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Week Six: How to Incorporate The 24 Concepts to Raise Your Perspective in all Areas of Your Life

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Week Six: How to Incorporate The 24 Concepts to Raise Your Perspective in all Areas of Your Life

Welcome to Week 6!

This is the week when we will learn how to utilize all of the 24 concepts from the last four weeks and incorporate them into our daily lives. There is a lot to do this week. You will need about an hour each day for the reading and assignments. Please do not skip a day. If you need any help at all, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Week Four

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Week Four

Welcome to Week Four! This week, we will be introduced to the final 6 subjects.

The assignments get a bit more in depth this week. The topics are designed to help you massively shift your perspective and provides new tools for that work.

Daily Spiritual Practices are in your dashboard, as well as the week’s assignment, which must be completed for each of the 7 days this week. Do your best. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just print out 7 copies and have one ready for each day.

Week One: Introduction to Basic Training

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Week One: Basic Training Introduction

The Basic Training program is a channeled course designed to raise the overall perspective of each participant. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this program will cause a significant shift in your perspective in every area of your life.

In this moment, you have a perspective of yourself in every area of your life. In the areas that seem to be going well, your perspective is high. In those areas that seem not to be working, your perspective is a bit limited. The life you truly want is revealed to you only when you raise your perspective in every area of your life. Otherwise, you will tend to bounce from feeling good to feeling bad as you navigate each day.

Imagine an artist who passionately creates masterful paintings. His perspective in the area of painting is very high and he creates spectacular pieces of art in joy. But very few paintings sell and he earns just enough from his art to get by. He has a limited perspective in the area of financial abundance. Now imagine every other area of his life. He has a difficult time with relationships, but his health is quite good. Why would that be? Because for him to maintain his high perspective as an artist he holds certain beliefs that support that singular perspective.

He might believe that true artists create art that is ahead of its time and if an artist profits greatly from the art, they’re selling out and compromising the art itself. He believes that a relationship would take time away from his passion. He believes that in order to spend as much time as possible painting, his health must be good. This perspective then creates his reality. However, his beliefs in every area of his life, including art, are limiting and therefore false.

If he was somehow able to raise his perspective in all areas of his life, he would enjoy financial success, wonderful relationships, excellent health and his art would actually become even more satisfying and spectacular. By not challenging beliefs that aren’t true, he maintains a reality that is unsatisfying and even painful.

The example above is generally true for all people. As one holds onto limiting beliefs, they are simply maintaining and even arguing for their own limitations. Unless one is willing to see things differently and adjust the entirety of their belief system, they are unable to raise their perspective and their life does not change. In other words, to get what you truly want, you must raise your perspective of yourself in every area of your life, because they are all interconnected.

But how does one go about raising the perspective in every single are of their life?

The Basic Training Program is designed to do one thing; raise your perspective in every single area of your life. We will introduce 24 basic core concepts and provide you with an experience in each one. The experience, in the form of a simple exercise, with cause you to integrate the concept into your belief structure, one by one. By the time you have completed each exercise, your overall perspective in every area of your life will be significantly elevated. This will form a new vibration and you will see a very noticeable shift in your life. Every single area of your life will feel better. As you feel better and better in each moment, you will become more receptive to thoughts, decisions and actions that are now available to you simply because you exist at a new vibration. This will lead you to the creation of life you truly want.

The only way to create the reality that you truly want is by raising your perspective in every single area of your life.

How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

The Basic Training Course is a channeled collaboration of Joshua and The White Light. It’s designed to help you integrate the most foundational spiritual concepts into the very fiber of your being. The way you create the life you truly want is by raising your perspective in every area of your life. As you integrate each concept, your perspective of yourself in every area of your life will improve. This becomes the vibration you are offering and your reality will absolutely change to reflect your higher perspective.

The Basic Training course will elevate your perspective to the level of your beliefs. Therefore, it will be very helpful to allow your beliefs to become malleable. The exercises within the course are designed to make you think and realize the concepts presented have real world benefits. You might see this clearly and your beliefs will change or you might hold onto some of your old beliefs. This is perfectly fine. It is a process of gradually looking at your life differently. But you will notice that you’ll feel better, more empowered and more confident by the end of the program, and you’ll notice that things will continue to feel easier in the weeks that follow.

There is absolutely nothing to fear in this change. In fact, you will begin to notice that there are fewer things to fear in general. You’ll have new tools and processes for navigating your life. Many of the problems in your life will naturally fade away. You will notice positive changes in all areas of your life. You will see that your relationships improve. You will feel more secure. You will feel a bit more powerful. And you will let go of the need to control things.

This course is designed to be as easy as possible, but you will still resist it to some extent. You might not want to do your daily spiritual practice, your daily meditation, your reading and/or your assignment. You might think you’re too busy or that you’ll make it up later. Again this is fine, because you can always take this course again. But remember that everything in this course is inspired. In order to create the life you truly want, you must act on more inspiration. You will find that when you can push past your fear to do anything, you will be able to do it easily and everything will fall into place.

Meditation is the foundation of all of our coursework. It is an important piece of the process. It’s probably the most beneficial thing you can do to integrate these concepts into your life. You will be given one Joshua guided meditation to listen to each day. Please don’t miss a day of mediation during the next five weeks. When you listen to the meditations you will see positive results over time. It might not be easy at first, but stick with it, because it will get easier.

Every day over the next five weeks, you’ll complete a daily spiritual practice form. You will have one form for each day. A week’s worth of forms will be sent to you on the Sunday before the week begins. Please print these out and hand write the entries with pen on paper. There is a connection that will be made as you start writing the forms. By the end of the course, that connection will be apparent to you. As strange as it may seem, the connection is made by writing by hand on a sheet of paper.

You will receive one concept each day (Monday-Saturday with Sundays off) for the first four weeks. Each concept is covered in the same two-page format and has a simple assignment. Please read them and do the assignments on the day you receive them. Do not let them pile up, because you will need time to integrate each one before you receive the next one. There is a reason for this structure. One concept will lead you elegantly into the next one. A short video will accompany some of the topics.

We will have three live calls per week. Attend the calls if you can and ask questions. However, if you are unable to attend a call, they will be recorded and sent to you. The most important call in this program is the weekly coaching call. This call will help you understand the concepts that are presented each week. It will be an overview of the concepts with Q&A. The other two weekly calls are Joshua Live calls where you can ask Joshua a question.

You will be given a partner. It will be up to you to decide how and when you’ll get together. The more you communicate with your partner the better. Many people go on to become great friends with their partners and often these people become the ones you turn to first as things come up in your life.

You will be invited to join the Basic Training private Facebook group. No one who is not in the course can access anything in our private group. This is the place where you will ask questions, share examples, receive notifications, and post certain assignments as indicated. Please check-in with the Facebook group every day. We often post messages here as well as any changes to the schedule.

In the final week of the course, we will dive into the nuts and bolts of creating the life you truly want. Each day of the six final days will cover the step by step process of creating an improved experience in six key areas of your life. This will allow you to take what you’ve learned and practice applying them into everyday life.

By the end of the course you will have altered your mental construct, integrated these concepts into your belief system, experienced manifestation events and a full range of emotions, and received tools and techniques for transforming your life. In other words, your perspective in every area of your life will be much higher than it was when you started the course. You will see yourself in a new way and this will lead to the creation of everything you truly want

While we are all doing this course together and there will be lots of opportunities to interact, it will be helpful for you to ask yourself one question before we begin. Why? Why have you enrolled in the course and invested the time and money into it? Because this is simply for you. You are stating that you deserve it. You have become a vibrational match to something you want. What you truly want is to feel better. You won’t feel better by trying to change conditions or control things. You will always feel better when you allow yourself to think differently and adjust your beliefs about yourself.

As you raise your perspective, old fears and limiting beliefs will fall away. You’ll gain a new sense of self and your empowering beliefs will grow stronger. You will be able to receive and act on more inspiration. You’ll start to let go of your need to know how things are happening. You’ll see more synchronicities, such as numbers lining up, people calling you out of the blue and many magical moments. The universe will start to surprise and delight you with all kinds of experiences and new manifestations. You will begin the process to change your approach to life. You will start to understand the idea that you are the creator of your reality and not the victim of it. This will spark your interest to discover more. That zest for discovery will propel you forward with a new sense of vigor and excitement. This is exactly how you create the reality you truly desire.

With great love and appreciation for you!
Gary & Christy

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