Dear Joshua,

I’m totally experiencing the digging deeper part of this boot camp experience. For a while I thought that nothing was going to come up and I was zipping along nicely. Not so! As you know my experience with my business partner being down for the count (one issue) has been my big “How is this FOR me” subject. This has now been compiled with experiencing a power outage on top of that, fortunately for no longer than 6 hours which our freezers can handle. But it brought up some big emotional crap during it for sure.

We have experienced these over the years way too many times and it’s always been very hard on me. No insurance companies cover these outages so it can be a big lose……many beliefs going on here. When I am in the middle of these emotional experiences I just don’t see how to go about proving it false for it is so real and crappy feeling. It’s much easier to say I know it’s happening for me, I get that part, but proving it false is truly a challenge.

So far I can say that it’s happening for me so I can ask Joshua this important question!

That’s about it.

Thank you.

Dear Sue,

Everything is for you. If you arrive in a manifestation event and it brings up negative emotion, it’s due to a limiting belief. If not for the limiting belief, you could not perceive the event as wrong or bad. The intensity of the emotion corresponds to the intensity of the limiting belief. If you are slightly annoyed by something, it shows that your limiting belief in this area is not very intense. However, if you find yourself in despair over some event, it points to a highly intense limiting belief. The goal of your process is to reduce the intensity of the limiting belief. When your limiting beliefs are less intense, you will not dip as deep or as long in negative emotion when these things occur. You will see them from a higher perspective. You will process your limiting beliefs. You will prove that the limiting belief is false. These actions will allow you to regain your alignment rather than to linger in the negative emotion.

When you are in alignment, you have access to inspired ideas and the associated inspired actions will allow you to create your life as you prefer. When you are lingering in negative emotion, you receive urges to change the conditions. If you act on these urges, you will take a detour away from your true, inspired path. Therefore, the work that you do to process your limiting beliefs is rather important if you want to stay on a path that will lead to the unfolding of your desires. In fact, the reason you do not currently have everything you truly want in your life is due to the detours you take from your true, inspired path.

Everything that shows up in your reality is for your benefit. You are the creator of your reality and not the victim. You cannot be a victim in an attractive universe such as this. The perception of yourself as a victim of fate (and events such as a power outage) is an illusion. That illusion can only come to those operating as victims. Your true desire is to be and know that you are the creator of your reality. As a creator, it would be impossible to perceive that anything bad could ever possibly happen to you. Therefore, the belief that bad things can happen, is false. All limiting beliefs are false.

The power goes out and you perceive that this is a bad thing. Why? Because you have a limiting belief. It is the belief that the loss of power might lead to a loss of inventory and therefore a loss of money. However, as an abundant being and the creator of your reality, you could never lose anything. You are simply trying to control your conditions. In control, you are operating as a victim and not a creator. The creator need not control anything. The creator is open to what is and accepts all conditions as perfect.

The victim needs to protect her interests from loss. The creator knows there is no such thing as loss since all things are created in the moment as a response to the vibration the creator is offering. The universe responds to the creator’s vibration with a reality that matches that vibration. If the vibration is love and acceptance, then the reality must reflect that vibration. If the vibration is control, lack, fear, victimhood, etc. then the reality must reflect that back to the creator.

You are exploring lack and victimhood to a degree and so such events must occur in your reality to reflect back to you how you are being. If you would like to experience a different reality, you must emit a different vibration. You are the creator of your reality whether you know it or not. You have been creating from the old approach to life of control. Now you must shift to the new approach of absolute acceptance. Accept what is happening as good. Allow for the possibility that nothing matters other than finding and processing your limiting beliefs. If you can do that, you will appreciate the manifestation events when they happen because they allow you to discover hidden limiting beliefs. That’s a good thing. That’s what you want.

You can continue trying to protect yourself and control all the people and conditions in your life. That approach will never get you what you want. It is based in fear and highly limiting. You know more now. Accept the conditions. Do not be bothered by anything. Stop caring so much. Who cares? That event is not important. It does not need to change your emotional state. You do not need to solve problems. You want to receive inspiration to move you forward. Release your attachment to things and allow everything to unfold as it will. Accept the information contained in these events as you would a gift from a loved one, for that’s exactly what they are.

With our love,
We are Joshua