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Week Four: It’s All About Perspective (Click Here To Start)

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It’s All About Perspective

You have a set of beliefs and a set of desires. Your beliefs are made up of those which are empowering and those which are limiting. Your desires include your pre-birth intentions, which are true desires, and those desires based in lack; your false desires. All of these things work in tandem to create a perspective in the moment. Since you have not consciously been choosing your perspective for very long, most of your perspectives have been determined by your beliefs and desires.

If an event happens that aligns with your empowering beliefs and your desires, meaning that it seems as if things are good and your desires are on track to be manifested, you slip into a higher perspective. However, if an event happens that triggers a limiting belief and you perceive that a desire is now less likely to manifest, you slip into a limited perspective. Until now, it seemed as if you had no choice of perspective.

If your perspective slipped into the negative, you received negative emotion. If it slipped into the positive, you received positive emotion. It had nothing to do with the event itself, only the perspective you slipped into. Without knowing how this all works, it would seem as if the conditions dictated whether you felt good or bad. Therefore, you sought to control your experience in order to avoid negative emotion. This created a comfort zone; I.e. a false sense of security.

As it turns out, positive emotion is received every time you choose to perceive that your conditions are good and negative emotion is received every time you choose to perceive that your conditions are bad or wrong. No matter what happens, if you perceive it as good, you will feel good and if you perceive it as bad, you will feel bad. Therefore, your perception of your reality determines which type of emotion you receive. Also, the intensity to how you perceive your reality correlates exactly to the intensity of positive or negative emotion.

Most humans believe that the conditions cause them to feel something and there is no other way. Things are either good or bad. Everyone would agree. If someone dies, it’s bad and everyone would agree (unless it’s someone you don’t like, such as a terrorist, and then it’s good). If something bad happens to you, everyone will agree with you. But as you know, it’s all about the perspective one chooses and it’s always a choice.

If everyone in your group of friends, family and/or society agrees on what’s good or bad, that is always based on a set of beliefs. Those beliefs are neither true or false, they are either empowering or limiting. Most people believe their beliefs are true and they teach others to believe the same thing. You have been force-fed a set of beliefs in this and other lifetimes. You are now coming to realize that you have essentially been brainwashed your entire life and you are surrounded by others who have also been brainwashed. You were born into a cult. This cult demands that you assimilate. You cannot stand out or proclaim to know better than the rest of the cult. If you do, you will be reprimanded, rejected, or ostracized. 

You were born into the cult of bad and wrong. This group seeks to control their conditions and you just happen to be one of the conditions they seek to control. In fact, every member must obey the cult leaders, the cult’s doctrine, and the cult’s dogma. You are free to join subgroups within the cult itself. You can pick a religion or no religion, science, politics, even the country you live in. But it is a false freedom. You have no power within the cult as long as you continue to remain a member. You cannot change the cult in any way. You can only escape it.

You escape the cult of bad or wrong by choosing your perspective. Your perspective is never prescribed, it’s always a choice. The rest of the cult believes their perspectives are not a choice, but only a matter of right and wrong. You will hear this mantra repeated consistently within the cult; “You must know right from wrong!” This is the way the cult controls you.


Those who are good and right are celebrated, while those who are bad or wrong are punished. The winners are cast as motivating members, while the losers become examples that keep the constituency in line. It’s all a massive form of control. The hero saves the victim from the villain. Another message of control. Courage is displayed through conquering evil. Yet evil is certainly subjective and of course, is another form of control. When the hero labels someone else a villain, he controls the opinions and perspectives of the group. Therefore, the hero/leader much obtain as much power as possible in order to control the group more effectively.

The cult would fall apart without fear. Fear is how the cult of right and wrong controls the perspectives of the members. The members have been brainwashed since early childhood to be aware of strangers, beware of all forms of danger, and recoil at the prospect of anything wrong or bad. The group is self-policing. The way you avoid bad and wrong is through greater control. You must control yourself at all times, otherwise you’ll be labeled wrong or bad. And you know what happens to those people.

Awakening is realizing that you have control only over the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold onto and the perspectives you choose. No one in the cult has ever told you that. No one in the cult could teach this, because it would be out of alignment with the very fabric of cult itself. The idea that everything is right and there is no wrong anywhere in the universe is the lifeline that will lead countless millions out of the cult of right and wrong.

Everything you have ever learned has been taught to you to keep you in the cult. All of your beliefs have kept you a prisoner of your perspectives. You have been drinking the tonic of duality for this and other previous lifetimes. This is your first glimpse outside of the illusion cast by your entire society. The idea that there is no wrong is enough to break you free from your bonds. The knowledge that your shackles are nothing more than a set of limiting beliefs will allow you to contest those very beliefs. Once you do, you begin the process of awakening.

None of your current beliefs are absolutely true. You may have more empowering beliefs now compared to a year ago. If you do, you feel more joy, you are calmer, you are expressing more love, you have more to appreciate and to be grateful for. If your beliefs have become more empowering, you are living in more truth than at any previous time (other than childhood, before you were brainwashed). Things are simply working out for you. You are receiving more inspiration. You are experiencing more freedom and abundance. You are less discontent and far more effective. If you have more empowering beliefs than others in your circle, you are of benefit to them, because you are living as an example of alignment.

Everything you truly want will manifest in your life as you remove yourself from the cult of good and bad. Your nonphysical senses will come on line. The universe will bring you that which is a match to your new approach to life. Above all, you will gain clarity. Since this is a journey of self-discovery, clarity is what you truly want.

The fear, as propagated by your society in an attempt to control you, is an elaborate illusion. You could have been raised in a way that would allow you to assess your fears, to be courageous in response to your fear, and to always choose the higher perspective. In the future, children will be raised this way. Parenting will be completely different than it is today. Schools will be unrecognizable. Society will celebrate those who exist in freedom and love. Everyone living in love will aid anyone in fear. They will assist those who are ready to break free from the cult of wrong. There will be many of them. Right now, there is just a few. You are among the few.

You cannot perceive the cult of right and wrong to be bad. We use the word cult, not as a slight on anyone’s beliefs, but only to illustrate our point. It is a mass delusion. They all think they’re right. They’re all trapped, but believe they’re free. If you choose to see them from the limited perspective, you are right back in the cult with them. You must understand that they know not what they do. It is a system of integrated beliefs based on a perception of self as the victim in order to gain some control over their conditions. They have no idea that control is not possible. You do, but there is nothing you can do to save them. They must first realize it for themselves. Only then, with their arms outstretched, can you reach them. Until then, you must simply illuminate the light of love that shines brightly within you.

Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. This is your lifeline. This is the lifeline that will eventually bring all humans out of the illusion and into the truth. You are ready to hear it. Most are not, but more will come. You have chosen to break free of the illusion first, but this involves great responsibility. Not only must you adhere to what you believe to be true for you, you must not attempt to create in the realities of others. This is just another form of control.

The only way to break free of the illusion and move into the truth is through absolute acceptance of what is. All forms of control will bring you back into the illusion. Anytime you see yourself as a victim to some condition that arrises, you move back into the illusion. This will be accompanied by negative emotion. This is the system at play. Your inner self will never stop guiding you forward and will always remind you when you slip back. Follow your emotions. Choose your perspectives based on those emotions. Strive to feel good, follow your joy, act on inspiration and challenge all of your beliefs. This is the path you are on. It’s the path you chose prior to your birth. It is your inspired path. Always walk this path bathed in the light of ACCEPTANCE!

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: Inspiration and Action (Click Here To Start)

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Inspiration and Action

In the approach to life of fear and control, you will tend to focus on what you fear, (i.e. what you think is wrong or bad). Your point of focus is very powerful. The Law of Attraction responds to whatever you focus on. If you perceive that something is bad or wrong, you will sink into the consciousness of fear and receive urges to change or control conditions. Do you see here that it is your focus on what’s wrong that attracts urges? Now, if you act on an urge, you send a very powerful signal to the universe that this is what you want to experience, even though you clearly do not.

In fear, you attract urges based on that fear. However, as you contemplate the urge and the required action, you will also face fear (just as you do when you receive inspiration to act). If you are able to push past the fear and act on the urge, you are creating in a very strong way, even though you are creating what you do not want. This act of creation moves you into new dimensions where you will be able to experience even more fear. This is not bad or wrong, it’s simply not what you want.


Imagine being in a rage and attracting the urge to punch the wall. Fear will pop up. It will tell you not to punch the wall. However, if the emotion of rage is more powerful than the fear, you will punch the wall. You will enter into a new dimension as a result of the action. In this dimension, you exist with a broken hand and a hole in the wall. If you chose not to act on the urge, you would exist in a dimension where your hand was perfectly fine and so was the wall. The action causes you to make a shift in dimensions. In this case, the new dimension is not pleasing to you or aligned with your authentic self.

Now imagine being in a state of love and feeling very good. You receive an idea and you are inspired. When contemplating the idea, you feel a bit of fear. If your emotion is strong, if you have set yourself up by processing your limiting beliefs, and if you are choosing not to attach yourself to an outcome, you will push past the fear and take inspired action. This is a very powerful creative step. You will expand as a result and shift into a new dimension. You cannot know what lies ahead for you as you take the action, but you can know that you will enter a higher-vibrational dimension that is perfectly aligned with your true intentions.

Action causes expansion and a shift in dimensions takes place. If the action is based in fear, you will shift to a relatively lower-vibrational place. If the action is based in love, you will move into a higher-vibrational place. Either way, you expand. There is no wrong in any of this. You have come to learn how to create deliberately. We would say that deliberate creation must be made in love and not fear.

A thought of hatred is less physically creative than words of hatred and especially actions of hatred.

Actions based in love are more powerfully creative than words. Words based in love are more powerfully creative than thoughts.

Imagine you think a hateful thought. There is not much fear there. Now imagine you receive the urge to verbally express that thought. There will be a bit of fear that pops up. Now imagine that you receive the urge to take action on the hateful thought. There would be a lot more fear popping up. If you push past the fear to take a hateful action, you will cause a new reality to occur, one that you will not like.

Imagine you think a thought based in love. There is no fear in that thought, only in the contemplation of action based on the thought. You receive the inspiration to express your love-based thought. A little fear comes up. Now imagine you are inspired to take some action inspired by that thought. There’s a lot more fear before you act. When thinking the thought, you cannot face rejection, failure or loss. However, if you express your thought or take action, you could face that which you fear. Of course, that would just be a manifestation event and by now you have come to appreciate those.

Thoughts, words and actions form new realities. Fear manifests more intensely as you move from thought to words to actions. The thought carries no ramifications, but words and actions do. Love creates higher-vibrational realities, while fear creates relatively lower-vibrational realities. Love is far more creative than fear, however, fear presents itself prior to all actions and words. Fear is the checkpoint between new realities. You will either cross the checkpoint by pushing past fear or not.

Inspired action is highly powerful. It comes when you are ready and have asked for the idea through the vibration you are offering. Notice that the inspiration first comes in the form of a thought. You have become a vibrational match to the inspired idea and it has been delivered to you. You can play with the idea and enjoy it fully. It does not need to be manifested into physical reality for you to get some satisfaction from it. You are the one who has become the path of least resistance for this idea. You have manifested it nonphysically. It exists in your mind. Very good. What now?


You have a true desire. The universe is conspiring to mold you into a vibrational match to that desire. The desire could be nonphysical in the form of a thought or it could become a physical manifestation. This is up to you. Is it enough for the desire to just be the thought? We would suggest that it is not. You are here in physical reality to be the creator. You will receive more satisfaction, not to mention growth and expansion, by bringing the true desire into a physical state of existence. The reason you might simply enjoy the thought without taking it any further is the fear. Without fear, you would take action steps that would lead to the physical manifestation of your desire. The fear fools you by causing you to think that it is somehow not worth the action required to manifest the true desire.

Many of you would give lots of reasons why you would not really want your inspired idea to be made manifest in your reality. There is nothing at all wrong with this. But we would argue that those reasons and excuses are all based in fear. Remember, if there were no fear, you would easily take the inspired action that would lead to the manifestation of your desires.

The more intense your desire, the more fear you will push past. You will often do whatever it takes to get what you really want. However, if the desire is not strong, or if it conflicts with other desires, then you will be stoped at the checkpoint of fear and give up before you take any action. You have manifested all of the desires that you really wanted (plus all of the little ones) and none of the desires that presented too much fear. However, you actually always had a choice. No action was ever beyond your ability to push past the fear that presented itself at the time.

On the other hand, you never acted on any urge that presented too much fear. Very good. But you have acted on countless urges where you did not fully understand the ramifications. Can you see how this system is organized? You act on the inspiration that will lead to the manifestation of the small desires, but not the big ones or the ones where you could not know what the outcome would be. You did not act on the urges that brought intense fear, but you have acted on all the “little” urges that caused separation and disconnection.


In other words, you have been operating without the full understanding of just what is truly valuable in this reality. You’ve been pushing past fear to act on small urges and little desires, without realizing who you truly are, why you are here, who everyone else is and what you truly want. Now that you know these things and how this system works, you can reorganize that which you deem valuable and actually create deliberately for the first time.

Imagine now that when you are annoyed with someone and you receive the urge to make them change, which comes with almost no fear, you realize that this action will cause separation. As you become more aware of what’s actually valuable to you, you will feel more fear when contemplating action taken on urges to change conditions, because all of those urges will bring disconnection. When you realize that all you truly want will come though action taken on inspiration in love, you will push past more fear and the fear will become less intense over time.

What you want to do is make it so that the fear that pops up when contemplating urges becomes more intense and the fear that pops up when receiving inspiration becomes less intense. You do this by understand what’s most valuable to you and by shifting your perspective in the moment from the victim to the creator.

We want to point out that this system has to do with one’s perception of self. The victim easily pushes past fear to act on urges to change or control the conditions. The fear that pops up is minor from the limited perspective of the victim. The victim rarely acts on inspiration, because the fear is too intense. The victim can’t imagine how it will turn out and must always protect themself from negative emotion.

However, if the creator has a limiting belief that has been triggered, the fear to act on any urge will be highly intense. That’s simply because the creator has an understanding of who they are and what is valuable in this reality. The victim easily separates while the creator seeks greater connection. If the creator receives inspiration, they will feel worthy of it knowing that it will lead to something truly wanted. Therefore, the creator sees more value in the inspiration and the fear becomes less intense.

Inspired action leads to greater connection, love, abundance, freedom, joy, self- awareness and all that is truly wanted. Action on urges to change conditions leads to disconnection from all that is truly wanted.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Bento Box of Emotions (Click Here To Start)

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Bento Box of Emotions

Every emotion has its opposite. All negative emotions are based in fear and all positive emotions are based in the opposite of fear, which is love. An emotion based in lack has its opposite, which is abundance. The opposite of limitation is freedom. The opposite of vulnerability is invincibility. The opposite of insecurity is confidence.

When you experience anything, you feel a range of emotions. There will be positive and negative emotions in every experience. Each emotion will have its own intensity. However, the opposite emotion is also available to you as well. The emotion itself is not actually good or bad, but is also everything in between.

If you experience the negative emotion of grief for instance, there is also gratitude within that emotion. You could not experience grief (which is an emotion based on the perception of loss) without also having the experience of something you love. If you did not love that person, place or thing you perceive you lost, you could not feel the emotion of grief. Therefore, love, gratitude and appreciation are all contained within the emotion of grief. This is true of all emotions.

Each emotion contains its opposite and the entire range of potential feelings. If you feel intense negative emotion, the positive range is very subtle and likely undetectable, but it is still there. Within every highly positive emotion exists its opposite. Think of the emotion as a glowing orb. All ranges of feeling from fear to love exist within the orb. Your perception of yourself within the event dictates the emotions you will feel.

Imagine that you perceive an event as good and so your emotional orb is green, indicating you are perceiving the truth of the event. If you think the event is bad, the orb is red, which indicates that you are perceiving the illusion. If your feelings are mixed, the orb becomes yellow. You have full control over the color of your orb, because you can always reach for the positive emotion within any event and choose the higher perspective.

As you know, the event cannot make you feel any emotion. The emotion comes as a result of your choice of perception. If you choose to see the event as really good, your emotional orb becomes really green. If you choose to view the same event as really bad, your orb becomes very red. However, if you can see the good in any event you perceive as bad, you change the color of your emotional orb.

Within any event are several emotional orbs indicating how you are perceiving yourself within the event. If you experience the transition of a loved one who was battling a lingering disease, you might experience grief, relief, regret, resentment, insecurity, and even joy. All of these emotional orbs are contained within a Bento Box of emotions surrounding a single event. Each orb is illuminated in varying shades of red, green, yellow, etc. Your fear and limiting beliefs cause the orbs to become more reddish in color, while your love and empowering beliefs cause the orbs to become more green.

Each orb within the bento box indicates your perception of yourself in one area. The entire collection of orbs within the bento box displays your overall self-perception within the context of the event. The emotions and their intensities are invaluable tools to discover and process your beliefs about yourself as a result of any event.


You might consider this concept to be overly complicated. We assure you that it is not really that complicated at all. You have simply never really thought about this before. You understand that negative emotion illuminates limiting beliefs, but this is a simplification of the emotional guidance system. Your emotions are not black or white, they are all varying shades of grey. It will become far more useful to you when you become more comfortable with this concept. It will prevent confusion.

If you are asked to always seek the positive aspects of every event, you will not understand why you still feel negative emotion. It’s because you are only addressing one emotion or one way of looking at the event. You are not considering the range of emotions that are actually present within all events. When you start noticing that you can feel good about one aspect of an event, but uneasy about others, you can address all aspects over a bit of time. This will allow you to elevate your perception of every event.

Imagine that your best friend gets a big promotion, signs a major deal, wins a substantial amount of money, falls in love, or some other wonderful life-changing event occurs for them. Of course you feel good for them, but there is also some uncomfortable feelings going on within you. You are happy they are doing well, but you might feel that life is not going as well for you. If you think about the negative emotion contained within this positive event, you might find the emotion of resentment. This is why you can’t feel completely happy for your friend. There’s nothing at all wrong with you, it’s simply a limiting belief that’s coming up through this positive manifestation event.

Now imagine the same friend does not get the promotion, loses the major dear, loses a substantial amount of money, gets dumped, or some other unhappy event occurs. Of course you console them, but there’s also some positive emotion lingering within you. You might even feel guilty that your life is going so well compared to theirs. You might believe that if they knew the laws of the universe as you do, they would understand why this event is happening for them.

As you can see by the examples above, there are always many emotions that come together in varying intensities to give you a perfect representation of how you are perceiving yourself within any event. You have processed many limiting beliefs are you are feeling less triggered and more calm in the face of manifestation events. The events seem to be less intense and infrequent. But as you process your limiting beliefs, you become more emotionally sensitive. You are now ready to feel into all of the emotions contained in every manifestation event. This will allow you to ascend even further.

When you can actually feel all of the emotions within every manifestation event, you will have a much more accurate picture of your self-perception. You will know exactly how you are choosing to perceive yourself in relation to every other person, concept, and event. This will be incredibly useful to you as you become a deliberate creator. This is your guidance system supercharged and upgraded. Most humans are unaware that their emotions represent there self-perception. You do. You very much want to become aware of and then alter any perception of yourself as the victim. You want to live in truth and the only way you can ever do that it to fully understand your range of emotions within your relationship to any other person, thing or concept in your reality.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: Mental Constructs (Click Here To Start)

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Mental Constructs

You have an overall set of beliefs; some of which are limiting and others that are more empowering. These beliefs inform your perception of yourself within your reality. This creates your vibration. Your reality is the perfect reflection of your vibration. Alter your overall set of beliefs from limiting to more empowering and you raise your vibration and attract a new reality.

Your overall set of beliefs forms your perception of reality. What you believe to be true is true for you and you alone. Others might agree or disagree, but that has nothing to do with your reality. They cannot know how you perceive yourself within your reality, because they can only perceive a unique reality based on their set of unique beliefs.

Your perception of reality is based on your general mental construct. Every single belief along with the variable intensity of each belief combines to create your general mental construct. It’s the filter through which you view yourself within your reality. Your beliefs are neither true or false, they are either limiting or empowering. You have absolute control over your general mental construct, but you must first acknowledge that it exists and that it is unique to you.

No one else on Earth has the same mental construct as you do. No one will ever or has ever had a mental construct that is even remotely similar to yours. This is what makes you and everyone else unique. The structure of the system of physical reality was designed for uniqueness. The universe does not allow sameness or redundancy. Therefore, no one has ever, will ever or could ever experience life as you are experiencing it.

Let’s imagine that you have an experience that is shared by many others, such as childbirth. You have a pregnancy and deliver the baby. You assume that other mothers have had similar experiences. You agree on many of the aspects of this experience, yet know one knows what anyone else is actually experiencing. Some mothers may enjoy their pregnancies, while others may not. Some might experience intense pain, while others perceive it differently. However, it is always a unique experience as perceived by the unique individual based on their unique mental construct. No two people have ever had the same experience, because their beliefs and the intensity of those beliefs form a unique perception of every event.

From the nonphysical perspective, this makes complete sense. A physical experience is beneficial only if it is unique. All experiences are added to the tapestry of All That Is. The universe was created to provide infinite unique experiences so that Source could know itself completely. Identical experiences would not be beneficial, therefore they cannot exist.

All of your unique experiences are valuable, but not important. They are cumulative experiences added to all other experiences to create a complete understanding of every possible subject. Imagine every human experience of childbirth. Countless experiences over time has created an overall experience. Each new experience is added on top of all previous experiences. But in this system there is a driving force towards the new experience. The force is called Love.

In order to understand itself fully, Source moves everything from fear to love. With each experience, expansion is gained, New is created out of the expansion. New experiences push the understanding further. However, with the new, even though it is driven through attraction toward love, fear always arrises. Every new experience is charged with new fear. Once the experience has occurred, information is gained and added to All That Is and the fear subsides to a degree. This is true both in the entirety of the system and within the experience of the individual.

Every time you experience something new, you also experience some new fear. In order to understand what love truly is, all fears must be experienced and moved through. However, you must remember that fear is simply an illusion. If you can come to terms with this valuable truth, you will have literally nothing to fear.

Your mental construct creates a world that allows you to feel safe. You think you know how things work. You believe that as long as you can control the conditions (including yourself and everyone else) you’ll feel secure. The desire to feel secure based on controlled conditions is a false desire based in fear. Therefore, control cannot work at any level.

In reality, as you move from fear to love, you must reexamine that which you fear. All fear is based in limiting beliefs. All limiting beliefs are false. Therefore, you have two options, discover and process limiting beliefs as you become aware of them through resistant thought or manifestation events, or realize that there is nothing to fear and live in acceptance.

If you accepted it all as perfect (including yourself and everyone else), then you would have no limiting beliefs and nothing to fear. This is a perception of reality in absolute unconditional love. Why are you perceiving anything as imperfect? Because you have a mental construct that prevents you from seeing the perfection in all things. If you choose to make your mental construct more malleable, you will see more perfection. To do this, you must give up control. You choose to see things as imperfect, because this gives you a sense of control.

If you feel bad, you will imagine that if you could control the thing that makes you feel bad you will feel better. You do not want to give up this control. If your spouse says something that triggers a limiting belief and you feel negative emotion, you will receive an urge to change him or her. You might say, “Don’t talk to me like that!” It seems as if you just fixed the problem. Your mate will no longer say anything that will trigger a negative emotion. Problem solved. However, as you well know, your mate is simply illuminating one of your limiting beliefs. They will always be inspired to trigger your limiting beliefs so that you have a chance to discover them. It’s simply the system of physical reality. They (and everyone else) must be your mirror.

Above all, you very much want to discover and process your limiting beliefs so that you can change your mental construct.You would never want the mirror to reflect back an inaccurate image. You want to be triggered, feel the unpleasant emotion, discover the limiting belief and process it so that your mental construct is transformed and your vibration is raised. Each time you discover and process a limiting belief, your overall mental construct is improved.

You have an overall mental construct and infinite other mental constructs in all areas of your life. You might be doing very well in one area and therefore, your mental construct is more empowering than limiting. In another area that is not going as well, you have a more limiting mental construct. Improve your mental construct and you improve that area of your life.

Think of a mental construct as a cube of marble. It is rigid and hard, but not impervious to change. You can chisel away at the block of marble. You can sculpt it. You can bring out beauty. You can transform it. It might take a bit of time and you’ll need some tools, but we want to remind you that you are a master sculpture and this is your life’s work. Your authentic self is waiting to emerge from the block of marble. You’re the only one who can chisel away the marble to reveal the hidden masterpiece inside.

With our Love
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it.