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Week Three

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The form is the creation

But in reality there is no true form. It’s all vibrational. There is nothing but the potential. The potential is created through the vibration. Emit a vibration and see what returns. Like vibration is attracted to like vibration. The experience of the creation must be unique to all who experience it, for each experiencer emits a unique vibration. The form is not important and has no inherent meaning. In reality, nothing is real other than the underlying vibrations. The experiencer gives meaning to form.

In love, you experience the vibration in love. In fear, you experience the vibration in fear. However, the vibration itself is neutral and is always based in love. From the perspective of the human who remains ignorant of the system, it will seem as if the culmination of the vibrations mean something. It is still the experiencer who gives meaning to anything and that meaning is based in the vibration being offered.

Once you fully understand that everything is vibrational, you can choose to live in love, give up needing anything and focus on expressing love. In choosing this approach to life, you emit a very high-vibrational signal. The universe responds in kind. It creates vibrational feedback in the form of experiences that match the general vibration you are offering. Is it possible to focus your attention and emit a more specific vibration in order to manifest something specific? Of course it is, but the specific manifestation you desire will not have any inherent meaning either.

A deliberate creator does not need to create anything specific, because he/she realizes the creation would come from a limited perception of self. The deliberate creator allows the universe to bring forth a simple yet elaborate reflection of the vibration being offered. The deliberate creator could never dream big enough to specifically create something as wonderful as the universe has in store.

Deliberate creation is done by holding the vibration of whatever you want to create. If you could hold the vibration of love (the very highest vibration), you would receive a reality comprised of love. It would feel good, because in holding a vibration of love, you are already feeling very good. In a state of faith, you would delight at all the examples of love the universe is throwing at you.

It has taken this long for you to realize that being a deliberate creator does not mean creating anything specific. You needed all the previous work you’ve done in the Ascension Experience to come to an overall understanding of the creation process. Almost every other human on the planet wants to create (by themselves) something specific. It is this misperception of the system of physical reality that creates all suffering, disillusionment, disappointment and dissatisfaction. Almost all humans are creating out of fear, lack and/or control.

You likely discovered these teachings because you wanted to create something specific. You believed that if you could manifest what you want, you would feel better. Since you didn’t already feel good, you kept manifesting problems, issues, lack and limitation. Now you understand that the feeling creates the manifestation. To create good feeling experiences and things, you must feel good first.

Most people get stuck in the Law of Attraction because they are wanting to discover more effective ways of manifesting their  desires. Something about the Law of Attraction lights them up. There are many so called LOA experts who use this misunderstanding to their advantage. They engage is all sorts of practices designed to manifest what they lack in order to cure their feelings of lack. Since they have no idea how the system of physical reality actually functions, they are met with disappointment and frustration.

When you first started paying attention to these teachings, would you have been satisfied if we mentioned that the only way to manifest anything is to feel it first and then let the universe bring you the representation of that feeling in physical reality? Probably not. You wanted something tangible. But then you stayed around long enough to understand that your perception of yourself is your vibration and to raise that vibration you would have to elevate your perception of yourself from victim to creator.

A victim emits a lower vibrational signal and the universe responds with a lower vibrational reality. The deliberate creator focuses only on one thing; their vibration (ie; their perception of self). Nothing specific is wanted. Nothing specific is expected. The manifestation of any desire is simply vibration organized in some form to reflect the vibration the creator is emitting.

If you are emitting a vibration of lack, you will receive the vibrational equivalent. How does one emit the vibration of abundance? The deliberate creator feels abundant despite the reality they’re experiencing.  How does one attract freedom? The deliberate creator feels free despite the reality they’re experiencing. So then, how does one feel the feeling they’re lacking in order to manifest a reality that is desired? The creator would never try to feel anything. The deliberate creator chooses a perception of reality that aligns with the truth and then simply experiences the truth before anything becomes manifested. This is done by giving up control, ideals, outcomes, attachments, desires and preferences.

To be the master creator you truly are, you must exist in physical reality as you exist in the nonphysical. You must choose to perceive your reality the same way your inner self does. As above, so below. You must opt out of duality, which is the realm of the victim and embrace neutrality, which is the realm of the creator.

Imagine Source in the early days of the creation of the physical universe. All of these planets, stars, galaxies, gasses, comets, chemicals, etc have been created. It meant nothing to Source. There was no context. It was all simply fascinating, but there was absolutely no meaning or feeling, because there was no fear.

Then suddenly life emerged and was conscious. Source now had a way to feel something as the living beings were having experiences. Still there was no context. It was all feeling. Since Source stayed in a neutral state, all of the feelings arrived without any judgment. Source very much enjoys feeling. The more complex life became, the wider the variety of feeling grew. New possibilities brought new feelings.

Source feels everything you feel. Your inner self feels everything you feel. All That Is has access to every feeling you’ve ever felt. Before you came into this existence in this lifetime, none of the feelings you felt ever existed. This is because you are unique and so each experience you have is also unique. The bundle of experiences called your “life” are all new and unique. They are highly valued in the nonphysical. The only one who has any issue with how you experience life is you. So you began asking for information that would allow you to experience life in more joy. You (and others like you) unlocked a new range of possibilities that never existed before.

Think about this for a moment. Let’s imagine you entered your first life as a human long ago. You perceived yourself as a victim and lived in fear. From that state of being, you had experiences and had feelings. Since you perceived yourself as a victim, the feelings were caused by a flawed perception of reality. You perceived the feelings as bad, yet your inner self did not. Why not? Because your inner self remained neutral and did not judge the feelings. All of the feelings you had, even though they were based in fear, were unique to you because you are unique. None of those feelings had ever been experienced before, because your life from your perspective had never existed before. To Source, All That Is and your inner self, the feelings were all new. This is a wonderful things. You create the new feelings from a new perspective and yet those bad feelings are left with you. They are not transmitted to the nonphysical as “bad” because those in the nonphysical are more neutral.

Billions and billions of humans have experienced countless feelings. Some of those feelings were based in love and joy, but more were based in fear, lack and limitation. All of them were unique, but they’re still mostly based in fear. Now imagine a great shift taking place. As humans move from general feelings based in fear to more feelings based in love, more and more love-based feelings become available. This is incredibly wonderful to witness from the nonphysical perspective.

Why is it that humans should live physical experiences feeling so much negative emotion that is not felt in the nonphysical? It could be so much nicer to have a physical life that was founded on love. Well, in order to arrive at the state of love, each soul must experience the fear. This is what gives love context. Without experiences of fear, one could not truly feel love. This is the great value in physical life and it benefits the soul itself and All That Is. This is what expansion is all about.

Now you are beginning to understand this eons-long process of expansion. You spend some lifetimes in fear expanding to greater levels of love, acceptance, abundance, freedom, etc. as you move through the illusion based in fear. Once you have had enough experience, you are closer to the vibration of love. You then enter this life with the powerful intention to discover who you are. You choose the time and date of your birth, the location, your body, your family and other details. You choose to come in with high emotional sensitivity and many talents and attributes. The intention to discover who you are brought you to these teachings.

In participating in this Ascension Experience, you choose to do the work, have the experiences and alter your perception of your reality. This caused a massive shift in your vibration. For many of you, empathic abilities are starting to be recognized. You must remember that you choose all of your abilities and talents. When your vibration rises high enough, those innate abilities become known to you (even if you don’t believe them at first).

All of the work you’ve been doing through these teachings, meditation, your daily spiritual practices, and even prior teachings,  have caused you to do one thing and one thing only: alter your perception of reality. That’s it. You’ve modified your mental construct and now you have a new set of beliefs which are far more empowering. This is a vibrational shift.

Deliberate creation is not holding focus of attention on anything specific, it has to do with matching the vibration of whatever you want. If you want something specific, it’s likely because you perceive that you lack it. This won’t work the way you might have believed it would. Hopefully, you see that now. What works is raising your vibration and then allowing the universe to bring you examples of that new vibration. How do you raise your vibration? You alter your perception of reality.

A deliberate creator is actively altering his/her perception of reality. This is a simple concept, yet to most humans it’s baffling. Here’s the conundrum: if you think the illusion is real, then it becomes real in your experience. But if you can choose to perceive your reality in a more empowering way, you’ve just raised your vibration as a result of that choice. You must see through the illusion before the evidence that proves the illusion is just an illusion is given to you.

You must choose to perceive yourself as a creator before your reality reflects that back to you. The whole time you’re trying to believe that you’re the creator of your reality, the universe is still reflecting back an image of a victim. You must alter your perception of reality first, allow for the momentum of your old vibration to slowly change, all while the reality you’re experiencing seems to reflect that old vibration. Then something wonderful happens; you start perceiving the old reality in more love and acceptance.

You start accepting that your reality is better, has always been better than you thought and will continue to be better in the future. The reality you experienced in the past had context based on your flawed perception of reality. It always was good, you just couldn’t see it. When you decide to change your perception of reality, you see everything differently.

Do you remember that we first told you that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe? Do you remember when we told you that you are perfect, that your life has always been perfect, is perfect now and will forever be perfect? Do you remember when we told you that nothing ever happens to you, that it’s always happening for you? Is this your new perception of reality? If so, you have ascended. Moving from a flawed perception of reality to a truer perception of reality is the Ascension.

Nothing about you ever needed to change. There was no way you could ever improve. You were always perfect and since your entire reality is you, it was always perfect too. All you had to do was alter your perception of reality so that you could see it.

Doesn’t this all make sense now?

As soon as you choose a true perception of reality, the truth is revealed.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Four: Entering a New Reality

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Entering a New Reality

As you become a deliberate creator, you will enter a new reality. It is a reality that has always existed, but is new for you. It is the reality of freedom, abundance, harmony, balance, ease, etc. It is the reality you intended to discover prior to your birth. The only way to enter this reality is by maintaining a state of neutrality. Neutrality is the key that unlocks to door to this wonderful new reality.

This new reality has existed in a state of potentiality waiting for you to find the key. You have the key in your hand now, whether you realize it or not. All of have to do is put the key into the lock and open the door. Will you do that? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. It’s completely up to you. Why would you choose not to enter this reality? It’s because the door is made up of your greatest fear; the fear of loss.

When you enter through the door to this new reality, you will leave everything you have ever created (from a limited position) behind. Since everything is brand new in this reality, you cannot take with you those things that are not a vibrational match to this new reality. In the old reality of effort, struggle, lack and limitation, you had to work for everything you manifested and then maintain it all along the way. In this new reality, you give up all of that and it is replaced by things, people and experiences that you cannot begin to imagine.

So to enter the door, you must have a bit of faith in the system of physical reality. You must understand that what you always thought you wanted was created from a limited perspective. You simply did not know any better. Now you know. Now things are different. And now you are ready to push past all fear and enter this wonderful and fascinating new reality.

You do not have to enter the door to this new reality. You do not have to give up anything. You can stay firmly fixed in the reality of fear and control. There is no rush. You have eternities to find the key again and again and one day you might choose to enter. That’s up to you. Because you cannot imagine the wonders to be found in this new reality, you have no great impetus to walk through that door.

So if you are choosing to maintain the status quo and remain in the old reality, it is perfectly understandable and acceptable. You simply are not ready yet. You will be ready and one day you will use this key to unlock the door and begin a new life in a new reality. Once you have crossed the threshold to this new reality, you will look back and ask yourself why you waited so long? This was always what you truly wanted. Of course the answer will come back that you just weren’t ready.

Are you ready now? From your perspective you may not know if you are or not. From our perspective, the answer is obvious; you certainly are. If you choose to enter this new reality, it will be a decision that’s aligned with every fiber of your being. You are based in love and this is the reality of love. Of course, your journey is not over. There are even more wonderful realities beyond this one. But when comparing the new reality to the old reality, the difference is vast. Let us give you some examples of what you’ll find in this wonderful new reality.

The new reality is based in neutrality, while your old reality was based in duality. This is the most significant difference between the two reality. In duality, fear exists as a primary aspect. Of course the fear is not real, it’s an illusion. But you cannot see that, because in duality, your perspective is limited. However, in neutrality, fear is seen for what it is; an illusion. In this new reality, you identify as the creator of it. Therefore, your creations are always seen as good, right and perfect, because they are based in love.

In your old reality, you existed in a state of fear, spent much of your time in fear consciousness, and you acted on urges to change or control your reality. In the new reality, since your perception of this reality is aligned with truth, you are more often in alignment and you do not spend much time in fear consciousness. When you do, you do not act on urges to change or control conditions.

Your new reality is one of acceptance and allowing. You understand that present conditions are simply a reflection of your vibration and are shifting to bring you whatever you need in the moment to explore whatever you are choosing to explore. Since you have let go of your manmade desires, preferences, ideals and attachment to outcomes, you do not judge the present conditions as wrong to bad. You know that things are always working out perfectly. You allow the conditions to form in ways you cannot imagine and you now choose to see it all from the higher perspective.

This new perception of reality allows you to maintain your alignment much more of the time. In this state based in love, you receive clear inspiration. Because you have let go of desires, preferences, ideals and outcomes, you act on far more inspiring ideas, because the fear is lessened. You rapidly move to elevated states of self-discovery and all that you truly want (plus much of what you always thought you wanted), flows effortlessly into your reality. It is the reality of creation.

The old reality was one of unconscious creation while the new reality is one of deliberate creation. That’s the difference between the two. In the old reality, you effort and struggled your way to manifest what you thought you wanted. It was all hard work that brought little satisfaction, because you were focused on what you personally lacked. In the new reality, your focus is much different. Since you see yourself as the creator of your reality, your basic premise is that you need nothing since you have created it all and will continue to create what you need. Therefore, you stop all effort and simply act when inspired. This leads to effective and effortless manifestation. You then drop all judgment of your creations and stand firmly in a neutral state expressing appreciation for whatever is created, even if it’s a manifestation event.

You have great faith in the mechanism of physical reality and the universe’s ability to bring you things, experiences and people that you could not have imagined possible. As you bear witness to these wonderful manifestations, you let go of any meaning and you do not hold onto them tightly. You realize things are changing rapidly now and so if something leaves your reality, it no longer serves a purpose. If it stays, it’s still necessary in some way. This reduces your fear of loss greatly.

In the new reality, you are able to shed old fears, drop your false persona, become even more authentic, and further understand your true nature. You become more and more authentic. This leads to more creative energy and power. Soon you will discover once hidden empathic abilities. Those abilities, now that you have crossed over into this new reality, become useful.

Prior to your birth, you established certain physical attributes that would allow you to discover and become aligned with this new reality. This one one of your primary intentions all along, and now you find yourself at the door. Whatever you believe to be your natural abilities, talents and attributes have until now been seen from a limited perspective. Whatever you’re good at has enabled you to make your way to the door of this new reality. You might have never appreciated them before, but they are responsible for helping you open up to these new ideas. Once you cross the threshold of this new reality, they will become more prevalent and powerful.

So think about your physical talents and attributes for a moment. Why do you have these attributes and abilities? How have you used them or hidden them in the past? What have you thought about them. Do you truly appreciate them? When looking at these aspects of you from a limited perspective, you might not understand how wonderful and special they are. Once you cross over into this new reality, you will understand them more fully and really begin to appreciate them.

In your old reality comprised mostly of fear, you choose to perceive your natural abilities from a limited perspective and could not see the power within them. They served your journey of self-discovery perfectly, but from the limited perspective, you could not really understand their inherent benefit. And since you existed in a limited manner, your abilities were muted. But once you cross over to the new reality, you will see them for what they truly are.  They are your superpowers and they will serve you in the future. However, in your old reality you were focused on taking rather than giving. This perception was the reason your abilities were muted. In the new reality, your focus turns from yourself to your entire reality. You no longer look to your reality to solve your feelings of lack and limitation, instead you focus on how you may express love and serve your entire reality.

This pivot is from self to All That Is is the one thing that transforms your abilities from the mundane to the extraordinary. They become truly useful in service of others. This is what it means to move from fear to love. The threshold to this new reality is your pivot point. Are you ready to give up your own needs for a life of service to others? How do you imagine this will play out? Once you’ve entered this new reality, all of your talents, attributes and natural abilities become powerful only because they will be aligned with your true purpose; service to others. From a limited perspective, you might view this as doing things you do not want to do to help others in their time of need. This is not the case at all. What you will be doing will be highly satisfying, joyful, easy and fun. It will be doing the things you find most enjoyable, with the added benefit of serving others. It is simply a shift in perception of yourself and onto those who show up in your life.

The life Gary lives is an example of this. While the work he does benefits others, it is enjoyable, easy and extremely satisfying. It is the work he most wants to do. He spends his time translating our message in joy. It’s effortless. He is building deep connections with people he would not know otherwise. His talents, abilities and attributes have always been there, but now they are so much more effective and useful. Everything he has learned and all that he has experienced before aid in his ability to share our message with those who are ready to hear it. Those who are not ready do not interfere in any way.

Once you’ve crossed over into this new reality, additional traits, talents and abilities will come on line. We call these your “Empathic” abilities. These become useful in this new reality for the purpose of serving others. In love, they are powerful and effective. In fear, they would be of no purpose and this is why you may not have discovered them before. They may have been there as a child, but once you adopted some limiting beliefs, they faded away. As you have processed limiting beliefs, they emerge once again. Whatever empathic abilities come to you are specific for your unique way of serving others.

The first empathic ability Gary discovered was his ability to channel. We were always communicating with him, as was his inner self, yet because he was living in duality, he could not recognize that those thoughts were coming from us. He just thought he was thinking these thoughts as created in his brain. As soon as he felt the inspiration to meditate and pushed past fear to take action, we came in loud and clear. He also has several other empathic abilities that are starting to come online now and will further serve his ability to be of benefit to others.

Your empathic abilities are unique to you and soon they will come online too. What’s in store for you? You will have to push past fear to cross that threshold and find out for yourself. It’s the only way. If you choose to remain in the old reality, they would serve no purpose and remain hidden from view, because you are living in the illusion of fear. Once you cross over and begin to focus on how you serve, they will come when needed. You’ll spot them easily. There might be some doubt in the beginning, but you will have a certain amount of faith that they are indeed something you very much want to practice.

Of course, you’ll feel a little strange about your abilities in the beginning. Those around you will likely think they’re strange. But when utilized in service of others, they will be the basis of your joy. You will relish in delight as you bear witness to the effects. Others, who you’ve helped, will marvel at your abilities. They will appreciate you for the benefits you’ve bestowed on them. Of course, you will no longer derive satisfaction from their appreciation, because this is simply an outcome you are no longer attached to. What you will most enjoy is the actual process and experience of service.

Please feel free to research all the various empathic abilities that are recognized throughout the world. There are many of them and the information is readily available. It is likely you have one dominant ability with several other abilities at lesser intensities. This is all by design. Just like you may have one dominant physical sense, such as the sense of sight, as your dominant physical sense, so too is true of your empathic abilities. But this does not discount the value of less intense empathic abilities. All are useful and combined they reveal the bigger picture.

If you are living a life in fear, then you are perceiving a reality that is not true. This is beneficial, because it allows you to explore all aspects of the inauthentic version of you. Before you can know yourself, you must know who you are not. As you explore the inauthentic version of yourself (you shadow side), you feel negative emotion. You act on urges to control or change the conditions seeking improvement. You feel deep dissatisfaction, isolation, and even suffering. You then birth great desires and this causes you to expand your understanding further. Eventually, you will become disillusioned with the old approach to life. At this stage, you come to an inflection point. You are finally ready to stop living in fear and you now seek the truth. This leads you to a new journey and a new exploration. It is the exploration of the authentic self.

Those living in fear do not want to see their authentic aspects, because they fear if those aspects are revealed, they will face loss and rejection. Until you are ready to face loss and rejection, you will continue to explore the shadow side of yourself. No matter how hard you strive for improvement, it cannot come to you as you remain inauthentic. Everything you truly want can only be discovered on the other side of your greatest fears.

You created your life so that it would form a magical journey from love to fear to love again. The satisfaction of returning to love (wholeness) is well worth all the experiences based in fear. This is why you chose your specific life. In that life, you have formed some great fear. Identify that fear and then know that the authentic version of you exists on the other side of that fear. To reach the other side, you must cross through your fear.

You will want to play it safe. And if you do, you will keep yourself from everything you truly want. What do you truly want? To know yourself authentically. But since you have no idea what this means or how wonderful this will feel, you discount the benefits of acting on the inspiration that would allow you to confront your fears. In this experience of life, you remain ignorant of the magnificence of knowing your true self. You cannot see it. It is hidden from you. This creates the great paradox.

Everything you truly want will come to you when you discover your authentic self, yet in fear, all that you truly want seems like it’s not at all what you want. You have no examples of others living in love. You can’t imagine the feeling of knowing your true nature. And when you try to imagine it from a limited state of being, it does not seem appealing. Why would the system of physical reality be organized in such a way that everything you truly want appears to be nothing you would ever want? It all has to do with faith.

Faith would be defined as the complete absence of control. Control is the primary mechanism of fear. The complete absence of control is the reality of love. To discover love, you must give up control. The victim cannot risk giving up control, because this could leave them vulnerable to unwanted conditions and outcomes and that creates too much fear. To have faith, you must release your attachments to your desires, preferences, ideals and outcomes, i.e. control. Do you now see that neutrality is attained by dropping control in the form of desires, preferences, ideals and outcomes? It is the state where fear does not exist. The only way to enter this state is by becoming vulnerable, trusting the universe and having faith that everything you truly want will be delivered to you based on your attainment of authenticity. You become authentic by releasing control bit by bit by bit.

Vulnerability is the release of control and the result is authenticity. Think of the mental construct you would have to have in order for you to drop all control and be left vulnerable. You would have to see yourself as the Source of your creation. Once you see yourself as the Source of creation, you know yourself in authenticity. Action taken from this perception of reality invites all sorts of potential outcomes. If you did not know yourself as the Source of all creation in your reality, you would feel fear and apply some form of control, thereby rendering yourself inauthentic. But if you have already dropped your attachments and your judgment by becoming neutral, there could be no unwanted outcomes. Your elevated perception of reality would neutralize the ability to perceive anything as unwanted. Therefore, you would live in a state where all manifestations are desired outcomes.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One: The Concept of Deliberate Creation (Click Here To Start)

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The Concept of Deliberate Creation

Would you like to become a deliberate creator? If so, all you have to do is disregard all of your preferences, desires, attachments to outcomes and ideals. They are all illusions.

You must understand that all of your creations come from your vibrational signal. If your vibration is low, you create from that position. If your vibration is high, you create an entirely different reality. Your perception of yourself indicates where your vibration is at any moment in time.

Thoughts become things. Think about the thoughts that come in when you are sending out a low vibration. This is the vibration of fear. You attract fear-based thoughts at this vibration. The thought may be, “Why are terrible things always happening to me? Why can’t I have what I want? Why don’t people love me? Why don’t I have any money? Why do I feel so bad? Etc.”

At a high vibration, you attract thoughts based in love. You attract thoughts such as, “How can I express my love today? I wonder what exciting things will happen today. I can’t wait for a new inspired idea today. I can’t wait to get started on this new idea. I so appreciate my life. I see my life as perfect for me. I hope to inspire someone today. Etc.”

If you perceive yourself to be a victim living in a malevolent universe, you exist at a lower vibrational frequency. Everything that comes to you at this lower range of vibration is designed to alert you to the fact that your perception of yourself within your reality is flawed. You have many limiting beliefs that conflict with your pre-birth desires. Therefore, numerous manifestation events will be created in your reality.

The manifestation events are always for your benefit and expansion. You are expanding to greater levels of love and clarity. But since you are so emotionally sensitive, you feel negative emotion intensely and you blame outside events and people for your negative emotion. This causes you to effort and struggle your way to some sort of control. Of course, this is not bad or wrong, since you will take action and expand as a result. However, what you are manifesting are simply more events and conditions that are not what you want. The chasm between the reality you are experiencing and your ideal reality grows wider and deeper. This causes discontentment, disappointment, dissatisfaction and suffering. You have created all of this, without knowing what you are doing or realizing that ultimately, it is for your benefit.

Deliberate creation is not creating what you want when you want it. If this were the case, you would manifest preferences, ideals, certain outcomes and desires based in lack. Let’s say you could snap your fingers and manifest a million dollars. Boom, a million dollars pops into your bank account. What would you do next? You’d create more. Okay, now what? You’d create a new house, car, boat, airplane, vacation homes, etc. You’d quit your job. Now what? You manifest a new mate. Okay, now what? You’d change your body. You would manifest everything you perceived you lacked and create what you perceive are the ideal conditions that you think would make you happy.

Once you create all of this, would the manifestation events stop? Of course not. Why not? Because you are still perceiving yourself as a victim and are trying to control even more conditions. You are still living in fear and perceiving yourself as a victim. The manifestation events will start rolling in faster and more intense than ever before. You can see this happening with celebrities who get what they think they want. No matter how their conditions change, they never feel better. The hole still remains and soon grows deeper and more intense.

The life you have lived, are living, and will live in the future is perfect for you. That notion is your starting point. If it’s perfect, and we promise you it is, then why would you ever want to change or control perfection? You would not. Control is based in fear. You are still in fear. You can’t manifest your way out of fear. Fear is a misperception of your own reality. Therefore, you would never want to change conditions when you exist with a flawed perception of reality. The only thing you want is an accurate perception of reality. There is only one way to accurately perceive your reality: Know that everything is always perfect.

If you perceived your reality as perfect, you would never want to change any aspect of it, because by changing perfection you make it imperfect. You are given the Mona Lisa and a set of brushes and paint. Go ahead, improve it. Is this possible? Of course not if you consider the Mona Lisa perfect. There’s absolutely nothing you could do to improve the perfection of this painting. The same is true of your life. There is no
possible way you can improve perfection.

Does this idea sound distressing to you? If so, you currently exist in a state of confusion, because you still perceive yourself as a victim. Is this idea exciting to you? If so, you have a much more accurate perception of yourself as the creator of your own reality.

Deliberate creation is only possible when you know yourself as the absolute creator of your own perfect reality. Until you come to this conclusion, you have a flawed perception of reality.

Let’s skip ahead.

What’s the point of becoming a deliberate creator if your life is already perfect? If it’s already perfect, then there is nothing to create. Does this feel like a dilemma?

You must start to realize where you are in the process of expansion to understand deliberate creation. You currently exist as an expanded version of you compared to previous versions, and a limited version compared to future versions. You are both expanded and limited at the same time, and this will forever be the case.

The only thing that ever matters is your frame of reference. If you think of yourself as flawed and imperfect, then this perception creates fear and control. If you think of yourself as perfect and expanding, then this more accurate perception allows you to exist in a state of love and acceptance. It is the neutral state of being (or the Zero Choice Point). This is the state of deliberate creation. It is creation without determination.

Creation without determination allows for the expansion of possibility. Think about this for a moment. If you thought you knew what you wanted and how your life should unfold based on preferences, ideals and outcomes, you would push for those things to manifest. You would be trying to control the outcomes. And of course, as you well know, this is based in fear. This limits the possibilities.

Nothing created out of any fear will ever bring you what you truly want. Therefore, the elimination of control is a requirement for deliberate creation, because more possibilities become available to you. That is freedom.

There is a force in the universe that you are attracting, and it is attracting you. It is at the core of the Law of Attraction. That force is love. You are being attracted to it. To move towards love, you must be led through your fears to discover that your fears are all illusions. In the beginning of your journey of ascension, you feared many things. You have experienced many lifetimes being led through your various fears. You have come through enough fears to be receptive to this information. Your mental construct has expanded through every experience. As you can imagine, moving through fear is unpleasant for those with a flawed perception of reality. However, moving through fear is exhilarating for those with an accurate perception of reality. Therefore, the thing you truly want is to create for yourself an accurate perception of reality.

Before you can create deliberately, your perception of reality must be accurate.

All of the work you have done up to this point in time has been to expand your mental construct. Your beliefs about who you are, how this reality works, and what you are here to explore must be aligned with the truth. There can be no illusion. There can be no limiting beliefs. Remember, a limiting belief is simply one that sparks a fear that is too strong to push past when inspiration is received. If you are acting on inspiration, then you do not have beliefs that are limiting you. Therefore, to know if you have limiting beliefs is to realize that sometimes you chose not to act when inspired. If you continue to harbor these limiting beliefs at such an intensity you cannot push past the fear, then manifestation events must come into your reality so that you can identify and then process them. Once the belief has been adequately processed, the associated fears will be less intense and you will act on more inspiration.

Most humans exist with a flawed perception of reality. They do not feel worthy, capable, free or abundant enough. They feel as if they are flawed in some way. They might receive inspiration, but the fear is too intense and they do not act. Manifestation events come to illuminate limiting beliefs, but because their perception of reality is flawed, they assume the events themselves cause negative emotion. They continue to believe they are victims and exert even more control. This creates a loop in which momentum builds and their limiting beliefs become more entrenched and their perception of themselves as victims continues the cycle of limitation.

You are breaking free of that cycle of limitation.

How is it possible that you of all people have come to a point in your ascension journey where you are on the verge of breaking free of the cycle of victimhood? Because you have lived many previous lives as a victim and gained from the expansion of those lives each time you returned to the nonphysical. In this life, you came in more expanded and chose to be highly emotionally sensitive. The dissatisfaction of life created by a false perception of reality created a trajectory that led you here. Somehow, you were able to act on enough inspiration and push past enough fear to find yourself awakening to the truth of who you are.

As you existed in a more limited state, you chose a flawed perception of reality. This is the option almost all humans choose. Approaching life as a victim is expansive and so it is not wrong. However, it is expansion in fear. Since you’ve had enough expansion in fear, you set a very strong intention to expand in love. The only way this is possible is by somehow discovering a more accurate perception of reality. Your intention to discover the truth and choose an empowering perception of reality created the life you have lived up to this point. In other words, the intention to expand in joy created a strong vibrational signal and the universe created all the events, people and experiences in your life that would give you the best trajectory for you to awaken. Now you are consciously choosing to perceive yourself within your reality more accurately than ever before.

Notice that all your inner self had to do was set the intention and let the universe do the work. The creations were manifested as experiences causing expansion. You did your part by pushing past fear when inspired and this is what led you here. So, it all worked out perfectly. Now imagine that you did not push past fear to act on the inspiration. You would not have found your way here. Is that bad? Not at all. You still needed more experiences in fear before you became ready for experiences based in love. No matter the outcome, it’s always perfect. Your inner self never stepped in to create in your reality, because the expansion gained was necessary and perfect for you. Your inner self is patient. This is because your inner self understands the perfection of the system of physical reality completely.

Your inner self is always standing by nudging you along on your journey of self-discovery. It does not care how long this journey takes, because it is eternal. Your inner self is focused fully in the moment in a neutral state of being. If you choose to act, good. If not, also good. Your inner self has no preferences, desires based in lack, attachments to outcomes or ideals in mind. However your journey unfolds is perfect as seen from a neutral point of view.

From a limited point of view, you will always think things could be or should be different than they are. This perspective can only form from a state of duality. Better, worse, right, wrong, good and bad will always be present in this state and this state is an illusion. Fear exists in duality, but cannot exist in pure neutrality. Therefore, if you feel fear, you are still in the state of duality. But the intensity of the fear always relates to your perception of your own reality. If your fear is strong and intense, you are deep into duality, but if it is mild or non-existent, you’re closer to neutrality. In fear, you are not creating deliberately and when there is less fear, you are creating more deliberately.

As you know, you will not attain a pure state of neutrality in physical reality. This is not the purpose here. It is not something to be achieved, because this eternal journey of self-discovery precludes that notion. But you can move closer and closer, and as you do, you create more deliberately. Therefore, the act of deliberate creation is tied to those areas of your life where you exist in a more neutral state of being.

This idea seems to make sense to you in the areas of your life that are already going well or those areas where you do not care. Oh, but from the limited perspective, this seems so unsatisfying. You very much want to improve the troubled areas and you give so much less attention to the areas of your life that are working. And if you understand this dynamic, you understand deliberate creation.

With our love,
We are Joshua

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Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two: Humans are Creators (Click Here To Start)

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Humans Are Creators

Think of all the wonderful inventions, innovations, technologies, art, movies, TV shows, Books, buildings, cities, etc. All of these marvels have come through humans acting on inspired ideas. But where did the ideas come from? Most humans believe that thoughts are created in the brain. Somehow chemicals cause synapses to fire and the thoughts are magically formed. This is not actually the case. Like everything else in an attractive universe, thoughts and ideas are attracted through vibration. They are not manufactured, they are received.

Raise your vibration and you become a match to certain high-vibrational thoughts and ideas. Lower your vibration and you become a match to lower-vibrational thoughts and ideas. How do you raise your vibration? You choose to perceive yourself more fully aligned with the truth of who you are; a magnificent, eternal and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. How do you lower your vibration? You choose to perceive yourself as unworthy, incapable, not enough or flawed in some way. To see yourself as perfect raises your vibration and to see yourself as imperfect lowers your vibration. It all has to do with how you are choosing to perceive yourself within your reality.

If you see your entire reality as you, you are choosing to perceive yourself in truth and you exist at a very high vibration. At this level of vibration, you are able to see the truth and disregard the illusion. You tap into the limitless potential of the universe and you receive thoughts and ideas that resonate with this vibration. What you need will be given to you. What you ask for will be revealed to you. Why? Because what you need and what you are asking for align with your true journey of self-discovery. You are ready for all that you truly want and you have displayed your willingness to align with universal forces to exponentially accelerate your journey of expansion. You have already pushed past enough fear and acted on enough inspiration to show the universe you are ready for more of what you truly want.

However, you cannot know exactly how or when that which you truly want will come to you. You cannot know in advance how the action will lead to what you want. You must demonstrate your ability to act on blind faith that the inspired action will lead to the expansion necessary for you to receive what you truly want, even when you have no idea what it will look like. This is deliberate creation.

When you act on an inspired idea in the face of fear, you demonstrate your willingness to be led to things and experiences that are beyond your ability to imagine. This is how you expand in love. You might not even think you actually want what you will receive, because your current perspective is limited. Therefore, the you that exists prior to taking action is a version of you that will cease to exist. You will leave the limited version of you behind as you step into an expanded version. This might appear to be a loss, but it is not. The limited version only existed in the perspective of you who had been perceiving an illusion. The illusion itself never actually existed and therefore, the limited version of you did not actually exist either. It was all an elaborate illusion. The only thing that is ever true and will always exist is the true and authentic version of you. All other versions of you exist within the illusion and were never real.

Who you think you are now is based on an elaborate illusion. Imagine the version of you who exists as truth. You might say this is your inner self or your soul. You come into physical reality forgetting who you truly are. You form a persona and an identity and you call this version of you true. It’s not true, it’s only who you think you are based on your beliefs. These beliefs are always limited because they are missing information. Therefore, since you do not know yourself truly, your idea of yourself is an illusion and therefore never true. As soon as one limiting belief becomes more empowering, you have a new identity. The old identity is gone. It’s not lost, since it was added to the tapestry of all that it, but it was never real and cannot be held onto.

Imagine you are 10 years old and it’s your birthday. Last year, your parents measured you and left a mark indicating your height on the wall. This year they measure you again and the new line is higher than the last one. You are now 54 inches tall. Last year you were 52 inches tall. Your belief about your height has changed based on the evidence of this new measurement. You now see yourself differently. You are taller than you were. What happened to the old version of you? It’s gone and has been replaced by a more expanded version. But you know that this measurement will be different next year. So how are you to perceive yourself right now?

You are more expanded now than previous versions of you and more limited than future versions. The past version was not the true version of you, the present version cannot be the true version, and the expanded version will not be true either, since it will always be expanding. Therefore, there is no absolute true version of you that remains unchanged from moment to moment. In your human understanding of yourself, you are never true, never complete, never finished, and always expanding. This fluid notion of you is the closest thing you will ever get to the truth of who you are.

Do you want to be more expanded than others or less expanded? This is not the question to ask, for this too is an illusion. Since you are unique and there is no duality in truth, there is no “more than” or “less than.” There is only what is. Wanting anything different than what is is based in duality (the idea of better and worse). In neutrality, you simply accept what is. Do you appreciate the notion that you are evolving out of fear consciousness and into love consciousness? Why is that? Is it because you feel better? Again, the only reason you are feeling better is because you think you are getting what you want and therefore avoiding negative emotion.

What we are asking you to imagine is something that is very difficult for humans to do. Imagine falling into a hole that never ends. Does this idea appeal to you? Probably not. But what if the hole had a bottom. You would go “splat” when you hit it. That’s not really what you want. You think you might want an end to the misery associated with a never-ending fall, but it is the idea of misery that you want to end, not the hole. What if you removed the concept of misery altogether? Now think of the never-ending fall. If there is no misery (or any negative emotion), then all that’s left is joy.

Adding a bottom to the end of the hole is a way to control the misery of an endless fall. It’s just another form of control where you seek to change the conditions, not the feeling or the perception. In this case, will you choose to die rather than change your perception of reality?

This is exactly what is happening in physical reality. You are going through a never-ending series of experiences all leading to more expansion. In the nonphysical, you understand this concept completely and you relish it in delight. However, from your physical perspective, you want some form of conclusion. How can the perspectives of the physical and nonphysical versions of you be so different? Because in physical reality you are choosing to align with a perception of reality based in duality. In the nonphysical realm you have learned to focus your consciousness on neutrality.

In the nonphysical realm, you are able to exist in neutrality by holding pure focus of attention and thought. How did you get so good at choosing a perception of reality based in neutrality and also maintaining your focus of attention so purely as to never lose that focus? Because you have expanded through the many experiences in physical reality. Your physical experiences caused you to expand your knowledge of yourself to a point where you could maintain your focus on the truth and disregard the illusion. However, each experience in physical reality came with a lack of focus and a misperception of that reality. In previous physical lifetimes, you decided that duality is the way the universe works.

As you know, those living in duality must perceive themselves as greater than or lesser than compared to other people or their own ideals. Suffering and discontentment are created from this choice of perception. When you leave duality behind and adopt neutrality (while maintaining your focus), you live in physical reality just as you do in the nonphysical realm.

You create for only one thing; the expansive experience achieved through feelings. Most of your creations are unintentional. There is nothing wrong with this, since they are still expansive. The unintentional creations are based in lack and are not satisfying. As you hold yourself apart from what you think you want, you set up probabilities that lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment and suffering. You simply do not get what you think you want through unintentional creation. You have asked for another way.

Deliberate creation is intentional and is not based in lack or limitation of any kind. To create intentionally, you must abandon your perception of reality based in duality. You must embrace neutrality. If you are existing in fear within the illusion, it is not possible to create deliberately. In order to create deliberately, your perception of reality must be accurate. This means that to be a true creator, you must operate within a true reality.

The first step to creating deliberately is to choose a perception of yourself that is closer to the unknowable truth of who you are. As we’ve discussed before, you cannot know who you truly are in duality, because you will always perceive yourself to be imperfect. To create deliberately, you must understand your own perfection and the perfection of the system (at least intellectually).

One who perceives himself as flawed, will created flawed things and experiences. The person is perfect in all actuality, but they don’t perceive this fact to be true. The creation is also perfect, but this person won’t recognize this. The creator interacts with the creation. If the creator exists within the illusion, the experience of the creation is always designed to help the creator out of the illusion.

Imagine you put on a pair of glasses that completely blur your vision. Now you gaze upon a grand piece of art. The art is perfect and you are perfect, but the glasses cause the painting to be blurry and you perceive the painting as imperfect. Remove  the glasses and suddenly you realize the painting has always been perfect, you just couldn’t see it.

When you create anything as a victim, the perfection of your creation is obscured. When you create in neutrality, the perfection is understood. As a victim, you exist in a state of confusion and you perceive that your creations could be better, or more, or arrive faster, or should be different than they are. You second guess your decisions and choices. You have regrets. You worry about making proper decisions in the future. You are constantly distracted by what you think you want and how things appear to be going. You ride an emotional roller coaster. No wonder you cannot create deliberately. Your state of duality precludes deliberate creation.

What about all the marvels of invention, technology and works of great art that have been created? Weren’t those people existing in a state of duality themselves? Of course they were. But they had moments of alignment and received such great inspiration that they suspended their disbelief long enough to bring forth these magnificent creation. It was haphazard in most cases and in most cases the creators did not recognize the perfection of their creations. Often, their creations were seen as great only after their deaths.

Imagine creating everything deliberately from a state of focused alignment and neutrality. A state of long-term deliberate focus of alignment has been rare in the past. You are among the first to embrace this idea. Imagine what you could create when you are able to focus your attention on the perfection of every moment. You can’t imagine it, because it is beyond your ability to perceive. That’s the point. To create that which is perfect and to recognize it as perfect is to release your attachment to how it should be.

Your creation is always perfect. Your perception of reality determines whether you will relate to it as perfect in joy or as imperfect in dissatisfaction. It has nothing to do with the creation itself. It has everything to do with your choice of perception. If you choose a flawed perception of reality based in duality, you relate to your creation as a victim and you perceive that the creation is the cause of how you feel. If you choose an accurate perception of reality, you will see your creation as perfect (even if it conflicts with what you think you want) and you will relate to your creation in joy.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it.