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Hundreds of people from all over the world have asked Joshua questions since Gary started receiving their teachings in the fall of 2013. The questions cover all sorts of topics ranging from spiritual growth, to family dynamics, to wealth and abundance and everything in between. These questions and Joshua’s answers have gone on to help many people with similar questions.

If you would like to ask Joshua a question on any topic, please use the form below. Your question may seem personal to you, but the answer will help many other people who are asking the same questions. That’s why we present many of the answers on the website for all to read.

You can read some of the most insightful answers by clicking here. Read what others have said about their question to Joshua by clicking here.

When Joshua answers your question, you will be sent the answer via email. We might also display your answer on the website, use it in the weekly newsletter, discuss it on the Joshua radio show, or publish it in other venues and publications so that it may help other people. If you seek privacy, you may choose to have your answer displayed with your first name only.


Please keep in mind that Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers. They do not tell people what to do, they simply provide their perspective which helps people to understand what’s really at the core of their perceived issues. Usually it’s the questions with more detail that are chosen because they help readers understand the person’s point of view. This is a teaching activity and the questions and answers are meant to help others just as much as they help the person asking the question.

Joshua receives lots of questions every day and Gary answers as many as he feels inspired to answer.

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