Course 3 : Self Discovery - The Teachings Of Joshua
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Course 3 : Self Discovery

By July 19, 2021
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Self Discovery

What we are going to discuss in this segment is the key to limitless, abundant, effortless and eternal life. It is the process of a new awareness, which will set you free from all suffering and discontentment. The process is achievable by all of you who are reading this now, for you have found these teachings due to an intention you set prior to your birth.

Most of you will take one year of practice to achieve this new awareness and alter the course of your life. Some will be able to complete this transition from the old approach to the new approach in as little as three months. Some of you will need as much as three years to change your approach. It all depends on the intensity of your limiting beliefs and your attachment to the illusion of physical reality. But all of you are capable of great change and growth.


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