One On One

  • Steve Question #101

    I thought I would ask a fun, lighter question... I have been discovering different "channelers" on the Internet and a couple of them have been saying that Aliens are currently reaching out to us at this time to prepare us for an eventual direct communication. What is the probability of this happening in my lifetime? I would like to add that I think this would be very exciting and if you could get me on a list of people to be first in line, I'm up for it :)

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  • Steve Question #102

    I know that when I feel negative emotion that I have an opportunity to discover a false belief.

    However, I seem to have difficulty in identifying these false beliefs. For example, we were headed out to the desert a couple days ago so we could watch the Perseid meteor shower in complete darkness, away from city lights and no moon (it was a new moon that night). We had left the house a little later than I had planned and I wanted to get to our destination before dark so we could see what we were doing when we were setting up camp for the night. On our way out there, we came up on a "slow" SUV and motorhome on a windy 2 lane road and they appeared to be looking for an address because they would both put there turn signals on, slow way down, look like they were going to turn off the road, but then continue on at the last second. They seemed oblivious to me following them, because they passed numerous turn outs that they could have easily pulled over and allowed me to pass, but for whatever reason they chose not to. I wasn't getting upset initially as I was just trying to go with the flow, but after the fourth "extreme slow down, turn signals on, looking like they are going to be turning off the road" but don't, I just lost it and very aggressively passed the SUV and wedged myself between the SUV and the motorhome all the while laying on my horn. The motorhome at this point pulled over allowing me to pass. (We had clear sailing the rest of the way and we arrived slightly before dark - perfect!)

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