Hi Joshua,

I’m struggling with feeling bad about something I did in my work. I don’t know how to feel that it is not wrong. I am a gardener which I enjoy but am conflicted about doing. Here’s the situation. I cut two trees tops off that I wasn’t supposed to. I believed I was doing the right thing and was very determined to cut them. The person was very upset about it and I’ve felt bad ever since. My coworker even said maybe we should ask them and I was emphatic that I knew better when I really don’t. I need help processing this limiting belief please. It’s a deep rooted belief and goes back to my childhood.


Dear Tina,

You were taught to be good. If you behaved in a way that other people perceived as good (from their limited perspective), they accepted you. If you did anything they perceived as wrong or bad, they rejected you. You were taught to seek acceptance (love) and avoid rejection (fear). However, you are inherently good. You have access to inspiration and bright ideas. When you act on that inspiration, you will always be expressing love in creation. You are not here to make others happy. You are here to create.

You received the inspiration to act and so you did. Very good. Now you must detach yourself from the opinions and reactions of others. How they perceive your action is not relevant. It is based on their perspective and their own fears. You are not here to create based on the reactions of others. The inspiration you receive is the only thing that will ever matter. If you worry about other people’s opinions and reactions, it will keep you from acting when inspired. Can you see how limiting this is?

If you lived in a natural world, free from the fears that plague others, you would simply act when inspired to act and you would not consider what anyone else thought. You would be highly effective in everything you do, because the inspiration would always lead to your highest good and the highest good of all involved. If someone else has a negative reaction to anything you do, they are in the middle of their own manifestation event. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with their own limiting beliefs and fears. That’s a very good thing. Manifestation events are beneficial because they allow people the opportunity to discover and process their own limiting beliefs. It is an expansive experience and they came to expand through experiences so that they can see themselves from a higher perspective. Whether they actually identify and process their limiting beliefs is up to them. It has nothing to do with you.

Once you have made a decision and taken action when inspired, you need never worry about the outcome. In fact, you must lean into that decision and stand by it. The action is perfect. You may not see how it will turn out, because your perspective is limited. In time you will see it. From the higher perspective, the decision, like everything else, is always right. Never doubt any decision you have ever made. The decision and inspired action will always lead to your highest good. Use your imagination to project positive future outcomes and you’ll find relief.

If you could maintain your alignment and act when inspired to act, you would lead a highly effective life. You would be consciously engaging the laws of the universe to move towards a life of love in the discovery of who you really are. You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. When acting on inspiration, you leverage the infinite powers of the universe and this will lead to your highest good and to the highest good of all involved. Other people might not always be able to see the good in your actions in the moment. They have their fears and limiting beliefs that come from their inability to understand who they truly are and how this universe really operates. They are stuck in the old approach to life of control. They don’t have all the information. This has nothing to do with you.

If you choose to take action only if the outcome will lead to some sort of approval from others, then you will always be judging the inspiration and this is the old approach to life of fear and control. In the new approach to life of absolute acceptance, you must have faith that inspired action will always be of benefit to all involved. In taking this approach to life, you remove the outcome from the equation and this allows you to move through fear in order to act when inspired to act. If you are constantly worried about the opinions of others, in your attempt to control outcomes in order to receive acceptance, you will live a very limited and safe life. Your life will grow smaller and smaller and fear will increase in intensity over time. Remove the shackles of other people’s opinions and simply do what you’re inspired to do with no regrets ever. The universe knows exactly what it’s doing and if you remain open to inspiration, you will become a cooperative component in the creation of the life that will thrill and excite you. You will expand in joy and discover who you really are every day of your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua