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Week Three: True Freedom is the Realization of Inherent Freedom (Click Here To Start)

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True Freedom is the Realization of Inherent Freedom

The underlying mechanism of physical reality is designed for one thing: Expansion of Consciousness. Fundamental to the design is abundance and freedom. Every form of consciousness must be free to expand as it chooses. It must be given an abundance everything it needs to expand in any way it chooses. Source does not interfere with the evolution of consciousness. It does not wish to control how consciousness expands. This is left up to the individual consciousness to explore itself in any way it chooses.

The design itself leads to expansion. The individual consciousness is free to expand as it sees fit and thus the overall mechanism drives the growth and evolution of all consciousness.

Let’s look at the mass consciousness of humans living on planet Earth. The consciousness is formed by billions of humans all exploring and expanding individually in any way they see fit. The expansion of each individual expands the collective. Each person is exploring who they are as individuals in their own unique way. They are each free to choose their own explorations, perceptions of reality, personas, and mental constructs. They are free to alter their explorations at any time. Nothing is set in stone. There are no limitations imposed by the system, but only by each individual on themselves. Every individual within the collective consciousness is free and abundant, but without the awareness that they are truly free and abundant. This causes the individual to birth desires and this drives the evolutionary expansion of human. From the higher perspective, it is easy to observe the perfection of the system.

Once the individual understands that they are free to create any exploration they choose, they can then change their own exploration. When they understand what true abundance is, they can live in satisfaction, ease and joy. This after all, was the intention each human set prior to their births. Each individual is seeking truth in their own way and birthing unique desires based on their unique perception of reality. Collectively, this creates new pathways toward accelerated expansion and evolution, which can be accessed by anyone who becomes a vibrational match to the new pathways.

Most of human existence has been dominated by fear and the grand illusion. This was perfectly part of the system of evolution. Without the illusion, there would be no new desires birthed and no new pathways of expansion. You must understand that this system, like everything else, is perfect. But when you bring it all down and focus on one individual, it might seem as if the system is flawed and God is responsible for all the tragedies and sorrows of the human race.

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Whether you zoom out or zoom in, the perfection of the entire system is always there. Nothing is imperfect, including the illusion caused by fear. There is no wrong in any of it. It is always, always right. Each individual living in duality will judge every aspect of their experience as good, bad, right, wrong, better or worse as they exist under the false perception of themselves as a victim. They perceive that the feelings they experience are fundamentally caused by conditions outside of them. They react by choosing to control conditions in order to avoid negative emotion and changing conditions in order to feel positive emotion. The chaotic behavior of each individual births new desires and moves the collective forward. Without strong desires, the individual would not act (either on urges or inspiration) and thus, there would be no evolutionary progress toward the truth.

Imagine a point of light tracing an infinity pattern. In the beginning, the point moves very slowly and it is not possible to see the symbol. Then the light picks up speed and the symbol becomes easy to see. It moves steadily around and over and around and back again tracing its path repeatedly at a   increased rate each time. As it reaches a very high velocity, the point of light cannot be seen. All that you can see is a brightly illuminated infinity symbol.  This is a representation of human consciousness. The point of light represents the expansion of human consciousness and when that consciousness accelerates to a certain velocity, the truth is revealed. That truth is the limitless freedom and abundance inherent in the system itself.

A thousand years ago, the point of light of human consciousness moved very slowly  existed a much lower vibration based in fear. The experience of each human living in fear birthed new desires and the point of light increased in speed a bit. With each century that passed, you could observe that the point of light of human consciousness was increasing, but to the average human living day to day, the acceleration was imperceptible. In the last hundred years, you can see the point of light increasing with each decade. Today, you can see it increasing with each year. Soon it will be obvious that progress is accelerating that point of light each month and so on. In the not-too- distant future, it will become obvious to everyone on the planet that man is truly free and abundant.

The system of physical reality is designed to to evolve human consciousness to a point when it discovers the truth that each individual is the creator of their own reality. It starts with the illusion of lack and limitation as each human perceives themself to be a victim to outside conditions. It ends with the truth of freedom and abundance as each human independently realizes they are the creator of their own reality and freedom and abundance are inherent to the system. Freedom and abundance are therefore realized into each person’s own reality as soon as they awaken to the fact that they are the creator of their own reality and not the victim of it.

You are among the first humans to gain this realization as you become more and more aware of yourself as the creator of your own reality. You then serve the mass consciousness by acting as if this is the truth and further exploring that idea. You adopt new, more empowering beliefs while you simultaneously process old, limiting beliefs.

You reach for states of greater neutrality and alignment. You act on fewer urges and more inspiration. This not only accelerates your expansion, but also the expansion of the mass consciousness. You then focus your attention on your outer reality and bring it in to discover that there is no outer reality; it is all you. With this realization, you express love to your reality and everyone in it, just as you intended prior to your birth. This is how you serve. You become an example of one who is living in truth and authenticity. You thrive in true freedom and abundance and your authentic nature is plainly observable by those around you. They then become more authentic themselves and this causes a ripple-effect of mass awakening.

You intellectually understand that you are the creator of your reality and that you can have, be and do anything. There are no limits or restrictions other than those imposed on yourself. This understanding causes you to become more aware and sensitive to how you are feeling and what you are choosing to explore. You are becoming more focused on your journey of self-discovery and in this you will require new skills and abilities. Your empathic senses start to come online. All of this aids in your awakening to certain gifts and talents you’ve always had, but never realized fully. You see, the universe is giving you an abundance of everything you need to further your discovery of self and the freedom to alter your mental construct and continue to raise your own vibration. As you do this for yourself, you are also raising the vibration of the mass consciousness. This is how you serve.

Everything you need will be given to you in direct proportion to the truth of the exploration you are choosing. Note that those living in fear must receive more of the illusion of lack and fear, because this is the exploration they are choosing. Overall it is easier to see that humans today are living in far greater levels of abundance and freedom, yet those living in fear perceive themselves to be more limited and lacking than people did a thousand years ago. The expansion of truth is in equal proportion to the expansion of the illusion. As love expands so does fear, but in totality the four points of freedom and abundance and lack and limitation become easier to see by those living in love.

A thousand years ago, the vast majority of human population was living in great lack and limitation, yet because everyone was living in the same manner, it could not be seen. Nor could freedom and abundance. There were very few examples of people at the time living in freedom and abundance and those examples were hard to even imagine by those living in fear. The desires of the masses were for basic needs. Today you have many examples of people living in much more freedom and abundance. But if you are the one living in poverty for instance, the feeling of lack is much more intense today that it would have been a thousand or even a hundred years ago. The feelings of lack and limitation expand as more freedom and abundance is brought forth by those who are reaching higher vibrational levels.

While there are many examples of humans living in much more freedom and abundance, there are few if any examples of humans living in authenticity. Authenticity is much more difficult to see, because when you are not living in authenticity yourself, you are viewing the world obscured by a perception of reality based in duality. This causes you to view the authentic one as strange. You might perceive authentic behavior as wrong or bad or have some other judgment about it. It is only when you choose to opt out of duality and don a perception of reality based in love, will you realize that the structures of almost every aspect of society are based in fear. You will look at all institutions in a new way. You will see how society favors conformity and subservience.

When you become more authentic, you will see that those living in fear hold tightly to limiting beliefs about everything. It gives them a false sense of security as they seek to control the conditions. But you will see it for what it is. It’s simply self-imposed limitation. As the creator of your own reality, you will suddenly realize that others have no power to create in your reality. Therefore, you are absolutely free to be, do and have whatever you choose. You will see them in prisons created in their minds. The gates are open, but they won’t leave. You will not be able to coax them out of their cells, but they will see you on the other side of the fence. This will spark internal conflict within those observing you. On the one hand, they will see you operating differently and this might inspire them. On the other hand, they will feel unable to do what you are doing and then sink into the consciousness of fear and receive urges to change or control you. They will want you to come back into the prison and lock yourself back in your cell. This might make them feel comfortable, but it is something you cannot do, because you have already glimpsed the truth. It is the truth of who you are.

You are just glimpsing that truth now, but there is far more to come. You have just scratched the surface of your greatness. You are on a path to discover more of your own magnificence. You will be able to see more examples of authenticity and you will receive more inspiration that will lead you further to the becoming of who you truly are. This is a wonderful part of the evolutionary process. You have waited a long time to arrive at this point. It is meant to be experienced by you as deeply satisfying and interesting. Enjoy this phase of your awakening. It is a wonderful time and he best is yet to come.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Four: True Freedom is Realized by Defining it Accurately (Click Here To Start)

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True Freedom is Realized by Defining it Accurately

True freedom is being able to do whatever you are inspired to do in the moment. True abundance is having whatever you need to do whatever you are inspired to do in the moment. If you can’t do it, it’s not necessary. If you don’t have it now, you don’t need it now. These definitions are true. All other definitions of freedom and abundance are false. You need not attract more freedom or more abundance to have true freedom and abundance. All you must do is change your definitions.

In fear and the state of duality, you cannot possibly experience true freedom or abundance. Why not? Because in duality, you will always perceive that there could be more or less freedom and abundance. That perception is flawed of course, but it makes it seem as if there are higher or lower levels of freedom and abundance. There are not. Freedom and abundance are absolute.

If you would like to experience more freedom, all you must do is alter your perception of reality from flawed to true. If you would like to experience greater levels of abundance, all you must do is enter a state of neutrality. Neutrality (or the close approximation of a neutral state of being) is an absence or reduction of fear. Without fear (a perception of self as less than), you would be in a neutral state of being. Your perception of reality would be accurate. In that state, all you would know is true freedom and abundance. This would be your experience.

In a neutral state, free from desires, preferences, ideals and attachments to outcomes, you would align with Source consciousness. Free from fear, there would be nothing distracting you from the flow of love and infinite intelligence coming from Source, your inner self and your guides and supporters. In this flow state, you would know what to do next. There would be no doubt, because without fear, doubt cannot exist.

To understand true freedom and abundance, one must imagine what it might be like to live without fear. Where does fear come from? It originates solely from a perception of self based in duality. To live a life free from fear, one must enter the state of neutrality. But since you have limiting beliefs and a certain mental construct, you will never fully enter the state of neutrality in a physical life. But you can move closer and closer.

Imagine two lines that go off into the distance to infinity. As you move forward, the lines get closer and closer, but they will never meet. Where you are now is at a place where the lines are closer than ever before, yet continue to grow closer as you move forward. This is neutrality. It’s an eternal process and you will never reach the point where the lines intersect. Does that leave you feeling hopeful or hopeless? The answer depends on your perspective. If you look back, you can see how far you’ve come, but if you look forward, you can see how far there is to go.

If your perspective is based in duality, you will feel hopeless, because you will never come to the point where the lines intersect at a conclusion. If you feel hopeful, you know that you would never want to come to a conclusion. If you perceive yourself to be finite and in fear, you’ll want the journey to come to an end. But if you see yourself as an explorer above all, you will not want to end your explorations. This is an analogy for life and your eternal existence.

In the nonphysical, you are well aware of the mechanism of physical reality and the constructs of time and space. They are illusions. You know the full story and you are eager to have physical, expansive experiences without an end. In duality, you want to reach some conclusion to your journey and this is simply resistance based in limiting beliefs and a flawed mental construct. Your human perspective therefore, forbids the possibility of true freedom and abundance, because there is always more than or less than. From the perspective of neutrality, there is always enough.

You are here on a journey of self-discovery. This is your primary reason for being here. You intended for this journey to be fun and enjoyable as you experience expansion.

Without physical reality, you could not expand, explore or discover who you truly are. Physical reality creates the context by which you may know yourself. As you expand, so does your reality and new possibilities are opened to you. In duality, those possibilities might be good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse. In neutrality, all new possibilities are simply there to be explored. This is why you love exploration.

Exploration can be done in fear (duality) or love (neutrality). It’s your choice. Guess which would be more fun? That’s right, neutrality. But if you have a rigid mental construct filled with limiting beliefs, it will be a scary journey. If you are perceiving yourself as a victim, you cannot reach a state of neutrality. If you are choosing to live in duality and hold onto limiting beliefs and perspectives in order to control your reality, you will face manifestation events and feel negative emotion and more fear. The way to neutrality is made by challenging limiting beliefs and letting go of limited perspectives.

The work you have been doing over the last several months has radically altered your perception of reality. But you still have doubts and fears. You have become more emotionally sensitive and this has created more doubts. It might seem as if you are not moving forward, but like the two lines, you always are. In fact, all humans are moving forward. The rate of that progress is determined by how much resistance there is and how often they are able to act on inspired thoughts. Since the lines will never intersect on your eternal journey of self-discovery, the rate at which you progress does not matter from the nonphysical, neutral perspective.

One thing is for certain. If you hold onto limiting beliefs, you add resistance to your journey, which does not feel good. If you release resistance too quickly, you will be overwhelmed with the accelerated rate of your progress. Wanting to reduce resistance

in order to feel good is a preference based on a limited perspective. The rate at which you are expanding is perfect for you. You can let go of a bit more fear if you like, but when you do, your rate will increase to a point where fear presents itself once again. This is how it will always be on this eternal journey.

However, if you can redefine how you view freedom and abundance, both will instantly appear more true in your current reality. If you can redefine yourself as the creator of your reality rather than the victim, you will drop so much resistance and suddenly you will feel very good. If you can intellectually understand the benefit of neutrality over duality, you will experience life in more ease and joy. And when you understand the nature of your eternal journey, you can progress at a rate that’s perfect for you.

Your progress has always been perfect, but you could not see it until now. Once you understand that everything in your reality is perfect, you can drop your resistance. Once you redefine true freedom and abundance, you can experience those aspects of physical reality in a way that is more true. This will not make you feel better, since nothing can make you feel anything. But it will help you to see through the illusion and then make your own choices about how you feel. Simply put, in neutrality nothing makes you feel anything, but you are much more sensitive and you do want to feel something. Believe us when we say that neutrality is the state of intense feeling. Duality is the state of numbing those feelings. In duality some experiences feel better than others. In neutrality, there can be no difference between feelings, because there is no better or worse.


Can you be more free than you are now? If so, you are limited by definition. Change the definition and suddenly you must be absolutely free. How about abundance? If you are able to somehow perceive that it might be possible to be more abundant than you are, then you currently exist in a state of lack compared to more abundance. This definition has created a fact. The fact is that you are currently in lack compared to some potential experience of more abundance, and this is the only possible way you could perceive the concept of lack. In neutrality that concept cannot exist, because better and worse do not exist.

Since you have learned to perceive your reality in dualistic terms, you have learned to be limited and lacking. This is something you can unlearn if you like. Your definitions of self as the victim can only exist in duality. In neutrality nothing good or bad can happen. These terms cannot be perceived. Therefore, bad things do not exist and nor do good things. But how does this conversation have any power to alter your life?

Because your life exists simply as you choose to perceive it. Of course, for many of you, this statement may conflict with your current set of beliefs. But if you will play with us for a minute, we will help you see the truth.

Everything you believe was learned, either by example, experience or direct communication with another person. When you witnessed an example of someone going through an experience, you adopted their perception of reality. Let’s say your mother dropped a glass and cursed out loud. You learned that dropping the glass was

bad. Now you drop a glass and you assume that was bad as well. Your father almost drops a glass but catches it just in time and everyone celebrates. Saving the glass is good. But imagine if no one reacted at all when the glass dropped. What would you learn?

Everything you’ve learned has been labeled good, bad, right, wrong, better and worse. It didn’t have to be labeled this way. In fact, the labels are arbitrary and differ with each culture, society, religious background, societal norms, taboos, etc. If you break a dish at home that’s bad, but if you’re in a Greek restaurant, somehow it’s not. The labels have always been up to you since you are the creator of your own reality. The labels you accepted originated from a false perception of self based in victimhood. Before you become a deliberate creator, you must redefine everything, including your perception of self. As you redefine everything, you become more neutral.

If you were to perceive yourself as the creator of your own reality, you would redefine all of the concepts that you have accepted as truth based on your previous perception of yourself as a victim. Could a creator create anything that was wrong or bad? No, because the creation would always be based in love. The observer would then experience the creation. If that observer/experiencer looked upon that creation from the perspective of the creator, the creation would in fact be neutral. Only the victim living in duality could judge the creation as good or bad. In neutrality, there is no judgment, therefore everything remains neutral and is good, right and perfect as it is.


All creations and manifestations are experienced based on one’s perception of themselves within their reality. This is their vibration. The creation/manifestation is based on that vibration. It is a physical representation of the vibration that is being offered by the individual. The reflection is always a perfect representation of that vibration. The vibration then is formed by the person’s perception, which changes with every experience of the new reality formed by the vibration. A loop is formed until the individual breaks free of their limiting belief structure and adopts a more empowering one.

In fear, the individual who is saddled with a limited perception of reality based in duality continues to perceive their reality in terms of good, bad, better, worse, etc. This solidifies their limiting beliefs. Their perception of reality remains in place and creates cycles of experience that repeat old patterns. Those patterns create more fear and the cycle continues. The fear-based experiences are expansive, as new desires are borne out of their judgment of conditions. When they transition to the nonphysical, they return to a state of duality and can instantly see the cycle of fear as it played out in their human experience. But if the human could see it clearly while living a physical life, their belief structure would be transformed. This is what is happening now to each and every one of you.

The basic concept of neutrality is difficult to grasp by someone who is firmly entrenched in victimhood. You, through the work you have been doing over the prior few months, have opened up your awareness and this has allowed you to begin to contemplate the truth of neutrality. Very good. You might be able to see how a neutral perspective can be highly beneficial to one who views themself as the creator of their reality. It all has to do with how you personally perceive that which you fear and that which you love.

In duality, you use fear as a way to control that which is not preferred. From the limited perspective it seems like the fear keeps you safe. In certain circumstances this is true. You fear heights, so you avoid high places. Of course, the high place is not dangerous in and of itself. It’s the preference to live that creates the possibility of not living. You play is safe by avoiding heights. But you also limit yourself from witnessing the fantastic views.

Play with this idea for a moment. Sharks are bad, because they occasionally eat people. The fear of sharks is seen as a way to avoid being eaten. Therefore, you must not go into the ocean, because you might encounter a shark and find yourself becoming its next meal. How do you avoid sharks and therefore ease your fear?

Simple. You never step foot into the ocean. But what if you’re inspired to go for a swim at the beach? Your fear will block this inspiration and you will not act. In this sense, you have lost your freedom. Fear limits you from taking a swim.


The example above highlights an irrational fear since shark attacks are rare and the vast majority of ocean swimmers never encounter a shark. But what if you are inspired to jump off a cliff? You know that almost every single person who has ever jumped of a cliff has died. You prefer not to die, so you won’t act on this inspired idea. But is it really possible for an inspired idea to lead to your death? Of course it is, however it would still be for your benefit and expansion, because nothing can ever happen to you, it always happens for you.

The idea here is that you always have choices. You can always find the action that can be done in the moment and still imagine an outcome that would satisfy your preferences. You receive the inspiration to take a swim in the ocean. You cannot know where this inspiration will lead, but you can imagine a shark in the ocean. Since your preference to live is greater than any imagined positive outcome, you choose not to act and this is your limitation. However, if you could rationally think your way through it, you could overcome your fear and take action on the inspired idea. You would then experience freedom, because you are doing what you are inspired to do.

It would look something like this. You’re sitting on the beach with friends. They all jump into the ocean. You receive the thought to join them. You feel a bit of excitement.

Suddenly, the thought of a shark pops into your mind and you feel fear. Now you don’t want to go into the ocean. If you leave it here, you become limited and freedom eludes you. However, if you analyze this fear, you can push past it. You think, “Is this a rational or irrational fear? Well, it might be rational, because a shark could kill me. But then again, shark attacks are incredibly rare. I’ve never even seen a shark before. I don’t personally know anyone who has been attacked. No one has ever been attacked on this beach before. There’s probably been millions of people who have swam in the ocean at this very beach without incident. It is more likely that I could have been killed in the car ride over here. If I am attacked by a shark, it would be for my benefit.

Therefore, my fear is irrational and I can go into the water with my friends. Maybe there’s a reason I’m inspired to join them. Maybe this will bond us even closer. I am going to show the universe that I trust my inspiration and can act on this wonderful idea. I am going to exercise my freedom in this very moment.

You can always, always find a way to push past the fear that pops up when you receive an inspired idea. By pushing past fear, you step into true freedom and abundance. You will experience it. You will know it. Each time you act, you will gain confidence and clarity and expand to heightened levels of freedom and abundance. This is the expansion you came for. Exercise it and you will feel great satisfaction in your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two:Freedom Depends on Your Perception of Reality (Click Here To Start)

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Freedom Depends on Your Perception of Reality

There are certain fundamental qualities that are inherent within the system of physical reality. Freedom and abundance are two of those qualities. Why then are almost all humans experiencing lack and limitation? It’s due to their flawed perception of reality. They do not understand who they truly are, how the system actually works or why they are here.

Those living in lack and limitation are perceiving themselves as individuals existing in a malevolent environment as victims believing that outside conditions are responsible for how they feel. This perception is based in fear. Fear is the illusion that creates duality, spawns preferences, births false desires, causes isolation and disconnection and traps most people in the consciousness of fear. From this faulty perception of reality, those who perceive themselves as victims will receive urges to control or change the conditions.

Fear will trigger the survival mode of fight, flight or freeze. In fear, people will always receive thoughts based in fear and urges to act in fear. This leads to an exploration of more fear, the continuation of the illusion and the development of the false persona. All expansion gained from this exploration of the inauthentic self is fear-based. It is still expansion and this is good and necessary, but it cannot lead to what the divine individual truly wants. However, once one has experienced enough fear over the course of many lifetimes, they will have the opportunity to alter their approach to life and begin a new exploration.

This is the new exploration of the authentic self.

You exist in the nonphysical as a vibrational signature, which is fully authentic. You are infinitely free and abundant. You are transparent and known to All That Is fully and completely. You are love and you are loved at the same time. There is nothing that could diminish any aspect of you. The nonphysical realm is a neutral state absent of what you call fear. You are focused in love on an eternal journey of expansion in joy. In order to expand, you come to physical reality and your vibration increases with each
and every experience. From this eternal and intelligent perspective, a physical life is but a blink of the eye, yet it is highly valuable.

You have expanded greatly due to the many lives you have experienced. Your experiences have been added to the tapestry of All That Is. Most of your previous experiences were based in fear as you perceived yourself as the victim and explored your inauthentic self. While this led to expansion in your nonphysical form, it was not pleasant from your human perspective.

You have come to physical reality as this new incarnation ready to begin the exploration of your authentic self. One of the intentions you set prior to your birth was the exploration of the self as it is in the nonphysical while you exist in the physical realm. The fruition of this journey of discovery is to merge your human perception of reality with your nonphysical self’s perception of reality. As you take steps on this journey, freedom and abundance are naturally revealed to you.

This implies that absolute freedom and infinite abundance are the reality of your existence, but due to your current, limited perception of reality, they are not perceived by you. Your current perception of reality obscures the truth and to a greater or lesser extent freedom is hidden from your experience. As your mental construct becomes less limited, freedom becomes more realized and so does abundance.

Freedom and abundance exist in the absolute. Your perception of reality either allows you to know this or not. If you understand and experience true freedom and abundance, it is due solely to your perception of reality. If you are experiencing what appears to be lack or limitation of any kind, then you have a flawed perception of reality that is filled with limiting beliefs. If you are experiencing any form of lack or limitation, you do not know yourself. To know yourself fully is to exist in a state of pure freedom and abundance.

Therefore, the path to freedom is parallel to the path of self-discovery. With each step that you take on your inspired path, you know yourself a little bit better and you realize you are actually more free and abundant than you thought. Each step raises your vibration and a new reality is created. That reality feels more free and abundant, but is actually no more free or abundant than any other reality. You are simply able to see the freedom and abundance that exists more clearly. In essence, with each step you take on your inspired path you gain more clarity and thus, more understanding of your true self and your true reality.

Freedom is not achieved, it is revealed.

At lower vibrational levels that are based more in fear, you do not know yourself or your reality. You are confused and in fear. You are seldom connected to Source consciousness and when you do receive inspiration, the fear is too much to push past. Mostly, you are connected to fear consciousness and are receiving thoughts based in fear and urges to change the conditions.

As your vibration raises through the spiritual investigation you do, you come out of the consciousness of fear and become more aligned with Source consciousness. Then you receive more inspiration and because of the work you have done to alter your mental construct, you notice that you do have more options and choices. You can think in a new way. You can see things from the higher perspective. You can take action by pushing past fear. You can have more faith and build more confidence. You can approach life in a radically new way. You can express your love rather than acting in fear. As a side effect of your new approach to life, freedom and abundance come naturally, because you are no longer in resistance.

When you think something is wrong or bad, you manufacture the illusion of limitation and lack. Without your judgment, limitation and lack could not possibly enter your reality. Without human judgment, these illusions do not exist. In a natural world, free from the perception of reality based in fear, there is nothing other than true freedom and abundance. Therefore, all the lack and limitation that exists in physical reality, is manufactured by humans living in fear.

Imagine the world without human beings. What’s left is a natural world full of life. There are plants and animals. Since the animals cannot perceive limitation or lack, there is nothing other than freedom and abundance. They feel fear is relation to survival, but this does not impact their mental construct. They do not manufacture limitation or lack as wild and free animals.

In a natural world, there is no money. Therefore, money is not abundance. All living things experience only freedom and have no perception of limitation. In this world, limitation is a concept that does not exist. Humans manufacture all limitation and lack in through a flawed mental construct and an inaccurate perception of reality.

Imagine if you personally had no limiting beliefs. You would have no fear and you would know yourself clearly as the limitless and abundant being you are. All choices and options are fully available to you. You receive a constant stream of inspiration and since there is no fear, you simply act. You exist as a blended being and as fully authentic physical representation of your nonphysical self. You are powerful beyond imagination and you exist in a perpetual state of joy. Without fear, there can be no other emotion
other than joy. Of course, there would be nothing to explore and no reason for physical reality to exist. So fear was created by the human based on a flawed perception of reality in order to travel a fulfilling and expansive journey of self-discovery. Can you see now that fear is just another form of love?

Fear is love as represented as the opposite of love. Without fear, there could be no love. Love is the truth and fear is the illusion, but without the illusion one could not discover the truth. Truth is what remains when the illusion is removed. Freedom is what remains when the illusion of limitation is removed. Abundance is remains when the illusion of lack is removed.

In order to discover your freedom, you must see through the illusion. Depending on your current mental construct, the illusion of limitation is either opaque or transparent or somewhere in between. To experience more freedom, one would simply alter their mental construct and endeavor to see the truth where it can be seen in the moment. The truth is never seen from the limited perspective. It is far easier to find freedom from the higher perspective.

When a fear presents itself, you will feel what you call negative emotion. It is an indication that you possess a limiting belief and are existing in a state of duality. The intensity of the emotion is always indicative of the state of duality and the strength of the limiting beliefs. The emotion allows you to understand exactly how strong the illusion is for you. If you are really upset about something that has happened, you have a highly intense limiting belief, you’re in a strong state of duality and you are perceiving the illusion to be quite real. Your perception of reality in this moment is quite flawed and completely inaccurate. You are firmly in fear consciousness and you’re flooded with fear-based thoughts and urges to control or change the conditions.

What do you do when you are viewing anything you know to be an illusion? What do you do when a magician performs an amazing illusion right before your eyes? Do you believe it’s true magic and it’s real? Sometimes you might, but most of the time you realize it’s just a trick and there is an explanation. You see through the illusion and use your thought process to try and figure out how the trick was performed. You know the woman has not actually been sawed in half. You are captivated by the brilliant performance, but you are not fooled for very long. You know that it is not real.

You have the power to use your thought process to discover the truth through any physical experience that is based in an illusion. You can rely on your emotions to inform you of the truth. When you feel what you call negative emotion, you can know instantly that you are witnessing an illusion. It might seem real, just like the magic trick, but the emotion always lets you know the truth.

Notice here that when you are in the illusion and feeling fear, you connect to the stream of consciousness based in fear and it seems like your options and choices are limited. When you regain your composure and connect to Source, you now open up more possibilities. One state lacks choices and options (lack of freedom) and another state opens up those choices and options (abundance of freedom). The state you are in is your current perception of reality.

If you are calm, cool and collected, you are connected to Source consciousness, you are seeing more of the truth and you are open to more options and choices. This is a free state of being and an empowering perception of reality. As soon as you feel fear, you have fewer choices and options available to you (especially those based in love) and you become limited only because you are currently perceiving your reality in a limiting way.

If you perceive you are free, you are free. If you perceive yourself to be limited, it creates the illusion of limitation, but you are still free. You cannot be anything other than absolutely and infinitely free. Fear limits your perception of freedom. Remove the fear and you perceive yourself as free. If you can choose to perceive yourself as free even when fear exists, you will be open to inspiration and numerous available choices. This is freedom and nothing more.

In fear, you must rise above the fear and seek to discover all possible choices and options within the fear itself. You can see through the fear and find freedom. This is your power to actively secure your authority over the life you are living. The freedom is always there. It is now your responsibility to find it, see it and experience it.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: Freedom is Inherent in the System of Physical Reality (Click Here To Start)

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Freedom is Inherent in the System of Physical Reality

Over the next four weeks we will help you gain clarity around the concept of freedom. Freedom is inherent in the system of physical reality. If you think about other inherent qualities of physical reality, you will have a better understanding of freedom. Time, space, gravity and abundance are other inherent qualities of physical reality. You understand the features of time, space and gravity. These aspects of physical reality are obvious. You can see them easily. However, you do not really understand them.

You think that when you drive your car, you move through space to another location. What is actually happening is that you are shifting through countless dimensions to arrive at your destination, which is simply another dimension. You believe that time is linear and separation exists between the past, present and future. In fact, it’s all happening at the same time, you are simply moving from one unique dimension to another and you call this movement time. Gravity is the glue that bonds the universe together. Abundance is not an excess of anything. It is the receiving of everything you need when you need it to explore whatever you are choosing to explore. And freedom is not the absolute ability to do whatever you think you want to do. It is the absolute power to think any thought in any moment, within any condition, at any location within
any gravitational force.

Thoughts become things. Thoughts are the source of your creative powers. You have complete and absolute freedom to hold any thought and to focus on that thought. This means that you have the freedom to create anything, no matter the conditions. Any belief to the contrary is self-limiting. Therefore, all of your limitations are self-imposed. If you want something, but believe that due to the conditions you cannot have it, then you are allowing limiting beliefs to limit your personal freedom.

Most humans have created for themselves a highly limited mental construct. They have an experience, they birth a desire and then they allow their limited mental construct to keep themselves apart from their desire. Since they harbor limiting beliefs that conflict with their desire, they are unable to maintain focus of attention on a single thought that would form the foundation of their creation. In physical reality, your thoughts create
your reality.

Imagine having a desire for an ice cream cone. As an adult, you have manifested countless ice cream cones in the past and so these experiences are contained in your mental construct. You know exactly how to manifest one. You simply get in your car, drive to the ice cream parlor, choose your favorite flavor and exchange a sum of money. It’s simple. But what if you had a concern about your weight? This is an example of a limiting belief. It works to limit the manifestation of the ice cream. As soon as you receive the inspiration, the fear of an expanded waistline would enter your mind and interrupt the focus required to bring the ice cream cone into your reality. Can you think of other limiting beliefs that might interrupt your focus so that the ice cream cone is not manifested?

Whenever you are inspired to do anything, fear is generated in the moment by one or more limiting beliefs. The fear acts to interrupt your focus. You are unable to maintain enough focus on your desire so that it becomes manifested into your reality. Believe it or not, this interruption process is vital to the system of physical reality, because much of what you want to create is based in fear itself. Limiting beliefs create disruption. You will have to be very certain you truly want this desire to be manifested in order to maintain enough focus to take all the action steps required to create what you want.

The average person’s mental construct is so full of limiting beliefs that they actually create very little compared to their true potential. But this is actually a very good thing, because the average person is living in such a state of fear that if they were able to maintain focus, they would create things and experiences that they truly did not want.

Freedom is the realization that fear is an illusion, that you can think any thought you like and hold any belief you choose, and that all choices and options are available to you within the moment.

Fear is an illusion. Fear is simply limiting. Without fear, you would be limitless. Fear, as a rational acknowledgement that certain actions could lead to physical harm and death, limits you from those actions (or at least gives you pause so that you might contemplate those actions). Rational fear helps keep you safe from physical injury and death. This is a very good thing, for without it you would quickly return to the nonphysical. From the higher perspective though, there is no death, only transition from a physical form to a nonphysical one. Therefore, from that perspective, even rational fear could be seen as irrational.

You have come forth into this reality for a purpose and a reason and you would not really want to transition out of this life before you have done whatever you have come to do. This is why rational fear (as well as all other fear) is beneficial. It is an aspect of love. It gives you time to contemplate any action. If you are in fear and receive an urge to change or control some condition, fear pops up to give you time to contemplate the action. If you are angry and you receive the urge to punch the wall, you will feel fear as you contemplate this action. If you act on the urge, you will hurt your hand and the wall. These actions would lead to something you do not truly want. Fear, depending on the intensity of the emotion, causes one to contemplate any action.

If the intensity of emotion is strong, you will find it easier to push past the fear. If you are in alignment and you are intensely excited about an inspiring idea you just received, you will push past nearly any fear to take action. If you are enraged and receive an urge, the intensity of emotion will likely be so strong you will push past the fear and take the action. Do you see how the intensity of the emotion can cause you to disregard the fear? The intensity of emotion therefore reduces your range of choices and options. As long as the intensity of emotion is greater than the fear in either case, you will act. It’s as if the choice is removed. You don’t spend much time contemplating choices in times of extremely intense emotion. The intense emotions dictate the choice and therefore, this is not freedom.

Freedom comes when you can make choices despite the emotional intensity. There are two ways to achieve this. You can wait for the emotion to subside and then make the choice or you can become more neutral overall and the emotions will never be too intense. Of course the later will always be more effective than the former, but this is a process.

Neutrality will soften the emotions that arise in the moment. Obviously, the calmer you are the more likely you’ll be to take time to contemplate actions before making choices. And if you realize that all options and choices are always available to you, you will have access to limitless choices. This is the freedom that neutrality offers you.

Humans make decisions based on emotions. Those emotions are based in their own unique set of beliefs and their perception of themselves within their reality. Within their mental construct are all beliefs, opinions, desires, preferences, experiences, and ideals. They are attached to all of it in order to control their realities. Since they exist in a state of fear not knowing who they are, how this reality works, or what their purpose is, they suffer in opposition to the mechanism of this platform called reality. In this way, they create their own limitations. We are sure that this has become quite obvious to you by now.

Is it no wonder that the masses lead lives of effort, struggle and suffering as a way to control their conditions and try to get what they lack? Can you see how their belief systems are creating the physical realities that cause them to suffer? Is it apparent to you that their flawed perceptions of reality are so removed from the truth that this is the root of all their pain?

If you don’t know who you are, you will create a false persona designed to attract love and acceptance from others. Of course, since this is inauthentic, one can never know if they are truly loved. But in creating this false persona, they are perpetually exploring who they are not. This leads to manifestation events which are interpreted to be bad or wrong, because they are accompanied by what they believe to be negative emotion. Desires, preferences and ideals are birthed as a result and this leads to more experiences, which are expansive and valuable, yet perpetuate old limiting beliefs and maintain old behavioral patterns. The One on One, Bootcamp and Ascension Experience were designed to help people out of these old cycles.

To return to freedom one must address all of these things. Limiting beliefs must be reduced. Self-awareness and discovery must become one’s chosen path. One must realize that desires, preferences and ideals are based in fear and replace those with true desires found in pre-birth intentions. The new approach to life of love and acceptance must replace the old approach of fear and control. One must peel away all that which is inauthentic to become more and more authentic. And finally, one must become more and more neutral and accept inspiration coming from Source consciousness.

Freedom is not something that is finally achieved once all these conditions have been met. It is something that is always there, but cannot be perceived by those living in fear. In fear, it will seem as if the range of possible choices and actions is extremely limited. This is the illusion created by fear. In fact, one has all choices and options available to them in any moment. They will not believe this is true when in fear, because the choices are in opposition to their limiting beliefs, which they believe to be true.

Freedom happens naturally as this process of awakening unfolds. In doing this work, students become free, they feel free, they act as if they are free and therefore, more freedom is realized with each step. Suddenly when they remove all the fear and limiting beliefs and they are shocked to discover they were free all along. This is exactly what is happening in each of your lives. All you are ever doing is realizing your freedom more and more each day.

Freedom itself is not a goal to be achieved. It’s the effect made possible by traveling the inspired path. With each step along that path, more freedom is revealed to you. Lack of freedom is the illusion. As you act on more inspiration and move into more authenticity, the illusion fades and the result is higher and more clearly realized states of freedom. You might not even experience a change in your sense of freedom from one day to the next. However, when looking back at earlier times in your life, you will be more aware of the fact that you existed within the illusion of limitation. You then understand what true freedom really is. It’s the knowing that every possible choice is always available to you in each and every moment. Of course, this has nothing to do with what you think you want, only what you truly want.

You might say that you cannot buy the new house you want, or the yacht or the car or any of these physical things and therefore you are limited. This is not at all what we are talking about. Freedom has to do with how you are choosing to perceive your present moment reality, how you have access to Source consciousness and what you can do to take action on any inspired thought in the moment. That is the freedom we are discussing. It comes through the realization of your authentic self, not the desire to manifest things and experiences borne out of lack. It is the freedom to think any thought, to hold any belief and to take any action in the moment.

In order to actually be free to think thoughts, alter your beliefs and take inspired action, you must understand fear in a new way. Without fear, you would be limitless. Because fear holds you in its grip, you imposed limitations on yourself. Therefore, freedom comes as you analyze and process the fear which is always an illusion. The fact is that everyone in your society is limited by that which they fear. You have no examples that you rely on to transmute your fears. That’s because you tend to believe that those who are living in less fear are being reckless, wrong or bad. That’s just another fear you have and it’s triggered by a limiting belief.

Let’s imagine that you have a light that’s completely caked with mud. The light is on, but no light emerges through the mud. Therefore, you do not even know that it’s a light. Everyone else has their own mud-caked light. You all exist in the dark because of this. You can’t see anything, because there’s no light and so you make up stories about what exists in your dark world. Most of what exists is an illusion based in fear because you can’t truly know what anything is until the light is cast upon it. You might agree with another person’s story, because it confirms your own beliefs, but there’s actually no truth to it, because without the light, you have no way of knowing.

You have the desire to know. You are inspired by a radical idea; chip away at the mud on your light. You fear this idea, because you do not want to damage your light, even though it is not serving you. It’s just a heavy object you’re lugging around. But somehow, you are able to push past the fear. You pick up a stick and you start chipping away at the mud. Suddenly a tiny crack emerges and a slight beam of light escapes. You are thrilled, but frightened at the same time. You have discovered something new.

At first, you cover this up and hide it from others. Then you tell your closest friend and share your secret. They are amazed. How did you do this. They imagine that your light is special and what you have done can only happen for you and not for them. You are inspired to chip away a little more, but you choose not to. You might even pick up some mud and cover your crack. You find it embarrassing to be the center of attention. It’s so weird.

But soon you are able to see things you did not see before. You’re able to help your friends by shedding some of your light in their direction. As you chip away at more of the mud, the amount of light increases and you can see more of what’s been hidden in the dark. It’s completely different than what you were led to believe. You now reconsider all your beliefs. You realize that all of those old beliefs were adopted from people who were living in the dark themselves. Everyone was. That means that everyone was always making up stories that were never true.

You don’t believe your eyes. How could this little light reveal so much that was never true? You tend to doubt what you’re seeing. Everything you once feared was just an illusion. But no one else can see exactly what you’re seeing. You tell them what you’re seeing and you describe it accurately, but they have no reference. The words fail you. They have to see it for themselves by chipping away at the mud covering their own lights.

Lack is an illusion. Lack of abundance is an illusion. Lack of time is an illusion. Lack of freedom is the greatest illusion of all. You lack nothing. You are the creator of it all. You have always been the creator and your creation is your unique journey of self- discovery. On that journey, you have an abundance of all things and experiences that enable you to discover who you truly are. You also have complete and limitless freedom to create. Nothing is beyond your power to create. The only question is how will you deliberately create that which enables you to travel your inspired path of self-discovery?

To understand freedom, you must have the experience of it. These words will help to mold your mental construct to a degree, but words alone do not teach. Experience is necessary to truly modify your limited mental construct. Information contained within the experience adds information to beliefs and they become more empowering and less limiting. In the time we have together over the next four weeks, we will give you many plots. These plots will provide you with the experience needed to modify your mental construct around the concepts of freedom and abundance, because the two are inseparably linked; like time and space.

This is the final segment of the Ascension Experience before we move to the crucible segment; Deliberate Creation. All of the previous segments, plots, assignments, daily spiritual practices, manifestation event forms, and mediations have been the building blocks of a radically new mental construct. Everything you have done so far has led to this moment in time. You have gained new clarity and have transformed your mental construct, your perception of yourself and your vibration so that you are ready for this segment. We will ask you to lean into this course as much as you can. Do as many plots as you are able. Share with your Ascension Experience friends. Attend as many of the live calls as possible. Engage in this segment and you will be ready for Deliberate Creation.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it.