I hit my arm really hard on a railing yesterday and I didn’t really think anything of it. Then I hit it in the same exact spot again today. An hour later, I stubbed my toe. Then I hit my OTHER arm. So I began to wonder if these events have any significance. I’m thinking that maybe it’s a similar situation to my Dad’s: He accidentally bit his lip once and didn’t think anything of it, but after it kept happening, he asked Joshua about it. He got an answer that said he needed to be more present. Could that be what I need to do as well?

Thank you,

Dear Sienna,

When something happens to awaken you to the present moment, it might be a little bump, a strange pain in your body, an unusual occurrence that makes you take notice. Usually these are signs that you are not being present in the moment. These sort of things will happen from time to time to bring you back into what is really important which is the present moment.

You create your reality from the present moment. What you are vibrating in this moment will create what unfolds in future moments. If you are thinking about the past, you are creating a future based on your feelings about the past. If you are worried about your future, you might be creating a future based on your concerns, rather than your dreams.

However, there is a momentum that carries forth into the creation of your life. What you have desired in the past has energy in it. There are also the intentions you set prior to your birth as well as the natural influence of well-being that is provided to each and every living entity on the planet. The aspect you control is your point of attention and focus. What you want is coming to you. What you fear keeps it away. What you believe in frames the scope of your experience.

Let’s think about the intentions you set prior you your birth. You chose the time and place of your birth. Why? Because you believed that in this time of awakening you could explore certain aspects of physical reality that had not been possible in any other time on Earth. So then, what does this tell you? It tells you that you are here to explore something new. You are here to experience that which has never been experienced before.

Why would you need to be alerted to the fact that you are not being present? Because you are thinking too much about the past and future. Do not let yourself worry or get lost in thoughts of the future. Your future is secure because your vibration is high. Don’t even think about it. It will work out as you have intended. What you are here to do is explore and experience this reality in this lifetime. You are meant to be present so that you can pay attention to things that are guiding you toward those aspects of reality that have never been experienced before.

You have certain interests. These interests will lead you to new interests. What you love to do now, at this age, is very important for it sets the stage for what is to come. However, when you worry about little things like are you good enough, do people like you, what’s going to happen in the future, and regrets in your past, you aren’t being present and you’re missing out on experiences which will lead you step by step to what you really want.

You will never be this age again. You are sorting through contrast and creating preferences that will determine how your future unfolds. Everything is working out well but you are limiting your own experience to a certain degree. We will suggest that you adopt a state of being that is secure and confident. It is important for you specifically to stop judging yourself in comparison to others and to understand that what other people think of you is not important. Your insecurity in these areas is based on an irrational fear that you should be better than you are. This is not true, for you are literally perfect as you are now and you’re improving every day.

Can you possibly understand the perfection that is you in this moment in time? There is absolutely nothing to fix. Everything is working out perfectly. If you believe that there are things you could be doing better, it is an illusion. How you are being now is the perfect way of being that will let you uncover what is to come. As you shed your insecurities and adopt confidence, your life will unfold in more spectacular ways and you will be led to higher and higher forms of expression and encounter experiences beyond your wildest imagination. Your only limitations are those you create based on a flawed perception of who you really are.

Think about the life you intended for yourself before you were born. Think about why you chose this family, this place, the date of your birth. Why would you choose this specifically? What opportunities did that provide for you? Think about your parents. What is it about these people that would launch you into the trajectory that would lead to the exploration of very specific and new possibilities in this reality? You set this up for a reason. What is that reason?

Think about the power of your intentions. Think about who you really are which is who you are in the nonphysical realm. What is this version of Sienna here to explore? You are the only one living on earth today that will be able to explore this aspect of reality. Therefore, what you are here to experience is unique to you. No one but you will ever experience this reality the way you have the opportunity to experience it. You are unique and therefore you are worthy of the experiences you intended prior to your birth.

What are you interested in will lead you to the unique experiences that only you will know in this lifetime. What you fear, what you worry about, what you regret and how you judge yourself and others will limit your experiences. You intended to be limitless. No one has any control over you because you create your own reality. Think about who you really are and be present so that you may see the signs that are all around you.

You are love and you are loved.