Dearest Joshua.

I have just completed reading Health, Wealth and Love and the part about abortion really resonated with me. Your writing on the subject has helped me finally find peace and some understanding. I am so grateful to you.

I had an abortion when I was 19, have always felt guilty and sad, especially when I had my daughter, and never quite understood what managed to get me through that period of my life. The father wanted me to have the baby, but I was resolute and felt that something had almost taken over me. I remember thinking months afterwards I was calm, strong, not happy but definitely not distraught, and wondered how I had been able to be that way. It was as if something lifted me up and carried me through, Was it my connection with my inner self? If I can have it during a pretty stressful time why do I find it more difficult on a day to day basis which I perceive as less stressful?

With much love,

Dear Victoria,

Prior to your birth, you set your intentions for how and what you wanted to explore this time around. You chose your parents and the time and place of your birth. You chose a lot of things ahead of time, all of which you were prepared to experience. The abortion was no different. You intended to allow another nonphysical entity to dip their toes into physical reality without needing to be born. It was the perfect manifestation. It was all that soul needed to experience in this incarnation.

Due to the fears of your society, you were made to feel wrong for your actions and this manifested itself in the emotion called guilt. However, nothing wrong happened. It all worked out perfectly and you knew that at some level. This was one of the events that led you to the desire to understand more about the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe. It was a vibration-raising experience and it was never wrong. It was actually perfect.

Your inner self is always with you and you can know this because unless your inner self was in your life, you could not feel emotion. Each emotion you feel is communication with your inner self. When you feel positive emotion, you are in full agreement with how your inner self sees the same situation. When you feel negative emotion, it is an indication that your perspective is quite different than the perspective your inner self has chosen on the same subject. Your inner self is with you and completely connected to you in every moment. Your inner self is you.

In a natural world, free from the influence of your modern society, it would be normal for you to communicate with your inner self. This is part of the design of physical reality. You were never meant to lose your intimate connection with your self.It is simply because you are unaware of the mechanism of thought. You believe you create your thoughts in your own head like a thought factory. We are here to explain that your thoughts are attracted based on your vibration and your current emotional state of being. When you feel good, you are open to communication from your inner self. When you feel good, your vibration raises so that you can resonate with higher-level thoughts and ideas. Feeling good is the key to receiving empowering thoughts and ideas.

If you misplace your keys for instance, you can retrieve the thought that will lead you to your keys. You don’t necessarily remember where you placed them, you are open to receiving the thought and the thought is given to you. As long as you are not terribly worried about the missing keys, you are open to receiving the thought that contains their location. However, if you are late to an important appointment and you find yourself upset in the moment, you will temporarily cut yourself off from the thought of the key’s location. Your vibration is resonating with the missing keys, not the found keys and so the keys cannot be found until you modify your vibration, which is the same as modifying your mood.

Can you see how mood (or emotional state of being) and connection are connected? When you feel good, you are connected to your inner self and all the guidance available from the nonphysical realm. This is one of the basic designs of the system. This is how birds fly south for the winter. This is being open and receptive to everything you need in the moment including inspiration to act. When you are upset or in a bad mood, you cannot resonate with the love energy of the nonphysical and so you receive urges that are not really aligned with what you want.

So now simply pay attention to what is happening. When your consciousness shifts from doing to allowing, from wishing to receiving, from complaining about what’s wrong to accepting everything as right, from looking at things from the limited perspective to looking at life from the higher perspective, you will begin to notice certain anomalies in your reality. You will notice digital numbers on clocks and other things with certain patterns like; 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc. When you look down at a digital clock and see a recognizable sequence in the numbers, it means you are receiving guidance from the nonphysical. Your inner self asked you to notice the clock at the exact right time and you acted on that inspiration. It was a simple thing to do since there is no resistance there, but it is the first step.

Listen for communication from your inner self. Ask questions and listen to the answers. You will not receive words, you will receive thoughts. Those thoughts feel like your thoughts because they are your thoughts. You are receiving ideas that are perfectly aligned with your vibration and that’s why it feels familiar. It’s coming from your inner self who is you. It’s the same mind. You however, are here on earth and you get to act on these thoughts and see how they translate in physical reality. Practice receiving thoughts when you are feeling good and pay attention to the ideas and inspiration contained within them. When you act when inspired to act, just as you did when you were 19, it will always lead to your highest good.

With our love,
We are Joshua