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Week Four : In the age of Aquarius, there will be no use for money (Click Here To Start)

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In the age of Aquarius, there will be no use for money

If you can imagine a future where money serves no purpose, you will begin to resonate with the idea of true abundance. If you were truly abundant, everything would flow to you easily and effortlessly. This is the divine nature of money as the energy of love and you as the being of love. You would naturally attract that which aligns with the same vibration of love.

We shall point out here that everything essentially vibrates at the frequency of love. Therefore, everything that comes to you, as a being of love, is for you. It aligns with you. You are love and attract love. But there’s something to discuss here. If you are focused in opposition to the love energy that you are, you will receive like energy. It too is in opposition to who you are. However, it is still love energy. It is still coming to you in the name of divine love. It is always for your benefit and growth. It is always designed to help you see the light. It’s purpose, based in love, is to show you how you are being. This is the basis of the law of attraction.

If you are fully aligned with who you truly are as being of love and you are on your inspired path toward higher levels of self-discovery, awareness and clarity, then everything that comes to you is based in love to assist you on your journey. If you can see that it is all there to assist you, guide you and help you along your way, you will feel good. Your journey will feel good. You will derive satisfaction in everything you do. You will create deep relationships in love. You will experience excellent health, limitless abundance and pure freedom. This is the design of the system.

If, on the other hand, you are in denial of your true self, if you are hiding your true self, or if you are trying to manifest something in opposition to who you truly are, you are off your inspired path. In this case, everything that comes to you is for your benefit and growth as well. Everything that you attract from this limited perspective is designed for your individual growth and expansion. The only issue here is that you are approaching life as a victim and you cannot see how everything that comes to you is for you. You won’t be able to recognize it. It won’t make any sense to you. You will fight it. You will resist it. You will hide from it. It will trigger fear. It will point out your limiting beliefs. But because you are looking at the manifestation events as if they are bad and wrong, because you’re living as a victim, then you will likely miss the information contained in the event. You will use the event to prove that your limiting beliefs are correct. But they never are.

The energy of love is in all things, all people and all experiences. No matter how joyous or painful the experience is to you, it is always based in love. There is nothing other than love in this reality. The truth is love and even the illusion is love. It all has a purpose within the system of physical reality and the system is perfect. You alone hold the key. The key will unlock a life of joy or a life of discontentment. You choose the door and the key will unlock either one. The key is your approach to life.

You choose how you approach life. Basically, you have two choices. You may choose to approach life as a victim. In this highly limited approach to life, you will choose to believe that you are limited, that you are not worthy, that you are imperfect and that you are neither good nor whole. You will assume the identity of the flawed human. From this limited perspective based in the fear that you are not good, whole, worthy or enough, you vibrate at very low level compared to who you truly are. This attracts a reality that seems to match your view of yourself. But again, this is the illusion.

Are you starting to see how the system works?

If you are living in the new approach to life as your authentic self on your inspired path towards greater levels of awareness, clarity and self-discovery, everything that comes to you is for your benefit and growth. Your life feels amazing. It is amazing. It’s wonderfully free and abundant. It’s joyous and full of love, satisfaction and excitement. You unconditionally accept yourself, all people and the conditions. There’s nothing to complain about because you perceive everything as wonderful and good. You see it. It all makes sense. You choose a perception of reality that feels good and you attract more of what feels good.

In this new approach to life, you will still encounter manifestation events. They will point out deeper limiting beliefs. The manifestation events will not feel good. In fact, because you are vibrating so high, any lower emotional frequency becomes quite disturbing. You will notice them. But rather than becoming full-blown experiences in your reality, you will notice them at the thought level. This will allow you to identify limiting beliefs during a resistant thought rather than an actual, physical event. You will be processing limiting beliefs in the nonphysical realm. Isn’t this amazing?

An unpleasant manifestation event is only brought into physical reality when one ignores resistant thought. If you are not aware of your thoughts, you can hardly notice the difference between loved-based and fear-based thoughts. They come and go too rapidly. Therefore the system of physical reality has a way of alerting you to limiting beliefs (resistance). It’s the manifestation event. Initially these events are subtle as they make their way from the nonphysical thought to the physical realm. They are creations as you can see. Unpleasant manifestation events are creations based in fear. Yet they are not wrong or bad. They serve a purpose. The purpose is the illumination of limiting beliefs.

All physical manifestations created in fear are there to point out limiting beliefs. Man has created many things based in fear. These manifestations exist to undermine the illusion if one is conscious of this. If one is living in alignment as their true self, they will easily see the good in everything, including manifestations created out of fear. However, if the person remains in the illusion caused by fear and is approaching life as a victim, they often miss the information contained in all manifestations borne out of fear. These manifestations, call it war, poverty, injustice, etc. always seem to be wrong or bad. Unconscious creators tend to dig in their heels and fight against them. They do not allow for the possibility that these manifestations serve a greater purpose.

One who is in alignment and is approaching life from the perspective of good, right and sees the perfection in all things, will gain clarity. The clarity will allow them to more easily see the good, right and perfection in all things. This, of course, makes it easier to remain in alignment and receive inspiration based in love. If they are able to act on the inspiration, they will bring to them (create) new ideas, experiences and things based in love. As they flow love energy into their reality, they also bring more love to others.

But this is a personal thing. You create in your reality, but not in the reality of others. You can be influenced by others and you can influence others. But you can never create in the reality of others and they have no power to create in your reality. This is a fundamental principle of physical reality. You are the creator of your reality.

As the creator of your reality, you must know that your reality can only be perceived by you. No one else can ever know how you are truly perceiving your reality, because they can only know how they perceive their reality. You might assume that others are seeing what you are seeing and feeling what you are feeling, but this is not the case. Everyone is having an individual and unique experience of their own reality.

No one can know who you truly are. They cannot see you. They respond to you based on their unique perception of reality. If you trigger their limiting beliefs, they will not like you. It will cause them fear. They may avoid you or try to change you. There’s nothing you can do about that. Their perception of you is unique to them based on their unique set of limiting beliefs; of which you have no control.

You cannot know who anyone else is either. The people in your life are all eternally linked to you. In the nonphysical, you know them. In the nonphysical the illusion is not present. In the physical realm, the illusion exists. This masks your ability to know anyone else. They are never being their true selves, but even if they were, since you have a set of mixed beliefs, you would not see them for who they truly are anyway. The only thing you can do is imagine them from the higher perspective.

If you were to imagine each of the people in your life from the higher perspective, you would see them as perfect as they are. You would know that who they are being is not who they truly are. They are living in fear and so they choose their actions based in their perception of reality. In times of joy and alignment, they are being more authentic. In times of fear, they are perceiving an illusion and are being less authentic. That’s all that is ever happening.

You cannot help others when you perceive them from a limited perspective. When you think they need your help, you dip out of alignment and into the consciousness of fear. You receive urges to change or control them and this seems like help. You hope to help them out of their present situation. But you are only doing so (when you are coming from a limited perspective) in order to rid yourself of the negative emotion associated with the limiting belief that they are not doing well. In reality, they are always perfect and they are moving along their journey receiving all the experiences they need as they ascend from fear to love.

You are a bit further along on your journey from fear to love. Your vibration is a bit higher and you now have more clarity. This clarity has caused you to seek these teachings. You understand the teachings only because you are further along on your journey. Those who are living in more fear cannot understand these teachings yet. When you create new pathways of thought and adopt a new approach to life, you are truly helping those who will follow in the future.

You are creating energetic pathways of thought through the new way you are approaching life. There is no obvious evidence that this new approach is more effective than the old approach. There is no way to measure it. There is no amount of evidence that will convince those who are firmly attached to the approach of victimhood. Their fears are too intense. They cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable. They must continue to exert control over themselves, the people in their lives and their conditions. To not do so would seem illogical to them. Any words of advice would fall on deaf ears or may even bring forth hostility.

The only thing you can do is create energetic pathways to new thoughts through your own approach to life. You see, there is a mass consciousness available to all humans living in fear. These are the thoughts that humans have thought over and over throughout history. As you can observe, most of those thoughts are based in fear. When you choose a new approach to life based in love and acceptance, you add new and very powerful thoughts to the mass consciousness. In the future, as humans experience manifestation events, your thoughts will be present. Those who are moving closer towards love will attract your thoughts. They will begin to see things in a new way.

You can see this has been happening over the last few decades. More and more people are accepting the idea of the Law of Attraction. More and more are choosing to think positive thoughts. More and more are practicing meditation. They are discovering new ideas such as mindfulness. They are reading new books, listening to inspiring podcasts and watching empowering videos. They are exploring plant medicine and having eye-opening experiences. They are seeking new healing modalities. They are beginning to stand in alignment with their inner voice. They are receiving more inspiration.

There is no rush. No one needs saving. This is an on-going process. Everything is working out perfectly. There is only one thing you can ever do. You must stand firm in your alignment regardless of the people around you or the conditions that exist in any moment. You must trust yourself.

In trusting your inner voice, you are allowing the wisdom that is based in truth (the truth of who you really are and what you have specifically come to experience) to flow to you and through you. By receiving inspiration and pushing past fear to take action, you are creating new thought pathways. You are operating in a new way – Alignment!

Alignment is the basis of the new approach to life. You must understand the great benefits of alignment. Alignment is not feeling good per se, it’s approaching life in a way that is true to the nature and purpose of reality and thus the associated feelings are good. The new approach to life based in alignment is love and acceptance of all things, especially yourself. If you cannot love and accept yourself as you are you cannot find alignment in a consistent manner. If you cannot accept all people as they are, you cannot maintain alignment consistently. If you cannot accept the conditions as they exist in each moment, you will be taken out of alignment.

The new approach to life of love and acceptance works in perfect harmony with the design of the system and is in full alignment with who you truly are. You have been taught to complain by those who were out of alignment. You have been taught to be careful by those who did not know what alignment was or how this system actually works. You define yourself in highly limiting ways, because you were defined by others who were not in alignment. Therefore, most of what you have been taught was conveyed by those who were not in alignment, because they were in fear.

The old approach to life of fear is all that the vast majority of humans have ever know. This approach to life is based on a flawed assessment of reality. It is based on the illusion. It was perfect, as it gave countless examples as to its ineffectiveness through suffering and discontentment. This has caused you and others to birth new desires that have led society towards more freedom, more abundance, and more love than ever before. It has brought humanity to a tipping point where love can take root and gain momentum. It has brought humanity to the age of enlightenment and the time of awakening. It was worked perfectly.

Without countless lives of suffering, limitation and lack, desires could not have been birthed that would lead to this new age. Therefore, all of those who experienced fear did so in order to create a new possibility. Since the fear is such a vivid illusion, it took time to overcome. However, in the cosmic scheme of things, this was but a blink of an eye. The new age of love and acceptance is just starting, but will grow and last for eons to come. By comparison, the age of limitation will be seen as brief. But even within the illusion, there was hope and joy and even in the age of awakening, there will be some fear and doubt. This too is perfect.

Now comes the big question you are undoubtedly asking.

What does all of this have to do with financial prosperity?

This reality is based in attraction. You attract to you that which resonates with like vibration. The vibration of financial prosperity (and everything else that you truly want) is based in love. Love is the vibration of acceptance. It is the highest vibration. This vibration, when emitted

from you will attract all things based in love, including everything you truly want. This extends to financial prosperity, if and only if, that is for your highest good and the good of all involved. If it were not for your highest good, you would not want it. It would be of no benefit. You might believe you want or need a certain level of financial prosperity in order to live the life you desire. But since you cannot know how to manifest that life, because your perspective is limited, you can’t really know how financial prosperity (or what amount of financial prosperity) would serve you. Therefore, all you can do is move towards a higher vibration of love and acceptance and allow the system to figure it all out in the most elegant way possible.

Raise your vibration through acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. Maintain your alignment. Receive inspiration. Notice the fear that will always pop up. Push past the fear and take whatever action you can take in the moment. Have faith that the action and resulting outcome is for your highest good, even when it lands you in a manifestation event. And return to a state of acceptance (alignment).

The perfect level of financial prosperity is your birthright. Although it may not be the millions of dollars in the bank that you wish for, it will be perfectly matched to your needs. We are not talking about your physical, material desires, but your actual requirements. It will be in relation to the exploration you are involved in. It will always be in relation to the nature of your service. It will conform to your current and future definitions of self. It will be that which enables you to do whatever you need to do so that you may make progress on your journey to self-discovery and purpose. It will be based on the intentions you set prior to your birth.

Give up any false desire for more money that is based in fear and insecurity and allow whatever is needed to flow with full confidence in these universal truths.

You block the natural flow of abundance of all things, including money in several ways. You block the flow by being out of alignment and trying to control it. You block the flow due to your definition of yourself, which is always limited compared to your limitless nature. You block the flow of money when you perceive you lack money, either in the moment, in the past, or in the future. You block money by judging those with money as bad or wrong. You block it by not acting on inspired ideas. You block it by attaching meaning to it. You block it by hoarding it. You block the flow of money by associating it with work, effort or struggle. You block it by your need to justify why you are receiving it and making excuses for why you have so much when others have so little. Remove all of these blocks through acceptance and you allow for the natural flow of money through all possible sources.

Accept fully that all is right, all is good, all is flowing perfectly and that you are the center of your universe. Fill that reality with love. You are the Source of love in your reality. That’s all that will ever matter. Add more love to your reality and watch what comes to you. Act in a brand new way and you will attract a brand new reality, from which all you ever need will flow in absolute abundance!

With our love
We are Joshua

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Week Three : Passion and Interests (Click Here To Start)

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Passions and Interests

Financial prosperity is the side effect of living in alignment and exploring who you truly are. Who you truly are is a magnificent, limitless, eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. Financial prosperity is a vibrational match to this true version of you. Who you are being now is a limited version of the truth of you. So to speak, it’s the illusion of you. Therefore, the amount of financial prosperity you attract corresponds to the illusion. If you are financially prosperous and it arrives easily and without effort, you are more closely aligned with who you truly are. If you are broke, you are simply more captivated by the illusion.

Physical reality is a platform where you come to have experiences and expand in the process. That’s it. It’s a simple and perfect system. You cannot fail or get it wrong and you’ll never get it done, because like you, it’s eternal. How you play the game within this platform is up to you. You are inherently worthy of everything you want, including financial prosperity. If you seek money to validate your own worth, you might amass a fortune through intense and unsatisfying effort and struggle, but it will never make you feel worthy. In fact, it will make you feel even more unworthy.

Let’s discuss this concept before we go any further. Your society is built around the ideas of hard work and success. Achievement is highly valued. Worthiness is tied to wealth, success, achievement and status. However, it’s one big lie. You are not here to prove yourself to be good, worthy or valuable. You are already good, worthy and valuable and no one will ever see who you truly are until they know themselves. Inherent in your birth and development into this society are many limiting beliefs around money.

Achievement has no meaning other than what you give it. It is not good to achieve, nor is it bad. It’s neutral. Success is subjective. Status is dependent on what others think. But if everyone is living in the illusion and playing the game ineffectively, why would you seek validation from them? It cannot work.

You see there is more to this system than meets the eye. The basic design is growth and expansion. You are growing and expanding through every experience whether you deem it positive or negative. It’s still growth and therefore you are succeeding. How you feel is actually the only thing that matters. This is a feeling reality and you are only ever feeling good or bad or somewhere in between.

We will say that alignment is beneficial because it creates the momentum toward expansion as you intended, allowing inspiration to flow and removing the experience of suffering and dissatisfaction. However, alignment simply feels good. Feeling good is its own reward. Never mind all the other benefits. If you could simply feel good more of the time, you would be living the life you intended to live by default.

Achievement has no meaning other than what you give it. It is not good to achieve, nor is it bad. It’s neutral. Success is subjective. Status is dependent on what others think. But if everyone is living in the illusion and playing the game ineffectively, why would you seek validation from them? It cannot work.

Prior to your birth, you set intentions. You intended to express love and acceptance into your reality. You intended to fully accept yourself as you are in each moment, all others in your life, and the conditions in the moment. You intended to experience true freedom and abundance, including financial prosperity. And you intended to expand in joy. As soon as you get into an aligned state, these intentions manifest into your reality. They are the natural byproducts of living in alignment.

However, you are not always in alignment are you? You spend much of your time living in judgment caused by fear. You try to control conditions and make things happen through effort and struggle. You are not going with the flow in acceptance, you are resisting what is happening in defiance. You think, from your highly limited perspective, that you know how things should unfold. You do not and you cannot know. And frankly, if you knew how the system really works, you would not want to truly create or control any of it. You would not want to know how it would unfold. Not needing to know what is coming is living in acceptance and faith. We promise you this is the truth.

If you were to change your life from your current limited perspective, you would fix problems that don’t exist and create a life you truly do not want to live. Look at all the happy millionaires. Are they really so happy? If you could spend 15 minutes feeling what most of them feel, you would not be able to stand it. That’s not to say that there are no wealthy people who are happy. There are. It’s just a difference of perspective. Some exist in fear as they try to use their wealth to control conditions that cannot be controlled. Some live in love as they pursue their passions and money is simply a side effect of this approach to life.

Suffice it to say that your pre-birth intentions are very powerful. You have come forth in this time of awakening to discover who you truly are. If money aids you in this journey, then the money must come as long as you are on your inspired path of awakening. If it will not help you, then it mustn’t come. From your inner self’s perspective, who knows exactly why you are here and what you are here to do, certain experiences must be lined up for you so that you are able to alter your set of beliefs to become a vibrational match to who you truly and and your soul’s purpose.

Let’s imagine that The Ascension Experience is a highly beneficial step on your journey of self-discovery. Because you actively participated in the Alignment segment, you are starting to be in alignment more of the time. You’re now receiving and acting on more inspiration. You’re seeing more things as good and less as bad. You’ve been processing limiting beliefs and this has led to a radical shift in your perception of reality, including yourself. You are now very close to understanding who you are and then discovering why you are here. This is what you truly want.

Prior to enrolling in the Ascension Experience, you might have also desired lots of money. Let’s imagine that you were inspired to buy a lottery ticket and you won $100 million. Would you have continued to participate in this program or would you have assumed that you’ve already done enough vibrational work and the proof was to be found in your newfound wealth? You might have bought a yacht and gone on a worldwide voyage.

But the yacht and the extra time and all the money could not, in and of itself, make you feel anything. That experience would be neutral, just like any other. You would grow and expand in the experience, but would it be toward the true and authentic version of you or toward the inauthentic version? If the money came, you would have missed the expansion created within the Ascension Experience course. You would have bypassed true growth as your inner self knows it and substituted it for more of the illusion. From your limited perspective, you would have said “Yippee!” to the money, but from the higher perspective, it would have been yet another detour on your journey of self discovery.

Therefore, it is important to realize there are big differences between what you think you want and what you truly want. What you think you want are those experiences and manifestations borne out of the illusion derived from a limited perspective. If these things were to manifest, they may or may not be helpful to you in your journey to the ultimate manifestation of what you truly want. This is a very important concept to consider. It will help you to let go of any attachment to what you think you want so that you may be more receptive to what you truly want.

Now let’s imagine that what you truly want is to be focused on your unique journey of self-discovery, to eventually awaken to who you truly are, and to discover your soul’s purpose. Yet, you cannot know exactly how to embark on this journey or how to maintain your focus. No one really understands how this is done, because it has to be experienced. Imagine sitting in a classroom learning how to surf. You could learn all about techniques, wave patters, maneuvers, etc., but until you got yourself wet and had some actual experience, you would not know how to surf.

Experience leads to more clarity which leads to self-discovery. If you are off exploring the inauthentic version of you by efforting and struggling your way through life in order to manifest what you think you lack, it won’t be fun and you will be resisting most of it. It will be difficult for you to maintain your focus on true self-discovery. However, if you were involved in something interesting and satisfying such as a passion or interest, you would be less distracted by what you thought was wrong. If you followed your interests and explored more of that, it would naturally lead to greater levels of clarity. If you found your passion and dived into that, you would be more in alignment, more of the time. This would lead to inspired ideas and action. And so your journey of self- discovery becomes easier.

Prior to your birth, you set intentions for what you wanted to explore in this lifetime. You chose certain traits, talents and attributes. You are perfectly suited to explore all of the things you find interesting in life. The combination of your interests and personal attributes are perfectly matched. What interests you may not be of interest to your family or friends. That’s okay. You do not need their approval to pursue whatever fascinates you.

Have you discovered your interests? Certainly you have. You are interested in the laws of the universe and so you have found these teachings. Other people are not interested in this subject and they are off exploring other things. You gravitate to certain books, podcasts, videos, etc. all leading to more authentic self-discovery.

What you must understand is that you are on a journey. You do not have a thought and then arrive at your destination. What fun would that be? You want to take it step by step. You want to see the sights and have the experiences. You will arrive at some point, but there is no rush. You are on your journey of self-discovery right now. You are at the perfect place right now and you are on your way to further discovery. You are in the perfect form. Your conditions as they exist now are also perfect. You are doing everything right. You, in fact, are perfect as you are now. Everything is lining up for you perfectly. You have the perfect amount of information and more is flowing to you.

Everything is right where you are now!

From this point forward, it’s about choosing to find your alignment, receive inspiration, feel the fear that will arise, push past the fear and act. Action taken in alignment will lead to the unfolding of everything you truly want. Everything you need to travel along your journey will come when you need it. If you don’t need it, it need not come. If you aren’t taking inspired action, you won’t need any more money than you have now. If you continue to doubt yourself and see things as wrong, more money would not benefit you.

But if you can push past your comfort zone and take inspired action, you will need more experiences and physical manifestations. You will be more attractive in every sense of the word. Your journey will accelerate. It will feel more fun. You will feel more confident. You will feel more free. You will begin to feel like you can have, be and do it all. The positive momentum will grow. That’s because, this is the truth of you.

This Week

Complete the Daily Spiritual Practice and Manifestation Event exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension.

As you do the work contained within the form for each and every manifestation event you encounter, you lessen the intensity of your limiting beliefs.

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Week Two: Prosperity Consciousness (Click Here To Start)

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Prosperity Consciousness

Financial prosperity is your birthright. It is perfectly aligned with who you truly are. Without the limitations imposed by a contradictory set of beliefs, money would flow into your life easily and effortlessly. You wouldn’t count it. You wouldn’t keep score. It would mean nothing about you. It would be the natural byproduct of a life of alignment.

This means that you must in some way block financial prosperity from being manifested into your reality. There is something in your set of beliefs which is limiting you from the natural flow of money. Most people have these limitations, however, they are unaware of the mechanism that restricts the flow of money. You are now aware that money must flow to you when you are living in alignment. It flows proportional to your needs. If you need money and you are allowing it without restriction, it must come. Of course, you may not need money. However, this does not mean you are not getting everything you need. In a consistent state of alignment, you are always receiving everything you need to do whatever you need to do on your path of self-discovery.

Imagine that you are like most humans. You are unaware of the mechanism of physical reality. You are not aware of the guidance coming from your emotions. You do not realize that your beliefs are neither true or false, they are only limiting or empowering. You are not on your inspired path of self-discovery, instead you are exploring the inauthentic version of you. Your life is consumed by manifestation events. You are trying to be something you’re not in order to manifest what you lack. If you are like most people living in Western societies, this is what you were taught and it’s all you know.

Somehow, you have attracted these and other teachings are you are well aware, at least intellectually, of the mechanism of physical reality. You have an idea that you are here to grow and expand. You might realize that your primary intention was to express love. You assume you are on a path of self-discovery. Maybe you are willing to entertain the idea that you are perfect and so is everyone else in this moment. And possibly you are now realizing that everything is coming for your benefit and nothing is ever happening to you. That is an excellent beginning.

Yet, when it comes to money, you feel stuck. You want to do so many things, but you just don’t have enough money to do those things. Now, if what we say of the laws of the universe is true, how can this be? If you are moving toward love and on your journey of self-discovery, why isn’t the money rolling in? Well, the simple answer is that it is rolling in. You’re just not seeing it.

Everything, of course, is relative. You cannot know love without knowing fear. You can only expand from a limited idea to a more expansive idea. You can only move from confusion to clarity. Without one, the other is meaningless. And so you are abundant financially at this time.

You are simply so used to resisting your current state that you become aware of your limitations. You are less likely to be tuned to your limitless nature. You are putting on a costume. You are wearing it every day. It matches other people’s costumes, so you don’t feel out of place. Yet, if you were to remove your costume and put on a fancy dress or suit while everyone else is still in their pajamas, you would feel out of place. The same is true if everyone you knew were wearing suits and gowns, you would feel uncomfortable in your PJ’s.

First, there is the assumption that a limiting belief is active in your vibration. The belief is triggered when you feel lack. Without the limiting belief, you could not possibly experience the feeling of lack. Nearly all humans will have the experience of lack in their lifetime. It could be the lack of money, freedom, time, love, health, etc. In this case, we are specifically referring to the experience of lack of money.

Many of you who are enrolled in this program, no longer feel the fear of lack of money as intensely as you once did. You might feel extremely financially abundant at this point in time. Money may have lost its meaning. You no longer look at the price of things you want. You no longer count your money. You no longer use it to mean anything about you. This is very good. However, if you have ever once felt the lack of money in your life, the limiting belief that triggered that feeling is still present in some form. It’s just that the intensity of that belief is currently so low that it only triggers mild fears when you are inspired to do something.

Those of you who do not currently experience the lack of money and have allowed it to flow in, have already processed your limiting beliefs in this area. You have gone through stages in life where you lacked money and somehow processed the limiting beliefs so that they have lost their intensity. The life you currently enjoy is prosperous and money flows easily. You feel comfortable with the amount of money that you’re attracting. It is necessary for the exploration you are conducting. You might use it as an excuse to feel good, and that’s perfectly fine, yet it actually doesn’t do anything. Your beliefs about yourself in relationship to money are generally empowering. You are quite confident with the sums of money that flow to you and through you. It all makes sense from your perspective.

Without highly intense limiting beliefs around financial prosperity, you aren’t influenced in a negative manner by outside events. If the economy was to hit a downturn, your limiting beliefs might surface once again. But you soon realize this is temporary and so you do not let the news influence you too much away from the financial prosperity that aligns with how you see yourself. You are able to maintain your alignment enough to receive inspiration and since the limiting beliefs are not very intense, you are able to push past the fear and act. That action may even lead to more financial prosperity in times when everyone else is struggling.

If you look to those who make vast sums of money during downturns in the economy, you can easily see how the law of attraction perfectly lines up with their personal vibration. Those who get rich have one set of beliefs and offer a higher vibrational signal in this area. Those who go broke emit a very different vibration. The outside events simply serve as triggers that expose limiting beliefs. Those with more intense limiting beliefs respond in fear and take actions disproportionate to the event itself. Those with more mild limiting beliefs may feel a bit of fear initially, but soon recover and regain their alignment.

Suffice it to say that the events themselves are neutral. A downturn in the economy, a loss of a job, a stock market correction and other events do not have any inherent meaning. They are neutral events. If the event triggers a limiting belief, then the belief is exposed and one has the opportunity to process it. However, if the person actually believes the event is wrong and uses it as an excuse to move out of alignment, then the the opportunity is lost. The limiting belief is not processed and thus it grows in momentum. If the person acts on an urge to change the conditions, he or she continues their exploration of lack. It’s simply the system at work as it was designed.

Those who come to realize that the event has no power to create in their reality rise above such events and are not influenced by them. Maybe this happens through conscious processing of limiting beliefs. Maybe it happens through enough experience and this changes their beliefs. However the beliefs are changed really does not matter. The simple fact remains; beliefs influence vibration and vibration attracts corresponding realities.

As you raise your vibration through experience and by consciously processing limiting beliefs, you will see less wrong in your reality and find alignment more of the time. Money flows as a result if it is needed for you to continue your journey of self discovery. The higher vibration will attract a reality that aligns with your new perspective. The more good you see and appreciate, the more good will come to you. If that is more money, then more money must come. However, if more money will not serve you, then you would not want it to come. This is the belief that will enable you to receive all that you desire.

If you were to research those who won money in the lottery, you would discover that the money did not actually improve their circumstances. In fact, many suffered even more through the experience of the windfall. You might question this. If the lottery winners were not in alignment with the money, how did they win? The fact is that the winnings were attracted to create manifestation events designed to allow them to discover and process their limiting beliefs about money, wealth, financial prosperity, goodness, etc. The manifestation event surrounding the money was perfectly aligned with their limiting beliefs. The new experiences they went through exposed their limiting beliefs. They did not enjoy the money. They felt discomfort and fear. They acted on urges to change conditions and this led to further exploration of who they are not. The exploration of lack. And so, as a result, many lottery winners end up losing all the money in very short order.

The lottery winners were not aligned to the positive aspects of the money, but to the negative aspects (from their perspectives). They did not feel worthy of the money. They felt the need to distribute it to their friends and family who came out of the woodwork clamoring for help. Or they hoarded the money in desperate fear of losing it. In the end, the money had to leave and they found themselves with a deeper experience of lack.

Your current set of beliefs are perfectly aligned with whatever amount of money you are receiving at this time, but no more. If you feel confident about the future and your ability to generate income, your beliefs are aligned with the flow of abundance. If something occurs and you feel a sense of doubt about the future, you will receive urges to control the conditions and the money flow will decrease. When you regain your confidence, it increases to a level where you are comfortable. If you would like to stretch your confidence, you will receive inspiration that when acted on will lead to a greater flow of money. If you can’t push past the fear and act when inspired, the added flow will not come.

If you use money as a way to feel secure, then it might help you become more confident or limit you from acting on inspiration that will allow the energy of money to circulate in your reality. Security comes not from money, but from your belief system. An empowering belief system will allow you the clarity to see that you are always receiving everything you need to do whatever you need to do. You are inherently secure and so the money comes automatically to serve your needs.

On the flip side of that belief system is a limiting idea about money and security. If you use lack of money as your excuse to succumb to fears when inspired, you limit the flow of money. If you are uncomfortable pushing past fear to act on inspired ideas that will lead to more money, you will limit what the universe can bring you.

So then, the way to think about money and abundance is based in the subjects of alignment, inspiration, fear and comfort.

Alignment is choosing a perception of your reality that aligns or agrees with how your inner self is choosing to perceive it. Your inner self knows the truth. You are often caught up in the illusion. Trust that your inner self can see what you are unable to see and alter your perspective accordingly. When you feel good, you are in agreement with your inner self’s perspective. When you feel bad, you are disagreeing with your inner self in that moment. You are not resonating with the vibration of truth. You are not aligning with the vibration of true abundance. You are in some form of fear, which has been triggered by a limiting belief. That belief cannot be maintained if you want to experience financial prosperity. Process it, regain your alignment and move toward the abundance you truly want.

Inspiration is received in alignment. Urges to control or change conditions only exist out of alignment. While action taken on inspired ideas may lead to new conditions, the action itself is not coming from a place of fear or lack. The action will be interesting,satisfying, stimulating, and even challenging, but it will be enjoyable. Action taken on urges to control or change conditions will always feel like effort and struggle.

When you receive any inspired idea or any urge to change conditions, you will always feel a bit of fear. This is good. This allows you to contemplate the idea before acting. If the action involves an urge to change the conditions, like punching someone who angers you, you will feel a bit of fear and this will allow you time to consider the ramifications of uninspired action. Conversely, when receiving true inspiration, you will also feel fear and consider the outcomes associated with the action. If you choose to imagine the worst that could happen, you will succumb to the fear and not act. Inaction leads to inner conflict and dissatisfaction, because action on inspired ideas is required for you to experience financial prosperity.

Lastly, you must consider your comfort zone. You have acclimated to whatever level of financial prosperity you enjoy now. To move out of this comfort zone becomes uncomfortable. It will be uncomfortable to experience less financial prosperity and it will also be uncomfortable to experience more. The inspired action will bring up fear based on the limiting beliefs that you currently hold. Those beliefs are incompatible with more financial abundance. Therefore, they must be addressed. They must be processed. The intensity of these unhelpful beliefs must be reduced, otherwise the associated fear will prevent you from taking action when required.

The universe will always bring you experiences and manifestation events designed to expose limiting beliefs. This is how the system works. You very much want to discover your hidden limiting beliefs so that you might process them and move forward. You will discover these limiting beliefs when you contemplate any inspired action. This is a wonderful time to process them. If you do not choose to process them, the fear will prevent you from acting and this will cause internal conflict. Manifestation events will pop up around abundance and worthiness to move you out of your comfort zone.

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Complete the Daily Spiritual Practice and Manifestation Event exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension.

As you do the work contained within the form for each and every manifestation event you encounter, you lessen the intensity of your limiting beliefs.

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Week One : Abundance (Click Here To Start)

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Absolute abundance is your birthright. You are born abundant and free. Somewhere along the way you attracted limiting beliefs. You do not currently understand the level of abundance that is always flowing to you. You, due to your limiting beliefs, have a limited perspective when it comes to abundance. You have not yet learned to define abundance in limitless terms. This is true of all humans, no matter their current level of awareness.

Abundance is receiving everything you need (money, experiences, people, etc.) to enable you to explore reality as you are choosing to explore it. Your exploration is your choice.

You have always received everything you needed, when you needed it, to explore physical reality as you were choosing to explore it. You have never truly experienced lack. It has always been an abundant experience. It has nothing to do with receiving what you think you need or want (or what you wished for). It was always about receiving what you needed, when you needed it.

Have you ever experienced the lack of what you wanted?

If you were exploring lack (of money, of time, of love, etc.), you always received an abundance of experiences that enabled you to do two things: explore that lack fully and discover your limiting beliefs in that area. Have you ever experienced the lack of what you wanted? In those times, you received experiences that matched that form of lack. 

You received manifestation events designed to point out the limiting beliefs that were holding you apart from anything you desired. The experiences allowed you to fully explore the feeling of lack and the manifestation events exposed limiting beliefs. At the time, you may have thought the experiences and events were wrong or bad. You may have wished they did not happen. You might have thought that manifesting whatever you lacked would solve your problems. This is simply the limited perspective.

When experiencing lack, your perception of reality is flawed. It’s not true. It’s highly limited. It’s an illusion. If you were to change your conditions by efforting and struggling your way to create what you perceived you lacked, you would never feel the way you thought you would feel. The apparent lack may disappear as one might observe it from the outside, but the new conditions would actually heighten the feeling of lack. This is due to your exploration. It’s the exploration of lack.

Think about who you truly are

You are the Source of your reality. You are a limitless, magnificent, eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are a creator. Your experience is your creation. No one, not even Source, can create in your reality. You choose your exploration and your reality conforms to your choices.

Why do you not have more money?

Because more money would not make sense given your limiting beliefs about money in relationship to who you think you are. If you think you’re a good person, but rich people are bad, then you block the flow of money, because wealth would not conform to your limited beliefs. If you think youare not worthy of the mate you desire, then even if you attracted the mate, you would continue to feel unworthy. The mate could not possibly change how you feel about yourself. If you perceive that you must be doing certain things that take a lot of time just to validate your existence, then you will experience a lack of time, because you cannot validate your existence by doing anything.

You are worthy, free, abundant and good as you are now. In fact, you are perfect as you are now. You were perfect the day you were born, you were perfect at every age, you were perfect yesterday, today and you will be perfect tomorrow. You can never be imperfect in any moment. You have everything you need to experience whatever you choose to experience. It’s the limiting beliefs that keep you from perceiving your perfection. Those limiting beliefs also limit you from experiencing everything you want.

It’s simply a matter of perception

You have been conditioned to see problems, issues and faults. You have not been taught to appreciate the perfection that exists within the system of physical reality. The illusion causes you to see yourself, others and your conditions as not enough. The reality is that you are living an experience that is full, whole and complete. You are enough, everyone else is enough and the conditions are enough. There is no lack. That is the illusion that consumes your attention.

If lack does not exist, then all that’s left is abundance. Yet, you still experience lack. Why is that? Because you think you need things and experiences in order to feel better. As you know, alignment is achieved by coming into a state of absolute and unconditional acceptance with whatever exists in the moment. Sure, you may have desires. That is fine and good. But what you think you want is often quite different than what you truly want. What you think you want is based in lack. It’s based in fear. It’s founded on a perception of reality that is an illusion. It is derived by perceiving yourself as the victim rather than the creator.

As the victim, you believe that conditions, experiences and people make you feel something. Something happens and you react. If you perceive the event as good, you receive the pleasant feeling of positive emotion. If you judge something as bad, you receive negative emotion. No matter what the event is about, you receive what you need in the moment in the form of emotion. You receive guidance and this is actually all that you need. You have never lacked emotion. This is the basis of creation. It is the basis of abundance.

The emotion is telling you something

When your perception of reality lines up with the truth of the event, you receive positive, good-feeling emotions. This is an indication that your perception is in alignment with your inner self’s perception. You have a set of beneficial beliefs that enable you to perceive the truth contained in the event. When you feel good, you are seeing your reality from a higher perspective that agrees with how your inner self sees your reality. You are on track and in alignment.

If the emotion feels bad to you, it can only mean one thing. You are perceiving the event from a limited perspective. You think it’s bad or wrong in some way. Your inner self is sending you guidance in the form of negative emotion in order to remind you that in this moment you are perceiving the illusion as real. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe, but due to one or more limiting beliefs, you are now choosing to see it as wrong. That’s the illusion. The reality is that it’s actually right in some way. But you cannot or will not see it as right because you have a set of beliefs that oppose this higher form of perception. And this is why you experience lack.

If you received a $10k check in the mail today, would that make you feel good?

No, it wouldn’t. You would have to choose to see this as a good event. You would have to be free of fear. You would have to possess a set of beliefs that enable you to perceive it as good. You could just as easily have a set of beliefs that cause you to perceive this windfall as a bad thing. The money has no inherent meaning. You might conclude that it would enable you to manifest some desire, and so you would see it as good. It could also trigger fear based on a limiting belief. You might worry what other people will think. You might want to share it with people, but who would you choose and who would you exclude? It could present just as many problems as opportunities. 

If you received a $10k bill in the mail, would that make you feel bad?

No it wouldn’t. How you feel in response would simply point out your current set of beliefs. If you perceived yourself as one who struggles to earn enough money, then this experience would perfectly align with that exploration. If you felt negative emotion, then you can know for sure that you have a limiting belief in the area of financial prosperity. If you had no such limiting beliefs, the bill would actually signal a good thing. It would mean that you had enough money to pay it. Or it might be less than what you expected to pay. Or it might include a discount. Or it might signal the arrival of a manifested desire.

The event is neutral. Your judgment defines it. You define it in terms of lack or abundance. You choose to see it as good or bad. When you make your choice, you do it from the perspective of the creator or the victim. Since you are the creator of your reality and not the victim, then choosing to perceive it as good aligns with the truth of who you are and it will always feel good. If you are perceiving yourself as the victim, then it resonates with the illusion and you will always receive negative emotion.

Financial prosperity is created through a certain set of beliefs

Financial prosperity itself, is neither good or bad, it’s neutral. It is an experience. You could experience it in the positive or the negative. Many people enjoy financial prosperity and others are ambivalent. It cannot make you feel anything. It’s simply an experience, that’s all.

Why would you choose to experience financial prosperity? It’s usually because you fear its opposite; poverty, lack, limitation, unworthiness, etc. If you could live in alignment without needing to experience financial prosperity, then you would live a life of joy.

More money would not improve your state of being. It would add no value. Ironically, in this state of joy and acceptance without needing financial prosperity, it actually comes quite easily and naturally, because it perfectly aligns with who you truly are.

Most people who achieve some level of prosperity due so through effort and struggle. They trade their time, their interests and passions, other possible experiences and their joy for some level of prosperity. This is not necessary. It’s actually counter-productive. If the prosperity gained solves the problem of lack and limitation, it does so at great expense.

Imagine the typical scenario in Western Culture. People struggle through years of school trying to achieve good marks in order to get into college, where they earn a degree. They perceive that the degree will entitle them to a career that will earn enough money to become financially prosperous. They find a job. They trade their time for money. They are unable, due to time constraints (and exhaustion caused by resistance), to follow their passions, and the years slip by. In order to ease the malaise of their lives, they buy trinkets such as homes, cars, gadgets, etc. None of this proves satisfying or enjoyable. Maybe they drink alcohol or ingest drugs to lessen the discomfort of their lives. They feel trapped. At then end of it all, it was an expansive experience, yet whatever prosperity they achieved was paltry compared to the exchange made in the terms of joy, fun, passion, bliss, satisfaction and alignment.

Now consider those who pursue their passions. They are deeply involved in something that fascinates them. They spend their days discovering more about the thing that excites them and in the process they expand their awareness of who they are as they interact blissfully with their passion. They don’t care about the money as long as they are able to dive deeply into their curiosity. They notice that the money comes when needed to allow them to dive even deeper. In fact, because they are focused in their love, whatever that may be, the money starts to flow. These people live rich and satisfying lives of exploration and adventure. However, it’s not for the faint of heart.

In order to cast aside your need for money to pursue that which interests you, you will have to push past fear. Those who find their passions and pursue them often do so early in life, when they have less to lose. It’s easier for them to push past the fear, because the fear is less intense. As you move forward out of your youth, you begin to define yourself and consider what others might think. You have your career. What would people think if you abandoned it now? It would cause them to feel fear and in turn, they would act on urges to control you. They would seek to make you wrong for choosing your joy over your job. If you can see this as a natural by-product of their fear, you can let them have their fear and do what you are inspired to do anyway.

The fact is that you are constantly receiving inspiration that will lead to your joy

Your limiting beliefs counteract those inspired ideas. They block much of the inspiration that is coming to you. Your current set of beliefs undermine the benefit of inspiration, passion and interest and they overvalue the importance of stability, security and conformity. In order for you to allow prosperity to occur naturally, you will have to radically alter your current set of beliefs.

Let us define financial prosperity

It is not something that is achieved, it is something that is aligned with who you truly are and you either attract it or you don’t. You allow it to flow by not needing it to flow. You block it from flowing to you by needing it to flow. If you give it any importance at all, it cannot come in the most elegant way. If you think it defines you, then you corrupt it and it becomes an abhorration. It is then based in fear and you are now exploring greed, excess, and further dissatisfaction. Financial prosperity based in the fear of lack will always lead to the further exploration of lack. If you think it will make you feel worthy, it won’t. It’s simply expansion in fear. It will bring further limitations. It promotes the illusion. It will be used for the purposes of control and disconnection. Before you become financially prosperous, you must alter your approach to life from fear to love. We want you to fully understand that wealth based in fear will feel worse than poverty. Those who experience fear-based wealth and lose it all actually experience the wonderful feeling of relief.

You might be thinking that you will choose to achieve alignment for the purposes of creating wealth, since the prosperity you want is based in love. In love, prosperity is a natural side effect. However, if you look deeply into your reasoning, you will find the core of it is based in fear. You want alignment in order to attract prosperity and that’s just another form of control.

We understand that you have been driven by the desire for money most of your life. Its been programmed into your belief system. You judge everything you do and buy based in the exchange of currency. Your entire value system is based on it’s monetary cost. But this way of thinking is not empowering; it’s rather limiting.

The basis of your current desire for more money is mixed up in an assortment of fears. “If I was worthy, I would be successful. If I was successful, people would see me as worthy. If I had money, I could do what I want. Since I don’t have money, I am not free. Freedom is only achieved through money.” Therefore, the desire for money, success, prosperity, and all the trinkets that can be bought with the money, is based in fear. If you create any amount of money, out of the fear of lack, it will always bring a further exploration of those fears. And this is what you do not truly want.

You would feel better being poor in alignment than prosperous in fear

What you truly want is the clarity that comes from conducting an exploration of true self-discovery. You very much want to discover and express the authentic version of who you are. If you are on this path and money is required, it will come easily and effortlessly. If it is not required, then you would not want it to come, because it would distract you and serve no purpose.

Imagine that the life you intended to live was one where you had certain experiences that led to the discovery of your authentic self. As long as you were traveling that journey to discover your authenticity, you were receiving what you needed to conduct that exploration. Of course, whatever you did not need, could not come, because it would be of no value on your journey. Think of the mountain climber who is given scuba gear. It would be of no benefit and make no sense.

When you begin to discover and express your authenticity, new experiences start to flow to you. Maybe more money comes, because now it is necessary to move even further along your journey. Maybe the money disappears along the way to allow you to experience something even better. Maybe it comes back again. Whatever happens is needed to allow you to travel your journey of self-discovery.

Your passions, interest, talents and attributes are discovered when you travel the inspired path of self-discovery. Your passions cause you to birth desires to investigate even further. This allows you to learn more about who you truly are. You gain clarity and dive into your authenticity even further. You live in bliss with your focus of attention squarely upon that which excites you. And money comes as needed. You do not crave it, long for it, or even need it. It just comes.

The belief system that aligns with financial prosperity is also the set of beliefs that correspond with authenticity.
“I am worthy of every wonderful experience physical reality has to offer.”
“I am focused on what I love.”
“I am here to express love and acceptance.”
“Everything is always working out for me.”
“Everything is happening for me, not to me.”
“I am the creator of my reality.”
“I am a magnificent, limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance.”
“I need nothing. I am here to give and to serve.”
“I am only interested in the evolving discovery of the perfection of it all.”
“Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe!”

When you exist with these set of beliefs, financial prosperity is only one of many experiences that you will attract.

This Week

Complete the Plots, Daily Spiritual Practices and Manifestation Event exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

When you do the work contained within the form for each and every manifestation event you encounter, you lessen the intensity of your limiting beliefs. Soon your limiting beliefs will no longer be intense enough to limit you from taking inspired action. This is the key to alignment and growth. It’s the first step.