Course 12 : Freedom - The Teachings Of Joshua
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Course 12 : Freedom

By September 1, 2021
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Welcome to course #12 of the Ascension Experience: Freedom. You will soon discover that the concept of true freedom is greatly misunderstood. It’s similar to Joshua’s definition of abundance, which is not exactly how we would have defined it before these teachings.

Freedom, like abundance, is an inherent aspect of our reality. However, we can’t see it because we have not learned how to properly describe it. Once you understand the true definition of freedom, you’ll realize that you have no true limitations. They are all self-imposed by our mental construct and limiting beliefs. Without limiting beliefs, we would inherently be limitless or absolutely free.

Therefore, the path to freedom comes by redefining it, ourselves and our reality. It is the stripping away of the which limits us. We are not gaining freedom, we are removing limitations.


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