Dear Joshua,

What is my higher purpose? When will I make a shift to working on it? Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Dear Suma,

You have no higher purpose. There is nothing you need to achieve. If you want to know what you should be doing, there is nothing you are asked to do. You do not need to help in any way or work toward a change of any kind. We say to you right now that you are living your higher purpose and it cannot be any other way.

If you find dissatisfaction with your life, then certainly you might intend for your life to improve. If you are bored, you might seek excitement. If you are lonely, you might seek companionship. If you are ill, you might seek health. These preferences are natural. However, you cannot move to a better-feeling place by condemning the conditions that exist in your life now. You must completely and absolutely accept the conditions and release your resistance to them. The conditions have caused you to choose a preference, but there is nothing inherently wrong with the present conditions. Your attention to anything wrong simply brings more of what you consider to be wrong until you accept that nothing is really wrong at all.

Acceptance will be the key for you because there is much resistance within you. You are resisting and this causes you to feel stuck. A car cannot move forward when its brakes are applied. You must release the brakes which means releasing fear of anything perceived as wrong. The shift will take place when you accept that things for the most part are going well and as you relax your indignant attitude, you will move toward a state of allowing. You cannot manifest what you really want all by yourself. You must utilize the powers of the universe for this will give you the leverage you need. You’ve been taught the old way of perceiving reality. Now you must learn the new way.

If you want a shift to occur, if you want to find your higher purpose, you must change your current approach to life for as you can see, it isn’t working. If you truly want things to be different, you must change who you have been being, how you have been reacting, and what you’ve been doing and talking about. These things are keeping you from moving to where you want to go.

So, in order to radically change who you are so that the world will change around you, we suggest you start reading about and learning about a new way of being. We want you to find as many books as you can on the subjects that interest you and start reading. Soon you will meet people who are also on this journey of awakening and consciousness and things will start lining up for you. Do not believe in what your society deems proper. Do not worry about the old ways and the old teachings. These do not apply to you. You are free to follow new interests and brand new ways of being.

You are on the leading edge of creation and you cannot expect to find a large group there. There is simply not enough room on the leading edge. You might feel alone in what interests you, but this is okay. The universe will link you to others who share your interests. Realize that this is how the Law of Attraction works. You will meet them where you live and in far off places and connecting through the internet.

Start focusing on what you want, what you’re interested in and what brings you joy, and the shift will occur faster than you could imagine.