In-depth 3-6 Month Program

The one on One program is an intensive, life-changing conversation between you and Joshua. By forcing yourself to ask many questions over an extended period of time, Joshua helps you achieve a new perspective on your life and the key areas of resistance. You will start to elevate your perspective and release resistance. As you do this, things just fall into place. Your relationships improve, your health improves, and abundance begins to flow into your life. The end result is an enhanced experience of life as you adopt a radical and authentic new approach to life. You simply see yourself and everyone else from a completely new level of consciousness and awareness.

Here are the rules:

Commit to being part of the One on One for a minimum of three months

Commit to the practice of daily meditation (about 15 minutes or more per day)

Ask 3-4 (or more) written questions per week or one hour-long live session via Skype or Zoom. You can choose any combination you like.

Refrain from making any major life changes while in the program (i.e. don’t get divorced or quit your job).

The cost is $1,200 per month.

You will also be able to join us for the Joshua live calls each week if you like.

All of your questions will be private. You may choose to release one, some, or all of your questions to the Joshua community at some point in the future if you like. That will be entirely up to you.

If this sounds exciting to you, send me a little information about yourself and as soon as a spot opens up, we'll get started.

If you would like to talk to any of the past One on One participants and ask about what the experience was like for them, let me know and all send you their contact info.

With love,
Gary Temple Bodley


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