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Radically Raise your Vibration

By April 30, 2021
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How to Radically Raise your Vibration by
Uncovering and Processing Unconscious Limiting Beliefs

in 7 Days

Gary Temple Bodley

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Through Gary, Joshua has written four books, dozens of articles and answered hundreds of questions from people all over the world. More than 2 millions inspired words have been channeled in five years.

Gary hosts two popular podcasts; Joshua Live and The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable.

Gary hosts seminars and workshops around the world, bringing Joshua’s teachings to those who are interested in expanding their awareness of universal laws and becoming a vibrational match to the life they truly desire.

You are being called to recognize who you really are so that you can unlock your Soul’s Purpose. You have found your way to these teachings because you are becoming a vibrational match to that purpose. When you discover your Soul’s purpose, you will live in bliss. You are not yet a vibrational match to that life and this is why you are here now. Your only work is to allow your Soul’s Purpose to come to you by finding and maintaining your alignment. You do that by radically changing your entire approach to life.

“You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance”

- Joshua

You are on a journey of self-discovery and you have found your way here. You are first and foremost an explorer. You are exploring physical reality for the purpose of self-discovery. Prior to your birth, you intended to explore various aspects of physical reality in order to learn more about yourself. You have sifted and sorted and defined your preferences. You have birthed many desires. Those desires have led you to seek more information about the Laws of the Universe and The Mechanism of Physical Reality.

You want to know how to consciously and effectively create the life you prefer. This has led you to discover this information and so you are now vibrationally ready to take the next step.

In this course, you will learn the key to consciously creating a vibration that matches what you truly desire. Without the process you are about to receive, you will have great difficulty consciously altering your vibration.

When you receive this key and apply it to your life, your reality will quickly change. You will become a match to what you want. It will all make sense. It will become manifested into your reality because you will be ready for it, vibrationally speaking.

But before we start, you must understand the fundaments of universal laws, why you are here and how it all works.

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Understanding the Mechanism of Physical Reality

Physical Reality is an environment that enables the journey of self-discovery. You exist in a loving and supportive universe. Everything you need to explore reality in any way you choose is always being provided for you. It always has been provided to you and it always will.

You are currently exploring whatever you are focused on now. If you are focused on lack of any kind (lack of money, love, time, etc.), you will attract experiences and situations that allow you to explore lack fully. That is the design of the system.

You can focus on anything and your reality will be formed around the subject of that focus. This is the fundamental design of the system of physical reality. What you believe forms your vibration and this is communicated out to the universe. The universe responds by bringing you a reality that conforms to your beliefs. Alter your beliefs and you change your reality.

The basis of this reality is love. You can only attract love. There is no wrong – only your judgment of wrong. The judgment of wrong is an illusion.

Knowing Who You Really Are

In order to consciously create a vibration that will match what you truly want, you must know who you really are. You must see yourself from a much higher perspective.

You are not an individual trying to survive. You are not a victim. You are not subject to fate. Bad things cannot happen to you.

You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are worthy. You are inherently good. You have nothing to prove. You are an explorer and you cannot fail. You are absolutely and completely unique. No one like you has ever lived before or will ever live again. Not only is your life unique, not only is your perspective unique, but it is all unique in each and every moment of your life.

Your life adds to the perspective of Source. Your experiences add to the expansion of All That Is. Without your life and all of your experiences, All That Is would be less than it is. It would be different. You are an integral component of the universe. You are valued, loved and needed.

Why You Are Here

In order to consciously create a vibration that will match what you truly want, you must know why you are here.

You must understand that you intended to be here now in this crucial time of awakening. You very much wanted to be here and so you became a vibrational match to the earth on the day you were born.

You are an explorer and you cannot fail. You came to experience Love, Freedom, Abundance, Joy and Expansion. You are expanding with every moment and you are seeing yourself from a new perspective each time you expand. You expand with each new experience. You expand when you face contrast or push past fear to do something you’re inspired to do.

There is something more specific you wanted to experience in this life. This is your Soul’s Purpose. And it is always calling you. If you move toward it without resistance, you will discover it and you will live a life of bliss while pursuing your Soul’s Purpose. If you resist this calling, you will face more and more intense contrasting moments we call Manifestation Events.

How You Create Your Own Reality

You have always been creating your own reality. You are a creator and your creation is your reality based on your idea of self (who you perceive yourself to be in any moment). You are creating your reality right now as you are reading this and are involved in a Process. You will continue to create your reality in every moment.  Sometimes you are creating with intention and purpose. Other times, you are creating unconsciously by default.

You create your future by how you react to events and situations. You perceive some events are good and others are bad or wrong. There is no bad or wrong and so when you create out of something you think is wrong, you are creating unconsciously. If you knew how the system works you would never again create unconsciously, you would always create intentionally.

How you are being creates your reality. You are either being allowing or resistant. When in fear (mostly of that which is based in irrational fear) you resist that which you would naturally create if you were allowing.

In order to create the life you desire, you must change your mind around that which you fear; that which you perceive from a limited perspective to be bad or wrong.

Law of Attraction

Reality is simply a reflection of your vibration. You create that vibration by how and who you are being. If you are being loving, open, authentic and accepting of yourself, everyone else, and your present conditions, you allow your future to unfold as you intended prior to your birth.

The Law of Attraction brings you a reflection of how and who you are being.
In each moment, you are either being open, allowing and accepting of what is, or you are being resistant to what is.

Your attention to what you perceive as bad or wrong creates more of that. The Law of Attraction is neutral and does not care what you are focused on. Whatever it is, you create more by your focus of attention on that subject. When you focus on problems, you create more. When you focus on obstacles, you attract more. When you focus on the lack of anything, you attract more experiences of lack.

Change your focus and you change your reality. Change your beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, moods, etc. and you change your point of focus.

The Importance Of Meditation

You create through the thoughts you think. Those thoughts, backed up by your beliefs, inform your vibration.

You are mostly unaware of the power of your thoughts and the thoughts you continue to think. Your thoughts turn into stronger and more intense forms called beliefs. Those beliefs attract realities that conform to them and they are very powerful. Your reality will always reflect your beliefs.

When you quiet your mind through the daily practice of meditation, you begin to recognize your thoughts and beliefs. In the recognition of resistant thoughts, you can begin to understand the reality you have been attracting. The first step to altering your reality is to notice your thoughts and adjust them.

You have complete control over the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold. You can alter the way you think to create the life you prefer. Your dream life will emerge once you take charge of your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs are not positive or negative, they are either empowering or limiting. Meditation will enable you the power to consciously think more empowering thoughts.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Most humans do not engage in a consistent daily spiritual practice.

You are a spiritual being living a physical experience. The physical experience enables you to see yourself from new perspectives in each new moment. It is a process of self- discovery. You are discovering that you (and everyone else) is a representation of Source itself.

You spend many hours a day working at a job, watching TV, eating, sleeping, spending time with friends and loved ones. While this is all good and right, you do not spend time in a spiritual practice. You are spiritual and physical, yet you spend the great majority of time engaged only in the physical realm. The conscious awareness of the fact that you are a spiritual being will allow you to adopt a daily spiritual practice.

Everything you want in this life will come to you. You will receive it. You do not go out and make it happen, you allow it to come. The life of your dreams will be formed by the universe, not manufactured by you. The way to allow that dream life to be manifested in your personal reality is completed through daily spiritual practice.

Your Vibration Attracts Your Reality

Your vibration creates your reality. That vibration exists either in harmony with universal laws and energies or in contrast to those laws.

Your work is not to do anything, it is simply to be. When you are being consistently allowing and accepting of yourself, all others, and the world around you, you are being receptive.

When you perceive that things are going right, you are being receptive. When you perceive that things are going wrong, you are being resistant. Reception allows you to tune into who you really are and attract a reality that matches this true and authentic version of you. It feels good. Things work out. You exist in bliss.

Resistance causes you to tune into a reality that is in opposition to who you really are. It feels off. Nothing works. If you have been living in resistance, you have been feeling negative emotion and you’ve been receiving urges to control the conditions. If you are living in acceptance, you are receiving inspired thoughts and ideas and you have been taking actions that have led you to your dream life.

Limiting Beliefs

You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance.

  • Do you believe this version of you exists now? If not, it is due to a conglomeration of limiting beliefs. These beliefs limit what you will allow yourself to experience in physical reality.
  • Do you experience the great financial abundance that is available to you? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Do you have the love of your dreams in your life? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Are you experiencing perfect health? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.
  • Have you found your Soul’s Purpose in this life? If not, then this is due to some limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs keep you apart from all the things you truly want. All of your limiting beliefs are false. You can process them and prove they are false. You can find evidence that proves they are false. All you need is a process to prove limiting beliefs are false. Engage in this process and reduce your limiting beliefs.


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