Dear Joshua,

Why does it seem so difficult to transition professionally into a coach? I seem to have this block to actually getting people to work with me. I have had about 5 clients and I have reason to believe I’m actually quite good at what I do. But when it comes to convincing myself, or them, that they need what I have offer, I feel completely blocked.


Dear Sirgun,

Was it hard to transition to a mother? Is the process any different? Imagine you realized you were pregnant. Would you want the baby to arrive before it was ready? Of course not. You knew that there would be a gestation period and you enjoyed your pregnancy fully knowing that when completed, a baby would be born. The same is true of your spiritual journey. Each step along the way prepared you for who you would become. At no time did you truly want the journey to end before its natural conclusion. Each stage of your journey prepares you for the next stage. The illusion is that you should arrive before you are ready. This is simply your desire to control the process. As you now realize, control is not necessary in this environment of attraction and reception.

You have been inspired to become who you truly are and to explore what it is like to live your truth as a spiritual leader and teacher. Very good. Many, many people do not comprehend their soul’s purpose. You have allowed it to emerge. You have inspiration and desire. You want to fully jump into your role. But can’t you see that you are fully into that role now? What is the role of a spiritual teacher and leader? Is it to have all the answers and then spew words of wisdom? Certainly not. Your role as a spiritual leader is unfolding through experience. You must move through several eternal stages of growth and awareness. You will never fully become a realized spiritual leader and teacher, because at every stage you are already a spiritual leader and teacher. You do not get better at any of it, you simply become more aware of who you truly are. Your natural powers, talents and attributes emerge as needed. If there was no need, then they would never emerge. Do you see this now?

If you were already the successful and effective leader you perceive you need to be, then you would never have met us, would never have worked with Gary, and would never of experienced all that is in store for you. If every single person signed up for your teachings, you would have no need to entertain new ideas or be led to new people. There would be no desire for more. It is your desire that’s leading you on this wonderful journey of self-discovery and that’s exactly what you truly want.

No spiritual leader has come into existence fully formed. If that were the case, it would not lend itself to a very satisfying journey. The joy is to be found in overcoming obstacles and challenges, It’s in the development of special skills and defined attributes. It’s all about the expansion. You will come to see yourself as a powerful and confident spiritual teacher, but that perspective would never be the same if you suddenly manifested yourself into that vibration without the journey. This is why manifestation always comes from a journey of discovery and expansion. It would never be satisfying or interesting without the journey.

You never want to convince yourself or others of anything. You want to know it and then share with others what you know. Until you know something, doubt will always exist. The intensity of the doubt is present in your vibrations and so others will always feel your doubt. It will come in the words you use and how you use them. It will be present in your sense of intensity. It is obvious from a vibrational level. The idea is not to crush your doubt by wishing it away or ignoring it altogether. It actually creates the fun and exhilarating experiences you will encounter on your journey. Confidence will come as you face and overcome obstacles.

You are on your true path to discover who you really are. Very few humans are traveling this path. You know what you are here to do. But it is never for other people, it is only for you. This is your journey and your exploration of self. There will be other journeys, but this is the one you’re on now. Enjoy every single moment of it and this journey will fulfill every intention you have set prior to your birth. Release control and only act on inspiration. Realize that when you face any negative emotion, you are seeing yourself from a limited perspective. Relax and then reach for the highest perspective you can imagine. Now take another look at yourself from this perspective and you will begin to see what we see when we look at you.

With our love,
We are Joshua