Course 4 : Health and Vitality - The Teachings Of Joshua
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Course 4 : Health and Vitality

By August 23, 2021
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Health & Vitality

In this segment of The Ascension Experience, you will create an empowering mindset based on the truth of your body. Your beliefs about your body and your relationship with it will be radically altered so that you will come to view it in a totally new and empowering way. You will discover whatever resistance you’ve had in the past and process all of those limiting beliefs in order to allow well-being and perfect health to flow.

You will approach your body with a new perspective. This perspective will change your relationship with your body. You will come into perfect alignment with your body, because you will view it in truth rather than from the illusion. When this happens, you will completely understand all of the factors that go into creating a perfect physical form that serves you in love on your journey of self-discovery.


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