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Week Four: Fear is an Expression of Love (Click Here To Start)

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Fear is an Expression of Love

A deliberate creator creates in a neutral state of love connected fully to Source Consciousness. Any other state would give rise to unintentional creation or the creation of that which is not borne fully in love. Deliberate creation is that creation absent of the influence or distortion of fear. It is pure creation in love.

All creation is valuable and is perfect from the nonphysical perspective. It is all a means by which the new is created. New experiences are available within all creation and even those creation borne in extreme fear can be seen from the highest perspective as creations of love, since all that exists is derived from Source and Source is love. However, as a human creator, you are given a choice; create deliberately and aligned fully in love with Source consciousness or create out of alignment and in fear. What do you chose?

A deliberate creation is not more or less than an unintentional creation. The creation itself is neutral, like all things. You are the creator and you will have a relationship with your creations. You are the one who will have the experience of your creation. That experience will be of value either way. But to create intentionally is to create in alignment with who you truly are. The experience of intentional creations are something altogether different than the experience that is to be had in relation to unintentional creations.

Remember that above all, you are an eternal, magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. This is the truth of who you are. When you create in alignment with this truth, your intentional creations will fully support experiences of this magnitude. All other experiences are therefore limited. You impose your own limitations upon yourself. Your experiences are therefore limited in scope and scale. To create deliberately is to fully understand the magnificence that is you and then to manifest your creations from that understanding. What is the purpose of your creations; to serve Source, to serve your fellow man, to serve life, to serve your environment and to serve your journey of self-discovery. Why would you ever want to limit any of that? The simple answer is fear.

Fear is limiting, love is limitless. You are moving from fear to love at your own pace. You are exploring who you are not to better understand who you truly are. You are perceiving an illusion in order to better understand the truth. Excellent! You have explored limitation, lack, illusion, discontentment and everything else based in fear enough in this and past lifetimes. Now you are ready to embrace who you truly are and move through fear towards a brand new exploration. You are here to fully discover who you are and to be of service to All That Is. This is the embodiment of love within the life and experience of the human being.

You have been created in the mold of Source itself. Like Source, you are the creator or Source of your reality. Your creation is made to serve your exploration of self. All things, experiences, people, etc. that exist in your reality are the means by which you have experiences of self. Most of your life has been one of misperception. You perceived that your reality existed outside of you when in fact, your entire reality is you.

If you look at the universe and see that everything within it was created by Source as a way to investigate Source itself, you can understand that the entire universe is actually Source manifested. Source created the entire universe and everything within it. Source is not separate from that creation since everything within it is Source and cannot be separated from Source. You have created your universe, which we will call your reality. Everything in that reality has been created by you and cannot be separated from you. The illusion is that you exist in separation from all those in your life, all things in your life and all concepts, experiences, emotions, ideas, thoughts, values, talents, attributes, memories, fears, desires, preferences, and ideals. It is all you in the same way that the entire universe is all Source.

You are a universe within a universe. The universe of your reality exists within the larger universe that has been created and borne out of pure love by Source. Everyone else exists within their own universe within the larger Source-universe. All universes are moving, creating and interacting with each other within infinite dimensions of possibilities. It’s an intricate system designed for one thing; conscious experience and expansion.

As long as you are having experiences, you are expanding your consciousness and so the design of the system serves you perfectly. You are creating your reality and having your experiences while expanding your consciousness. You are adopting a perception of reality at every turn. That perception of reality is limited or expansive or somewhere in between and this provides the basis of your experience. Your emotions tell you if you
are experiencing the illusion or the truth. It’s an elegant system indeed.

In fear, based in the perception of reality you have adopted, you will have a limited experience and expand in a limited way. From your nonphysical perspective, this is still a valuable experience. But from a physical perspective, it’s simply limited. Of course you set pre-birth intentions. Your primary pre-birth intention is to expand in joy. This implies that you intended to expand in a limitless manner, since joy equates to love and love is limitless. You might call it “Exponential Expansion.” Why would you chose exponential expansion over limited expansion? Because the benefits are obvious. However, this intention imposes the necessity to move through fear.

The pre-birth intuition to expand in joy (i.e. exponentially) carries the implication that you must be courageous by pushing past fear and dropping self-imposed limitations (limiting beliefs). Everything about you has been created to move through fear to expand exponentially.

Your emotional sensitivity is an inherent quality that allows you to understand when you are in fear and when you are in alignment. From your nonphysical perspective, you knew that this quality would greatly aid in your ascension. However, it can also cause you to protect yourself from those very emotions. If you do, you will encounter inner conflict and many manifestation events. This will feel painful, because you exist in a state of duality.

You must see that the earth you live in at this time is ripe with possibilities, both in fear and in love. From the limited perspective of one in fear, there are so many things to fear. From the limitless perspective of one in neutrality, there is so much to appreciate. How is it possible that the same world could pose so much potential for fear and joy at the same time? It is the expansion of the platform of self-discovery itself.

You could sit down and write a list of all the things you fear. To write that list, you would have to have created a limited perception of reality and exist in the state of fear known as duality. It would not be possible to write this list from a state of neutrality, since fear is not present in this state. Next to each item on your list, you could indicate by number the intensity of each fear. Each of those items would point to one or more limiting beliefs. Without those limiting beliefs, you could not write this list. Without your emotional sensitivity, you could not assign a value to each item, nor would you be able to discover your limiting beliefs or be aware of the intensity of each limiting belief.

If you could not feel pain in your body, you would not realize that your hand is burning on the hot stove. Pain is a necessity of physical reality. It helps keep you alive in a physical life. Therefore, pain is a wonderful aspect of physical reality and you could not survive without it. Your emotions work in much the same way. Without negative and positive emotion, you could not know when you were in fear perceiving the illusion. Therefore, emotion is a wonderful aspect of physical reality and you would not want to be here without it.

Neutrality is not a state of being that lacks emotion or feeling. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s a state of being where all emotion is embraced and felt deeply, yet not judged. The state of neutrality lacks judgment of any kind. It is the state of unconditional love, since without the influence of fear, nothing can be judged. It’s unconditional. Duality relies on conditions judged good, bad, right and wrong. Neutrality is unconditional, because without fear, preferences, desires, ideals or attachments to outcomes, the conditions are just the perfect reflection of the vibration you are offering.

Right now you are offering a vibration and receiving a reflection. You may judge that reflection. Are there problems? Are there unfulfilled desires? Are the ideals you seek to manifest? Do you notice that you have preferences and you’re leaning toward those preferences? Do you want to improve the present conditions in some way? All of these things are based in duality. You’re not seeing the present-moment perfection, because you think things should be somewhat different than they are now.

What if you appreciate all of the conditions and people that exist in this present moment? Do you see that your children give you joy? Suddenly, you’re bringing in an ideal outcome. You want them to be happy. That’s a preference. It takes you out of neutrality. You will then keep a watchful eye to make sure they’re always happy, because their happiness brings you joy. This is duality and it’s based in the perception of victimhood.

It might seem as if neutrality, which is absent of all fear-based distractions, is joyless and emotionless. This is not the case at all. In fact, it is ripe with emotion. It is ripe with wisdom and guidance. It is full of inspiration. However, if you are attached to preferences, desires, outcomes or ideals, the fullness of emotion, joy and inspiration is distorted. You have been experiencing a distorted form of joy, emotion and love your entire life, because you have been guided by your preferences, ideals, and desires all along.

Your association of fear is distorted. Fear is not bad or wrong, it’s absolutely an aspect of love, for without fear you would never know love. Without the fear of loss, it would be impossible to truly feel appreciation, gratitude, joy, relief, love or any other positive emotion. Fear creates the context for all feeling. Without fear you would simply feel good, but you would not know anything about that feeling. Due to fear, you can identify the quality and intensity of all feelings. Think about color. White is love, fear is black and from that all color arises. If there was only white, you’d miss out on every other color. There has to be an edge or an opposite in order to create a range within. All beauty exists within the range. The wider the range, the more there is to experience in between.

In duality, you exist within a narrow, limited range of right and wrong and you are always skewed to one side over the other. You miss almost everything within the range. In fear of emotion, you narrow the range of experience and feeling. In love, you seek eternally to widen that range and experience more. As you widen your range of possible experiences, you bring in the possibility of more fear and even more love. Within this expanded range exists all of the potential for deeper and more intense experiences.

The victim seeks to limit their range of experiences in fear. The creator seeks to widen this range through pushing past fear. If you give meaning to every experience, you will exist in duality and greater fear. If you seek neutrality, you reduce the distortion caused by fear and you feel the true depth of emotion. You have always labeled emotion as good or bad and tried to control conditions in order to experience more good and less bad. This approach is out of balance, discordant and disharmonious. It is a life of limitation and lack. It is the sole reason for all manifestation events, all disease, all arguments, all confusion and all suffering. In order to reach new heights of feeling, abundance, freedom, health, relationship and love, you must create a new mental construct around your emotions.

All emotions are good. In the most basic form, they are guidance and used to alert you to those times when you are perceiving the illusion rather than the truer reality. Yet, for those in fear, the truth is not available. As one moves out of fear, they become open to more internal forms of guidance such as inspiration, intuition, empathic abilities, inner wisdom, and direct communication. Yet they are still attached to preferences, desires, ideals and outcomes. At this level they become more emotionally sensitive and this allows them to feel the emotions associated with disappointment and dissatisfaction more deeply.

Then one moves into another level altogether. This is the vibrational and intellectual resonance with neutrality. Fear has become less of an influence and is more easily processed. The limiting beliefs have been softened and they become more tuned to their emotions. The emotions themselves lose meaning as duality fades. The highs and lows previously associated with outside events gives way to a sense of calm, knowing and harmony with universal forces. The emotions become neither good or bad, simply neutral feelings. They come and go in waves and are initially related by the body as trapped residue of guilt, shame and trauma.

Calm is the feeling of neutrality and exists in a state of balance and flow. The deliberate creator becomes far more aware and gains a high sense of clarity. Control is released and replaced by faith, trust and ease. This is the high vibrational state most similar to the nonphysical, yet it is achieved by the human in the physical. It is the state of deliberate creation. Fear has always been the driving mechanism that has led you to this awakened state and it will also lead the masses there. If you can see the elegant system for what it is, you can reach the most creative state of fearless creation. This is the Zero Choice Point.

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Three: The Expression of Love (Click Here To Start)

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The Expression of Love

Every aspect of physical reality is an expression of Source Consciousness. In essence that expression is what love is. It is all an expression of love into physical reality. Every physical thing that has been, is and will be created (or comes into being) is a physical creation or expression of the energy of love. It’s is all love. It is nothing more or less than love itself.

You have defined love as a feeling and that is exactly what it is. But love is actually the energy, mind, consciousness of All That Is. It is Source consciousness. It is divine in every sense of the word. There is nothing other than love. Love is All That Is. All creation, whether it was created by Source itself, the universe, the system of physical reality or by you or any other human is always and only the true expression of pure positive love. Creation is love.

When something is created, it is the manifestation of Source becoming that thing and therefore, that thing is created or Sourced in love. Let’s call “Love” the energy inherent in the physical universe. When a planet is created, Source becomes that planet and that planet then has a consciousness. It might be a unique form of consciousness with a certain awareness, but it is Source as consciousness based in pure love that has been expressed as a planet for the purposes of understanding more about what Source is.

If you are a carpenter and you have the inspiration to build a table, every aspect of this creation is generated by Source as an expression of pure love with a certain consciousness and that table will allow Source to know itself in a new and unique way. You were created as an expression of love as Source. The tree that provided the wood was created by Source as an expression of love. The tools used to build the table, the screws, the varnish and everything else that goes into the construction of the table is all an expression of love originating from Source. The inspiration you received to build the table was also an expression of Source consciousness based in love. It is all generated by all the many facets of Source Consciousness, together with the laws of the universe that came together to create the table. You assume that you created the table (and you did), but ultimately it is an expression of love that came together to form the table. Source expressed itself as the table. Source became the table. You were a co-creative component of the creation that is the table.

In the example above, Source became you, became the tree, became the tools and became the inspiration to put it all together as a table. You, as the human, facilitated the building of the table in love. If woodworking was your passion, the table came together in love and the construction process was rewarding and satisfying. If you work in a table factory and receive no joy in the process, it is still a creation of love. It’s just that you stood in opposition and resistance to the creation based in love.

Source became the table. You became the woodworker and the builder of the table. You don’t really create in the sense that you imagine. To create anything is to become something. The creation process is actually the becoming process.

Gary became a channel and allowed Source consciousness to flow through him to create The Ascension Experience. His journey was one of becoming, an allowing and creating. The creation could not be expressed through him until he became a channel. In order to deliberately create, you must become. Becoming is required for all creation to emerge through you.

In order to win a car race, you must become a champion driver. Other people must become auto designers, mechanics, coaches, trainers, engineers, race organizers, spectators and so on. All of the inspiration has to come through all of those involved in order to facilitate the experience (creation) known as winning the race. All of the intricate feelings experienced by each person along the way is the purpose of the creation. It is created in order to facilitate all of the possible feelings each participant
will experience. Remember, this is a feeling reality and this demonstrates that all creation is created for the possible range of feelings to be experienced. Physical reality is nothing more than a massive and complex generator of feelings. The physical manifestation of everything is created for one purpose only; the possible and potential feelings that will arise as a result of the creation.

No feeling is inherently good or bad. You want all of the colors of the rainbow. You don’t want to exclude any color, for that would limit the range of all possible colors in the rainbow. The same is true of feelings. You want it all. What you tend to do is experience a feeling and judge it as good or bad. This is based in the fear that exists within the range of feelings. Because you exist with self-imposed limitations (beliefs), these are triggered by experiences. In the experience you label as good, there is simply less fear from your unique perspective and therefore, it feels good to you. To another
person, with different beliefs, it would be a different feeling. It might be a feeling they label as good or bad. When you drop these labels, you exist in a neutral state and the feeling exists without judgment.

All feelings are based in love, because everything in physical reality is an expression of Source consciousness that is love itself. Because fear is being triggered, the fear that is associated with the feeling feels bad. A victim who perceives that outside conditions have the power to induce feelings will shy away from those experiences that might give rise to fear and this is how one limits their experience in physical reality. The creator who sees everything as neutral and is able to remove the label from the experiences, just feels another color in the rainbow.

A word has no inherent meaning. You set up some agreements about the meaning of the word, but in fact, the word carries a slightly different meaning for everyone as interpreted through the lens of their belief system (mental construct). Communication through words is therefore inherently inferior. The experience is what carries meaning, but that meaning is interpreted uniquely and felt differently by each experiencer. You can’t know what other people are feeling. You can’t really know what you are feeling, since you have no way of describing it with words.

You believe that experiences based in fear feel bad, because the experience of fear has a certain meaning to you, yet you can’t know what that feeling is in the absolute. It is never objective, but always subjective. It is nuanced and subtle and it comes and goes like a wave. But because you have chosen to label it as a bad feeling, you seek to protect yourself from similar feelings and in this lies your limitation.

A bad feeling stems from lack of information. The feeling contains information. The more feelings you have, the more information you receive. The experience contains the information and is released through feelings. The emotions are the indication of the intensity and the amount of information you are able to receive within the experience. This is why experience is the only true teacher. The more experiences you have and the
wider they vary, the more information is available to you. If you are receptive to the information contained in the experience, the experience will have great benefit. If you are resistant to the experience, the information is not received. In fear, you are resistant. In joy and love you are more receptive. The highest receptive state of being is neutrality.

We will explore this more in the messages we will send you this week. For now simply remember that to create is to become.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week Two – Universal Consciousness and The Awakening (Click Here To Start)

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Universal Consciousness and The Awakening

We would like you to imagine the concept of universal consciousness: everything is conscious.

Source created the physical realm to experience what Source is. Everything in the physical universe is conscious. The conscious is the universe and it inhabits all physical things and everything in between. The unified whole of All That Is is Source Consciousness understanding or exploring what Source is. Within each physical thing; planets, stars, galaxies, molecules, the Earth itself, everything in and on the Earth and every living and nonliving thing is alive with consciousness. All of that consciousness is having expansive experiences in order to investigate what Source is. Humans are endeavoring to understand what Source is even though they may not be fully aware of their roles.

A rock is a type of consciousness. The metal, fabric and wood found in the chair you sit on is a form of consciousness. The home you live in is conscious. Your pets and plants are more evolved and aware forms of consciousness. Everything is a type of consciousness and the collective consciousness of the physical realm is part of the consciousness of All That Is. Nothing is without some form of consciousness.

Consciousness comes together to create experiences. Without consciousness, there would be no experience. The experience is how Source investigates what Source is. Therefore, Source consciousness pervades every thing; living or not.

Each form of consciousness exists at a certain level of awareness. The ant is more aware than the rock it crawls over. Your dog is more consciously aware than the flea who sits on its back. Humans are the most consciously aware form of life on Earth, but this does not have any inherent meaning, it’s just another form of consciousness that allows Source to discover more about itself.

Everything is evolving to more aware forms of consciousness, including you. You are on an eternal and evolutionary journey towards more and more awareness in consciousness. Every aspect of reality climbs to new levels of conscious awareness, although the time scales vary greatly. Every aspect of consciousness is necessary and vital in the continual investigation of Source.

The consciousness of every aspect of your reality comes together to enable you to progress to new heights of awareness. Therefore, tapping into that consciousness by intention allows you to exponentially increase your awareness. Your perspective is raised as you become more aware and this moves you along your evolutionary path of self-discovery. Essentially, as you come to know yourself, you move Source consciousness through you so that Source can know itself. Your evolutionary journey is made in tandem with the evolutionary journey of Source consciousness itself. You are a co-creative partner, inseparable from Source on this journey. Every aspect of physical reality is a manifestation of Source consciousness and inseparable from Source. You and All That Is is Source. Therefore, you, in your ever-growing awareness, are Source. Source is love. Love is perfect. And so are you.

Try to imagine the eternal journey of discovery, evolution, cycles, movement, progression, learning and expansion. It’s never-ending and infinite. Where you are now in your life is but a moment on an infinite timeline of discovery. Since you are always on this timeline, you have no need to rush, improve, change or do anything other than enjoy the ride.

If you have not enjoyed this ride, it’s only because your perception of reality was based in fear, lack and limitation. You could not see the entirety of the perfect design of this system before. You could only perceive your reality through the lens obscured by limiting beliefs and fear. Once you rise above the illusion caused by fear, you evolve out of fear and into love. This allows you to become neutral. It’s exactly how you exist in the nonphysical. In the nonphysical, you exist in a state of joy, because you are fully aware of the system and thus you exist in neutrality, which is the state of unconditional love.

In the nonphysical, you feel deeply. You feel connected and inseparable from Source. You feel unconditional love in full acceptance. You know the truth. There is nothing to fear, since you know yourself as an eternal and an inseparable aspect of Source itself. You know all of those who exist in love as your soul family. You exist in complete balance and harmony. This is the state of Zero Choice Point. In this state, there is no limitation or lack, because there is no illusion. You know only perfection and see no imperfection whatsoever. You are in perfect harmony with Source consciousness and the ebb and flow of evolutionary cycles of expansion. It is all good.

You come to the physical realm to expand this knowing and to expand consciousness. There would be no conscious expansion if you came in with the full and complete knowledge of the system. Without this ability to come in fresh and forget who you truly are, you could not birth desires. Without these desires nothing new could be brought into existence. Desire born out of the illusion creates the new. The universe is designed to create that which is new and this fuels further growth and expansion.

Since almost all new creation on Earth is driven by desires based in fear, the expansion is limited. Growth slowly trudges forward (from your perspective), but the growth is rapid from the perspective of Source. The growth and expansion of consciousness is always accelerating.

This acceleration of conscious expansion is culminating now into a new age of human awareness. The age of awakening has been ushered in by eons of human desire based in fear. It’s the culmination of the design of humanity.

Within the overall expansion of human consciousness comes the expansion of emotional sensitivity. Humans would not evolve toward greater levels of awareness if their emotional sensitivity did not also expand. With less evolved emotional sensitivity, humans would not be moved in the direction of awakening. Heightened emotional sensitivity is necessary for the evolution of human consciousness that will lead to awakening.

This awakening process can be intense and painful, because when the emotionally sensitive human interacts with the illusion and perceives the illusion to be the truth, they will encounter manifestation events designed to bring them out of the illusion. The manifestation events will be emotionally painful only because they are so emotionally sensitive. This dynamic provides experiences that help those who are ready see the illusion for what it is. This causes them to birth strong desires for the truth. They will receive inspiration to discover teachings that will lead to the truth. However, if they hold on rigidly to their limiting beliefs, they will experience deep emotional pain and intense internal conflict.

Every human is being guided out of the illusion and towards the truth. With each new life, they choose to bring with them certain attributes. One of those is increased emotional sensitivity. They choose to be more emotionally sensitive so that they can be led to the truth and to their awakening. Every soul who incarnates knows this is the way out of the illusion, even though it is often painful. You must remember that Love is drawing all towards love. To get to love, one must encounter and process fear. The only way to the full understanding of love is through fear.

Every aspect of consciousness in physical reality is coalescing around other consciousness to create experiences that are expansive and lead to greater levels of awareness. You are receiving, from the very design of the system, everything you need to move towards an awakening and the rediscovery of who you are as you know yourself in the nonphysical. This is an inflection point in your personal timeline of expansion towards love. There are many inflection points along the way. This is one of the most profound in all of your existence.

Inflection points happen every so often on your journey of ascension. The inflection point signals the change from one level of being to the next. Think of a caterpillar transitioning to a butterfly. The Chrysalis is the inflection point between an earlier more limited version to an expanded less limited version.

With our love,
We are Joshua

This Week

Complete the Plots and Daily Spiritual Practices exercises each day to help you discover and process key limiting beliefs that block your ascension. You can complete these on-screen and print or save them for your own records. Or you can print the empty forms if you prefer to handwrite these.

You don’t have to complete manifestation event forms every day during this segment, but we’ve added the form so you can complete one as you need it. 

Week One – Neutrality & Balance (Click Here To Start)

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Neutrality & Balance

The state of neutrality is the most powerful point of creation. Therefore, reaching and maintaining that state is crucial for deliberate creation. As you can well imagine, very few humans are able to consistently reach this state.

All great art, music, literature, technological innovations and inventions, etc. have come forth only because the creators reached a state of neutrality. This state is also known as the Zero Choice Point. It is a state of pure clarity aligned with universal forces to bring forth that which is potentially available at the highest level in a particular moment.

First, we will describe neutrality.

Everything that is physical is neutral, meaning it is neither good or bad, right or wrong. In the absence of wrong, everything is actually right. In the absence of an observer/ experiencer, the thing in question is always right. This is neutrality. It’s not necessarily positive or negative, because those terms are subjective. All creation has the potential to be what you call positive or negative. A beam of light could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the perspective of the experiencer. But in the absence of an observer, it remains neutral.

You might call light “good,” but it is not inherently good. It all depends on the perception of the observer. All perception is relative. The observance or experience of anything subjectively determined by the one who is observing or experiencing it. Light, in and of itself, is a manifestation within physical reality. It is derived as a creation of Source and is based in love. Therefore, it is good, perfect and right from that perspective. But nothing exists in the absolute. Once an observer is added to the equation, light (or anything else in physical reality) takes on infinite possible subjective qualities.

Rain is another useful example. You might dislike the rain if you are on a picnic, but without rain, you’d have nothing in your basket. Rain is nice for plants unless is causes a flood. There must be a balance to all things. Too much of a thing might not be so good. Too little might not be optimal. The correct balance increases one’s ability to perceive something as good. You will notice balance within nature.

Second, we will explain Balance.

Balance ebbs and flows like the tides. This is natural and a fundamental element of the system of physical reality, known as rhythm. A shortage of anything valuable causes the system to bring forth new possibilities. So does an overabundance. Balance is a critical factor in understanding neutrality. Those who have experienced too much or too little rain have birthed desires for solutions and these have been manifested to create a greater good.

An understanding of neutrality depends on one’s understanding of balance. The two are inseparably linked. The ebb and flow of anything is inherent in the idea of balance. If you imagine the tides of the shoreline moving in and out in a continuous and rhythmic flow of time and energy, you understand that while movement is constant, the shoreline remains consistent over time. At low tide, it appears as if the shoreline has expanded and at high tide, it has contracted. But you can still map the coastline. Over time, the coast remains relatively consistent. However, if you zoom out over time, there are even greater forces of ebb and flow at work. The continents drift. Zoom out even more and you’ll discover that the entire planet is ebbing and flowing, so is the solar system, so is the Milky Way Galaxy, so is the entire universe. But it all exists within a state of divine balance.

The more you zoom in and inspect the details, the more chaotic it appears. The waves are crashing against the shoreline. They’re eroding the beach. You cannot enjoy your picnic here. You cannot build your house here. But you can play here. You can interact within the chaos and experience it. This is what you are doing in life. You are experiencing what you might perceive as chaotic up close, but when you zoom out, you can see the perfection.

Neutrality is a state of peace within that which might be observed as chaotic. It is a state of harmony with the natural rhythm of the entire system of physical reality. You are fully aware of the mechanism at work. You are able to zoom out in order to see the perfection even though you are fully immersed in the chaos. Neutrality is the redefinition of chaos. It is the transmutation of what you once perceived as chaos into what you now perceive as order. You have not changed the conditions per se, you have changed your perception of your observable reality. Neutrality is a state of mind.

Source is the mind of the universe. Source perceives everything. You are created in the image of Source. You are a mind focused within a physical environment. What you are able to perceive is limited by your choice of perspective and your mental construct. You actually perceive very little. This is by design. If you were to perceive more, you would be unable to function as a human within this reality, because your mental construct would cause you to be in fear.

The more you know, the more there is to fear. If you have not resolved your fear through processing your limiting beliefs, greater perception would invite more fear and this would be uncomfortable and distracting. Therefore, you limit that which can be potentially perceived by holding onto limiting beliefs. Without limiting beliefs, you would be able to perceive it all, just as Source does. Source has no limiting beliefs.

As scientists and scholars discover more about the physical world, there is more to be fearful of. Before the microscope was invented, there was little fear around microbes and bacteria, because they were unknown. The microscope brought forth a greater understanding of the physical world and with it came more fear and more good. Before the invention of the telescope, few people feared meteors. All new discoveries bring greater potential for love and fear.

Since everything is created from Source and is based in love, there is nothing to fear. It is just the means by which one can have an experience through engagement. You engage with anything from a state of fear ( a biased position) or a state of love (a neutral position). You are the observer and the experience of every aspect of your reality. Those aspects are neutral. If you also engage with them in neutrality, you remain in the state of love. This is the highest form of consciousness. If you engage with anything from a biased position, you are creating the chaos.

In neutrality there can be no perception of chaos. In fear the perception of chaos is created. As a creator yourself, you are either creating chaotic experiences or neutral experiences. The bias can be toward the negative or positive and either way it becomes something other than neutral. If you think something is good, because this is your judgment, it becomes good for you, but it remains open to interpretation by others. This is the bias of preference.

Preference is created by one’s mental construct. It instructs one’s behavior based on any interaction with a neutral event. Someone says something to you and you choose one of three possible responses. You can judge it as good, you can perceive it to be wrong, or you can be neutral. If you judge it as good, you will attract a quality of thought that aligns with this perspective. Generally speaking, these will be higher- vibrational thoughts, ideas and inspiration. If you judge it as wrong, you will receive a different quality of thought. These will be lower-vibrational thoughts, ideas and urges to change or control the conditions. Either way, your bias of preference will attract thoughts based on those judgments. While positive reaction is more aligned with the truth it is not quite the whole truth.

Neutrality is the highest form of consciousness, because it is perfectly aligned with the truth that everything is neutral. Neutral applied to neutral is truth. Positive or negative applied to neutral is the illusion. It’s the illusion of positive and the illusion of negative. It’s a state of duality (or victimhood). While positive is closer to the truth than negative, it is not the truth.

You might like one political candidate. If your candidate loses, you feel negative emotion and receive thoughts based in fear and urges to change the conditions. From your perspective, this event is bad, but of course, that perspective is not true. If your candidate wins, you feel positive emotion because you see it as good. However, this emotion is based on your bias and preference. You are inferring a truth that may or may not be accurate. The event aligns with your mental construct which causes you to react as if it is a good thing. In fact, the event is always neutral. If you can see any event as neutral, remove your preferences and discard your attachments to outcomes, you will reach the Zero Choice Point of creation.


The Zero Choice Point has been accidentally reached by many artists, investors, architects, writers, thinkers, philosophers and scientists. Very few could maintain the Zero Choice Point, because their mental construct was firmly rooted in duality. They did not understand the laws of the universe. They did not identify themselves as creators. They had many wonderful qualities, such as confidence, faith, and an inner knowing, yet they mostly perceived themselves as victims. Once they had something to lose, the could not drop their attachments to outcomes and this made it nearly impossible for them to reach the Zero Choice Point.

Never before in history has a group of students come to such a high level of awareness as all of you. Before the end of the Ascension Experience, you will have learned all of the secrets of deliberate creation. You will know how to enter and maintain the state of neutrality. You will drop your regrets, resentments, worry, attachments, preferences and man-made desires. You will then shed your trapped emotions, letting them ebb and flow out of you to attain a state of balance within neutrality. This creates a direct connection to Source Consciousness. The thoughts, ideas, inspiration and direct communication flows fully in this state. It will be like nothing you could imagine. It will be bliss.

With our love,
We are Joshua

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