Dear Joshua,

I have come to understand that you have a birth plan before coming into the physical realm. This birth plan is agreed upon by you and your spiritual guards before coming into physical being. Lessons that are hopefully to be learned and certain trials to overcome in order to further ones progression in the non-physical realm. Do things like birth charts (ie Edger Cayse), astrological charts, planet alignments all worked out as well in the birth plan? Do things like your name, your blood type, the sign you were born under play a roll as well.

For example, I recently learned from the Kabblahist that the name I was given at birth and my name now means that I will have hardships and trials because I given that name??? Also what my birth date mean from a deck of cards and supposedly my blood type has a role in how I am. All these cultures seems to know the answers by different means. Does all that stuff really mean anything???? Does your astrological sign, date of birth, name & blood type really play a role in how you live your life and the choices you are making with the life lessons? As always I am deeply grateful for your time.


Dear Sue,

All you did before emerging into this existence was to set some intentions for what you wanted to explore in this lifetime. That’s it. You mostly intended to feel good, enjoy life and explore some aspects of physical reality in one or more specific ways. However, once you landed here on Earth, you were given free will and now you can do whatever you choose.

From your nonphysical perspective before your birth you did choose the time and place of your birth as well as your parents and family. This was done to launch you on a trajectory toward that which you thought you would like to explore. However, you knew that you could change course at any time if you wanted to. Whatever the intentions were are not really of any importance at this point in your life. You are still being guided toward those intentions, but you have lived enough life so far that you can choose for yourself what interests you.

If you have found those interests and are currently pursuing your passions, then you are living the life you intended prior to your birth. Nothing is set in stone, so simply follow what feels good now. It’s all up to you. You are the creator of your reality. You can choose to go with the flow of your interests or you can choose to resist moving in that direction.

You are not here to face hardships. You are here to practice your powers of creation. You are not here to learn anything, you are here to experience things. This is an experiential reality, not a school. There are no levels to complete, no time that matters, and there’s nothing you need do or achieve in this or any other lifetime. You can come back here to live as many lifetimes as you want. There’s nothing to accomplish and when you’re ready, you’ll simply choose to move on to another type of reality that catches your interest.

Hardship is a subjective idea. What one considers hardship another might view as a challenge or an adventure. Start defining the conditions of your life in terms that support who you really are and what you really want. Do not judge the conditions and events of your life as difficult or wrong, instead see the benefit in these conditions and look for the positive aspects. It might be your habit to judge everything, some bad and some good, but now we must ask you to hold yourself to a higher standard. Start looking at things from the higher perspective and realize that this world was designed for you so that you could explore anything you wanted.

Sometimes it might seem as if your a victim to fate, or tied to some predetermined destiny, but that is simply an illusion. You judge the conditions you’ve created as wrong or bad and you think that you would not have done such a thing deliberately. You think there must be some other force beyond your control planning out your destiny so that you could learn some lesson. It’s not true. You have the power now to be, do, and have what you want if you will simply allow it to come to you. Instead, you hold firmly to a set of limiting beliefs that are not serving you. Learn to release these beliefs and start going with the natural flow of your life realizing that everything that happens is occurring for your benefit. That benefit is the molding of you into the version of you that is aligned with the desires you hold. Everything you want is coming to you, you are simply resisting it by not allowing yourself to change.

You are loved more than you could imagine.