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Week Four: Relationships with Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Strangers (Click Here To Start)

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Relationships with Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Strangers

All the people in your life come in at the perfect time to enable you to see who you truly are and to allow you to travel your journey of self-discovery. In essence, they act as mirrors to how you are choosing to see yourself in the present moment.

In each moment you are choosing a perception of yourself within your reality. That reality was and is being created by you. In each moment, you are choosing to see yourself in a certain way. Your current perspective is always limited compared to who you truly are and expanded compared to who you thought you were. In the present moment, you are both a limited and the most expanded version of yourself. Your journey of self-discovery is one where you come from a limited perspective into a more expanded perspective of self within the framework of physical reality. This is the purpose of all physical existence. This is evolution.

Where are you on your journey of self-discovery? You can know exactly where you are by the physical conditions that exist in this very moment. Your entire reality is a representation of your current level of understanding about who you are. All of the people in your life are here to reflect back to you how you actually perceive yourself.

If there are lots of people who (from your perspective) love and appreciate you, then you are well along your way to knowing who you truly are. If your life is full of wonderful things, experiences, abundance, adventure, excitement, freedom, etc. then you have an empowering perception of yourself. If your life is full of turmoil, resentment, guilt, loneliness, lack and limitation, then you are simply choosing to perceive yourself as a victim.

Imagine that every single aspect of who you currently think you are is being reflected back to you by every aspect of your (outer) reality. This would include your relationship with every condition that exist in the present moment. Those conditions include your home, your mate, your children, your parents, your friends, your enemies, all strangers, your country, city, town, neighborhood, all other countries, nature, animals, ideas, concepts, etc. It is all a reflection of who you think you are in each and every moment. That’s quite a concept.

Nothing in your reality is random. It all comes to you for a purpose. If you meet a friend for lunch, that meeting is for you. If someone honks their horn at you in traffic, that interaction is for you. If something comes on the news, you are witnessing it for a reason. If someone offers you a new perspective, that is for you as well. The timing of all of this is also perfect.

Now imagine that you are unaware of this process

By default, since fear is an aspect of this reality, you will want to control it. Think about why you would ever want to control any of it. The control is based in fear. What is the fear? The fear is negative emotion. Since negative emotion does not feel good, you will want to control your exposure to it. But again, this is simply due to your perception of negative emotion when you don’t realize what negative emotion is. Of course, you now know that negative emotion is simply the most basic form of guidance.

Negative emotion comes when you choose to perceive that something in your reality is wrong or bad. The negative emotion (and the correlated intensity of it), presents itself only when you are choosing to perceive yourself as a victim. Since victimhood is a false perception of self, the negative emotion simply indicates that you are perceiving yourself from a limited (and false) perspective.

The entire system of physical reality is designed to enable you to come from false perception of self to a true perception of yourself. This is evolution. This is self- discovery. Who you truly are is an eternal, limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. This is the truth. All other perceptions of self are false. However, some perceptions are more limited than others. Some perceptions are more empowering than others. Emotions are designed to lead you from a limited perception of your self to ever-increasing empowering perceptions of self. If you could imagine an ending to this journey, you could see that it would end with the true perception of self as a magnificent, limitless and eternal being of pure positive love and acceptance. However, this process is never-ending.

Where you are on your journey is somewhere between two perceptions; victim and creator. How do you know where you are? It’s all relevant to how you feel about yourself in this singular moment. This is a fluid process, but you are always evolving. You might have momentary feelings of victimhood as you choose to believe that something is wrong in the moment, but your are perceiving this event from the most evolved version of you who has ever existed. You might feel like a true and complete victim, even though you have evolved over the course of your life to a much more empowering self image, but the feeling is awful. This is just the process of evolution.

As you start to perceive yourself in more empowering terms, you ascend to new vibrational heights. This causes you to become even more aware of your emotions. You become more emotionally sensitive. This is what you want. You truly want to know when you are perceiving your reality from a limited perspective. Your new emotional sensitivity is more powerful and you are more aware of your choice of perception.

If your choice of perception is more true, then you are more authentic. How you see yourself in your reality is closely aligned with who you truly are in the nonphysical. You feel good about yourself and your world more of the time. When something triggers you and you feel negative emotion in the slightest degree, you are aware of it. You then do the work to shift to a more empowering and truer perception of yourself within your reality. And the process evolves from there. This is the process of expansion.

If you are unaware of this system, you will try to control this process. Control, since it’s based in fear and a basic misunderstanding of the evolutionary process, leads to manifestation events designed in perfect timing to let you see where your limitations are. Since all of your limitations are self-imposed, you have the power to address them and soften them through a shift in perspective.

It’s a perfect process!

If you are unaware of this evolutionary process, you will want to control the people in your life and yourself as you interact with them. This is inauthentic and will never lead to anything you truly want. All of the people in your life are equal in the process of reflections. All of the mirrors reflect back to you certain aspects of who you are being and how you are choosing to perceive yourself. You have friends, enemies and strangers that come and go throughout the course of your life. Sometimes, strangers turn into friends, friends turn into enemies, enemies turn into strangers and so forth. But all of them work together to allow you the opportunity to discover who you really are and to evolve your sense of self.

You consider one person a friend only because they seem to accept you and do not trigger limiting beliefs. You consider another person an enemy, because they trigger limiting beliefs. You consider another person to be a stranger, because they do not fall into either of the previous two categories. But each and every person you encounter comes to you for one reason only; to show you who you are being and how you perceive yourself in your entire reality.

There is more going on in physical reality than you can begin to imagine. You perceive a tiny fraction of the entirety of your reality. Most of it exists below your conscious awareness. You are always being led into situations and interactions to serve your growth, evolution and expansion. Your friends do their jobs, your enemies do theirs and strangers do theirs as well. The timing of all of it is divine.

Let’s imagine that a friend calls you out of the blue and invites you to a party. This gathering will be comprised of friends, strangers and even enemies. The invitation is inspired. You will feel a bit of fear as you contemplate attending this party. However, you also imagine that it will be fun and so you push past your fear and accept the invitation. From now until you arrive at the party, you will experience momentary impulses of fear and you will receive urges to control the fear by changing plans. In each occurrence, you talk yourself through the fear and eventually arrive at the party.

The entire party and all who attend have been created for an experience. Every person at the party will simultaneously have their own experience and reflect back to you who you are being. Can you start to understand how intricate this is? There’s more going on here than you can imagine.

At the party, you will tend to gather with people you “know” and avoid people you do not “know.” However, if there is someone at the party who will present you with an opportunity for growth, you will find them. They could be introduced to you, they could be standing next to you at the bar, they could be talking to your mate, etc. How you choose to perceive yourself will dictate how this meeting unfolds. Your choice of perception will allow you to connect or not. If you are having a good time and perceiving yourself as friendly, funny, intelligent, attractive etc., the meeting will take place and you will get your opportunity. If you are perceiving yourself as dull, boring, unattractive, etc., you will miss your opportunity.

In the nonphysical you know everyone

In the physical, you cannot know anyone (until you know yourself that is). You believe that you know some people, but do not know others. You think you know your friends and enemies, but do not know strangers. You are wary of strangers. Will they provoke negative emotion? If you think they will, you avoid them. You judge them based on how they look, what they are wearing, who they are talking to, etc. If they are talking to a friend, you feel more comfortable with them. If they are talking to an enemy, you dislike them by association. It is all judgment.

What if you could attend the party knowing who everyone truly is? Wouldn’t that be fascinating? Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course you do know who everyone is at least intellectually. They are all eternal, magnificent and limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance. What if you could realize this fact? Then you could know that how they are being around you is not who they truly are. They are simply being the mirrors to who you are being. Now, if you knew yourself in truth, you would know them in truth as well. If you perceived yourself in a limited perspective, you would perceive them from the same perspective. Raise your perspective and you’ll know them all in a more authentic and truthful way.

You are the creator of your reality. You are the perceiver of your reality. You are the observer of your reality. How you perceive your reality and every person in it is how you perceive yourself. That’s it. If you perceive yourself as the life of the party, that will be reflected back to you. If you perceive that you have something to offer, that will be reflected back to you. If you express love, that will be reflected back to you. And if you see yourself in any limited way whatsoever, that too will be reflected back to you by all those who exist in your reality.

Do not try to control other people. Do not try to control yourself. Do not be someone you are not just because you believe that others will like, love and respect that false projection. Be who you truly are, let them reflect however you are being and then become even more authentic. This is the process of evolution from fear to love.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Relationships with Children (Click Here To Start)

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Relationships with Children

All of those who enter your reality are known to you eternally, including your children. They are part of your soul family. You had pre-birth agreements with them. Your primary agreement was to provide them a way into physical reality. Once they were born (or even conceived, this agreement was complete.

You may or may not have made other agreements with them. Their pre-birth intentions determined the life they would live this time around. You may or mat not have had the agreement for them to actually be born. Many souls choose not to be physically born. The physical experience in the womb may have been all they needed. If you experienced what you call a miscarriage, your agreement was met. They did not intend or desire to be physically born at that time and place. Sometimes things change and the soul wishes to return to the nonphysical, prior to the actual birth experience. This is also true of abortions. You might perceive that you made the decision to abort the pregnancy. You must know that the decision was made by both of you at the nonphysical level. You simply carried out the decision.

If the soul decides to be born, it will pick the date and time. It must be vibrationally matched to the Earth on the day and time it is born. No matter what you think and regardless of the decisions you believe you made, the timing of the birth is a vibrational matter. Your children were born at the perfect time for them.

Your children chose you as parents and you agreed to this choice. There are no mistakes. You know your children eternally in the nonphysical. In the physical, you forget who they are. If you could know them for the truth of who they are, you would have completely different relationships. It would neither serve them or you to remember exactly who they are. However, if you could see your children from a higher perspective, you could drop some of the behaviors prevalent in your culture. You do not know more than they do in most things. Of course, they are eager to learn, but since your perspective is so limited, there’s not much value in perceiving that you are wiser, clearer, more connected or even more accustomed to life in physical reality. You can let all that go.

Your children were a vibrational match to the Earth at the time of their birth

You were a match at the time of your birth. The Earth’s vibration increases as time goes by. You are not able to keep up with the accelerating vibration of the Earth, because you offer far more resistance. On the day of your child’s birth, its vibration is higher than yours. This is an important concept to grasp. In essence, the child is actually more evolved than the parent. The child is more prepared to exist on Earth at the time of its birth (and throughout the rest of its life) than the parent. You might perceive that the child is really the parent and the parent is the child. You might see this to be true as your own parents age. They are not as able to keep up with the accelerating vibration of the planet as you are.

Just look at the new technology that exists on your planet today. New technology exists at a higher-vibrational level compared to older technology. In order to be a match to the new technology, you must raise your vibration to match it. Your children have an easy time with new technology, while your parents do not. It is due to a vibrational gap, rather than a generational gap.

Your children are vibrationally pure on the day of their births. They exist in a state that is very close to their authentic state (as they are known in the nonphysical realm). Not much is different between the physical representation in human form and their nonphysical representation in soul form. They fully expect to receive all they need to enter and live as a helpless baby in a physical world. They have no agenda, no worries and no attachments to outcomes. They exist in a relatively purer state of love and acceptance.

Unless a need is not being met, they exist in joy. When they need something, they will feel emotion and act on an urge to change the conditions. This feeling is new to them. They cry and someone comes along to assist them. They receive everything they need when they need it. At any point in the new soul’s life, it can choose to return to the nonphysical. Whether the soul chooses to live one day or a hundred years, it is a full and complete life. You choose to measure life on your own scale. You have arbitrarily chosen to believe that a hundred years is preferable to one day, yet this can only be perceived from a highly limited perspective. If you could remember the life you experience in the nonphysical, you would all choose to return today.

It is not helpful to have fear of death when it comes to your children. Of course you have limiting beliefs and you will do everything to ensure their daily survival. But you must know that if a child chooses to return to the nonphysical, at any point in their life, this is always their divine choice. It is their right. You would never come to physical reality if you knew you could not leave if you wanted to. You would never go to Disneyland if you could not leave when you wanted to. You cannot control the realities of others, even your children. All attempts to control, guide or change their lives are based in fear. In love, you would never, ever change any of it. You are simply not skilled in choosing your perspective and so your beliefs are triggered and you feel negative emotion.

As a parent, your limiting beliefs are constantly triggered and you exist in a perpetual state of fear. It’s always then fear of negative emotion. Nothing your child experiences really has any true ramifications for you. It’s always a case of negative emotion. If they cry, you feel negative emotion. If they hurt themselves, you feel negative emotion. If they’re upset, you feel negative emotion. You perceive that your child is responsible for the negative (and positive) emotions that you receive. This is not true. You are receiving emotions based on your choice of perspective in the moment.

As your children grow, they will adopt limiting beliefs just as they knew they would prior to their births. Some of those beliefs will come from you, other adults, their friends, family members, teachers and society in general. They will for their world view and their personas. They will perceive that emotions come as a result of events that are initiated by outside conditions and people. This is natural and a fundamental aspect of physical reality. That is unless they are taught otherwise.

Your children are here on a journey of self-discovery

Prior to their births, they set their intentions for what they wanted to experience in this lifetime. In addition to choosing you and the time and place of their births, they chose their bodies, personalities, talents and attributes among other things. They set all of this up in advance. Their pre- birth intentions were mostly general, just as yours were. They intended to express their love, experience true freedom and abundance, and to expand in joy. They are guided by their inner selves, just as you are.

Your children cannot get it wrong, since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. They cannot fail or lose. They cannot be rejected. They are prepared for everything they experience. The cannot remember who they are or who you are. They will all move from fear to love in their lifetimes. Some will come to know who they are in this lifetime. Others will not. There is no rush, since this is an eternal journey. Whatever they are here to explore is for them and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. If they are alive in physical reality, you have done your job.

Your children will have manifestation events. These events are highly valuable. They give them the opportunity to discover more about who they are. If you choose to smooth out these events for them, handle their problems, or influence them away from what they are here to explore, it does not matter, but it will always be based in fear and it will not be helpful to them. If you could take a step back and allow them to sift and sort their way through their childhoods, they will gain confidence and resiliency. These traits will help them to travel their inspired paths of self-discovery.

There are no accidents, nothing is random, there’s no such thing as luck. You are in your children’s lives for a reason. Think about who you truly are. You are all eternal, magnificent beings of pure positive love and acceptance. You are intrepid explorers. You are highly advanced beings. You have all come forth to create new pathways in love for others to follow. You are learning more about the mechanism of physical reality, the laws of the universe and who you truly are. You are adopting more empowering beliefs and a new approach to life. You are among the first to arrive and you are leading the way through the illusion and into the truth. Your children came to be influenced by what you are here to discover. They came to be in your presence in physical reality to be closer to the truth. They knew you would be an inspiring beacon of light for them to follow.

Some of you will have children who are ready to hear this information. Some of you will have children who reject these ideas. They will be at different places of their journeys. Wherever they may be on their journey is perfect. You do not need them to be where you are in order for you to feel good. The only way to feel good is to accept them wherever they are.

Some of your children are on even more advanced journeys than you. They have the prior experiences and are equipped with whatever they need. Their journeys may seem difficult from your perspective. However, they always possess all the rights and inner strength needed to navigate their own path. If you can trust their divine intentions, you will be able to support them, but only when you are in alignment yourself.

In alignment, you’ll receive the inspiration to act in ways that support your child’s journey. When you’re out of alignment, you’ll receive urges to change or control them in some way. If you choose to act on urges, you will explore fear. If you choose to act only when inspired, it will be for your highest good and the good of your children as well.

You cannot make a mistake as a parent. There is far more going on than you can begin to imagine. Everything is always working out for all involved. Your children will receive whatever they need when they need it to travel on their journeys of self-exploration. There’s nothing you should or should not do to help them. The parent-child relationship is intense, we know. But above all, you intend to experience it all in joy. Always remember that all of your pre-birth intentions were to expand in joy. The joy part is up to you. It will always be based on whichever perspective you choose. Choose the higher perspective and you will see the truth of who they are.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: Relationships with Mates (Click Here To Start)

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Relationships with Mates

Oneness is the truth. Separation is the illusion. In the nonphysical, your mate is eternally linked to you. You know them fully. They know you completely. There are no secrets. You are completely authentic. Your nonphysical relationship is based in pure love and acceptance. You are equal. In the physical, things seem a bit different.

In physical reality, you and your mate come together on purpose to discover more about who you are and who they are. The physical realms seems real. It seems finite. It seems like there are structures in place. However, it is simply a game. It’s an exploration. You choose to explore who you truly are or who you are not. You can be fully authentic in a relationship or completely inauthentic. It’s always your choice.

It would take some courage to be fully authentic in any relationship, because this contradicts your belief system. If you were fully authentic in your relationship with your mate, your mate might not like you. You might be rejected. Your mate might leave you. This is all based on limiting beliefs. The truth is that unless you are authentic in your relationship, your mate has no opportunity to get to know you.

If you are inauthentic in your relationship with your mate, you are doing so out of fear. You are trying to be someone you are not. Why would you do this? Because you believe there is something inherently wrong with you. If your mate were to discover who you truly are, he/she would not approve. They might want you to be different. They might only love you if you behave a certain way. If your secrets were to be discovered, your mate might reject you. But unless you are authentic in this relationship, who is your mate really in love with?

Prior to your birth, you set the intention to meet your mate. This was a pre-birth agreement. You might have decided to come together to have children. You might have intended to be mated for life or for a few days. You might have intended to find one true love in this life or to find many. The intentions you set prior to your birth are powerful. Those intentions will play out over the course of your life.

Fear often interrupts the natural flow of your life. You often stay in relationships longer than you intended due to fear. You might even miss the opportunities to meet your mate(s) due to fear. Without fear, your romantic relationships would come and go just as you intended. Since your pre-birth intentions are strong, your experience in relationships has likely been exactly what you intended. If you could see that, you would be at ease.

Imagine if you discovered one of your mates in high school. The relationship would be your first true romance. You would discover things about yourself in this relationship. It would be fun at first. Then, of course, you might start to take it seriously and become attached to outcomes and ideals. You are not yet authentic and you believe that this person has the power to make you feel something. If they adhere to your idea of what you think you want in a relationship, you use this as your excuse to feel good. If however, they do or say something that triggers a limiting belief, you blame them for how you feel. And so you choose to control them and yourself in order to maintain the relationship while avoiding any possibility for negative emotion. When you eventually split, you feel intense negative emotion.

Why did you feel negative emotion when the relationship ended? Because your perspective was limited. You did not have all the information. Had you known how it would all turn out, you would not feel intense negative emotion. You lacked information. You choose a limited perspective because you believed that something wrong happened. There never was anything wrong. It all turned out perfectly. You can see that now. But at the time, you chose a limited perspective based on limiting beliefs. If you had no limiting beliefs in that area of your life, you could not feel negative emotion.

Your mate cannot create in your reality

He/she cannot make you feel anything. Your feelings are always based on your perspective. Choose the limited perspective by believing something is wrong, and your inner self sends you a message in the form of negative emotion. You always create how you feel by either choosing the limited or higher perspective. The other person has nothing to do with it.

Your default mechanism abides by your beliefs. But you can be conscious of this in the moment. You can know when you’re in or out of alignment. You can understand the fear and process the associated limiting beliefs. You can become more authentic. You can see it all from the higher perspective.

From the higher perspective, you can understand what is going on here. You are in a relationship with someone you love on a soul level. That love is infinite. You have come together to explore yourselves and each other. It is a wonderful opportunity for growth. Yet you still believe that they have influence over how you feel. Why? Because you’ve adopted limiting beliefs. Those limiting beliefs can be softened, but not removed. As you process them, they become less intense, but they will always remain in some form. You will always be triggered to a degree. However, since you know more now, you can consciously choose the higher perspective. When you do this, you will feel a bit of relief and return more easily to alignment.

If you could understand the bigger picture and see that you are truly eternally connected, you would exist in a state of love in the moment. You could drop your attachment to future outcomes or past regrets and resentments. All you truly want to do is connect with your mate at a deeper and more meaningful level. All you truly want to do is accept them as they are. In the nonphysical, there would be no purpose to asking them to change in any way. In the physical, you might perceive that you would feel better if they were different. But this is the illusion. In truth, they and you are perfect.

Your relationship with your mate (and all of your past mates) is based in love. However, since you and they are on a journey of self-discovery, they come to help you along on that journey. If you are resisting your journey, you will face manifestation events. If you are choosing a limited perspective, your mate will help you by providing you with manifestation events. You might perceive that your mate is being wrong, since you will perceive they are the source of your emotional pain. However, as you well know, they have no ability to create in your reality. They are never the source of your emotional discomfort. They are simply the catalyst to cause you to discover and then process your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs maintain the illusion of separation

Since you truly want connection, the limiting beliefs must be revealed. Your mate will help you discover many limiting beliefs. As you process your limiting beliefs, you’ll gain clearly and connect more deeply with your mates. You will also be able to heal your past relationships.

You are holding onto your limitations unless you discover and process your limiting beliefs. Those limiting beliefs are the root cause of separation. Your mate has come to help you. If you can see that, you can see what is happening in the moment and relax your need to control any aspect of your relationship.

Past manifestation events occurred prior to your understanding of these laws and ideas. When you felt hurt by past partners, you did not understand the mechanism of limiting beliefs and your journey of self-discovery. You carried the emotional pain with you into new relationships. You wanted to control those relationships in order to protect yourself from pain. The desire to mitigate future possibilities for pain caused you to enter relationships with trepidation. Once you were in a new relationship, you were guard to a degree; never allowing yourself to fully accept the other person. The fear of emotional pain was too intense.

This week we will offer you ideas that will allow you to see the dynamics of romantic relationships that align with the laws of the universe. You will be able to see those relationships from a much higher perspective. You will more easily be able to heal past wounds, which will enable you to be more authentic (and fearless) in your current relationship. This will lead to deeper connections in love.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: Relationships With Parents (Click Here To Start)

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Relationships with Parents

The parent-child relationship is one of the most valuable forms of relationship available to you in the physical realm. You enter into this relationship to establish a dynamic, which sets forth your trajectory. Everything you are here to discover in this life is established in the relationships with your mother and father. Like all valuable relationships, agreements were made in the nonphysical realm first. Both the parent and the child are benefitted from these relationships, however they may transpire.

Prior to your birth, you chose the time and place of your birth, because you were a vibrational match to the earth at that time and place. You could not be born into the exact time or general place of your birth if you were not a perfect match to it. The same is true with the family you were born into. They were a perfect match to you and you were a perfect match to them.

You have come to teach your parents and to be influenced to a certain degree by them. The dynamic, however, is created depending on the structure of beliefs within the specific society you were born into. In some societies, the beliefs about the roles of children and parents is intense, while in other societies it is less so. If you were born into an Asian society, for instance, the roles of parent/child are more rigid and defined, while in American society, they are less so.

There are no accidents, coincidences, and nothing is random. It is all by design. You chose your specific parents and they agreed to this choice and to the relationship. Your parents were born to give you access into physical reality and to influence you to a certain designed trajectory. That trajectory eventually led you through experiences, identification and beliefs that enabled you to be here now reading these words. It all worked out perfectly.

In your youth, as a child, you developed beliefs about who your parents were, who you were within the family, your roles, and what it is to be a child within that family. These beliefs are both empowering and limiting, depending on the family dynamic you chose to be born into. The limiting beliefs are not true, while the empowering beliefs are somewhat more true. However, the only belief that is ultimately true is: you are love, they are love, the environment of physical reality is based in love, and it is all love. All other beliefs are somewhat limited compared to this.

If your parents are essentially beings of love like you are, then any resistance comes from a limited perspective. If you wish they were different than they are/were, you are not seeing the perfection. You are just choosing to view them from a limited perspective. You are also viewing yourself from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, they played their roles perfectly and so did you. It allowed you the opportunity to travel from fear to where you exist today (greater levels of love). We must point out here that where you exist today is the highest expression of love that you have ever existed in.

In this segment, we will look into your relationship with your parents in the past, present or future, whether they are alive now or not. Your relationship has nothing to do with them. It is always about how you choose to perceive yourself in these two relationships. If you have any resistance to how it was, how it is, or how it will be, it is due to a limited perspective. All limited perspectives are sourced in victimhood. So then, if you have any iota of resistance in this area of your life, you are acting and perceiving yourself as a victim. In fact, you are the sole creator of these (and all of your) relationships.

It is never necessary to change another person. This desire is based in lack and limitation. The outside conditions can never be altered to improve how you feel, because those conditions are simply the reflection of how you feel. Change the conditions without changing how you feel and you intensify the feeling you always had. All forms of control are based in fear and can never make you feel anything you do not already feel. Change how you feel and your conditions will change to reflect that back to you.

Your parents do not need to change for you to exist in a loving relationship with them. You add love into those relationships and you elevate your own vibration. Whatever may change within the relationship is based on your inner change. Everything you desire from your parents is based in the lack of feelings you believe should be inherent in the child/parent relationship. But if those dynamics do not serve you, they cannot change.

If you long for love and acceptance from your critical parent(s), you have not dealt with limiting beliefs adopted in childhood. You are buying into the illusion. You are perceiving yourself as a victim, rather than the creator. As long as you view yourself as a victim, nothing can change. It’s only when you adopt your role as the creator that you will perceive the change in your relationships. It’s always a perception of reality that is chosen, which creates the change. When you choose to perceive your parents in a new way, and you have really made and adhered to a more empowering choice of perception, you will feel better within the relationship. It’s not that they need to change to finally give you what you long for, it’s that you have altered the way you perceive yourself within the relationship that will allow you more clarity. It’s the clarity that you want, for it creates an inner change.

If you knew who your parents actually are, you would love and accept them unconditionally. In the nonphysical, you know your parents. You know them. You have been with them for an eternity and you will be with them throughout eternity. You know them. You know everything about them. They are transparent in the nonphysical and so are you. In the nonphysical, they know you as well. There is no fear. And so they accept you as you are unconditionally. In the physical realm, they feel fear. They receive thoughts of fear and urges to change the conditions. They try to control you, themselves and their relationship with you, so that they can alleviate the feeling of fear. That’s all they are ever doing. When you can see this for what it is, just fear, you do not have to react. You do not have to control them or yourself. You can be authentic and realize that things you say and do will trigger their limiting beliefs, they will feel fear and they will act on urges. That’s just how it is for them. You do not have to be affected by any of it, as long as you can really understand what is happening.

If a parent is critical of a child, it’s based in fear. The parent is concerned that the child will face difficulties down the road and knows that he or she will feel negative emotion if the child stumbles. So they do whatever they can in order to avoid feeling negative emotion themselves. You know better. You know that if you feel negative emotion, it’s due to the fact that you are perceiving something from a limited perspective and you’re believing in the illusion. They do not know this.

Imagine that when you were a child, you understood the mechanism of physical reality. Imagine knowing what you know now. You would realize they were in fear and were just acting on urges to change you. Whenever they punished you, they were acting in fear. Whenever they were critical, they were acting in fear. Whenever they withheld their love, they were in fear that if something happened to you, they would feel intense negative emotion. They really never cared what happened to you, they were only aware of the potential for negative emotion and they strived to avoid it at all costs. And if you knew this at the time, you would not attach any meaning to their fear. You would accept them even when they were in fear.

Since you know this now, you can alter your relationship with your parents. You can see that they don’t know you. In the physical realm they cannot know anyone until they know themselves. They can’t see who you really are. They don’t realize that you have wisdom that they do not yet have. They don’t know your pre-birth intentions and what you are here to discover. All they know is that sometimes you make them feel negative emotion and they want to avoid that.

Your choice now is to untangle yourself from the web of past injustices and harm. It all worked out perfectly. They did everything they needed to do for you to be here now. It all worked out. You adopted the set of beliefs that enabled you to navigate your way to this course. Your relationship has always existed with some amount of fear. If you can say that you love your parents, then there is more love in the relationship. If you don’t talk to your parents or rather not be around them, then there is more fear and confusion in the relationship. But there is always more fear than you realize in your relationship with your parents. That fear has been built up over the years and has created some momentum. It is now time to create a new relationship with two of the most valuable people in your life.

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