Dear Joshua,

As we do our appreciation and grateful exercises I can’t help but feel like I am somehow manipulating. As I mentioned before I now understand we must appreciate and be grateful for it ALL because it is all for us. Being a reformed controller, I can’t help but think when I write these I am attempting to control and manipulate the system – by saying I appreciate something or I am grateful for something – I am saying “winkwink” to the Universe – like “see, I am being “good” by saying I appreciate or I’m grateful – so give me more of these “good” conditions.”

I’m not sure exactly what I am asking here – but I’d like you to expand on this more. Is it my intentions as I write the appreciation/grateful statements that matters – or what is happening – what is the purpose of these statements other than to get us to notice what we prefer?

With Love and Gratitude,

Dear Wendy,

We would say it like this: you are now becoming focused on what you prefer as opposed to previously resisting that which you do not prefer. In doing this you are not manipulating the universe, you are leveraging its powers. This is exactly what you intended to do prior to your birth.

Humans tend to be rooted in fear and receive urges to control conditions in order to feel safe. However, this approach, based in fear, does not engage the forces of the universe to create what is preferred, it creates an exploration of that which is not preferred. Do you see the difference in the two approaches? They both leverage universal forces. They both engage the Law of Attraction. Those living in fear who are focusing on preventing certain experiences because they think the experiences are wrong are actually exploring these subjects and the full force of the universe is assisting them in their exploration. One the other hand, as you live more in love and focus on what you appreciate, you are engaging the universe to create more of what you prefer.

The universe’s job is to bring you more of what you are focused on. That works both ways. Universal energies are neutral. They do not understand good or bad or right or wrong. They simply see your vibration and what you are currently exploring and those energies are fully engaged to bring you more of what you are focussed on. You can now turn your cheek and focus on what you prefer. As you are consistent in your focus, you will receive more and more and more of what you want and less of what you think is bad, because your attention has been removed from that.

We are asking you to take a look at your beliefs. If you perceive anything as wrong, we ask you to look deeply at the belief that calls it wrong. If you can do that, you will adjust your perspective so that you perceive less bad and wrong. In doing this, you remove your attention from it. We ask that you take a look at your desires. When you relax what you think you want and release your attachment to these desires, you will naturally feel less fear. This enables you to maintain your alignment for longer periods of time. In the near future, you will see yourself differently, from a much higher perspective and suddenly everything will make sense to you. This understanding of who you are and your powers of influence is what you intended to discover prior to your birth and so your entire life has led you to this moment in time. You are now ready to embrace the absolute acceptance of what is and finally become who you are called to be.

With our love,
We are Joshua