Course 13 : Deliberate Creation - The Teachings Of Joshua
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Course 13 : Deliberate Creation

By September 2, 2021
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This is the final segment in the Ascension Experience. I now understand what the Ascension Experience is. I can’t wait for you to see it as well. It’s far beyond what I thought it was.

The Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp was designed to open our mental constructs so that we would be ready for the Ascension Experience. I didn’t understand the Bootcamp at first, but after going through it several times, I saw what it is. I understood the perfection of it. I now see what the Ascension Experience really is too.

The Ascension Experience is designed to open our mental constructs in a radical way. The illusion of physical reality is just that – an elaborate illusion. We come in fully aligned with universal forces and we have faith in the system.

But as we grow, we are programmed to believe the system is flawed, we are flawed and that we must try to protect ourselves from the system itself. We start to believe we are victims and we accept that duality – right, wrong, good, bad, better, worse, etc. – is the basis of the system.

The Ascension Experience is designed to reprogram our beliefs and align with the actual system, which is based in neutrality.

Slowly but surely, we are coming out of the illusion and are starting to see the truth. In duality, we have no power, because we are operating under the illusion created by our programming. When we understand that the nature of the universe is perfect, we are perfect and all others are perfect as well, we begin to embrace the concept of neutrality. In this state there is less fear and we are able to receive more inspiration. We then ascend to a new reality and our talents, attributes and empathic abilities start to come online.

In a state of neutrality, we act on more inspiration and through our empathic abilities, we begin to see ourselves more truly than ever before. This is a highly creative and effective state of being. This is deliberate creation – entering a new reality.

I never really believed in this new reality that exists simultaneously alongside the old reality. Some call it 5D. I thought that was just a bunch of woo-woo nonsense. But now I see it. Physical reality will change for us in the following ways:

  • We will start to see who we truly are in a visceral way. This will allow us to disassociate with other people’s perception of us. We will understand they are still living in the old reality.
  • We will become highly effective and creative. Manifestations will occur faster and easier ┬áthan ever before.
  • Time will lose its meaning. We will slow time and have many experiences in a much shorter amount of time.
  • We will feel better and have more energy. We will eat lighter. Our bodies will adjust. We will require much less sleep. We will have intense and even lucid dreams. Toxic substances and people will fall away. Our ability to focus our thoughts will intensify.
  • We will discover our purpose and how we serve. We will experience great satisfaction as we are able to live as examples to those who are ready. Judgment will disappear. We won’t feel sad for others who are still exploring fear. We will see everything from the higher perspective.
  • We will experience more inspiration, intuition, direct communication and a sense of knowing. We will know what is right for us and we will seek no advice from others living in fear. We will lead ourselves and support each other.

Plus much, much more.

Can’t wait to get started!

Gary Bodley


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