Hi Joshua!

Ever since the election season, I’ve had a nagging question. Now, while I understand LOA and fear based actions/motives, I was/am a Trump supporter. I understand there is no right and no wrong in the universe so I don’t see how my support of Trump could be against the law of attraction. To me, Hillary was ‘bad’ and to me, she would have been a corrupt president. With Trump, I was feeling exhilaration that change to our government was coming. I felt that our government was way out of control and needed someone to come shake things up. The day Trump was inaugurated, I felt such thrill and excitement.

What I need to figure out with your help is WHY my support of him was/is wrong against the universe. I hear from those who understand LOA that Trump is fear-based and goes against the Laws of Attraction, which on some level I certainly understand that but for me it felt more like excitement towards change and needing to shake things up in this country. I truly believe it was the media that created the fear people have of Trump. In my experience, they wanted Hillary to win so they villanized Trump. I also don’t believe that he hates certain groups of people and so, I don’t agree with all the ‘love’ sparking up everywhere. To me, that seems more in line with anger against Trump, not true love. In my world, as a Trump supporter, loves ‘trumps’ hate, but those signs I see would make it seem, as a Trump supporter, I hate love. I’m also not saying I think he is flawless, I certainly don’t agree with everything he says and does, but I believe he has true desires to bring change to our government.

I guess what I’m asking is that I feel like I understand the law of attraction (at least as much as I possibly can at this point) and I feel like I understand fear-based actions, but in spite of all that I felt such excitement at the prospect of change and hope for less corruption in government. I think I get it that this is my perception and I’m the center of my universe so all of this is happening for me and that there is no bad in the universe so: WHY was it bad to be a Trump supporter if you believe in LOA?

I’m not asking for the ‘fear-based’ response because I feel I get that. I get that he is more nationalistic but why is that so horrible? I have kids and I lock the doors in my house every night so why wouldn’t I want to make America safer for those who keep the vibration down? (By the way, Trump never said no immigrants, he just wants better vetting. My family immigrated and had to follow certain rules. If I went into another country I completely expect that I have to follow certain steps.) I know personally I will be ok but the country as a whole may not be because of a lower vibration. My kids live in this world and I want them to feel safe. They don’t outwardly follow the LOA but I know they know it better than I do. I know they came into this world to experience it their way and I can’t control it. I guess I’m just trying to clarify my position for ME.

I don’t follow the news because I totally trust that things are working out as they should, for me, and that everything is fine. I didn’t follow the news before the election and rarely during it, but I am relaxed knowing things are fine. I just want to know WHY I was not a follower of LOA as I supported Trump. That is the feeling I get every time I hear someone who follows LOA talk about Trump.

Thanks so much in advance for your time and thoughts!

Dear Tasha,

Being a Trump supporter is not wrong, does not go against the laws of the universe, and certainly is not in violation of the Law of Attraction. Being in support of anything is actually in complete alignment with the Law of Attraction. Resisting the conditions as they exist is what does not align with universal law. From our perspective there is certainly nothing wrong with supporting either candidate, but there is a larger issue here. Why do you support change? There can be only one reason; you find something wrong in the conditions as they are and you feel compelled to do something about it. You vote for change. You are simply trying to control the conditions.

This was an interesting election, wasn’t it? There were no candidates that exuded confidence. There was no person you felt inspired to follow. You might have resonated with some of the things either Trump or Clinton said, but they were largely a reaction to fear. You believed that Trump would shake things up and this was exciting for you because you think change is necessary because things do not seem to be working out. Maybe Trump can fix them. The reality is, nothing is broken and everything is working out. Now that Trump is the president, fighting against him is also trying to change the conditions. Remember, things are always working out. It’s just that from your perspective, sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.

The truth is you have no real idea who the man is, what he really stands for, if he is or is not based in fear, if he is honest or not, if he has good intentions or not, or if he will even make any meaningful changes. Instead, what you have is a reason to be happy or angry. This is your excuse. If it causes you to feel good, then by all means, pay attention to it. If it makes you angry, then remove your attention or seek a higher perspective. Yes, change is coming, but it will not come from this one man, it will come as a result of the desires of the masses. Mass consciousness is what causes global-scale change.

If you are in support of change, because it is fun and exciting and progress is being made, then you are aligned with the laws of the universe. If you seek change to eradicate conditions you do not like, then you are fighting against what is rather than focussing on what you personally prefer. While large-scale change is created by mass consciousness, your contribution to that is dependent upon your own alignment. If you can maintain your alignment while those around you are losing theirs, you have a means of influence that is exponentially powerful. You create your reality and no matter the consciousness of the masses, you can maintain your alignment with what you want. If you remain open to guidance, you can live happy and without fear, regardless of the fears of others.

The planet is in a transitional period and those like you who are interested in universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality are moving from fear to love, from individuality to oneness, and from duality (right or wrong) to neutrality. Change is coming, but that is the only constant. Change is happening on a grand scale. Are things getting better? That is a matter of personal opinion. For most of those moving toward love, the world is rapidly moving in a positive direction overall and this feels good. For those who remain based in fear, the world will seem more scary because they are rapidly losing their control over the conditions.

With our love,
We are Joshua