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Week Four : It’s All Up To You (Click Here To Start)

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It’s All Up To You

You have been given a life and a body in which to navigate that life. The rest is up to you. You can have, be and do anything you wish in your reality. There are no limits. Anything is possible.

You have completed nearly four courses of the Ascension Experience. You understand more about the laws of the universe, the system of physical reality and who you truly are. You know why you are here; to expand on your journey to self-discovery. You know who you truly are; a magnificent, eternal and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You understand alignment. You know when you’re in it and when you’re out of it. You know more about the value of inspiration. You know that urges will come when you’re out of alignment and that they are based in fear.

You understand now that choosing the higher perspective in all areas of your life will allow you to maintain your alignment. You know that choosing the limited perspective will cause you to connect to a stream of consciousness based in fear.

You understand the new approach to life of love and acceptance. This is the approach of the creator. You know that the old approach to life of fear and control is ineffective. It is the approach of the victim.

You know that outside conditions and people cannot make you feel anything. Everything is derived from how you feel internally and then reflected onto your reality. Your entire reality is simply the reflection of how you feel internally and the opinion you hold of yourself.

You are aware that you’ve created a persona and that it’s inauthentic and false. You realize that you must dismantle this persona in order to discover who you truly are. The persona was created in the attempt to coerce others into liking, loving and respecting you. But it is inauthentic and false. It’s your prison. It keeps you limited.

You realize that you have free will. You can think any thought you like. You can use your power of focus to focus on everything from the higher perspective and know the truth. You also may choose to focus on anything from the limited perspective, but you now realize that this is the illusion and the perspective of the victim.

You are the creator

You created it all. You are now exploring your creation. You may explore it in absolute joy or complete agony. The choice is yours. You have free will. It’s all up to you.

You realize now that you have an inner self. You know that your inner self is guiding you through emotions, intuition, inspiration and direct communication. You are never alone. You are loved more than you could possibly imagine. Your inner self hears everything you think, knows exactly how you feel in every moment, and is fully aware of the intentions you set prior to your birth. You inner self is the Source of your inner wisdom and knowledge. You are now starting to trust your inner self.

All of the beliefs you hold dear must be reexamined. You know that now. Nothing you believe to be true, other than what we have said above, is actually true. You might know something, but you don’t really know it. You believe it. Your beliefs are either empowering or limiting, but you never fully know anything.

You are an explorer

You seek knowledge and information. This is an eternal journey. You will never finish. You want the journey. You want to discover more and more and more. You don’t want it to end. You might feel tired and wish it was over, but that is only due to your resistance. Without resistance, you would fully enjoy your never- ending journey.

You set intentions prior to your birth. You intended to express love into your entire reality. You intended to experience true freedom and abundance, not the illusion of lack and limitation. You intended to expand in joy, not in suffering or discontentment. And you intended to explore something more specific in this lifetime. That is the discovery of who you truly are.

You may now even realize that the truth of your reality is perfection and the illusion is imperfection, limitation and lack. You are perfect, your world is perfect, the universe is perfect. It is all based in love. Love is infinite perfection. The illusion causes you to perceive flaws and problems, but remember it’s still an illusion.

Everything in this universe is right. There is no wrong. Everything is part of the grand design based in love. There are no flaws. There are no coincidences. Nothing is random. There is no luck. Everything is working out for your highest good and the good of All That Is. This is the truth of this reality.

It is all energy. It is all love. It is all created from the energy of love. It is always flowing to you in abundance. You choose to accept it or reject it. In love, you allow energy to flow fully. In fear you restrict the flow. However, the choice is always yours. It’s always up to you. You have free will.

You fear loss, however loss is not possible. You fear rejection, but you can never be rejected. You fear death, but you can never cease to exist. You cannot loose anything, be rejected by anyone, or ever actually die. These are all illusions. All of your fears ultimately stem from the fear of loss. Since loss is an illusion, so are all of your fears. If you can see through the illusion to the truth, you will be set free from your own self- imposed limitations. You will become limitless.

Everything you truly want lies on the other side of your fears. Your fears are caused by limiting beliefs. They are not bad or wrong, they’re simply limiting. They limit you from being, having and doing all that you want in this reality. They are self-imposed, since all of your beliefs are under your control. You have come into this life to finally process those limiting beliefs.

You now know exactly how to identify and process your limiting beliefs. When you receive a resistant thought (where you think something is bad or wrong), you have discovered a limiting belief. When you face a manifestation event, you have been given the opportunity to discover a limiting belief. You know how to find evidence and prove the belief is false. Every time you choose to process a limiting belief, you take away some of its power. Eventually, the limiting belief will no longer limit you.

When you are in alignment, you now expect to receive inspiration to act

The inspiration, when acted on will lead to your highest good and the good of all. It will lead to positive expansion. It will provide you with new information. The new information will fill the missing information in old limiting beliefs. The action and the related expansion will transform your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. You will gain confidence and clarity.

Fear will always present itself when contemplating inspired action. The less expanded version of you must go through the fear to become the more expanded version of you. This is the system. You have choices to make. Will you push past the fear or succumb to the fear? It’s always your choice. This part is up to you.

You have attachments to outcomes. They are all based in fear. Why would you ever want to know the outcome? So you could feel safe. Yet you are safe, you are protected, and you are secure. This is the basis of the system. When you are playing a video game, you know it’s not real. However, the illusion of physical reality seems real. This is what makes the game so fun. If it didn’t seem real, you could not expand through experiences.

And so you have a choice to make in every area of your life

Will you choose to see it as perfect or imperfect? Will you choose to see yourself as worthy or unworthy? Will you choose to express love and acceptance into your reality rather than fear and control? Will you listen to the inner wisdom and guidance provided by your inner self or will you seek guidance from others who you think know better than you? It’s your choice. It’s now up to you.

You have come this far, but there is far more to come. You have played with these ideas intellectually, but now it’s time to act. You must incorporate these teachings into the very fabric of your life. It’s your choice. It’s now up to you.

What will you choose?

You have been given everything you need to explore this reality as you intended prior to your birth. You lack nothing. You never have and never will. You have access to all the energy you need. You have a wonderful and perfect body. It is your physical partner in this life. Will you love and adore it or will you choose to focus on perceived flaws? It’s your choice. It’s now up to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three : The Perfection of the System (Click Here To Start)

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The Perfection of the System

You are on a journey of self-discovery. You are seeking the truth. In your present state, you are fooled by the illusion. The illusion is imperfection. The truth is perfection. You are making your way to the understanding of that perfection. The universe is perfect. The system of physical reality is perfect. Love is perfect. You are love and you are perfect as you are. The illusion says that you are flawed, but this is not true. You have always been and will always be perfect. Your body has always been and will always be perfect. When you can see this, you will be set free.

Your entire life has been one of controlling the chaos. You’ve been trying to improve, but that is not possible when all the things you want to improve are already perfect. Therefore, as you can perfectly see, this is an ineffective approach to life.

When you operate in the illusion, your powers of creation are dedicated to changing conditions, fixing flaws and trying to improve in some way. If reality was imperfect, then this approach would make sense. In an imperfect world, changing and controlling conditions might move you closer to perfection. However, in a perfect world, all that effort and struggle does is cause you to more fully explore the illusion. You have already done that enough. Now it’s time to adopt a new approach to life.

If you knew that everything in your reality was already perfect, you would stop all forms of control or effort to change it in any way. You would accept it as perfect. You would give up your resistance. You would disregard your fears. In fact, you would have nothing to fear. You would abide by the truth of this reality. You would operate in a new way. You would approach life in love and acceptance. You would maintain your alignment.

If you knew everything was already perfect, you would realize all your limiting beliefs were founded on the illusion of imperfection and they would fade away. So would your fears. So would your need for control. So would all of your dissatisfaction and
suffering. So would all your limitations and perception of lack. If you knew it was all perfect, you would never be able to look at anything from the limited perspective. You would never encounter a manifestation event. You would no longer receive negative emotion as guidance. Therefore, you would always feel good. You would operate at the highest capacity in love.

If you knew everything was perfect, you would be in alignment and receive inspiration. You would always act on that inspiration since your limiting beliefs had already faded. Fear would no longer present itself when contemplating inspired action. You would act when inspired in the moment. You would become a blended being; one who acts in harmony with their inner self. In this new approach to life, you would be the authentic representation of who you truly are while existing in a physical reality.

All of the wild animals perceive the perfection of the system. For the vast majority of the time, wild animals exist in perfect harmony with nature. They feel wonderful. When there is something to fear, they receive urges to escape the fear. Since the fear is rational, they act to change the conditions so they can continue to exist in joy in this physical reality. As soon as the subject of their fear is gone, they return to alignment. However, they are far less emotionally sensitive than you are. They do not have the awareness that you possess.

You are far more emotionally sensitive that most humans that exist today

Most humans today are more emotionally sensitive than previous generations. The children born today will be even more emotionally sensitive. This sensitivity leads to greater awareness. It truly is a gift. You very much want to become even more emotionally sensitive. When you are highly emotionally sensitive, you really feel the joy of life and you really feel the pain associated with negative emotion. You are fully aware of your emotions.

However, if you exist with many limiting beliefs, you will perceive danger even when the subject of your fear cannot do you harm. Your limiting beliefs will trigger irrational fear and you will receive urges to change the conditions. The urges will be intense, because you are so emotionally sensitive and you really feel the fear. This causes you to believe that you must change the conditions in order to escape the negative emotions tied to the subject of your fear. Of course, this is the illusion, but to you, because you are so emotionally sensitive, it will feel real.

If you are trapped in the illusion and are highly emotionally sensitive, you will be constantly reacting to the events in your life in fear. Everything will trigger you. You will want to find a way to escape these triggers. You will need to control it somehow. The way most humans control their fears is by living very small lives in order to avoid any potential for negative emotion. Since this is not what you intended prior to your birth, you will encounter continuous manifestation events designed to illuminate those limiting beliefs. When you choose not to process your limiting beliefs, the manifestation events go into the body. You cannot ignore the body.

This system is perfect. No one who is highly emotionally sensitive can exist in the illusion for very long. It is too painful. At some point, they will seek answers. Those desires will eventually lead them to teachings that will enable them to discover a new perspective. It is the higher perspective of perfection.

Imagine you lived in resistance to the system of physical reality and the truth of who you are. You perceived yourself to be a victim living in a malevolent universe. You had many limiting beliefs that were unknown to you. You perceived the manifestation events and the people involved to be bad or wrong. You tried to control your reality and protect yourself from painful negative emotions, because you were so sensitive to them. You did not realize that the manifestation events were bringing you an awareness of your limiting beliefs. So you held on tightly to your limitations and all the while your pre-birth intentions led you into even more manifestation events. You suffered in your ignorance of the system.

Eventually, after years of resistance, the manifestation events entered your body. They became chronic physical conditions. You noticed the symptoms. You sought medical solutions to fix the problem. Nothing worked. No one could figure out what was wrong. You were told you would have to live with your illness. You adapted, but soon the conditions intensified and you could not go on any longer. You had to look elsewhere for answers.

You tried Reiki, meditation, holistic medications, mindfulness and many other modalities. These seemed to help to a degree. But the original issue was still present. Your basic framework of beliefs caused you to continue to see yourself, your world and the people in it as flawed and imperfect. You continued the the approach to life of the victim. You used all these wonderful new modalities in an attempt to control your symptoms. You had yet to discover the underlying cause of all your suffering. You had yet to discover a new approach to life.

Eventually, you gave up. You hit rock bottom. You surrendered. At this time, you received an inspired idea; read this book, listen to this podcast, watch this video. Something clicked. It resonated with you. You became curious. You dug a bit deeper. You became fascinated with these new teachings. You couldn’t get enough. You were feeling better than you have for a long while. You felt the glimmer of hope.

You enrolled in a course. You performed a daily spiritual practice. You set new intentions. You started to speak to yourself in a more empowering way. You started to process your limiting beliefs. You began to see your manifestation events as gifts. You chose to focus your thoughts in a new way. You dropped your resistance. You allowed the people in your life to be as they are. You stopped fighting, arguing and complaining. You stopped trying to control or change your conditions. You felt more worthy. You began to appreciate your life more of the time. You created deeper connections with people. You were inspired to new interests and passions. You met new friends who are vibrating at a higher level. You gained clarity.

As you did all this, you stopped seeing your symptoms as wrong or bad. You accepted them,. You gave in to them. You allowed them to be as they are. You even thanked all of those symptoms, because without them, you would never have found this new approach to life. But the symptoms didn’t fade. Why not?

The answer is control.

Control is like fear; it’s everywhere

It’s all consuming. It’s so prevalent, you don’t even notice it. You are like a fish in the ocean of control. You are so used to living in fear and

trying to control conditions, you use everything to fix the problem of your symptoms. You have not surrendered. You have not given up your need to control. You are still hoping that your new approach to life will lead to an improved physical condition. But every time you meditate or set your intentions or do your daily spiritual practice, assignment, plots, etc. you are secretly effecting your way to an improved condition. It’s still all about control.

Control is not love. Fear is not acceptance. Effort is not ease.

The underlying physical condition must always remind you of the fact that you are still existing fundamentally as a victim trying to control everything in the fear that conditions will not otherwise improve. You are still approach life from the old way. You are still perceiving that outside conditions, including physical symptoms, are the cause of your suffering. This is not the case. All of your suffering, dissatisfaction, unwanted physical conditions, lack of money, time or love, and everything else you perceive as a problem is caused by one thing; your fundamental belief that you are not absolutely worthy of living the perfect life.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two : Feeling Good In Your Body (Click Here To Start)

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Feeling Good In Your Body

Your body is a marvel of creation. It’s your creation. It is the perfect vehicle that enables you to experience your reality. You created your reality and the perfect body to experience and express yourself in that reality.

You carefully designed every aspect of your body. You designed it in every way. It is perfect. It allows you to experience your reality perfectly. If it was any different than it is, it would not allow you to experience your reality in the way you have been, are or will experience your reality. Because it is perfect as it is right now, you would not want to change a thing about it.

The height, weight, shape, condition, health, energy, and appearance of your body as it is today is the perfect reflection of your vibration. Your body has the ability to transform itself to represent the vibration you are emitting at any point in your life.

Your body will age as this is natural. The aging of your body is by design. You would not want to have the body now that you had when you were four years old. You would not want the body now that you will have when you are twenty years older. Your body reflects your vibration and your age is part of that vibration.

Your body reflects certain beliefs, some of which are empowering and some are limiting. Change your beliefs and your body will adjust to accommodate your new set of beliefs. Reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs and your body becomes less limiting.

Your body does not improve as a result of effort and struggle exerted in order to attain some ideal. Your body will take its natural shape only when you exist in a state of ease and alignment. It’s your resistant thoughts about your body, your life and your conditions (including the resistant thoughts in regard to your past or future) that create a state of dis-ease. The dis-ease you feel about your reality is accommodated by your body.

If you existed in a state of alignment (unconditional acceptance and ease), your body would return to its optimal state and would receive all of the energy delivered by the universe. Each cell in your body would operate optimally. Your body would take its optimal shape and condition, which is not necessarily the shape of condition you perceive as ideal. It would still maintain its age according to the age beliefs within your vibration. And as we have said, this is exactly what you truly want.

When you seek to use your body to solve some problem you face in your reality, it will aid you in the processing of that problem. Of course, the problem is the illusion. But your body will help you explore this illusion fully.

In this section, we would like to help you reach an optimal bodily condition

This is the condition that will allow you to regain your alignment and to move forward on your journey of self-discovery. No other purpose is required of your body. Your body does not need to be aesthetically pleasing to achieve this end. Your body must accommodate you in the most elegant way that will allow you to discover who you truly are. Your body would not want to interfere with your inspired path. It would not want to distract you from your journey of self-discovery. Therefore, the optimal state of your body is one that feels very good to you.

Your body, in it’s optimal state, after receiving well-being and vitality, will aid you in your journey of self-discovery by forming a platform whereby it will feel very good to you as long as you are in perfect alignment with your body. It will not distract you as long as you need no distractions. If you are in a state of alignment, accepting your body as it is, it will always feel very good to you. If you are in resistance in any area of your life, and you are not processing that resistance as manifestation events come to reflect your resistance, your body will step in to make you aware of your resistance. However, as long as you are discovering and processing limiting beliefs as you expand on your journey of self-discovery, your body will maintain well-being, health and vitality.

The health and vitality of your body is your responsibility. It is achieved through alignment, not work, effort or struggle. Alignment is the state of love and acceptance. It is the perception of your reality in truth and that it is good and right. It is your perspective of yourself as the creator of your reality. It is the knowing that you are worthy of feeling good. It is the belief that you are a magnificent, limitless eternal being of pure positive love existing in a benevolent universe designed to aid in your journey of awakening.

Whatever you are here to explore is accommodated by your body. That exploration is unique to you and this is why your physical body is unique. It has all of the talents, attributes and abilities necessary to aid in your journey. It does not have any talents, attributes or abilities that are not necessary or any that would impede or distract you from your journey. It is the perfect partner in your life. It allows you to explore what you are here to explore.

You can now give up any desire for your body to be different than it is. It is now time for you to fully accept the marvel that is your body. It is perfect. Can you see that now? It has always been perfect. It has never been flawed. It may have some attributes that you find to be detrimental, unappealing or flawed, but this impression can only be made from a limited perspective. From the true, higher perspective, your body is perfect for you. It may not be perfect for anyone else (and of course it is not), but it is perfect for you.

When you can exist in a state of acceptance with regard to your body, you will achieve a state of ease

This will allow the body to receive well-being, energy and vitality. The state of absolute and unconditional acceptance will feel very good. If you do not currently feel very good in your body, there is some resistance within your vibration. Process that resistance and your body will feel better.

Keep in mind that you have many, limiting beliefs when it comes to your body. Those beliefs are not now and were not ever true. It’s time now to reconsider everything you believe about your body. Reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs and raise the intensity of empowering beliefs. Love your body. Accept it as it is. Cherish it as a wonderful gift. Allow it to move the energy of stored trauma and you will glide through it. Accept that it is intelligent and you will listen to it. Take care of it as you would your child. There is no closer relationship in this reality than the one you form with your body.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One : The Body (Click Here To Start)

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The Body

You identify with your body, yet you are not your body. Your body is a community of trillions of life forms known as cells. You are among the community of your body and you could say that your role is the leader. However, your body to some degree is autonomous. While it will not live on without you as the leader of the community, each cell is living a physical life as it intended to prior to its birth. The cells of your body are continually seeking and finding well-being through alignment.

You do not control the cells of your body, but you can and do influence them. The cells of your body do not control you nor can they create in your reality, but they often influence you. Your conscious awareness of the function of all of the cells or organs (systems) within your body is not required. Your love is. If you seek to love and appreciate your body, it will respond in the same vibrational manner. If you hate your body, it will present you with physical manifestation events that will allow you to see where your focus of attention lies.

Your body exists to perform certain functions. The most obvious of those functions is to allow you the opportunity to have a physical life and physical experiences. Your body and all of its systems allow you to move around your physical reality and create relationships to your surroundings as well as all the other life forms in your reality. Your body allows you to express yourself. You can express any version of you that you wish. You can express the authentic version of you and your body will comply happily. You can express the inauthentic version of you and your body will also happily comply.

If you choose to express your love and acceptance to all things within your reality, including your body, your body will function perfectly. On the other hand, if you offer resistance, fear, doubt, distress or buy into the illusion that is presented in physical reality, all things in your reality, including your body, will assist you in becoming aware of that resistance. Since you are ultimately here in the physical realm on a journey of discovery, the universe and all it contains will assist you in that journey. Your body is actually a self-contained universe. It is the expression of you in the physical form.

If you are on your journey of self-discovery, existing in joy and expressing love, your body lovingly supports you fully. If you are experiencing contrast and exploring the inauthentic version of you, your body will assist you in that exploration fully and with love. It, along with the universe, will make you aware of your fears, doubts, inner conflicts and limiting beliefs. You might be able to ignore outside manifestation events, but you cannot ignore your body.

You are an eternal, limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance

This is the authentic version of you that exists in the nonphysical free from fear. All of the cells of your body are also beings of love. Each and every cells that exists within your body is ultimately a being of love. This includes, but is not limited to bacteria, cancer, viruses, etc. Everything is a being of love with a purpose and a reason for being. Everything in physical reality is here to aid your journey of self-discovery. There are no exceptions.

When you decided to come into physical reality, you chose your body. Every aspect of your body is here to support you on your journey. It is perfectly suited for your unique journey, but not anyone else’s. It is your body. It’s the one you created and designed.

You would not want to exchange it with anyone else’s body.

There is not a thing wrong with your body. There never has been or will be anything wrong with it. Your body, like everything else, exists in a state of perfection. If you are moving along your journey with ease and joy focused on your reality in alignment and love, your body reflects this perfectly. If however, you exist in a state of fear, resisting the unfolding of your perfect life, because you are choosing a perspective and holding onto your limiting beliefs fooled by the illusion of bad and wrong, your body will assist you in discovering a new point of focus. It must. It is designed to. It cannot stand by while you choose to live in fear. It will find a way to alert you to the fact that your limiting beliefs are causing you to perceive that something is wrong when in fact, it is perfect.

When you are ready to return to the nonphysical, your body will be ready. It will allow you to transition in the most perfect way. If you, from your limited perspective, perceive that you are not ready to transition, your body will make it easier for you. Your body is here to support you in all things including your transition to the nonphysical. Never fear that your body is doing something in opposition to your highest good. This is not possible.

Your body will provide you with feedback, just like everything else in your reality. You might not become aware of resistant thoughts. You might ignore manifestation events. You might believe that the people in your life should be different than they are. You may not choose to take responsibility for the reality you are experiencing. You might endure painful experiences. You may effort and struggle to manifest that which you perceive you lack. You might operate in complete opposition to the system of physical reality. You might endure incredible hardships and suffering. However, ultimately, your body will come to your aid and present you with conditions that you cannot ignore. This might start as an ache, a pain and evolve into a chronic condition. It is all done so that you might have the opportunity to discover and address your limiting beliefs.

Everything in this reality is vibration and energy

It is the vibration of love down to the vibration of fear. As you exist in any vibrational state, you give off a signal and your point of focus creates energy. If could be the positive energy of love or the negative energy of fear, depending on your vibrational state.

In love, you accept every aspect of your life as perfect, including your body. In fear you reject aspects of your life as flawed, including your body. In love, you are aligned with the truth of your reality and in fear you are aligned with the illusion. You are a creator and when you create with love energy, you attract that which serves your journey of self-discovery. In fear and resistance, you create out of a need to change or control certain aspects of your reality, which often includes your body.

When you choose to create anything, even an improved body, you do so either in love or in fear. It could be a decision to create a healthy body. If that decision arrises from love, you will be guided and inspired to behaviors that support the health and vitality of the body. These behaviors will feel good. If you want to correct some perceived flaw, which is always an illusion, you will effort and struggle your way with no real success. While the body may change its outward appearance, it will never feel the way you thought it would feel. You cannot create what you truly want by fixing something that is not broken. The perception that anything is less than perfect in your reality is the illusion borne out of fear. It is not true. When you act as if the illusion is real, you create with fear energy and manifest that which you do not prefer.

This segment of the Ascension Experience is designed to help you create a new relationship with your body. You have come to perceive your body in a certain way. This choice of perception is all you know. It is based on beliefs attracted through experiences and adopted from others along the way. What you believe about your body is not true. In this segment, we will offer you the truth in relation to your body. You believe your beliefs are true, but they are not. They are a conglomeration of limiting and beneficial beliefs, but this is not the truth. It’s just a perception. That perception includes some limitations. These limitations prevent you from experiencing absolute joy within your body.

Imagine that you existed with no limiting beliefs. You would live perpetually in a state of bliss allowing everything that comes into your reality from a stance of unconditional love. You would see all things as perfect. You would know that all physical things are manifestations of Source itself. You would accept it all as perfect, since you would perceive it to be the manifested essence of Source created in your reality. You would exist in harmony with all things. In doing this, you would allow the energy of Source to flow through your body without limitation.

As a result of this choice of perception, you would exist in a state of complete and absolute well-being. Your body would align with your choice of perception and each cell in your body would also receive and accept the full flow of well-being it deserves. There would be no limitations. This is the design of the system.

Currently, you exist in a state of fear and resistance. You do not fully accept your reality, which includes your body. You find fault with it. You see it as imperfect and flawed. You wish it was different than it is. Maybe you would like to be taller, shorter, thinner, heavier, more muscular, more attractive, nicer hair, nose, skin, smile etc.

So then...What are YOU exploring ?

Why would you ever want your body to be different than it is? We will tell you that like everything else in your reality, your body is the perfect reflection of the vibration you are offering. Do not seek to change or control your body. If you want to experience something new, activate a new vibration.

Do you believe that you will feel better in your body if you were able to change it in some way? If you do, you are asking for something that is based in fear. It’s the fear that your body is not performing well enough, does not look attractive enough, is not healthy enough, or is not enough in some other way. Of course your body is enough. It is perfectly suited for the life experience you intended prior to your birth. If it was different in any way, it would interfere rather than support the life you intended to live.

You must understand that above all else, your body is giving you everything you need to explore reality and discover who you truly are. It does not need to be different, because it perfectly supports your current exploration. If you choose a new exploration, one that is in full alignment with the intentions you set prior to your birth, your body will also support that exploration.

We ask you Why?

Are you currently exploring lack of any kind? If so, your body will allow you to explore that lack. Are you exploring limitation? You body will support that exploration. Are you exploring effort and struggle? That too is a valid exploration that your body fully supports. Are you exploring ease, joy, love and connection? If so, your body will support you lovingly in that exploration as well.

Start with the premise that everything is working out perfectly for you, including your body. Love your body as you would your child. If your body has a pain or illness, treat it as you would if your child had the same pain or illness. Be kind to your body. Be loving. Allow it to repair itself and heal. Realize that when your body is out of sorts in anyway, it is responding to your vibration. It could be that you are working the body too hard and it needs rest. It could be that your vibration is rising and your body is releasing trapped emotions. It could be that energies are coming in and your body is adjusting. Look at the body from the higher perspective and always give it what it needs.

Sometimes, your body needs rest and recovery. But you see this as wrong. You perceive it as a problem. You think the body is preventing you from doing something you think you need to do. And so you exist in a state of resistance when all your body is trying to do is heal itself so it can support you on your journey of self discovery.

Would you insist that your child is wrong when she has a fever, a cold, or some pain? Would you make her get up and start doing things, because you perceive that she needs to be productive? Of course not. You would care for your child. So then, why wouldn’t you treat your own body any differently?

In love, you exist in a state of allowing. This is a high vibrational perspective. You see all things as right, even if it has to do with some physical bodily condition. You take the stance that the body knows what it needs and it’s doing what it has to do in this moment. Yes, we understand that it does not feel good to be in pain or endure an illness. But we want you to understand that most of the pain and discomfort comes as a result of your resistance. If you existed in a state of love with little resistance, it would not be so uncomfortable.

But what you tend to do is view the state of your body from the limited perspective based in fear. Then you are flooded with thoughts and feelings based in fear. You are operating in resistance to the natural ebb and flow of the body. You think it’s wrong and you try to fix your symptoms by taking some action. These are simply urges to change or control the conditions.

We are only talking about mild pains and annoying colds. We are not talking about accidents, serious injuries or illnesses. Of course it’s intelligent and perfectly appropriate to seek modern medical aid. But when you have a mild pain or illness and you seek to control the conditions by acting on urges to change the state of your body, because your symptoms are annoying, then you are simply not allowing the body to repair itself. Most often, the creation of any unwanted bodily condition is due to your own inner conflict and stress caused by your perception of certain conditions as wrong.

Stress is self-imposed. In the present moment, there is no stress. It’s only when you are anxious about your future or regret or resent the past that you cause your own inner conflict and stress on the body. You are doing this to yourself without really thinking about it. And your body, in turn, must accommodate that stress. It is not the best way to support your body. It is not the best way to support your journey of self-discovery. It’s the approach of the victim. You are living in fear and your body must deal with that.

Once you give up your fear, process your limiting beliefs, choose the higher perspective and come back into alignment, your body will sort itself out and return to well-being. Energy will start to flow once again. You’ll feel better. You’ll have more reason to continue to feel good. And then something will happen that you perceive to be bad or wrong, and you’ll introduce stress into the system once again and the body will have to adjust.

This is a feeling reality. When you feel good, you are in alignment. Your body will feel good too. If you have recently started to think about feeling good and maintaining alignment as your highest priority, your body will soon come into alignment as well. If you could choose alignment, well-being and feeling good as your number one intention, you will start to feel better and better in all aspects of your life and your body would fully support you. If you’re not feeling good in your body, it can only be due to some resistance you are holding. That’s the system of physical reality and it’s perfect.

If you are offering resistance to any aspect of your life, you certainly want to know about it. The universe will bring you manifestation events to show you your limiting beliefs. Your body does not comply with your wishes, because the intelligence of the body only supports your true alignment. It will not and cannot support your resistance.

Just like your inner self, your body knows exactly which perspective is true. If you disagree with your body, your body will help you to see your resistance. This is what you truly want.

Your body is here to support you on your journey of self-discovery

Your body is perfectly suited for that unique journey. It will never let you down. You might perceive that it’s not supporting you, but this is the illusion. One thing you can know for sure is that your body is always acting on your highest good. Come into alignment with that loving perspective, and you will exist in more ease in your body.

This Week

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