully to the universe that is your body. From each cell’s perspective, the body comprises its universe, but it does not perceive the entirety of the body. You can perceive the form of your body. However, like the cell, you cannot perceive the entirety of the universe, because from your limited perspective, you are within the universe. But if you could see the universe from our perspective, you would see the whole of it.

There are two ways you can perceive yourself; one with the universe as its creator (limitless perspective) or one separate from the universe as an individual (limited perspective). How your life unfolds has to do with your perception of yourself. As you raise that perception, your life becomes less limited.

If you could choose a life that was limited or limitless, which would you pick? You might say that you would choose a limitless life, but you would not. You would not be ready for that life. Your limiting beliefs would be triggered so often that you would exist in a great deal of fear. You might say that you would not choose a limited life, but you already have. The limited life will not trigger very many limiting beliefs because you are not experiencing anything unknown (from your perspective, but all experiences are new and unique and therefore unknown). You would not want to experience more fear than you can handle. However, over time, your experience becomes less limited. This is due to an intention you set prior to your birth.

Let’s imagine that you are a new soul who has not experienced physical reality before

You want to grow and expand and so you choose to come to Earth and experience life for yourself. You start out slowly as a single-cell organism. It’s a brief and highly limited life experience, yet, from your perspective, it’s quite extraordinary. So many new feelings exist within that brief life experience. So many emotions, fears, doubts, etc. But compared to the life you are living now, it was just the start. It was incredibly limited, yet mild in that the intensity of the fears were far less viscerally felt, because the awareness was low.

So this new soul goes into a physical life again and again. With each new life comes more clarity and expanded awareness accompanied by new experiences of love and fear. It’s always something new and it evolves every time. Finally, the soul enters life in human form. Remember, the life was always a form of consciousness perceiving itself as separate and having experiences that it felt caused love and fear. Now it finds itself in the form of a human with the most intricate emotional feedback system so far. It feels the emotions more intensely and it is also more aware of its environment.

The first life as a human is incredibly expansive compared to other forms of being it previously inhabited, yet highly limited compared to other more experienced souls living human lives at the same time. It is not ready for the more expansive human experience at this point, because it would come with too much fear. It seeks a balance.

The soul’s journey is one from individuality and separateness to connection and oneness. It is a path from fear to love. It is one traveled from limitation to limitlessness, from confusion to clarity, and from isolation to integration.

You find yourself somewhere on that journey now. From the perspective of the single cell organism, you are quite well along your journey. As a human who is processing these new ideas, you are well along that journey. As a soul, who is eternal, you are still new to this journey. The journey, fellow travelers, is eternal.

We bring you these ideas not to hasten your journey, because you’ll never reach the end, but to allow you to travel this path with more love and acceptance and less fear. You expand on this path and you are either resisting the experiences that come or you are embracing them. You think you want to know what’s around the corner, but that desire is based in fear. What you truly want is to be surprised and delighted at every turn.

So we ask you to adopt a new perception of your reality

We would like you to perceive it all as perfect. Since your reality was created in love and is based in love, and love is perfect, your reality must also be perfect. You can choose to see it as perfect or flawed. That’s up to you. But the truth will always remain that your life, you and everything in it, was, is and will be created by you in pure perfection. There are no mistakes, no anomalies, no flaws whatsoever. Everything that comes to you is designed to move you further along on your soul’s journey (or to get you back on your inspired path).

An entire life my be designed so that you can have one paramount experience or many subtle experiences, or both. That experience is added to your journey so that you may evolve and expand your awareness. Each experience you have is valuable and necessary. It all aligns with your intention to discover more, be more and experience more. It all works in the grand evolution of your soul and the tapestry of All That Is. It is all right. It is all good. It is all working out perfectly. To see this, you must elevate your perspective.

From a limited perspective caused by the illusion of separation and individuality, you perceive danger at every turn. This approach to life causes you to dip into a stream of consciousness based in lack and fear. In that stream, you receive thoughts based in fear and urges to change the conditions. You feel negative emotion and fear. All action based in fear causes separation and disconnection with the subject of your fear.

However, since you are the creator of all subjects, you are separating yourself from certain aspects of your creation. You are not connecting more, as is your intention and true desire, you are pulling yourself away in fear.

This relationship to your reality is expansive, as we have said before. You have more and more nuanced experiences based in fear. When you return to the nonphysical, you receive the benefit of that expansion. However, the approach to life of fear and control is not effective in bringing you what you truly want. Eventually, after enough lives exploring fear, you will enter a new life and for the first time you’ll seek to discover the truth.

This is what all of you have intended in this life. You are now ready to give up fear and control, limitation and dissatisfaction and seek a new approach to life. That new approach is a life aligned in authenticity with love and acceptance. That new life is one lived by seeing one’s reality as perfect in every way. It a life centered on a deep connection with one’s inner self. It is a congruent life lived in truth.

This course does not intend you cause you to feel one with the universe. If you were to briefly feel one with All That Is, it would feel very nice indeed. The intention of this course is to create a new awareness and to then allow you to platy with the feeling of oneness yourself. When you strive for a feeling in this reality, the universe reflects that feeling back to you in your own life. 

This is the Law of Attraction!

In the first course we offered as part of this Ascension Experience, we laid out the idea and benefit of alignment. We described it as best we could and you played around with the feeling of Alignment. It feels good. When in Alignment, you attract ideas, thoughts and inspiration that is based in truth. You chose to find and maintain that high- vibrational state yourself. When you do, you receive everything you truly want.

The next course was Financial Prosperity. It was not the intention of that course to make you rich. The intention was to describe the feeling of financial prosperity. When you felt the feeling of prosperity, even for a short time, it felt good. If you developed a new prosperity mindset, and perceived yourself as abundant, then you felt very good as you attracted everything you needed to travel happily on your inspired path.

In the next course, we talked about Self-Discovery. We explained the concept of traveling an inspired path and receiving guidance from your inner self. If what you truly want is to to discover who you truly are, isn’t it nice to understand the laws of the universe and the system of physical reality so that you may travel that path in harmony and joy? Once you started to play with the feeling of that, it felt very good and you receive inspiration and ideas that came in from a higher-vibrational level.

In the Health & Vitality course, we described your body and how to relate to it in a supportive and empowering fashion. You began to perceive your body in a new way. You began to accept it and love it as it is, rather than wishing it was somehow different. Maybe you even embraced the idea that it is perfect. If you did, it felt very good.

Feeling good aligns with the nature of love in all forms. Love feels good. When you feel good, when you’re in a good mood, when your perceiving anything as good, you are actively expressing love at a high-vibrational level. When you don’t feel good, you are resisting the perfection of you, the universe, and your creation. That resistance is simply fear as a reaction to some self-limited aspect of you. It’s the remnants of your old approach to life. It is a vestige of an ancient system of beliefs.

Oneness is the concept that everything is not only interconnected, it is one

That’s nice, but what practical purpose does that serve in your life? When you understand this concept and then view reality from a higher and truer perspective, it will allow you to operate in harmony with the actual system that exists. This is a high-vibrational way of thinking that will allow you to feel good, attract more of what you truly want and even operate more effectively in your reality. It will allow you to add even more love to your reality and will also help you understand even more about that reality. With this new understanding, it will make it easier to find and maintain your alignment.

Let’s give you an example. You see a homeless man living in his car. You have established a relationship in your mind with this person, even though you have never met. The sight of the homeless person triggers a limiting belief and you dip out of alignment (even if it’s only for a brief moment) and you receive thoughts based in fear and urges to change the conditions. Now, we understand that this is subtle. Yes, this is a mild manifestation event, but as you become more aware, you will feel these events more intensely. This is really what you want. You really want to know the second you move out of alignment, so that you can process whatever limitation has been triggered.

In this case, you see something that gives rise to fear. The moment is brief and the fear is not intense. But you do go out of alignment for a moment and you do receive an urge to change the conditions. Maybe you cross to the other side of the street. Maybe you offer a handout (one that based in fear, because it is an urge). Or maybe you ignore it all together.

But what if you had the same perspective that we had? If so, you could not see the homeless person as wrong or bad in any way and it would not trigger a limiting belief, because there would be no limiting beliefs, at least not in this area.

You would not then dip out of alignment nor act on an urge to change the condition.

You would maintain your connection with your inner self and be receptive to inspiration should some come to you. In this, you would be highly effective in traveling your path of self-discovery.

Now, that is what you truly want!

When you come to integrate just the very basic idea of oneness into your life, it will allow you to more easily choose a higher perspective. This will often prevent you from dipping out of alignment and into fear. Wen understand that you are so used to fear, that this seems hardly worth the effort. But you are evolving very quickly, more quickly than we ever imagined possible. Soon, you will become even more emotionally sensitive and if you are unable to see everything from a higher perspective, you will go back into fear mode and it will be a bit distressing given your extra sensitivity.

If you were much more emotionally sensitive than you are now, you would be looking at everything with much, much greater clarity.. You would have far more awareness. You would be guided strictly by your feelings and emotions. You would not be able to tolerate the slightest negative emotion. If you saw a homeless man and felt the suffering and your own fear of being homeless yourself, it would not be fun at all.

This section called Oneness will help you see and feel the big picture. You will know the homeless man, the angry millionaire, the lonely widow, the victimized teenager, the starving villager, etc. are all having experiences as aspects of you, for you and all that is, and for themselves as well. You all have had those experiences you call bad yourself. You had those experiences that expanded your consciousness and awareness. You had them for yourself, for all others and for All That Is. You very, very much wanted to have those experiences, because you knew that they would inevitably lead you right where you are now.

Now that you are here, you are having new experiences playing with new ideas and testing new and deeper limiting beliefs of your own. You are also receiving inspiration and pushing past great fear yourselves. You are having these new experiences dealing with new fears and testing the boundaries of the unknown. You are doing it for you, all others and All That Is. Those who are not ready could never be where you are now, thinking and doing the things you are doing. It would be too much for them. But in your having of these experiences, you are building pathways for them to follow when they are ready.

We understand that you do not feel brave or especially courageous. You might not even feel like you’re on the leading-edge of thought or that you even belong in this group. But you are here. You are reading the material, doing the work and communicating with your partners. This speaks volumes and should give you a clue. You are doing things and thinking in ways that no humans have ever done or thought before. You are the first. You have arrived. You are ready. And now we begin this exciting new adventure to describe the concept of Oneness so that you may ascend with more easer and in more joy.

With our love,
We are Joshua

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