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Week Two: This Is A Vibrational Reality (Click Here To Start)

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Introducing Evening Homework

Each evening, before going to bed, you will think about a manifestation event that occurred sometime during the day and you will analyze it. You will discover a limiting belief and process it to prove that it’s false.


Each day during this week, you will also analyze one thing you believe is wrong in your life. You will complete one assignment for each of the seven days this week.

Please complete the forms, online, download & print or print the blank forms and write them in your own hand. Please include your coach when needed.

Week One: Manifesting Miracles

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Week One: Manifesting Miracles

In this eight-week intensive bootcamp, you will unlock the abundance of all the things you want by releasing lower-vibrational beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. It’s not that you are not already abundant. The truth is that you are living an abundant life right now. Abundance is the receiving of all you need to do what you are focused on, when you focus on it. If you are focused on lack, for instance, you will receive all of the things, events, people and experiences that will aid you in your exploration of lack. In other words, you are already receiving an abundance of everything you need to experience fully whatever you are focused on in this moment. That is the definition of abundance and you are an abundant being right now, even if you do not think you are.

The way to turn the abundance of lack into the experience of prosperity is to adjust your focus of attention. This will raise your vibration so that you become more of a match to the kind of abundance that you truly want. We are speaking of money, of course, but also of satisfying relationships, a true sense of security (which has nothing to do with money), excellent health, wonderful relationships, spiritual growth and a fulfilling and satisfying life experience.

This bootcamp experience might not be an easy journey for you. You will have to shift your set of beliefs. You will have to recognize the worthy and magnificent being you truly are. You will have to learn what it means to be the creator of your reality. You will have to take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life. You will meditate. You will learn to release resentment and regret. You will have to process your fears and limiting beliefs. There is work to do, but if you are called to a new level of awareness, ease, and satisfaction, then you will find this bootcamp exciting, deeply enriching, and exhilarating.

By the end of the program, if you have completed the steps and all of the work, your vibration will rise to a whole new level. This will be your new point of attraction. Your reality is a reflection of the vibration you are offering. Raise your vibration and you must realize a new reality. When you consciously do the work to alter your own vibration, you can move in any direction you prefer. You are not limited by anything in this reality other than your own beliefs. We will help you alter those beliefs one step at a time and you will realize the true potential that lives within you. That potential will surprise you. If you are ready, we will begin.

– Joshua

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