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Week Four : Forgiving Your Inner Self (Click Here To Start)

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Forgiving Your Inner Self

To forgive is to set yourself free from all limitation. In order to set yourself free from all limitation, you must first forgive. You must forgive yourself, all others, and most importantly, your inner self. You cannot truly forgive from the perspective of the victim. This would simply be a means by which you try to control that which you perceive as wrong. To truly forgive, you must know who you are. You are the creator, the observer and the experiencer of your reality and there is no wrong anywhere in the universe.

In order to truly forgive, you must understand why you came to explore physical reality. You came for the expansive experiences you knew would be made available to you here. You wanted to expand in love and this is what you are doing now. However, you also intended that this journey be truly joyful. That part always depends on your perspective. There is no need to suffer. Suffering is always determined by your choice of perspective.

If you perceive yourself as a victim, you will live in duality judging some things as right and other things as wrong. You will perceive that those things outside of you have the ability to cause how you feel. Of course, this is never the case. It is always the perspective that you choose. Choose to see it all as good and there is no wrong, no fear and no negative emotion.

Now that you understand why you came, you can see that all experiences are beneficial. With each experience, you expand in love. When you return to the nonphysical, you will see this clearly. But if you could see it clearly now, you would then choose the higher perspective and live in joy, just as you intended. The key to joy is in your ability to see the expansive qualities of each and every experience.

You and your inner self are one and the same. There is no difference other than a choice of perspective and the ability to focus. Your inner self is feeling every emotion that you are, yet never believes in the illusion, because it is able to focus on the higher perspective. You are able to focus on that same perspective. You have not been practicing this kind of focus for much of your life. In fact, you’ve been primarily focused on what you feared in order to control it somehow. And thus, you brought in much of that fear into your daily reality.

Each time you focussed on something you feared, you received negative emotion in the form of guidance from your inner self. When your focus is aligned with your inner self’s point of focus, you feel good. However, when you become focused on something from the limited perspective and are believing in the illusion, the disparity in focus between you and your inner self creates negative emotion.

Imagine that you have an experience that you think is very wrong and it brings up great fear. From your limited perspective, you cannot see the spiritual benefit in this experience. You cannot know how this experience will expand your soul. You feel intense negative emotion and you blame the experience as the cause of the emotion. In fact, it is your perception of the experience that is responsible for your pain. If you knew how expansive and beneficial the experience was, you would be in alignment with your inner self’s perspective and feel nothing but joy.

Imagine that you could live an expansive life while being fully aligned with your inner self’s perspective. It would be a life of love and wonderful growth. This is actually what you intended prior to your birth. But how does one come from the painful, limiting perspective of the victim to the exhilarating, satisfying and limitless perspective of the creator? One must go through certain experiences and then ask for guidance and new information. If you are reading this now, you have done just that. You have attracted this information.

There exists a vibration within you that has been asking for a new approach to life. That vibration exists in the core of your soul. However, without certain experiences, this vibration would not be strong enough to attract the information you so desired. Those experiences, some of which you judge as bad, were exactly the experiences that activated the vibration that attracted the information you very much wanted to discover.

Your inner self knows this is how it works. You did not know this. That’s the only thing to remember here.

Your inner self knows exactly what you truly want and how to make you a vibrational match to it. Your inner self understands the laws of the universe, including the Law of Attraction. In order for you to bring anything into your reality, you must become a match to it. It will never become a match to you. How does one alter their vibration to become a match to what they truly want? The must have certain experiences that will alter their vibration in ways that create connection to what is wanted.

Even though you have been studying the Law of Attraction for many years, you don’t have all the information. Your perception of reality is quite limited, and so is your perception of yourself. If you exist in duality, you will simply want to control everything in order to avoid negative emotion as much as possible. But this fosters the illusion and keeps you from becoming a vibrational match to everything you truly want. It’s not your fault, it’s just that you can’t really fully see how this system of physical reality actually works. But your inner self can.

Let’s imagine that prior to your birth you intended to find a wonderful mate who will satisfy you on many levels. This is something you very much wanted to experience in this life, and so did the soul who will become your mate. However, before you can meet and fall in love, your vibration must be adjusted. You must have experiences that activate the vibration of your mate within you (and so does your mate). 

You have a set of beliefs which are preventing you from becoming a vibrational match to your mate. You are not consciously aware of those beliefs. Therefore, your inner self must place you in conditions that will expose your limiting beliefs through manifestation events. As a result of these experiences, which are sometimes painful from your perspective, your vibration changes. Eventually, through enough carefully orchestrated experiences, you raise your vibration to the point where you can recognize your mate when you see him/ her.

Without these vibration altering experiences, you would never find your mate in this lifetime. Since you very much wanted to find your mate, these experiences are also very much wanted. At the time of the manifestation events, you are in resistance to what is happening and you feel negative emotion. You might have a romance in school that ends badly and you are left heartbroken. At the time, you might wish things were different. However, it is the experience of this breakup that eventually leads you to a vibration that matches your true love. In the end, it was all worth it.

But at the time, you are choosing to focus on the events as if they are wrong or bad. You are seeing yourself as a victim from a limited perspective. You are receiving urges to change the conditions. It feels painful, not because the breakup is bad or wrong, but because you are not aware of the process of shifting vibrations.

Do you see now that in the past you may have prayed to God for something you thought you wanted. God did not give you what you thought you wanted, because your inner self knew exactly how to get you what you truly wanted. If you can look at all past events from this higher and truer perspective, you will end all of your suffering in the moment.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: Forgiving Others (Click Here To Start)

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Forgiving Others

The key to forgiveness is to know who you truly are. From this higher perspective, you realize that you have placed yourself in this physical life for the expansiveness it offers. You came into this physical world, which has the aspect of fear, to expand in love. The qualities of this physical reality allow you to expand through all experiences to greater levels of love. You, from the perspective of your inner self, very much wanted to be here. You did all the necessary pre-paving to be born into this extraordinary life. You choose it all and from this perspective, you see the perfection of the system.

The key to forgiving others is also to see them for who they truly are from this higher perspective. They are all, like you, eternal, magnificent, limitless beings of love who from their nonphysical perspective, placed themselves in this life in order to expand in love. The system works for them as it does for you. It is all perfect.

All of the people in your life have done the necessary pre-paving to be here now. Like you, they are far more than they (or you) can know. In the nonphysical realm, they are pure beings of love who you have known eternally. You forget that now in your physical life, but you can choose to see all of them in a new light. If anyone ever does something to cause you pain, it is done so with great purpose. Nothing is random. There are no coincidences or accidents. It is all divinely created for you and them to move to higher levels of love.

To forgive yourself, you must know who you are and why you are here. You must transmute the feelings of regret into appreciation. You must truly appreciate yourself for going through any experience as all experiences create expansion. The act of self- forgiveness is an extremely powerful act of love.
To forgive another is to see them for who they truly are. This might be difficult, we understand. But to judge them as wrong is a form of control. You want to see them as bad in order to deal with your emotional pain and to prevent it from happening again. Of course, the experience is expansive. The pain is never caused by another person, but by your own limiting beliefs.

All of the people in your life who you perceive have wronged you in some way have simply done whatever was necessary to help you identify and process limiting beliefs. It is these limiting beliefs that cause you to separate from the power and authenticity of who you truly are. You very much want to discover and process all of your limiting beliefs.

Everyone who has ever participated with you in a manifestation event has been there to co-create the experience with you for the purpose of expansion. You may expand in suffering or in joy. It is up to you to choose the perspective from which you will view the event. If you choose the higher perspective, which is the truth, you will feel positive emotion. If you choose to view any event from a limited perspective, you will feel negative emotion, because your chosen perspective is not true.

If you can perceive everyone in your life from a higher perspective, not only will you enjoy your experience with each and every one of them, but you will actually be of service to them. From the higher perspective of love, you know them all eternally. You are together on this journey of self-discovery and expansion. You are brothers and sisters expanding in love. They can do you no harm or disservice. They are there to allow you to discover who you are and you are there for them as well. You forget who they truly are for certain, yet you can endeavor to see through the illusion to the truth of who they are. They are, like you, beings of love who forget who they are. They are, like you, here for the expansive qualities of this environment.

No one has ever done anything to you. They have always acted as they must depending on the vibration you are offering. If you are offering the vibration of victimhood, which is not true, they must act on your behalf so that you will have the opportunity to see for yourself what you are doing and then take the necessary action to address your own limitations. If you are a limitless being, and you certainly are, then you very much want to know which beliefs are limiting you. Without the actions of your eternal friends, you would not be able to discover many of your underlying limiting beliefs.

When you actively choose to see all of the people in your life for who they truly are, you can act in forgiveness and truly appreciate them for their service. You can be happy that they exist in your life. You can thank them for their great service. You can become truly grateful for all they have done to help you awaken to the truth of this reality. This is the agreement that you all made prior to your birth.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Self Forgiveness (Click Here To Start)

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Self Forgiveness

From the nonphysical perspective, you have done nothing wrong, since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Do you believe this to be true? Of course not. From your physical perspective, you have been taught to be good and not bad. When you are good, you are rewarded with love and affection. But when you are “bad” you are punished in innumerable ways. You strive to be good.

If you act on an urge to change or control a condition, another person, or even yourself, you are not bad or wrong. From your perspective, you feel emotional discomfort and you perceive the way to remove yourself from the pain is to take some action. However, as you know, those actions will never bring you what you truly want. They simply further your exploration of who you are not within the illusion of physical reality.

In the past, you can recall events where you acted out of fear. You might regret those actions, because they were not aligned with who you truly are. They were acted on within the illusion. They caused further separation and intensified the discomfort. But, at the time, you knew of no other solution. This approach to life was all you knew. And so it is simply a case of not quite understanding who you are, why you are here or how the system of physical reality works. You know more now.

From this higher perspective, knowing you are never wrong and that you are the creator of your reality having a physical experience for the purpose of growth and expansion, you can forgive yourself of all past actions, words and thoughts based in fear. It was simply an experience and all of your experiences are valuable and expansive. Where you go from here is the question you must ask yourself.

In this week, you will adopt the higher perspective and release all regrets. You will forgive yourself as the Source/Creator of your reality. You will express gratitude to your former self for going through all of those painful experiences. You will see that all past actions were required for you to be here now. You very much wanted to discover these ideas and explore more fully who you truly are.

In the future, you will express love through your physical being onto your outer reality. You will take no offense. You will act with kindness. You will be more empathetic to those who are still living in fear. Your emotional sensitivity will develop further. You will see with the eyes of love and appreciation. You will become who you truly are. You will act as a beacon of light for others to gravitate towards. You will share what you have learned freely. You will be inspired to acts that will bring great satisfaction. This is what you truly want. This is your soul’s purpose.

To become who you truly are, you must completely forgive yourself for all past unwanted actions, words, feelings and experiences. You must see them all in. A new light. Without all of those experiences, you could not be here now on the precipice of a vibration so high that it literally forms the most complete expression of who you truly are. You are love!

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: Self-Identification (Click Here To Start)

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Self Identification

From the nonphysical perspective, you are forgiven. You have never thought a single thought that was wrong. You have never spoken a wrong word. You have never acted in a way that would be considered wrong from the nonphysical perspective. In the nonphysical, there is nothing but love for you. You are perfect, have always been perfect and will forever be perfect from our nonphysical perspective. However, your physical perspective is a bit different.

In the physical realm there is the presence of fear. All fear is experienced from a limited, physical perspective. You believe in right and wrong, good and bad. This is duality. It is not true, however your current set of beliefs are based in duality. Eventiually you will understand the concept of perfection. You will realize that there is nothing truly wrong or bad. Everything in physical reality is essentially based in love. All creation is based in love.

So why then is there so much to physical reality that you consider bad, wrong or unwanted? These things (along with all the things you think are good and right), are based in your beliefs. You have a set of beliefs; some of which are empowering and some of which are limiting. Your unique perception of reality is formed from these beliefs. Alter those beliefs and your perception of reality changes. When you perception changes from fear to more love, you will feel differently about yourself and your life.

That which you perceive as bad or wrong is based in fear and promoted by your set of limiting beliefs. Without the limiting beliefs, you could not perceive that anything is bad or wrong. However, your limiting beliefs do exist. Some of those beliefs were adopted in this life and others were brought forth into this life when you arrived. All of these beliefs are here to serve your personal journey of self-discovery.

No beliefs are true other than those based in love, acceptance and perfection. The most empowering belief you can have is the following “I am love.” All other beliefs are limiting to greater or lesser degrees. All other beliefs that contradict the truth are false to some degree. “I am Source and Source is love. I am All That Is and All That is is love.” This is a fundamentally true and immensely empowering belief, but it is a belief that is not firmly rooted in your current sense of self at this time.

What is love? Love is acceptance.

What is Oneness? Oneness is love.

How do you currently perceive yourself? Do you perceive yourself as Source or something less thang that? Do you identify as All That Is or as separate from All That Is? If you truly knew who you are, you would act quite differently than you do now. If you knew that you were eternally connected to every aspect of your reality and all the people who exist within it, you would act differently towards all people and every aspect of your reality. And thus, you would have nothing to forgive, because you would always be acting in love.

Sometimes you act on urges to change or control the conditions. This is not wrong or bad in and of itself, it is simply not aligned with who you truly are. So then, in your past, you have acted in fear. Those actions led to more fear for you and others involved. They were not authentic actions in love, they were inauthentic actions in fear. Those actions created ripples of fear and caused more separation. This is the opposite of what you truly want. What you truly want is more connection with every aspect of your reality including the people in it.

In the previous section, you learned more about your relationships with family, friends, mates, children, parents, strangers and even enemies. You are here to explore those relationships in love. You are here to more fully discover the truth of who you are and who everyone else is. You are here to connect more to all of it. Physical reality provides for the illusion of separation. When you are able to see through that illusion, you will no longer feel the need to protect yourself and therefore seek any form of control. All control is based in fear and creates more separation.

In the past, you exerted various forms of control over your relationships with people in your life. You wanted to receive love from them. You wanted them to accept you. You were transactional in your dealings with them. Each time you acted on an urge to change or control them, you caused some form of separation. You did not know what you were doing at the time. It was how you were taught to engage with others. It all came from a limited perspective of yourself. You might have thought you were acting appropriately, but you were simply creating more separation in order to protect yourself from negative emotion.

You inadvertently caused more separation in your life because you did not know who you truly are. Had you known who you truly are and how this system of physical reality is designed, you would never act on urges to control anyone or anything. The fundamental cause of all suffering is a misperception of who you are.

You are now beginning to understand who you truly are, at least from an intellectual standpoint. With this new idea of self coming more and more into your awareness, you can begin to choose your words and actions more intentionally. You will begin to see the truth of who you are as you engage more with others in love and acceptance. You will notice how more effective you become in dealing with everyone. But before you can radically alter your approach to life from fear to love, you will have to forgive yourself from all past interactions with others where you acted in fear. You must forgive yourself and forgive them as well.

You might ask, “If I have never done anything wrong, why must I forgive myself? If others have never done anything to me, why must I forgive them?” We will start by saying that this is a vibrational cleansing process. You are coming to form a new idea of yourself. But part of this process involves releasing stored emotional pain that currently exists within your body. The way you release this pain is by asking and receiving forgiveness. It is not the forgiveness of God who is outside of you and sits in judgment, it is the forgiveness of God who is you.

You are transforming your perception of yourself from a limited human being to a limitless spiritual being. You are evolving like the caterpillar into the butterfly. Forgiveness is the cocoon.

In the next four weeks, you will transform your perception of yourself. You will release trapped emotional pain. You will release any guilt, regret or resentment. This will allow you to take a big leap into a radically new definition of self. You will evolve more in the next four weeks than at any time in your entire existence. The transformation to the next incarnation of your being starts with forgiveness.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it.