Dear Joshua,

I would like to know what is the value of telepathy. Is there such a thing? Let me explain. I know that we cannot create in another’s reality, but I had several cases which I’m sure I did: once I was sitting in my living room and imaging myself getting a message on Facebook from a specific man I liked. Two seconds after that he sent me a message (and before that we didn’t talk for a long time).

So, I didn’t speak to him directly. Did I influence him? I don’t understand that. I mean I can’t control him or what he wants, so how could that happen in the exact same moment? And it happened to me a few more times usually when I’m really relaxed and fun, but when there is even a little stress even really really small stress it just does not work. So I don’t know if it is because of the stress or because there is no such thing as telepathy and the rendezvous just had to happen as to the vibration of both of us. Thanks so much!! you are great. Have the best day!


Dear Shira,

You think you communicate with your words, but there is much more to it than that. You think you create your own thoughts, but you attract thoughts. All thoughts exist and by the use of your vibrational signal, you receive and transmit thoughts. Telepathy is the most common form of communication. You are just not yet aware of it. Because your belief is so strong that you must use words in order to communicate, you are stuck with words. If you had no words, you would communicate more efficiently. If you simply communicated through the understanding of each other’s vibration, you would have free and open channels of communication.

We do not communicate with Gary through words, we communicate through a commingling of our vibrational signal and his. He just translates the vibrational communication into words because that’s all he can do. He chooses words and sentences that he thinks matches our vibrational input. He does a very good job indeed. Yet sometimes there are no words to describe what we have to say.

When you think of someone, you are communicating with them. They may not hear you because they have not yet practiced controlling their thoughts. Gary has practiced controlling thought through meditation and allows the channel between us and him to remain open. He has reached a vibrational level that is close enough to ours that he can communicate with us. He can ask questions and hear our answers. When you have reached a vibrational level of ease, without stress (fear) you are open to the communication coming from your physical friends and your nonphysical friends.

Your friend had to think of you before he wrote his message on Facebook. You heard his thoughts. Well, we will say that you heard enough of his thoughts to know it was him. Had you been open to the fact that you can easily communicate telepathically with him, you would have been able to translate his message before seeing it on Facebook.

Now that you are aware that this form of communication exists, and you can hear it when you are free from stress (fear), then more communications can flow. You will hear the phone ring and know who’s calling. You can think of someone on the nonphysical side and speak to them through your thoughts. One day, everyone will communicate this way. Until then, you can practice what you know to be true and have fun with it.

You are loved more than you can imagine,