Dear Joshua,

I know on a subconscious level that nothing in the Universe is wrong, therefore this must be perfect and right. I have probably answered my own question… But I learn SO much from observing the manifestations of those around me as far as Law of Attraction is concerned, that it seems unfair to them.

I mean, I notice that those around me who are often angry at the world are the ones who are consistently in poor health; those who are complaining about lack of abundance and money are the ones who keep attracting the bills. In many ways I learn more by witnessing things through them than I do by looking at my own manifestations. Their manifestations are just so strong! And sometimes that feels like I am taking advantage, learning my apprenticeship at their expense. But then I reason that it can’t be so. They aren’t quite as enlightened as me so even if I tried to wave a magic wand by lending them an LOA book, they’d tell me to take a hike and think I was nuts! And it’s not my job to do that.

Could it be that my curiosity about LOA means I get to hear about these manifestations because I want to excel by own learning? And that’s okay too because on some level, I am helping bring the planet to a higher level of consciousness by better understanding how physical reality works… through the physical examples set out before me in the lives of those around me? Then I can more consistently be a beacon myself. It’s as if the muscle power in my belief increases to such an extent that I can be more of a ‘lightworker.’

I suppose it feels like sometimes I have an unfair advantage, knowing as much as I know about the Universe compared to those who believe stuff just happens. Yet, we all have access to that infinite spring of well-being. So that can’t be true either. I just choose to tap into it. And even before I ‘logically’ knew about LOA, my positivity must have led me to this level of understanding. So I deserve to be in this good place. I would love some clarity on this. Sometimes it feels unfair to be in a minority who can see beneath the veil of illusion. Only momentarily though. I am more than happy to be here! I guess ultimately, my wish is that more could see the light and join me. Sometimes it feels a little lonely. Sometimes I feel so very very different!


Dear Samantha,

Your reality is a reflection of your beliefs. If you believe that you are enlightened compared to others, you will be shown examples of that. You will see how their unenlightened lives are affected by their unconscious thoughts. You will feel more enlightened in their presence. If you feel that their approach to life is wrong, you will see evidence that they are attracting what they do not want. If you believe that these people who are not yet enlightened think of you as overly optimistic and unable to see the reality of the situation, then you will be given examples of that belief in your physical reality. If you believe that there are few people like you and you feel lonely, you will be given examples of that. If you believe that you must help the world become more enlightened, then your world will be one that needs your help. What you must remember is that this is your world. In fact, it’s your universe. It may appear that others are living in your world, but this is the illusion. They are living in their world. If you want your world to be different, then you are in charge of that. You literally are the only one who can change your world. Your world is simply the reflection of your beliefs and nothing more.

We use this example from time to time to illustrate that your world is unique to you. When you interact with someone, they become something different to you than to anyone else. You literally create the persona that you see and that persona is unique to you. If you were to accurately describe the way you perceive someone to be, it would be a unique description that would not match anyone else’s perception of that person. When your vibration interacts with anyone else’s vibration, the combination of the two vibrations creates a unique vibration; one that has never existed before. This is true of physical objects as well as people.

When you interact with your husband, you have an unique view of him. He is different with you than with his friends, parents, coworkers or children. The version of him that shows up around you is a unique version, one that know else could ever know. Therefore, you have created him from your unique vibrational point of view. And since you created this version of him, you can mold this version into any version. To do this you simply modify your set of beliefs in regard to him.

Your beliefs about your husband have already been modified over the time that you have known him. The man you first met does not exist. This present version is quite different than previous versions. Did he make the change or did your beliefs about him cause you to perceive him differently? That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

The fact is that your beliefs create your version of reality and that is the only version that really matters. As you believe that everyone is on their path to enlightenment and that they are all doing the best they can, you will see more and more people starting to be interested in some of the things that interest you. As you come to believe that there are millions and millions on the planet who are as enlightened as you, you will come to meet them. As you begin to believe that you have the ability to attract like-minded people into your life, more and more will show up. As you believe that it is perfectly okay for everyone to experience whatever they are experiencing, and for you to get some insight into the mechanism of physical reality in the process, then you can feel comfortable with the system.

Remember to keep framing every situation in a way that makes you feel good. When you witness LOA in action, feel good that you are aware enough to notice it. Feel good that it is showing up on purpose so that you may be a witness to it. Feel good that the person involved is being given the opportunity to adjust their own set of limiting beliefs. They may not get the lesson in this life, by the will expand through this experience and they came for the expansion.

There is no rush and there is nothing wrong with the current rate of awakening. Everything is happening at the perfect time for the people who want it. Those who are not yet ready are becoming ready as they are transitioning in their own way. Great and wonderful change is coming, but you will be part of the change before most others. You are on the leading edge of thought because you intended to be here. You intended to see the world differently. Others have intended what is right for them and for their personal level of enlightenment.

You are loved.